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STILES: Health Care & GERLACH; WC TEA – Exempt America Rally.

SYRIA: Hanson – BO indicts himself; Solomon & Hook – White Hse vs Congress; El Deeb – Morsi indicted; Root – Weapon of mass distraction; Gavlak & Ababneh –  Saudis sent the sarin; Klein – Responsibility to protect; Gorman – Data?; Spectator – War w/o purpose; Glick – BO’s bread & circus; Steyn – Accidental war; Gardiner – Silent Hillary.

DOMESTIC: Guzzardi – Defund; Bennett – Conservatives shower Cruz; Kaminsky – Colorado splits; Rand Paul – Boehner at risk; Sullivan – No hurricanes; CBS Detroit – sugar babies.

NSA: Spiegel – Spied on Al Jazeera; RT – Snowden won award; Delgado – Facebook, Twitter, Google snoop.

END NOTES: Johnson – Bookers imaginary friend; Smith – Mark Levin.



“And then he said . . . But.” Michael Goodwin

“David Cameron will almost certainly get his Syrian war. Who will fight it, let alone who will win it, remains unclear. But who will lose it is already known — the Christians.”


“On the Democratic side we have the addle-brained Biden and the dishonest, selfish Hillary. . . On the Republican side . . . who? No one of real stature. Maybe it’s time to look away from the political sphere to someone like Ben Carson, who has at least achieved success doing genuine good as a pediatric neurosurgeon. Roger Simon

Paula Stiles: Meetings with Gerlach

From CAF: Contact your representative, whether it be Congressman Pitts, Meehan or Gerlach and implore them to “Defund via the CR”.  They will be going back to Washington soon and they need to know how strongly we feel about this.

Congressman Joe Pitts

202-225-2411 or 610-444-4581


Congressman Patrick Meehan

202-225-2011 or 610-690-7933


Congressman James Gerlach

202-225-4315 or 610-594-1415



From Paula:

“Just a reminder that we will be having a rally at Jim Gerlach’s office on Saturday, September 7th.  The time is from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m at his Exton office on 113.  If we seem to be getting a good response, then we will make it until 3:00 p.m.  If we have a good turnout, which I am hoping we will, we may move some people down to Rte 30 and Rte 100 intersection where there is a 4 way traffic light and there are sidewalks on all four corners.  We have also invited the news media.  I know the news media is not really tea party friendly, but maybe they will attend to learn more about why we are doing this.  We do have a spokesperson to talk with them so we can keep our message the same.   

Since Congress will be going back into session the following week, we need to pressure these Congress people to stand firm and stop the funding for Obamacare.  Therefore, our rally will be around that.  I am also getting flyers on Obamacare to pass out if anyone would like information.

Please remember to make signs.  I will have a few extras but not enough for the amount of people that said they were coming.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks everyone for the great response.  Please pass on to everyone you know. 

Paula Stiles, Chesco Patriots”

PLEASE BRING SIGNS about OCare Facts!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Three Patriots went into Congressman Gerlach’s office . . . and here is the assessment they took back from the meeting.

1.  Gerlach is scared to death to shut down the government.  It was pointed out that this would not be a tragedy, this would not be the first time the government was shut down, to the murmurs of we are not going to shut down the government.  He was so worried about SS, Medicare and Medicaid recipients.  It was pointed out to him that this would still happen, and he insisted that it wouldn’t.  This question was a response for him to sign onto defunding Obamacare.

2. He insisted that he is FOR getting rid of Obamacare by his votes to repeal it.  Actions speak louder than words; when push comes to shove, he does not have the conviction to absolutely defund this abomination.

3.  Jim Gerlach was directly asked the question about what the Congress would do to nullify the fact that Congress and the Federal Employees will not have to submit to this atrocity called Obamacare, while the little people get to pay for it.  He had no response.  In other words, for Thee but not for Me.  He does not care that we will be strapped to pay for him, his staff, his family, the IRS employees, etc.

4. Gerlach insisted that the House could NOT defund Obamacare without shutting down the government.  It was pointed out that this could be done, and his response was a

call to REVIEW our Civics Class.  (I felt that this was a demeaning tactic by our Representative; the inference was that the group was ill informed.)

5. AMNESTY was another topic discussed.  The HOUSE will be putting forth their OWN BILLS.  It was suggested that the House ignore the Senate Bill and do nothing.

Our BLEEDING HEART Representative wants to LEGALIZE ALL the children here through no fault of their own.  No mention of those who crossed the border illegally to get here

and get to remain.  His response is that we must do something…here we go again, we get to pay for it!!!!  I requested that we not allow them to remain, see the legal ruling

of Obama’s DREAM ACT, it is not lawful.  He WILL NOT deport 20 million people.  We don’t have the resources.  I pointed out that it would be more cost effective to return

them and the citizens would support this measure.  I also pointed out that Eisenhower deported illegals during his administration for the same reasons, high unemployment

and out own citizens out of work.  It was also mentioned that this only serves big business and will hurt our own people since they will not be required under OBAMACARE.

He wants to increase WORK VISAS thereby keeping the underclass intact.

6.  It was also pointed out that there are entire departments in the Government which could be eliminated, Dept of Ed, Energy, IRS, etc.  He agreed that this will never happen.

7.  A FLAT Tax would take care of the IRS.  His proposal is to create 2 tax levels.  (Didn’t we see how much the Republicans have cut our TAXES!  I don’t know about you,

but I have not seen any tax cuts.)

8.  It was stated that the Republicans have no guts in fighting for their constituents.  “I represent 700,000 people and need to look out for all of them”.  Really, did the

Democrats vote for you?  What do you stand for, what are your values and principles, what are the values and principles of the Republican Party.  My response from Gerlach

is that ‘I need to be a team player or get out of the committee.’  My goal is to get Conservatives elected, but the Party will never allow that.  Every Committeeperson who was at the Convention this year saw the ‘quality’ of people put forward…payback political hacks.  Gerlach is the ultimate PARTY representative, progressive BIG government.

“Overall this was a disappointing meeting from a Representative who does not espouse what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.  He MUST GO!!!”

9/10/2013: West Chester TEA Party: Exempt America Rally

(from Cris Collopy “ Jim is there a law enforcer’s march in D. C. Sept. 9 th.?  I may go against the 10th for exempt rally.  Would love to be in D.C. with anti jihad message 11th for Million Man Muslim March.  Financle problems may prevent me from doing soooo Another option for me would be Independence   Mall the 11th or corner in Phoenixville.  If you know anyone I could share rides with.  Please give them my phone # 610-792-5357. or email address (”


“If you are interested in the rally below, we will try to get a bus load together please respond at 

“On Tuesday, September 10th, Tea Party Patriots will partner with numerous other pro-liberty groups to participate in the Exempt America Rally on the West Lawn of the US Capitol in Washington, DC at 12pm. This rally is taking place to demand that Congress delay the implementation of Obamacare by refusing to stop spending money on the law.

“The Obama administration has already unilaterally delayed the implementation of the law for Big Business. The IRS union – who is charged with enforcing the law – doesn’t want it, the Teamsters say it will destroy the 40 hour work week, and now Members of Congress and their Staffs have received special protection from the law.

“If this law isn’t good enough for Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Government, then it isn’t good enough for the American people.

“We must take this opportunity to demonstrate to Washington that American people should be Exempt from Obamacare.

“The looming budget fight may be our last chance to stop Obamacare before the January 1st deadline. We will need as large a turnout in Washington as possible. We must show Congress, on their first day back from their summer recess, that they cannot run to DC to hide from the American voters.

“There are many members of Congress that are too afraid to take an actual stand against the oncoming “Train Wreck”. We need to show them that we, the American people, will not let this go without a fight. . . “
Visit the website to find out more details and sign up to let us know you’re coming! . . .

SYRIA . . .

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: “Obama Indicts Obama

“One of the problems that Barack Obama has in mounting an attack against the Assad regime is that the gambit violates every argument Barack Obama used against the Bush administration to establish his own anti-war candidacy.

“The hypocrisy is so stunning that it infuriates his critics and stuns his supporters.

Deriding the Iraq war was Obama’s signature selling point. He used it to great effect against both Hillary Clinton (who voted for the war) in the Democratic primaries and John McCain in the general election. For the last five years, disparagement of “Iraq” and “Bush” has seemed to intrude into almost every sentence the president utters.

“And now? His sudden pro-war stance makes a number of hypocritical assumptions. First, the U.S. president can attack a sovereign nation without authorization from Congress (unlike the Iraq war when George W. Bush obtained authorization from both houses of Congress). Even if Obama gets a no vote, he said that he reserves the right to strike.

“Second, Obama assumes that the U.S. must go it alone and attack unilaterally (unlike the coalition of the willing of some 40 nations that joined us in Iraq).

“Third, it is unnecessary even to approach the UN (unlike Iraq when the Bush administration desperately sought UN support).

“Fourth, the U.S. president must make a judgment call on the likelihood of WMD use, which is grounds ipso facto to go to war (unlike Iraq when the vast majority of the 23 congressionally authorized writs had nothing to do with WMD [e.g., genocide of the Marsh Arabs and Kurds, bounties to suicide bombers, harboring of international terrorists, violations of UN agreements, attempts to kill a former U.S. president, etc.]).

“So review for a moment the Old Obama case against the New Obama. . .”

Solomon & Hook, WSJ: “White House Girds for Battle with Congress”

“Obama administration says evidence of sarin use points to Assad regime

“WASHINGTON—The White House is girding for more than a week of battle with Congress over President Barack Obama‘s plan to launch limited military strikes against the Syrian regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons last month.

“To back the administration’s position, Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the U.S. had obtained new blood and hair samples from inside Syria that confirmed President Bashar al-Assad’s regime used sarin, a powerful nerve agent, against civilians in an Aug. 21 attack on an eastern Damascus suburb.

“Mr. Kerry said he believed this new evidence will help the White House build more support on Capitol Hill and among allies in Europe and the Middle East to take military action aimed at degrading Mr. Assad’s ability to conduct chemical warfare.

“The leaders of the House and Senate said they would hold votes on the need for military action in Syria during the week of Sept. 9. . .”

Sarah El Deeb, AP: “Egypt’s Morsi Indicted in Protesters’ Killings”

“CAIRO: Egypt’s top prosecutor referred Sunday ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to trial on charges of inciting the killing of opponents protesting outside his palace while he was in office, the state news agency said.
“The military ousted Morsi on July 3 after millions took to the street demanding he step down. He’s been held incommunicado since. Despite other accusations by prosecutors, Sunday’s decision is his first referral to trial. No date was announced for the trial.
“Morsi will be tried, along with 14 members of his Muslim Brotherhood, in a criminal court for allegedly committing acts of violence, and inciting the killing of at least 10 people. . .”

Wayne Allyn Root: RootforAmerica: “Syria: Obama’s Weapon of Mass Distraction”

“Three things are happening right now under Obama that are unprecedented.

“First, Obama is about to go to war in Syria and risk your sons and daughters lives on behalf of our enemy Al Qaeda.

“Second, he is about to risk starting World War III.

“Third. Obama has chosen curious “red lines” for the American people. Obama’s defenders say, ‘Syria passed the red line. We have no choice.’ Really? So we now call extremist Muslims killing other extremist Muslims a “red line” that demands U.S. intervention? But extremist Muslims in Egypt burning over 70 churches to the ground and killing Christians is not a “red line?” In one place (Syria) we want to go to war. In the other (Egypt) we continue to send billions in foreign aid as a reward.

“Are you on board with Obama’s goals?

“Why the sudden drumbeat for war? Could it be because America’s unemployment problem under Obama is unfixable? 90 million working-age Americans are not working. The Labor Participation rate is the lowest for men since 1947 (since measurement began). Obama has no way out.

“The same holds true for our partners in the EU like UK and France. Unemployment for the EU region is 12.1%- the worst in history. Almost 20 million Europeans are unemployed. Youth unemployment in the EU is just under 25%.

“How do you solve such a human psychological disaster? You go to war.

“Voila. Suddenly young people with no job prospects have a job- in the military. They have a check…a place to live..something to do. They no longer have time to commit crimes, or riot in the streets.

“America got out of the last Great Depression with the help of World War II. How convenient that Obama lit the fuse for the Arab Spring…helped to topple dictators friendly to U.S. interests…and took the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, it’s all coming home to roost.

“We fomented instability, supported the radicals who hate America and Israel, and now we’re feigning shock that the Middle East is in flames? Remember that line from the police captain in the movie Casablanca? “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

“What a funny coincidence that a war would solve Obama’s worst problems all at once:

“A) War would stir patriotism and force Americans to rally around the President.

“B) Obamacare is a nightmare for Obama and his party. It’s so unpopular even Democrats and unions are running away from it. Congress has passed a law to exempt themselves. Obama himself is postponing major aspects of Obamacare for fear it will lead to a GOP landslide in 2014. Going to war is the perfect distraction, at the perfect time.

“C) Obama couldn’t create a job if it hit him in the face. He can’t spell J-O-B. War will create instant jobs. And hey, if thousands of young men die, that too will reduce the ranks of the unemployed for years to come.

“‘Nonsense’ Obama’s supporters will protest. You know, those same people that marched in the streets protesting our involvement in Iraq. Those same people who questioned CIA intelligence about “weapons of mass distraction,” yet who now readily accept the CIA’s claims about Syria using chemical weapons. Those same people who called Bush a murderer, now accept Obama bombing and killing citizens in Syria. Syria is the new Iraq.

“The key to life (and politics) is to choose your friends carefully. In Egypt Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the same group that supported the Nazis during WWII. Their leader Muhammad Morsi said in speech last year, “The Qur’an is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.”

In Syria our new friends are worse than the Muslim Brotherhood (if that’s possible). The rebels fighting the Syrian government are Al Qaeda. These are the murderous terrorists who are the sworn enemies of America and Israel. This is who Obama is asking our sons and daughters to die for?

“Have we learned nothing from Iraq? I was gung-ho about Iraq. I thought it was a noble cause to set the Iraqi people free from a tyrant. You know what I found out? We meant well, but it was a disaster. It was none of our business. It was not worth the cost- in dollars or human life. The Iraqi people we heroically risked and sacrificed for, don’t thank us, they hate us. Why would we want to do it again? Our Middle East interventions CAUSE more hatred, more terrorism, more death.

“Let’s not forget that our intervention in Libya put weapons in the hands of radical Muslims who it now appears used those weapons to attack our own Libyan Embassy and murder our U.S. Ambassador and 3 brave Navy Seals. You know, that’s the tragedy that was covered up by Obama and Hillary Clinton by blaming it on a movie. Who killed our brave men in that Libyan embassy? Al Qaeda. The people Obama now wants to partner with.

“Have we not learned that our Middle East interventions always work out badly? Now we are going to do it again. Except this time it’s far worse. This time Russia and China and Iran are on Syria’s side. This time it could lead to World War III. Have we lost our minds?

“I have obvious questions…

“First, was this Obama’s plan from the start? Is war the only way out to save the U.S. economy from collapse? Is war the perfect way to distract the American people from the economic carnage caused by Obama’s policies?

“Second, would you send your son or daughter to die to support Al Qaeda? I know I wouldn’t.

“This is a new level of insanity- even for Obama.

Dale Gavlak and Yahya Ababneh, MintPressNews: EXCLUSIVE: Syrians in Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack”

“Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.

“Ghouta, Syria — As the machinery for a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit.

Interviews with people in Damascus and Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital, where the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders said at least 355 people had died last week from what it believed to be a neurotoxic agent, appear to indicate as much.

The U.S., Britain, and France as well as the Arab League have accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for carrying out the chemical weapons attack, which mainly targeted civilians. U.S. warships are stationed in the Mediterranean Sea to launch military strikes against Syria in punishment for carrying out a massive chemical weapons attack. The U.S. and others are not interested in examining any contrary evidence, with U.S Secretary of State John Kerry saying Monday that Assad’s guilt was “a judgment … already clear to the world.”

“However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack. . .”

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: “Responsibility to Protect cited as basis for attacking Syria”

“The U.S.-NATO Libya bombings have been widely regarded as a test of R2P. The doctrine is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.” The term “war crimes” has, at times, been used indiscriminately by various U.N.-backed international bodies – including the International Criminal Court, or ICC – which has applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in Gaza. There is also concern the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops. Billionaire George Soros’ Open Society is one of only three non-governmental funders of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, the main body behind promoting the doctrine. Government sponsors include Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Rwanda and the United Kingdom. The R2P center’s patrons include former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former Irish President Mary Robinson and South African activist Desmond Tutu. Robinson and Tutu have made solidarity visits to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as members of a group called The Elders, which includes former President Jimmy Carter. . .”

Sioban Gorman, WSJ: “How Reliable Is the Administration’s Evidence on Syria?”

“. . . The Wall Street Journal made its own assessment based on the strength of the type of evidence described.

EVIDENCE: Syrian senior official’s communications discussing regime use of chemical weapons on Aug. 21 and expressing concern about U.N. inspectors finding evidence.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Provides direct, first-hand indication of regime involvement. But the intercept was not made available.

EVIDENCE: Before the attack, chemical-weapons personnel were found operating in an area where chemical weapons are mixed, employing gas masks.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Specific, pointing to regime involvement and based on human intelligence, communications, images. But circumstantial.

EVIDENCE:  Satellite images, and other unspecified types of intelligence, indicate rocket attacks from a regime-controlled area into neighborhoods that later reported chemical attacks.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Reliable visual evidence, but circumstantial. Also, the unclassified report doesn’t explain the other intelligence streams.

EVIDENCE: Intelligence shows Syrian chemical-weapons personnel were directed to cease operations on the afternoon of Aug. 21.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Indicates regime direction. But nature of intelligence is not explained and can’t be independently assessed.

EVIDENCE: 100 videos show physical signs consistent with nerve-agent exposure. Opposition doesn’t have capability to fake so many videos.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Visual evidence. But symptoms don’t uniquely identify nerve-agent exposure.

EVIDENCE: Local social-media reports of a chemical attack starting at 2:30 a.m. Aug. 21, with multiple accounts describing chemical-filled rockets.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Firsthand local accounts fit the timing of the chain of events. But the evidence relies on self-reporting, not physical confirmation.

EVIDENCE: Three hospitals in the Damascus area received about 3,600 patients with symptoms consistent with nerve-agent exposure.

STRENGTH/WEAKNESS: Firsthand accounts from medical professionals. But the evidence relies on self-reporting rather than physical proof.

Spectator: “Syria: A war without a purpose”

“. . . Reports of up to 1,800 people killed by sarin gas by Bashar al-Assad’s regime are chillingly credible. Atrocities are being perpetrated there every day, and by all sides (there are now far more than just two sides). It is often said that there have been 100,000 casualties so far. What we seldom hear is that this figure includes 27,000 killed by the rebels — some of whom have shown themselves at least equal to Assad in their barbarity. Earlier this week they beheaded a cleric whom they found guilty of apostasy. The black flag of al-Qa’eda is flying over rebel-held villages where summary executions have been going on for some time. Were they to take Damascus, we can imagine what type of regime would follow.

“It is a depressing testament to the weakness of Nato militaries that, from London to Istanbul, what ‘taking action’ in Syria really means is lobbying the White House to use the US Navy. But this problem is self-inflicted. Europe has been cutting back on its military for decades, a process which David Cameron accelerated when he decided (for instance) that Britain can go without aircraft carriers and that the Army should be cut to levels not seen since the 19th century. Barack Obama’s attention lies on the other side of the Pacific, not the Atlantic. He has no stomach for this fight, and is mulling action mainly because he threatened ‘consequences’ if chemical weapons were deployed. . .”

Caroline Glick, Rear Clear Politics: “Obama’s Bread and Circuses”

“Over the past week, President Barack Obama and his senior advisers have told us that the US is poised to go to war against Syria. In the next few days, the US intends to use its air power and guided missiles to attack Syria in response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons in the outskirts of Damascus last week.

“The questions that ought to have been answered before any statements were made by the likes of Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have barely been raised in the public arena. The most important of those questions are: What US interests are at stake in Syria? How should the US go about advancing them? What does Syria’s use of chemical weapons means for the US’s position in the region? How would the planned US military action in Syria impact US deterrent strength, national interests and credibility regionally and worldwide? Syria is not an easy case. Thirty months into the war there, it is clear that the good guys, such as they are, are not in a position to win.

“Syria is controlled by Iran and its war is being directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and by Hezbollah. And arrayed against them are rebel forces dominated by al-Qaida.

“As US Sen. Ted Cruz explained this week, ‘Of nine rebel groups [fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad], seven of them may well have some significant ties to al-Qaida.’

“With no good horse to bet on, the US and its allies have three core interests relating to the war. First, they have an interest in preventing Syria’s chemical, biological and ballistic missile arsenals from being used against them either directly by the regime, through its terror proxies or by a successor regime.

“Second, the US and its allies have an interest in containing the war as much as possible to Syria itself.

“Finally, the US and its allies share an interest in preventing Iran, Moscow or al-Qaida from winning the war or making any strategic gains from their involvement in the war.

For the past two-and-a-half years, Israel has been doing an exemplary job of securing the first interest. . .”

Mark Steyn, NRO: “An Accidental War

“I see the Obama “reset” is going so swimmingly that the president is now threatening to go to war against a dictator who gassed his own people. Don’t worry, this isn’t anything like the dictator who gassed his own people that the discredited warmonger Bush spent 2002 and early 2003 staggering ever more punchily around the country inveighing against. The 2003 dictator who gassed his own people was the leader of the Baath Party of Iraq. The 2013 dictator who gassed his own people is the leader of the Baath Party of Syria. Whole other ball of wax. The administration’s ingenious plan is to lose this war in far less time than we usually take. In the unimprovable formulation of an unnamed official speaking to the Los Angeles Times, the White House is carefully calibrating a military action ‘just muscular enough not to get mocked.’

“That would make a great caption for a Vanity Fair photo shoot of Obama gamboling in the surf at Martha’s Vineyard, but as a military strategy it’s not exactly Alexander the Great or the Duke of Wellington. And it’s trickier than it sounds: I’m sure Miley’s choreographer assured her she was ‘just muscular enough not to get mocked,’ and one wouldn’t want to see the United States reduced to twerking arrhythmically to no avail in front of an unimpressed Bashar Assad’s Robin Thicke. Okay, okay, that metaphor’s as thinly stretched as Miley’s talent, so what does unmockable musculature boil down to? From the New York Times: ‘A wide range of officials characterize the action under consideration as ‘limited,’ perhaps lasting no more than a day or two.’

“Yeah, I know, that’s what Edward III said about the Hundred Years’ War. But Obama seems to mean it . . .”

Nile Gardiner, UK Telegraph: “Why a nervous Hillary Clinton is remarkably silent on Syria”

“. . . I suspect a number of factors are behind Hillary Clinton’s reticence. Firstly, a US military intervention in the Syrian civil war is strongly opposed by the vast majority of the American public. A recent poll showed just nine percent of Americans backing US military involvement. She probably doesn’t see another war in the Muslim world as a vote winner in 2016. Secondly, she may well be harbouring doubts over the White House approach, which beyond the talk of airstrikes, lacks a coherent strategy, and the president hasn’t exactly made a clear-cut case that taking America to war in Syria is in the national interest. Thirdly, as “the Obama doctrine” goes down in flames in the Middle East, from Damascus to Cairo, Clinton will be nervous about being seen as part and parcel of it, which of course she is.

“Fourthly, Clinton’s own track record on Syria has hardly been stellar. Before Syria descended into war, Clinton was a strong backer of engagement with Syria, greatly underestimating the nature of the Baathist regime, famously referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a “reformer” in April 2011. In addition, as Washington’s most senior foreign policy official, Clinton did little to stand up to Moscow’s aggressive support for the Syrians, eager to appease the Russians through the controversial ‘reset’ strategy, which was her own brainchild. In addition, the Secretary of State was weak in the face of Iran, whose military and financial backing for the Assad regime has been vital to its survival.

“Against this backdrop it’s not hard to see why Hillary Clinton isn’t at the forefront of the Syria debate. Her own handling of the Syria crisis was a spectacular failure, as has been President Obama’s.  .  .”

Drudge Report (9/2/2013)

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Proposal seeks broad war power despite vow of limits...
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Bob Guzzardi: Defund . . .

“Mike Fitzpatrick has refused to sign Mike Lee Ted Cruz Heritage Action Don’t Fund Obamacare Petition because he expects to vote to fund it which means he is for it.

“And the Increase Debt Ceiling Vote follows immediately after the CR Don’t Fund Obamacare Vote.

“In my view, any Tea Party group that does not openly work for his defeat is selling out core principles. This is not Mike Fitzpatrick’s only Big Government vote but it is the last straw. Tea Parties are supposed to advocate Limited Government Constitutional Republicanism not Mike Fitzpatrick’s big spending big debt and big government agenda.

“This applies to Pat Meehan and Jim Gerlach and Joe Pitts and Bill Shuster. Look at their records. Like Mike Fitzpatrick, they are Boehner Big Government Republicans. . .”

George Bennett, Palm Beach Post: “Conservatives shower Sen. Cruz of Texas with praise at Orlando gathering”

“ORLANDO — For the second day in a row Saturday, a rising Republican star was interrupted while speaking to the crowd of conservative activists at the Americans For Prosperity conference here.

“But while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had to contend with a few hecklers who criticized his immigration stance on Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz paused near the end of his remarks Saturday while the crowd of about 1,500 chanted, “Run, Ted, run!”

“Cruz, one of four potential 2016 presidential candidates to speak to the two-day gathering, got by far the most enthusiastic response from the limited-government, free-market group. Walking the stage rather than standing behind a podium, Cruz railed against “career politicians in both parties” who don’t listen to ordinary people outside of Washington. . .”

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator: “Colorado’s Battered Spouse Syndrome

Thx Ted!

“Have you seen the Lifetime movie about the mistreated wife who threatens to leave her abusive husband only to have him promise to be more sympathetic to her feelings in the future…and that he’ll do his best, really he will, to stop hitting her? She spends the rest of the movie considering it, wondering whether to trust him, while you yell at the screen ‘Just get out of there while you still can!’

“A lot of Coloradoans, especially in rural counties in the northeastern part of the state, feel like that abused wife with the Democrat-controlled state government and particularly Governor John Hickenlooper playing the divorce-worthy brutish husband.

Thousands of Coloradoans are now considering the wisdom of a political divorce, moving on from a state that just doesn’t understand or respect them anymore.

They are not thinking of moving to Wyoming or Nebraska, but rather seceding from Colorado to form the new state of North Colorado. And so, with the unanimous vote of Elbert County commissioners on Wednesday, at least ten counties (the state has 64 counties in all) will have measures on their upcoming November ballots asking whether they should leave Colorado and join to form a 51st state. . .

“The resource-rich nature of the proposed North Colorado makes the idea of secession particularly interesting. Weld County produces 80 percent of Colorado’s oil and nearly 20 percent of our natural gas, representing nearly 40 million barrels of black gold. As the Denver Post put it, “All that production helped contribute $1.6 billion to the state and local governments, school districts and special districts in 2012.” Furthermore, the top five Colorado counties in terms of dollar value (based on 2007 data) of agricultural crop production (especially cattle, wheat, corn, hay, and millet) are in the northeast part of the state, and all have secession on the ballot. . .”

Rand Paul, Daily Caller: “Boehner speakership in jeopardy over immigration reform [AUDIO]”

Walter E. Williams, Daily Caller: ‘The civil rights struggle is over, and it is won’ [AUDIO]”

“ ‘. . . the illegitimacy rate among blacks is around 75 percent,’ he continued. ‘That’s a devastating problem, but it’s not a civil rights problem. In 1940, the illegitimacy rate was 14 percent. At the time Martin Luther King spoke, it was 25 percent. Only 30 percent of black kids are raised in two-parent families. That’s a devastating problem, but it’s not a civil rights problem. In the 1880s, up to 80 percent of black kids lived in two-parent families.”

“Others problems he cited were the lackluster education system in the black community and the high homicide rate among African-Americans, neither of which were civil rights issues in his opinion. . .”

Brian Sullivan, Bloomberg: “No Atlantic Hurricane by August in First Time in 11 Years”

“August is about to end without an Atlantic hurricane for the first time since 2002, calling into question predictions of a more active storm season than normal.

“Six tropical systems have formed in the Atlantic since the season began June 1 and none of them has grown to hurricane strength with winds of at least 74 miles (120 kilometers) per hour. Accumulated cyclone energy in the Atlantic, a measure of tropical power, is about 30 percent of where it normally would be, said Phil Klotzbach, lead author of Colorado State University’s seasonal hurricane forecasts.

“‘At this point, I doubt that a super-active hurricane season will happen,’ Klotzbach said in an e-mail yesterday . . .”


CBS Detroit: “Detroit Teachers Moonlight As ‘Sugar Babies’ To Offset Wage Cuts”

“In the Detroit School District alone, more than 200 teachers are moonlighting as sugar babies to offset wage cuts and job losses, according to dating website  How do they know? The website tallied up all the females registered in Detroit who list ‘teacher’ as their occupation.

“. . . While the number of Detroit school teachers registered on the website might be shocking to some, it’s actually less than the national average. Wade said the Philadelphia City School District has the highest number of teachers registered on the website at 674 (emph added, jb) , followed by Miami-Dade School District with 507. . .”

NSA . . .

Spiegel:  “Snowden Document: NSA Spied On Al Jazeera Communications”

“It makes sense that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) would be interested in the Arab news broadcaster Al Jazeera. The Qatar-based channel has been broadcasting audio and video messages from al-Qaida leaders for more than a decade.

“The United States intelligence agency was so interested, in fact, that it hacked into Al Jazeera’s internal communications system, according to documents from former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden that have been seen by SPIEGEL.

“One such document, dated March 23, 2006, reveals that the NSA’s Network Analysis Center managed to access and read communication by “interesting targets” that was specially protected by the news organization. The information also shows that the NSA officials were not satisfied with Al Jazeera’s language analysis.

“In addition to cracking the airline reservation services for Russian airline Aeroflot, accessing ‘Al Jazeera broadcasting internal communication’ was listed as a ‘notable success,’ the document shows. . .”

RT: “Snowden wins whistleblower award in Germany”

“Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been awarded the biennial ‘whistleblower prize’ in Germany, worth some $3,900, in recognition of his ‘bold efforts’ to expose the monitoring of communications data by his former employer.

“The prize, last awarded in 2011, was officially bestowed upon the 30-year-old at a ceremony in Berlin which took place Friday, prompting a nine-minute congratulatory video message from Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald on Saturday. . .”

Martin Delgado, UK Mail: “Test ‘reveals Facebook, Twitter and Google snoop on emails’: Study of net giants spurs new privacy concerns”

“Facebook, Twitter and Google have been caught snooping on messages sent across their networks, new research claims, prompting campaigners to express concerns over privacy.

“The findings emerged from  an experiment conducted following revelations by US security contractor Edward Snowden about government snooping on internet accounts.

Cyber-security company High-Tech Bridge set out to test the confidentiality of 50 of the biggest internet companies by using their systems to send a unique web address in private messages.

“Experts at its Geneva HQ then waited to see which companies clicked on the website.

During the ten-day operation, six of the 50 companies tested were found to have opened the link.

“Among the six were Facebook, Twitter, Google and discussion forum Formspring.

High-Tech Bridge chief executive Ilia Kolochenko said: ‘We found they were clicking on links that should  be known only to the sender and recipient. . .”


Eliana Johnson, NRO: “Cory Booker’s Imaginary Friend

“ . . . Booker’s tales of his trials and travails on the streets of Newark, the city that twice elected him mayor, are familiar, and they have helped to breed an almost mythological aura around the Stanford, Oxford, and Yale graduate. He did, after all, rescue a woman from a burning building last year, sustaining burns in the process. But sources tell National Review Online that the central character in one of Booker’s oft-repeated stories — T-Bone, the drug pusher who the mayor has said threatened his life at one turn and sobbed on his shoulder the next — is a figment of his imagination, even though Booker has talked about him in highly emotional terms and in great detail. . .”

Kyle Smith, NY Post: (Mark Levin) “Vox popular

“Conservative host Mark Levin rules the radio and the bestseller charts because he speaks for people who feel left out of the debate. So, what does the media do? Ignore him.

To read the book reviews in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post or The Boston Globe, you might be unaware of the existence of the work of Mark Levin.

“Unless you skip to the page with the bestseller lists.

“Levin’s new book ‘The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,’ last week hit No. 1 on all three New York Times bestseller lists for which it qualified — hardcover nonfiction, e-book nonfiction and the combination of the two. Yet the paper, like the others mentioned and their counterparts on the magazine rack, continues to ignore Levin, whose book signing at Book Revue in Huntington, Long Island led to huge lines on Aug. 17.

“So, who is this man of mystery considered unfit for mention despite selling millions of books?

“Levin is one of the most successful nonfiction writers working and the host of a popular Tea Party-friendly conservative talk radio program that airs nationwide, weekdays at 6 p.m. on WABC here in New York. It claims 5 million listeners.

“Levin is a polemicist. On the radio show, he comes across as Rush Limbaugh with a law degree. He calls for the impeachment of ‘Barack Milhous Nobama,’ denouncing ‘French Republicans’ (they give up too easily, and possibly eat fancy cheeses) and declares, in response to a threat to shut him down that, he said, came from a Republican congressman he wouldn’t identify, ‘I’m not going to put up with fascism on my watch. . .’

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