Dead Cats: Tucson, 01/10/11, (4)03 James Brody

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CONTENTS: Tucson bullets; Goldberg – Islam hijackers; Krauthammer – Constitutionalism; McCarthy – Constitution fetish; Lowry – hands off huck finn; Ryan – BO’s reality deficity; Rubin – Smith challenges DoJ; Guzzardi re Frank Gaffney; Guzzardi re John Hangar; Breitbart – ISR’s military tech; China hides build-up; PSU terrorist jailed 

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 “People who are wrapped up in themselves make small packages.” Ben Franklin (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

Bullets about the Tucson Murders

–          They were premeditated. However, ideas have persistence, struggle with each other for your time and money, and – in some case – take over your life as is true for the guy who has to have a new car, has to buy model airplanes at $500 each, or wants to kill a politician.

–          They were premeditated since 2007 when the shooter attended a prior town meeting with the Congresswoman. Such predates Sarah Palin.

–          There are diagnoses – bipolar disorder or paranoid schizophrenia – that apply but sabotage our instincts for killing this bastard now. Those same diagnoses, however, apply to different intensities of behavior and are widely scattered through our people. (Even Obama may qualify for some of them.) And they share a problem with suicide: We can explain every case after it happens but have a terrible time predicting them. The killer may escape execution because of his diagnoses, many similar people will have their medication doses increased, and the mental health industry will demand more money.

–          The killer’s mother, politically active, also was his rescuer whenever he got in trouble.

–          Marijuana may have been involved as much as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. I knew one young gentleman, coming down from pot, who pulled his mother’s 0.32 from her bag, threatened to kill her, and drove off in her Jeep, eventually rolling it over. I knew one young lady who didn’t shoot her mother but listened to God and climbed thirty feet up a tree. The fire crews got her down.

–          (See “The Shrine in Jared Loughner’s Yard” NYDailyNewschilling_shrine_in_madmans_yard.html

–          The killer is a TEA-typical: He’s an atheist and a fan of Marx and Lenin who also dislikes Jews. He would have fit well with the Progressive anarchists of the 1920s.

–          The Congresswoman owned a Glock but did not carry it. One of her rescuers (Joseph Zimudie)   had a pistol in his pocket, heard the shots, unlocked his gun’s safety, but reapplied it when he saw the killer was disarmed. Zumudie helped to restrain the killer. In the meantime, an unarmed woman (Patricia Maisch) had taken the killer’s ammo magazines and possibly saved his life while trying to do a good thing. Zimudie could have killed him in self-defense. (See also, “Daniel Hernandez”

–          A federal judge is dead but we hear far less about him than about the Congresswoman or the nine-year-old.

–          Our president showed and shows great concern. He showed far less after Fort Hood and even less after an Arizona rancher was shot by illegals. We had one Obama before November, a different one last week, a different one this week, and who knows about next week?

–          Finally, we can expect a phase of “be nice to liberals” … the same liberals who chant in unison and, when we are helpless, smother us with insults, taxes, debt, and rules. (See “Cynical Campaign”

Saturday night, John Bachelor suggested to two of his guests that Sarah’s gunsight posters inspiried the Tucson shooter. Thaddeus McCotter defused Bachelor’s innuendos. I got annoyed with John, moved my receiver a hair, joined most of America: Chicago beat Boston 90-79, and the Jets beat the Colts 17-16 with a field goal in the last minute of play…

Byron York: A comparison of Fort Hood and Tucson


Jonah Goldberg, NRO: The Real Hijackers of Islam”

“Maybe the hijackers are the peaceful ones.

For years, we’ve heard how the peaceful religion of Islam has been hijacked by extremists.

“What if it’s the other way around? Worse, what if the peaceful hijackers are losing their bid to take over the religion?

Charles Krauthammer, WaPo: Constitutionalism

“In essence, constitutionalism is the intellectual counterpart and spiritual progeny of the ‘originalism’ movement in jurisprudence. Judicial “originalists” (led by Antonin Scalia and other notable conservative jurists) insist that legal interpretation be bound by the text of the Constitution as understood by those who wrote it and their contemporaries. Originalism has grown to become the major challenger to the liberal ‘living Constitution’ school, under which high courts are channelers of the spirit of the age, free to create new constitutional principles accordingly.

“What originalism is to jurisprudence, constitutionalism is to governance: a call for restraint rooted in constitutional text. Constitutionalism as a political philosophy represents a reformed, self-regulating conservatism that bases its call for minimalist government – for reining in the willfulness of presidents and legislatures – in the words and meaning of the Constitution.

“Hence that highly symbolic moment on Thursday when the 112th House of Representatives opened with a reading of the Constitution. Remarkably, this had never been done before – perhaps because it had never been so needed….”

Andy McCarthy, NRO: “The Constitution Fetish”

“Progressives are hot for Wickard v. Filburn, not the Constitution.

Is there anything richer than a gaggle of smarmy progressives snickering at the conservative ‘Constitution fetish’? ‘Fetish’ is the fashionable Left’s latest suggestive imagery turned talking point, a dig at the new Republican majority in the House, which began its session this week by reading the Constitution aloud. It’s as if Dracula were complaining about a crucifix fetish.

“‘Fetish,’ like ‘tea-bagger,’ slides easily off the tongues of the Big Thinkers who get their dithering law from Dalia Lithwick and their sophomoric style from Bill Maher. If there is no Obama to send a thrill up their legs, it takes an organic Constitution throbbing with active liberty to ring their chimes. The lifeless one read from the podium Thursday — which must have been, like, a hundred years old or something — leaves them limp.”

Rich Lowry, NRO: Hands Off Huck Finn

“The whitewashers are missing the point.

If only Mark Twain were alive to skewer the censorious protectors of modern sensitivities who have taken to banning Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the classroom and now to excising its offensive words.

“A new edition published by NewSouth Books will expurgate all 219 uses of the N-word, and the use of the word “injun,” for good measure. Twain probably wouldn’t be surprised, since bluenoses have been after his masterpiece from the beginning. The Concord, Mass., public library rejected the book upon its publication in 1885. It considered Twain’s handiwork “rough, coarse, and inelegant, dealing with a series of experiences not elevating, the whole book being more suited to the slums than to intelligent, respectable people.”

Paul Ryan, WSJ: “ObamaCare’s Reality Deficit”

“Of all the claims deployed in favor of ObamaCare, and there are many, the most preposterous is that a new open-ended entitlement will somehow reduce the budget deficit. Insure 32 million more people, and save money too! The even more remarkable spectacle is that Washington seems to be taking this claim seriously in advance of the House’s repeal vote next week. Some things in politics you just can’t make up.

“Terminating trillions of dollars in future spending will ‘heap mountains of debt onto our children and grandchildren’ and ‘do very serious violence to the national debt and deficit,’ Nancy Pelosi said at her farewell press conference as Speaker. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius chimed in that ‘we can’t afford repeal,” as if ObamaCare’s full 10-year cost of $2.6 trillion once all the spending kicks in is a taxpayer bargain.

“The basis for such claims, to the extent a serious one exists, is the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis this week of the repeal bill, which projects it will ‘cost’ the government $230 billion through 2021. Because CBO figures ObamaCare will reduce the deficit by the same amount, repealing it will supposedly do the opposite. The White House promptly released a statement saying repeal would ‘explode the deficit.’

“Meanwhile, other Democrats have taken up arms about House procedure. The GOP adopted a budget rule that says repeal doesn’t have to be ‘paid for,’ and the press corps is treating this exemption as a scandal against Washington decency.…”


Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: Lamar Smith Challenges DoJ -New Black Panthers

“While he was in the minority, Smith labored, largely unsuccessfully, on the committee to convince the Democratic chairman to investigate a range of issues, including detainee policy and New Black Panther Party case. He now has the authority to schedule hearings, call witnesses and subpoena documents.

In a five-page letter, Smith notes that there has been ‘little oversight’ as to how the civil rights division has used its budget increases ($22 million in FYI 2010 and $17 million requested in FYI 2011) and why the need for some 164 new positions.

He then gets to the heart of the matter. As I and other outlets have reported, he notes that in the New Black Panther Party case investigation, it came to light that a political appointee, Julie Fernandes, directed Justice Department attorneys ‘not to bring cases against black defendants for the benefit of white victims.’”

More, J Christian Adams:

“This sudden development is a very uncomfortable turn for the wrongdoers inside the DOJ, including Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes, whom Smith names in the letter, as well as Steven Rosenbaum, Loretta King and Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez.

“Chairman Smith didn’t even wait 24 hours to act.  The speed of the opening salvo is bad news for Eric Holder.

“Julie Fernandes is the official who engaged in a variety of inappropriate abuse of her office by closing down enforcement of federal laws which require states to maintain the integrity of their voter rolls.  Fernandes does not believe the Justice Department should enforce federal laws requiring states to remove dead voters and ineligible felons.  DOJ Attorney Christopher Coates told the Civil Rights Commission in sworn testimony that Fernandes was responsible for this policy.  Coates testified that this lawless policy caused DOJ officials to spike upwards of 8 investigations he recommended into states with corrupted voter rolls….”

Bob Guzzardi: Frank Gaffney Exposes Norquist and Keene

Frank Gaffney is exposing the threat of Shariah to American Exceptionalism and the Constitution. [] Grover Norquist and David Keene are getting rich as lobbyists and pretenders. Center for Security Policy and more here

Grover Norquist is a fraud and fronting for Islamists as Frank Gaffney demonstrates at Front Page Magazine (Feb 2007)   and here at WorldNetDaily ( November 2003) and another Front Page Magazine (Dec 2003)

Rank and File Conservatives have figured out what others knew some time ago :Keene and Norquist are phonies, not the principled grassroots conservatives they pretend to be. They are conservatives for money. And there is an admitted embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

1) WorldNetDaily has done a good job.    

2) Ben Smith has picked up what WND figured out.  

3) “There are a lot of conservatives who see a larger problem with Grover Norquist and David Keene, and they’ve decided to fight it out and CPAC is a proxy for that,” said Erick Erickson, the publisher of, who said he won’t be participating in the conference because he wants to stay out of the conflict  

4 ) The American Conservative Union reported to the Internal Revenue Service last month a “material diversion of the organization’s assets” totaling over $400,000. The group has an annual operating budget of about $1.5 million.

Bob Guzzardi: John Hangar Environmental Ideologue, Realist

Pennsylvania Secretary of Environmental Protection John Hanger seems to me to be one of those principled ideologues who  re-evaluates his position in light of facts as they develop in the real world. This is a model I would hope I follow.

“It’s hugely ironic that John Hanger, the state regulator in the infancy of the Marcellus shale industry, came into office in 2008 portrayed as a wild-eyed environmentalist and he leaves office in a little more than a week painted in some quarters as a stooge of industry. Hanger is neither.”  Hanger defied stereotypes By Brad Bumsted, TRIBUNE-REVIEW  Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am no fan of PennFuture which promotes Big Government subsidies for unproven, and politically connected,  green technology businesses and advocates for government allocation of scare resources rather than evolving from the Free Market interaction of creative and individual. And Marcellus Shale is creating jobs in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, which is growing jobs and its economy faster than any other in Pennsylvania

Marcellus Shale gas development fueling Bradford County boom Phila Inquirer Andrew Maykuth  Dec. 27, 2010

John Hangar is, among other things, responsible for monitoring Marcellus Shale exploration and protecting water supply. In this article found on web site of industry site, Marcellus Shale Coalition, John Hangar is quoted. As Brad Bumsted’s article implies, I think we can take Secretary Hanger at his word. as he writes in the Allentown Morning Call in response to an inaccurate, but politically correct, Associated Press “news” story.  

John Hanger – DEP Secretary   
Allentown Morning Call (letter to the editor)  Jan. 5, 2011   

“It’s appalling that David Caruso’s Associated Press Jan. 4 article would be posted and published based on the sensational premise that Pennsylvania isn’t protecting drinking water sources from drilling wastewater.”   

“Here’s the reality: Every drop of tap water that was publicly treated is required to meet the safe drinking water standard.”   

“We’ve doubled the number of oversight staff and now have arguably the nation’s most aggressive oversight program. That’s the real story here, but government doing its job doesn’t grab headlines the way a piece like David Caruso’s does. That’s disappointing.” (Hanger LTE, 1/5/11)

For a competing point of view, see Drilling for Natural Gas Jeopardizes Clean Water There’s been an explosion (sometimes literally) in natural gas drilling in the Northeast, but the tradeoff for this fossil-fuel energy could mean highly contaminated drinking water. By Leah Zerbe (November 2009)

For a counterview see American Thinker, Marcellus Shale  Edible Fracking Chemicals and Wall Street Journal

Edible Ingredients Used to Drill for Gas. ”  Apparently Halliburton and Baker Hughes have developed fracking chemicals using fatty acids and other ingredients found in toothpaste, ketchup, ice cream and beer.  The enemies of cheap natural gas of course won’t congratulate Halliburton for being a good steward of the planet and switch their position.   I wonder where the next attack will come from.  Fatty acids in the edible fracking chemicals lead to an obesity epidemic in the caribou population?

Hanger defied stereotypes

Sunday, January 9, 2011

“The problem is I’m a raging centrist,” he said in an interview. “I approach issues based on the facts.”

Hanger, 53, spent the last two years as secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Gov. Ed Rendell raised eyebrows and some concern in the business community when he appointed Hanger to the post while Hanger was serving as the head of PennFuture, an environmental advocacy group.

But Hanger was portrayed as an anti-drilling villain in the documentary “Gasland,” which received national attention. He took a huge hit last week — by implication — in an Associated Press story that made Pennsylvania’s regulation of natural gas drilling look like that of a Third-World nation.

Pennsylvania was the only state that allowed discharges of partially treated water into rivers, the AP story said. The fact that Pennsylvania put new regulations into place last year that requires water running by water treatment plants to meet tough standards was largely ignored, Hanger believes. It was allowed in the past on the argument that it’s diluted in the mass of water flowing through rivers.

It wasn’t until the eighth paragraph that you found out, “State officials, energy companies and the operators of treatment plants insist that with the right safeguards in place, the practice poses little or no risk to the environment or to the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on those rivers for drinking water.”

Today, about 70 percent of hydraulic wastewater is recycled in part due to the tougher standards, Hanger said.

You can take this to the bank. If past practice posed the slightest risk, Hanger would have been screaming about it.

“As of today,” Hanger said last week, “every single drop of tap water from public water supplies is safe.” He said he knows this because of rigorous, daily testing done by state regulators.

“I’m not going to say there’s no threat ever,” said Hanger.

Here’s another thing you can bank on. It’s a good thing for Republican Gov.-elect Tom Corbett that AP chose to run this investigative story last week and not after his inauguration Jan. 18. Even though Corbett would have had nothing to do with past policies, it would have fit with perceived notions among some that Republicans want nothing better than to let the shale industry run wild.

But what took place — unfair as the presentation was — happened under a Democrat governor’s environmental stewardship.

Hanger, an attorney and former state Public Utility Commission member appointed by the late Gov. Robert P. Casey, has been an outspoken proponent of taxing the extraction of natural gas to fund environmental protection and to help pay for vital state services. Hanger differs sharply with Corbett’s no-tax approach to the industry.

But Hanger was “heartened” by Corbett’s recent remarks in the Trib that when it comes to regulation of the shale industry, the career prosecutor views himself as a “cop.” Corbett said in effect, let the chips fall where they may. The regulations will be enforced.

“Those are the right words,” Hanger said. “The real test is action.”

Breitbart: Israeli Military Technology

“In a month-long war in 2006, Lebanese guerrillas with relatively simple rockets knocked out Israeli tanks, and Israel’s high-tech military was powerless to stop a barrage of primitive, unguided Katyusha rockets on northern Israel.

“The latest computerized gadgetry is designed to knock down the military’s response time. Troops on the ground can add new targets as soon as they spot them—like militants on foot, a rocket squad or a vehicle—to the network for commanders to see instantly and hit.

“‘Strikes that used to take 20 or more minutes to coordinate now take just seconds, said Maj. Hagai Ben-Shushan, head of the C4I section for Israel’s artillery. “It doesn’t take much, then shells are going to the target,’ he said.”

China Hides Military Build-Up

“Australia’s peak intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments; the Defence Intelligence Organisation; and the Defence and Foreign Affairs departments concluded that China was building a military capability well beyond its priorities of defence and the prevention of Taiwanese independence. ”China’s longer-term agenda is to develop ‘comprehensive national power’, including a strong military, that is in keeping with its view of itself as a great power,” according to a copy of the secret assessment provided by Foreign Affairs officials to the US embassy in Canberra.

”‘We agree that the trend of China’s military modernisation is beyond the scope of what would be required for a conflict over Taiwan. Arguably China already poses a credible threat to modern militaries operating in the region and will present an even more formidable challenge as its modernisation continues.’”

Penn State Terrorist Jailed

“A Penn State student who penned songs praising terrorists on jihadist forums sits in jail tonight following his arrest earlier this week after a confrontation with two FBI agents. On Dec. 22nd I reported here exclusively at Big Peace on Emerson Begolly’s most recent “nasheed” in tribute to the Swedish suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, which was posted by Begolly on the infamous Ansar al-Jihad internet forum under his nom de jihad, Asadullah Alshishani.”

Pick the News that You Want*/index

WikiLeaks: Browse the Data Base

Also available from the New York Times and der Spiegel and at or

Jerusalem Post Coverage of WikiLeaks!

Chester County Vacancies: Brandywine Coalition for Advancing Freedom

Track Congressional Votes

There are choices – besides WikiLeaks – for looking over people’s shoulder.

Http:// is one. is another…

Earmarks Data Bases

Taxpayers against Earmarks,, and Taxpayers for Common Sense have launched an online database of every congressman’s earmark requests for fiscal year 2011. Over 39,000 requests were submitted this year, totaling $130 billion. The data base:

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