Dead Cats: Gettysburg, 07/01/13, (9)01: James Brody

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BIG STUFF: Costa – Lonegan’s long shot, Owens – Gettysburg history; Moran – 150 years later; Klein – Strike N.Korea?; Hanson – US coasting; Carney – marriage & religion; Steyn – self-govt; Poor – Sarah & 3rd party?; Charen – a roe; Morrissey – late-term abortion ban; NFL – No BOcare; Young – BO’s liberal problem; Phillips – Geller & Spencer.

IRS: Noonan – don’t cover for the IRS

SNOWDEN: Germans don’t trust BO; Assange – more to come; Snowden stuck in Moscow

EGYPT: Pollak – Brotherhood targeted

IMMIGRATION: Klein – amnesty sneaks in; Howerton – GOP kicks itself; Kristol – no capitulations.

PA: Daniels – Corbett’s budget

END NOTES: Obama honors mandela; Jared Marcum’s T-shirt


“Officially, America celebrates diversity; privately, America is fragmenting into racial, political and ideological camps.” Victor Davis Hanson

July 15th: DC March for Jobs

Please sign up for this Free Bus to DC 7/15.  We have 6 buses from Pa and we can get more. America needs your help and active support!

DC MARCH FOR JOBS (nation-wide participation)

Western PA (two buses),

Central PA (two buses)

Eastern PA (two buses)

1) To King of Prussia, to Philadelphia to DC)

2) Bensalem, PA – Neshaminy Mall (located at U.S. Route 1 & Bristol Road)
Valley Forge/ King of Prussia, PA – Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank, Route 202 and Mall Blvd,King of Prussia, PA,  Philadelphia PA –  SEPTA Suburban Station 16th and JFK Blvd.



DC March For Jobs Rally Monday, July 15th,  The march takes about 30 minutes and it begins 09:30am starting from Freedom Plaza,  Washington, DC.  

1.  40 to 55 passengers on board is considered a FULL bus.
2.  Only FULL buses are offered as a free ride to DC round-trip.
3.  Free buses will pick-up on Sunday July 14th (day before DC March).
4.  Several hotels have blocked out rooms available at discount rate for DC March attendees.
 See website  click on Event Info Center, then click LODGING for information to make your selection
4a  Once at your selected lodging, one is responsible for their own transportation to Freedom Plaza to join DC ,archers to begin 9:30 am.
See website  click on Event Info Center, then click TRAVEL Lodging for information
5. Return trip is approx. around  3PM Monday, July 15th

Don Reimer, Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots

July 1st

1776: Caesar Rodney made his overnight ride from Dover, Delaware, to Philadelphia.

1863: The three-day Battle of Gettysburg began.

1874: The Zoological Society of Philadelphia opened the first U.S. zoo.

1898: In the Spanish-American War, Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders help won a victory for the United States when they charged up San Juan Hill in Cuba.”

1971: The Twenty-sixth Amendment, lowering the voting age to eighteen, was ratified. (Bennett & Cribb, 2010)

July 2nd: Jenny Beth Martin

Co-founder of TEA Party Patriots. Organizer for recent DC demonstrations for IRS reform.

It’s her birthday . . . find her on Facebook!

jennybethm (Google Talk)

Robert Costa, NRO: Steve Lonegan’s Long Shot”

“A conservative battles the odds in deep-blue New Jersey

Bogota, N.J. — Steve Lonegan’s Senate campaign is being run out of his basement. Three tables are covered with blue bumper stickers, and a lone staffer — Sean Carney, a recent graduate of Loyola University — sits by the phone. A pile of dolls and plastic toys discarded by Lonegan’s grown-up daughters is stashed in a corner.

“It’s base camp for the Republican party’s last, best hope of winning a Senate seat this year.

“Most Republicans, however, aren’t paying attention — at least not yet. Newark mayor Cory Booker, a Democratic celebrity, is the frontrunner for October’s special election, and Lonegan is considered the longest of long shots — a tea-party outsider in a deep-blue state.

“But he’s gearing up for a battle. The former mayor of this sleepy suburban town predicts low turnout and conservative enthusiasm will make him competitive, and he dismisses Booker’s popularity as adoration by liberals who don’t live in the Garden State.

“‘Newark is as bad as it ever was. . .’”

Macrubin Thomas Owens, NRO: “The Great Battle of Gettysburg”

(4 pages!)

“As Gettysburg hits 150, a detailed account of the nation’s greatest battle

“. . .  In the end, Lee effectively made the case to Confederate president Jefferson Davis that the best use of limited Confederate resources was to invade Pennsylvania. As he had done in the fall of 1862, Lee intended to effect a strategic turning movement, draw the Yankees out of Virginia, and annihilate a Federal army on Union soil, forcing Lincoln to sue for peace. . .

“. . . Meade suffered some 23,000 casualties over the course of the battle, while Lee lost between 20,000 and 25,000 of his irreplaceable soldiers. On July 5, Lee moved south. Meade did not pursue the Rebels, much to the consternation of President Lincoln. But Meade was in no condition to pursue. The Army of the Potomac was only in marginally better shape than the Army of Northern Virginia. As the Duke of Wellington observed, “The only thing worse than a battle won is a battle lost.”

Rick Moran, PJM: “Echoes from Gettysburg 150 Years Later

“. . . Allowing oneself to imagine victory in the space between the woods and Cemetery Ridge where 12,000 Confederate soldiers marched up a gently rolling hill into immortality answered the hopelessness of the times with the pathetic ‘what might have been’ if Confederate soldiers had been able to breach the Union lines at the famous ‘angle,’ split the Yankee force in two, and march on to Washington.

not have brought the South victory that day. And the defeat proved far more costly than anyone in the South realized at the time. The Battle of Gettysburg destroyed once and for all the ability of Robert E. Lee to carry the war to the North. . . “

“. . . The highlight of the observance will come on Sunday, when 10,000 Civil War re-enacters will take part in a recreation of the battle. They will have paid their own way, provided their own props and uniforms, and fought the battle using the same tactics used by the combatants at the time. They will pray for cool weather given that their wool uniforms are incredibly uncomfortable. And many of them will probably weep, overcome with emotion during the re-enactment, as many of the 13,000 re-enactors wept during the filming of Pickett’s Charge in Gettysburg. . .”

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: “Ex-CIA chief to Obama: Strike North Korea. Warns U.S. defenseless against missiles arriving from south pole”

“The Obama administration should ‘seriously consider’ a surgical strike to prevent North Korea from developing long-range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, argued former CIA director James Woolsey. In a radio interview Sunday night, Woolsey warned the U.S. is currently wide open and virtually defenseless against a missile coming from a southerly direction, and that both Iran and North Korea made advances toward firing missiles in that direction. Woolsey further warned of the catastrophic effects of a North Korean missile launch or a satellite that could explode a nuclear warhead over the U.S. as part of an electromagnetic pulse attack. Woolsey was speaking on Aaron Klein’s WABC Radio show. (Listen to his comments )

“He stated: ‘Once you can launch a satellite into orbit, any country would be capable, if it had a nuclear weapon, of detonating the nuclear weapon while on the satellite, while the satellite is in orbit and unfortunately that is a rather easy way to create an electromagnetic pulse.’ . . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, Washington Times: “The U.S. is coasting on the fumes of past greatness, following the Roman road to ruins”

“America is following the course of ancient Rome

“. . . About half of America and many of its institutions operate as they always have. Caltech and MIT are still serious. Neither interjects race, class and gender studies into its engineering or physics curricula. Most in the Internal Revenue Service, unlike some of their bosses, are not corrupt. For the well driller, the power plant operator and the wheat farmer, the lies in Washington are still mostly abstractions.

“Get up at 5:30 a.m., and you will see that most of the nation’s urban freeways are jammed with hardworking commuters. Every day, they go to work, support their families, pay their taxes and avoid arrest — so that millions of others do not have to do the same. The U.S. military still more closely resembles our heroes from World War II than the culture of the Kardashians.

“Like diverse imperial Roman citizens, we are united in some fashion by shared popular tastes and mass consumerism. The cellphones and cars of the poor offer more computing power and better transportation than the aristocracy enjoyed just 20 years ago.

“Youths of all races and backgrounds in lockstep fiddle with their smartphones as they walk about. Jeans are an unspoken American uniform — both for the Wall Street grandees and the homeless on the sidewalks. Left, right, liberal, conservative, professor and ditch digger have similar-looking Facebook accounts.

“If Rome quieted the people with public spectacles and cheap grain from the provinces, so too Americans of all classes keep glued to favorite video games and reality-TV shows. Fast food is cheap and tasty. All that for now is preferable to rioting and revolt.

“Like Rome, America apparently can coast for a long time on the fumes of its wonderful political heritage and economic dynamism — even if both are little understood or appreciated by most who still benefit from them. “

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner: “Gay marriage fight now becomes a religious liberty fight”

“. . . The next offensive in this culture war will involve wielding government to force individuals to accept the new definition of marriage, falsely invoking analogies to civil rights.

“As a prototype, consider the assault on the liberty of Elaine Huguenin, the wedding photographer in New Mexico. In 2006, a couple asked her to photograph their wedding. When she learned the couple were lesbians, she declined, explaining that pursuant to her faith, she only photographed man-woman weddings.

“The couple got a different photographer, but they sued Huguenin. In New Mexico, there is no gay marriage. In a recent poll, most New Mexicans said they oppose gay marriage. But the state outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“The New Mexico Human Rights Commission found Huguenin had broken the law, and ordered her to pay $7,000. Huguenin, with the aide of the pro-bono civil liberties law firm Alliance Defense Fund, has sued and the case is now before state Supreme Court.

“Try to live your own life according to traditional values, and the state will come after you, and compel you live according to its values. . . “

Mark Steyn, NRO: “The Simulacrum of Self-Government

“We might as well put the Constitution out of its misery.

“Say what you like about George III, but the Tea Act was about tea. The so-called comprehensive immigration reform is so comprehensive it includes special deals for Nevada casinos and the recategorization of the Alaskan fish-processing industry as a ‘cultural exchange’ program, because the more leaping salmon we have the harder it is for Mexicans to get across the Bering Strait. While we’re bringing millions of Undocumented-Americans ‘out of the shadows,’ why don’t we try bringing Washington’s decadent and diseased law-making out of the shadows?

“Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any more momentous, the Supreme Court weighed in on same-sex marriage. When less advanced societies wish to introduce gay marriage, the people’s elected representatives assemble in parliament and pass a law. That’s how they did it in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, etc. But one shudders to contemplate what would result were the legislative class to attempt ‘comprehensive marriage reform,’ complete with tax breaks for Maine lobstermen’s au pairs and the hiring of 20,000 new IRS agents to verify business expenses for page boys from disparate-impact groups. So instead it fell to five out of nine judges, which means it fell to Anthony Kennedy, because he’s the guy who swings both ways. Thus, Supreme Intergalactic Emperor Anthony gets to decide the issue for 300 million people.

“As Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben so famously says in every remake, with great power comes great responsibility. Having assumed the power to redefine a societal institution that predates the United States by thousands of years, Emperor Tony the All-Wise had the responsibility at least to work up the semblance of a legal argument. Instead, he struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on the grounds that those responsible for it were motivated by an ‘improper animus’ against a ‘politically unpopular group’ they wished to ‘disparage,’ ‘demean,’ and ‘humiliate’ as ‘unworthy.’. . .”

Also at

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller: “Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Party [VIDEO]”

““I love the name of that party — the ‘Freedom Party,’” Palin said. “And if the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, from the principles that built this party of Lincoln and Reagan, then yeah, more and more of us are going to start saying, ‘You know, what’s wrong with being independent,’ kind of with that libertarian streak that much of us have. In other words, we want government to back off and not infringe upon our rights. I think there will be a lot of us who start saying ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in a one or the other private majority parties that rule in our nation, either a Democrat or a Republican.’ Remember these are private parties, and you know, no one forces us to be enlisted in either party.”

Mona Charen, NRO: “A Roe by Any Other Name

“Many commentators on United States v. Windsor have offered the view that the decision was not far-reaching, that it didn’t enshrine same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, and that therefore the struggle continues.

Don’t believe it for a minute. The contest is over. Windsor is a stealth Roe — it showed that five justices regard the arguments on behalf of traditional marriage to be nothing more than bigotry. It also revealed that those five will not be constrained by law or tradition from imposing their views on the nation at the next opportunity.

“Chief Justice Roberts attempted to limit the damage, observing in dissent that (1) he believed that the Court lacked jurisdiction and (2) that the majority’s rationale, based (loosely) as it was on federalism principles, would cut the other way when state laws upholding traditional marriage are challenged. Roberts emphasized that the Court’s majority opinion did not resolve the question of state definitions of marriage and should not be interpreted as such.

“Nice try.

“Scalia went after the jurisdictional question with his customary laser. So “hungry” were the five members of the majority to pontificate about the merits of same-sex marriage, he wrote, that they skipped blithely over “a technicality of little interest to anyone except the people of We the People” — namely, that there was no case or controversy for the high court to resolve in Windsor. The “United States” of the case’s title agreed with the result at the appeals-court and district-court levels, which were both in Windsor’s favor. The plaintiff had long since been made whole. So what, Scalia asked, “are we doing here?”

“The majority was showboating its enlightenment, that’s what. . . “

 Ed Morrissey, Hot Air: “Dewhurst: I’ll pass the late-term abortion ban — and “take action against” those who incited demonstration”

“In an exclusive* Hot Air interview, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst of Texas insists that the attempt to hijack the legislative process by pro-abortion activists this week will not stop the state from passing a limitation on late-term abortions and requirements for clinics to meet the same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers.  Dewhurst also says that his office is reviewing the security tapes from the demonstration that derailed the bill at the end of the regular session, and that arrests may be made for inciting a riot — including perhaps some members of the media.

“‘I had the votes,’ Dewhurst told me, ‘I had the strategy.’ He had wanted the Senate to tackle the bill, SB5, a little earlier in the session to prevent the obstructionism that he foresaw.  When it came time to clear the galleries, Dewhurst lacked the resources to finish the job on time.  ‘These are common sense … measures that the majority, the big majority of Texans support,’ Dewhurst insisted, ‘so I was frustrated.  I’m not going to let a minority group of demonstrators — Planned Parenthood and ACLU — block the will of the majority. And I will pass this bill.’”

Somashekhar and Bernstein, WaPo: “NFL says no to promoting Obamacare”

“Earlier this week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius disclosed that the Obama administration was in talks with the sports organization to help promote the law, which enters a new phase as advocates prepare to begin enrolling millions of Americans in health insurance this fall.

“On Friday, Republican leaders in the Senate issued a stern warning to sports organizations not to partner with the White House on an issue marked by such ‘divisiveness and persistent unpopularity.’

“Asked about the congressional letter, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league had not made any commitment to the administration.

“‘We have responded to the letters we received from members of Congress to inform them we currently have no plans to engage in this area and have had no substantive contact with the administration about [the health-care law’s] implementation,’ he said in an e-mail.

“The NFL’s decision is the latest blow to the administration over the health-care law, which faces enormous hurdles as key portions go into effect in the coming months.  .  .”

J. T. Young, American Spectator: “Does Obama Have a Liberal Problem?

Thx Ted,

“Liberals are the most important constituency in the Obama coalition, and without them, the 2014 elections could be worse than 2010’s for Democrats.

Although no scandal is good for an administration, some are worse. The DOJ’s “investigation” of reporters and NSA’s secret surveillance program are just such “worse” scandals for this White House.

While much still remains to be known, the two parallel each other in clandestine surveillance under the justification of national security. Both also ominously resonate with liberals — and that is what makes them worse than the Benghazi, HHS, and IRS scandals for Obama and Democrats.

The other scandals assuredly have political ramifications by further antagonizing conservatives. However, conservatives were already dedicated Obama opponents. First the DOJ scandal, and then the NSA scandal, threaten for the first time to alienate liberals — Obama’s most dedicated supporters.

Melanie Phillips: “A hysterical and ignorant response”

“I am rubbing my eyes at the hysterical responses to my blog post on the British government’s banning order against anti-jihadi activists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. People will have to read what I wrote, alongside  the attacks on me by Ms Geller and Mr Spencer, to decide for themselves whether their responses were proportionate — or could even be considered an accurate or fair representation of what I wrote.

“Unlike the two of them, I have no wish to indulge in such ad hominem  — and counter productive – vitriol. I would just make the following points.. . “

IRS . . .

Peggy Noonan, WSJ: “Cover the IRS, Don’t Cover for It”

“Apologists in the media and elsewhere falsely claim the scandal was just a bungle

“’Documents Show Liberals in I.R.S. Dragnet,” read the New York Times headline. “Dem: ‘Progressive’ Groups Were Also Targeted by IRS,” said U.S. News. The scandal has “evaporated into thin air,” bayed the excitable Andrew Sullivan. A breathlessly exonerative narrative swept the news media this week: that liberal groups had been singled out and, by implication, abused by the IRS, just as conservative groups had been. Therefore, the scandal wasn’t a scandal but a mere bungle—a nonpolitical series of unhelpful but innocent mistakes.

“The problem with this story is that liberals were not caught in the IRS dragnet. Progressive groups were not targeted.

“The claim that they had been rested mostly on an unclear, undated, highly redacted and not at all dispositive few pages from a “historical” BOLO (“be on the lookout”) list that apparently wasn’t even in use between May 2010 and May 2012, when most of the IRS harassment of conservative groups occurred.

“The case isn’t closed, no matter how many people try to slam it shut. . . “


Malte Spitz, NYT: “Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don’t Trust Him.”

“BERLIN — IN May 2010, I received a brown envelope. In it was a CD with an encrypted file containing six months of my life. Six months of metadata, stored by my cellphone provider, T-Mobile. This list of metadata contained 35,830 records. That’s 35,830 times my phone company knew if, where and when I was surfing the Web, calling or texting.

“The truth is that phone companies have this data on every customer. I got mine because, in 2009, I filed a suit against T-Mobile for the release of all the data on me that had been gathered and stored. The reason this information had been preserved for six months was because of Germany’s implementation of a 2006 European Union directive.

“All of this data had to be kept so that law enforcement agencies could gain access to it. That meant that the metadata of 80 million Germans was being stored, without any concrete suspicions and without cause.

“This ‘preventive measure’ was met with huge opposition in Germany. Lawyers, journalists, doctors, unions and civil liberties activists started to protest. In 2008, almost 35,000 people signed on to a constitutional challenge to the law. In Berlin, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest data retention. In the end, the Constitutional Court ruled that the implementation of the European Union directive was, in fact, unconstitutional.

“In Germany, whenever the government begins to infringe on individual freedom, society stands up. Given our history, we Germans are not willing to trade in our liberty for potentially better security. Germans have experienced firsthand what happens when the government knows too much about someone. . . “

Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times: “Julian Assange, Edward Snowden promise more secrets will be revealed”

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Sunday that Edward Snowden — the former National Security Agency and CIA contractor still holed up in a Moscow airport after leaking classified national security information to media outlets — has more secrets to reveal, and that there is nothing the U.S. government can do to stop him.

“Look, there is no stopping the publishing process at this stage. Great care has been taken to make sure that Mr. Snowden can’t be pressured by any state to stop the publication process,” Mr. Assange said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The latest revelations attributed to Mr. Snowden were reported by the German outlet Der Spiegel, which claims leaked documents show the U.S. spied on European Union officials in Washington, New York and Brussels.

“Reaction was swift from European allies, who said the allegations could scuttle ongoing negotiations on a proposed major trans-Atlantic trade treaty . . .”

The Blaze: “Ecuador president: Snowden can’t leave Moscow”

“. . . In an interview with the AP Sunday morning, Correa said he had no idea Snowden’s intended destination was Ecuador when he fled Hong Kong for Russia last week. He said the Ecuadorean consul in London committed “a serious error” without consulting any officials in Ecuador’s capital when the consul issued a letter of safe passage for Snowden.

Correa said “the case is not in Ecuador’s hands” and said Snowden must assume responsibility if he broke U.S. laws. But Correa said the broader legitimacy of Snowden’s action must be taken into consideration and Ecuador would still consider an asylum request.”

Matt Drudge (6/30/13)

PAPER: NSA has secret data collection agreement with European countries...
EU demands explanation...
Germany compares to 'Cold War'...

PAPER: Number of Govt Wiretaps Rose 71% Last Year...

EGYPT . . .

Joel Pollak, Big Peace:  “Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Protests in Egypt: Largest Political Event in World History”

“The demonstrations that began Sunday in Cairo, Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood government of President Mohamed Morsi have attracted “millions” of supporters and many counter-demonstrators as well, making the protest the largest political event in the history of the world, according to the BBC.

“The protests in Tahrir Square and throughout Egypt exceed those that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 in the key event of the Arab Spring. Two years later, after constitutional reforms and elections that saw Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood move to aggrandize their power, the public backlash is immense.

“The demonstrations pose a puzzle for President Barack Obama, who was touring South Africa at the other end of the continent when the demonstrations began. In 2011, Obama initially supported Mubarak, then threw his weight behind the protests and reached out to the Muslim Brotherhood on its way to power.

“The Obama administration, through Ambassador Anne Patterson, actively discouraged Sunday’s protests . . . (emph added, jb)


Aaron Klein, WND: “Loopholes mean amnesty before border security”

‘Gang of 8’ Senate bill contains many unreported exceptions

“. . .The updated bill calls for over $40 billion in new border security provisions, including the stationing of 38,405 U.S. Border Patrol agents along the southern border as well as the construction of a 700-mile pedestrian fence along the 1,954 mile border.

The new Republican amendment to the bill contains a laundry list of new surveillance equipment to be installed, from cameras to seismic instruments, plus the construction of new integrated watch towers.

“However, the bill contains language that would allow illegal aliens to achieve permanent status after 10 years before any or all of the new border security requirements are fulfilled.

The bill specifically states the “Secretary shall permit registered provisional immigrants to apply for an adjustment to lawful permanent resident status” after 10 years following the bill’s passage if litigation or a force majeure have prevented the fulfillment of the border security requirements, the implementation of a work visa program or electronic exit system.

“Further, illegal immigrants can receive permanent resident status if the border requirements, the work visa program or the new electronic exit system has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

In one of many possible future scenarios, if claims are brought to district courts that tie up construction of the border fence, illegal aliens still can achieve permanent status after 10 years.

“In another scenario, the Supreme Court can declare surveillance techniques or any of the border control methods required by the bill to be unconstitutional, and illegal aliens could still become permanent residents.

“Further, there seem to be loopholes in the requirements for the 700-mile border fence. . . “


Jason Howerton, The Blaze: “Rush Limbaugh: ‘Wait Until the Republican Party Hears About This’”

“A caller from Lubbock, Texas, on Friday told conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that some illegal immigrants in his area don’t want amnesty because it means federal income tax and fiercer competition for cheap labor.

“. . . Limbaugh then launched into this diatribe about the GOP:

‘You know, wait until the Republican Party hears about this. They’re doing all of this to be loved by the Hispanics.  Wait until the Republican Party finds out that a lot of the illegals currently here don’t want any more! You know, I’d like to be in the room with Steve Schmidt or some Republican walks in to Rubio and says, ‘Hey, you know what? We may have a problem here.’

“‘Yeah? What’s that?’

“‘A lot of the illegals here don’t want amnesty and they don’t want it for anybody not yet here in the country.’

“‘Oh? Why?’

“‘Because they don’t want to become citizens and they don’t want competition for their jobs.  They don’t want their wages to fall.’

“The Republican will say, ‘You mean we’re doing this and the Hispanics are going to get mad at us?’

“‘Yes, it’s entirely possible.’

“’Oh, it’s a fantasy, but wouldn’t it be funny if it were true?’

“Now of course, the caller’s claims are purely speculation — but it at least makes sense.

Bill Kristol, RCP: “Kristol to House GOP on Immigration: No Capitulation, No Comprehensive Bill, No Conference”

“The other consequence of this, I think, is the House. They are in a state, and I think not only are they not going to take up the Senate bill — they may move some small immigration bills of their own focusing on border security and a few other things — but I think they’re now of the attitude, and I agree with this, that they should be careful not to get sucked into some kind of conference for the Senate bill, where it could come back to the House. It would be hard for Boehner not to bring it back up, and then it could pass with a majority of Democrats in the House. I think they’re very wary of falling into some sort of legislative trap where even though a majority of House Republicans don’t want this bill, it could end up being very hard for them to block it.
“So, I think you’ll see in the next couple of weeks House Republicans moving to not just not take up the Senate bill, certainly not rubber stamp it or not even take it up, but also try to figure out how to avoid going to conference for the Senate bill. The slogan, “No conference for the Senate bill,” I really think that’s the right thing for House Republicans to do, and I hope they do it.”

PA . . .

Melissa Daniels, PA Independent: “Corbett signs budget without his agenda items”

“HARRISBURG —On Sunday night, Gov. Tom Corbett stood in front of about two dozen House members and cabinet secretaries and signed the state’s new $28.375 billion spending plan, about two hours before the new fiscal year began.

“It’s the third on-time spending plan of his tenure, passed by the House and Senate earlier that day. But it was missing any of the major three objectives Corbett called for earlier this year – transportation funding, liquor privatization and pension reform.

Corbett said he wasn’t disappointed that lawmakers didn’t deliver these issues to his desk. He called them unfinished business.

“‘These aren’t easy things to do,’ said Corbett. ‘There are, as you know, many interest groups with many different perspectives in a bill like this, so I can’t be disappointed.’”

Also: Carl Feldman & Keegan Gibson, PoliticsPA:  “Corbett Goes 0-for-3 in On-Time Budget”

While members of the legislature would not have turned into pumpkins had the clock struck midnight, there would be plenty of angry state employees – not to mention a broken campaign pledge for Gov. Corbett.

The House has passed a $28.4 billion dollar budget identical to the one passed by the Senate earlier Sunday. The bill reached the Governor’s Capitol desk where it received his signature shortly after 10 pm. This was Governor Corbett’s third budget in a row signed before the midnight deadline.

The bill passed on a party-line vote of 111 Republicans in favor to 92 Democrats in opposition. Another of Corbett’s pledges kept: it included no tax increases.

But the Governor sought to downplay the fact that the budget leap-frogged progress on liquor, pensions or transportation, . .”


“Obama in South Africa: Mandela’s struggle an ‘inspiration to the world’”

Winnie Mandela: “with our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.”

Ian Tuttle, NRO: “Jared Marcum’s NRA T-Shirt

“Jared Marcum is 14 years old. He just graduated the eighth grade. And if prosecutors in Logan, W.Va., have their way, he will be a convict before he can legally operate a motor vehicle.

“Jared was thrust into the national limelight when, standing in the Logan Middle School cafeteria line, he refused a teacher’s order to turn his NRA T-shirt inside out to hide its image of a hunting rifle. In the principal’s office, he explained that the shirt was not in violation of school policy and that the teacher’s order was a violation of his rights. After consulting the school’s policy manual and putting in a call to the school attorney, the teacher conceded. That should have been the end of the kerfuffle.

“But about that time, the local police chief arrived, accompanied by two officers. A little while later, Jared was accompanied out of the office in handcuffs. In the interim, says Ben White, Jared’s attorney, police had demanded that Jared sit down and be quiet. Jared did the former but not the latter, insisting on telling his side of the story. As his frustration rose, so did the officers’: One of them threatened Jared with a terrorism charge. When the officer insisted that he had a right to arrest Jared, the eighth-grader said he understood and respected this right — and held up his wrists. . . “

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