Banama’s Next Job

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“Organizing for Action, the advocacy group supporting President Barack Obama’s agenda, is scaling back its fundraising efforts and cutting its paid staff in half as focus shifts to the approaching midterm elections, three Democratic officials said.” (Thomas & Lederman, 5/19/2014)


The fundamental question for large organizations – what belongs to an individual employee and what to the organization? And the problem is even more complex for government agencies because the taxpayer has a claim on documents and data for which an employee (receptionist, representative, senator, or president) was paid.


Private companies often have “non-compete” clauses for employees – they cannot work for another, similar business and all files stay behind in a drawer or on a computer drive. Federal employees, however, are exceptional and have the options of working for a lobby group, a non-governmental organization, or for themselves. The Clintons, for example, removed truckloads of notes and files acquired during their years in office and turned them into books and lectures . . . sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


In most countries a departing official – if still alive – takes whatever he/she can put into his/her Swiss account or suitcase. America, however, has the inconvenience of removing office holders every few years. This nuisance is the welcome outcome from a thousand years of private property in English-speaking nations (Hannan, 2013; Phillips, 1999). It also is an opportunity for avarice, disloyalty, and intrigue.


A conflict, thus, exists between the future plans of a departing official (and his family, and his staff) and the view that public servants leave behind tools and records because the taxpayer wrote his/her check.


Obama skated into office carrying several last names, glib promises, hidden academic records, conflicting information about his citizenship, limited public service in Chicago, ties to leftist organizations, a ghost-written autobiography, and a religious background of Islam and black nationalism (Cashill, Kurtz). His recent influences included Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky?; Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright (a disciple of black liberation theology), Edward Said (author of Orientalism), and the social schemes of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

Obama’s socialist attainments depend on white timidity (Steele, 2006) when he issues Executive Orders and arranges deals with vendors for unions, solar panels, windmills, railroads, “green” autos, and finance. An unfortunate outcome: Like Sidney Carton, the American public will do the noble thing and get its own head cut off.




His records from Occidental college, Columbia College; and Harvard; his Columbia thesis; Selective Service registration; medical records; Illinois State Senate schedule and records; Law practice list of clients; Certified copy of original birth certificate; certificate of live birth; and the record of his Baptism. Even his race – “black” was and is a deception. Odd that he seems to expect a Presidential Library . . .



A Partial List:

  • The “Affordable Care Act,” passed without a single Republican vote.
  • Political bias in how the IRS operates . . . especially how it treats the tax status of conservative groups but ignores irregularities in filings for Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • Hamstringing charter schools/selling Core Curriculum.
  • Marriage re-definition and neglecting the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • Gun ownership restrictions; endorsement of “no carry zones” where mass killings often occur.
  • Mismanagement through Panetta, Hagel, and Clinton, of our military personnel and weapons, particularly in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.
  • Disastrous policies/procedures in North Africa, the Middle East, East Europe, & Asia.
  • Erratic, biased enforcement of US law through Mr. Holder. Remember the Defense of Marriage Act?
  • Mismanagement of governmental and private property (Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency).
  • The National Security Agency.
  • Costs for college education. Abandonment of vocational training. Exorbitant student loans that pyramid debt to the US government.
  • Fuel (Coal, gas, oil vs. solar and wind). He spends money on railroads. (Smiles and donations come from Warren Buffett, and T. Boone Pickens but without pipelines.) Restrictions on oil production on Federal lands; fracking solely on land with private deeds.
  • Immigration violations are ignored and the violators are given federal entitlements and bottom-dollar tuitions.
  • Softer prison sentences, fewer consequences for felons, and early release for 36,000 of them.
  • Incorporation of Islamic groups (CAIR) into our government.
  • Inflation of the US dollar (Mr. Bernanke, Mrs. Yellen)
  • Voter fraud . . . through ACORN, unions, and Mr. Holder.
  • Lying to the American public.
  • Excessive spending on his personal recreation. Expensive, frequent vacations, elaborate White House parties. Excessive spending on his wife’s business/recreation.
  • Fannie/Freddie and mortgages for people who won’t/can’t make payments.
  • And most probably, systematic removal of information from Executive offices into his personal files for use after his term.


Obama’s value to his next employer – the UN, Bilderberg, or Soros (he looks even now to their interests) –depends first on what he disassembles in the American society and, second, on information that he brings with him. One of his support groups, Organizing for Action, now cuts staff and budgets as his second term enters its second half. However, the most damaging thefts from Americans – after their lessons in helplessness, begging, and idleness – are not of ceramic, crystal, or oak but of information. And given the Bamster’s spotty academic skills, he will depend on files that he copies well in advance of the moving van. Has the lovely Ms. Jarrett removed files for the past six years? Does she do so even now? Valerie knows all and will remind BO of it. She is his Madame Thérèse Defarge not from Paris but Iran by way of Chicago.And a political guillotine, one guided, honed, and fueled by lots of regulations, will feed itself indefinitely on taxpayers . . .

Unfortunately, the noblesse oblige of the taxpayers will lead them to support our political royalty for life. What is the just solution for Bill and Hill, George and Laura, or for BO and Mich?


Meanwhile, another shadow in pants suits once kissed Obama, became Secretary of State, and now hovers near the drive at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue . . .



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