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 CONTENTS: Zito  – DC bubble; Steyn – immigration; Krikorian – Rubio amnesty; Common Core; Rubio’s sales; Cruz – ‘Net taxes; Bad news for OCare; More bullets for Big Sis; Hungarian Jews; Boston bombers mosque; ISR strikes Syria (8 articles); Klein – Soros/SCYTL; ISR coord with Jihadists; Benghazi whistle blowers; Hillary’s end-run; Benghazi terrorist attack; Beck on guns; Levin – bill of rights; Limbaugh/WABC tiff;  Announcements

“Would you blame forks if someone’s obese?” Billy Cunningham, WIQ, 11:30 PM

May 6th

1861: Arkansas seceded from the Union.

1896: On the Potomac River, Samuel Langley demonstrated his “aerodrome,” the world’s first mechanically propelled, heavier-than-air machine; driven by a small steam engine, the unmanned craft flies about three-quarters of a mile.

1937: The German dirigible Hindenburg exploded in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 of the 97 people on board.

1939: John Steinbeck won the Pulitzer Prize for The Grapes of Wrath.

1941: In Riverside, California, Bob Hope performed his first show for U.S. troops.(Bennett & Cribb, 2010)

Salena Zito, Real Clear Politics: “When Will America Burst D.C.’s Bubble?”

The contest is between political elitists and tax-payers who collect privileges from them. . . our last such contest led to Gettysburg .  .  .

“WASHINGTON–Eighteen Starbucks shops can be found in the three-mile walk from DuPont Circle to the U.S. Capitol. Not one of them had a line less than seven people deep on a recent Wednesday afternoon.

“Twenty-one construction sites filled with workers on girders and cranes towering over whole city blocks can be found on the same walk.

“Commerce bursts from every angle of this city: small businesses packed with shoppers, hair salons charging more than the monthly mortgage payment on my first house for a cut-and-blow-dry, and main as well as side streets clogged with traffic.

“America’s capital seems bubble-wrapped in its own vibrant economic boom, while great chunks of the nation struggle with uncertainty about how to keep the engine going.

In fact, six of the 10 wealthiest American counties are Washington suburbs.

“Washington once was the manifest of power. Now you can add ‘center of wealth’ to its portfolio, crystallizing the elite institutional disconnect between it and the rest of the country.

“Nearly six months have passed since the last presidential campaign promises were preached. Six months of waiting outside of the bubble for the Obama administration to fulfill passionate vows inserted into soaring speeches that pledged to create a million new manufacturing jobs in this term, to help big factories and small businesses double their exports, and to invest in advanced manufacturing.

“All were promises made by the president, over and over again, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan.

“The outcome has not matched the promises, not even closely. . .”

Mark Steyn, NRO: “The Immigration Transformation

“Not so very long ago, its national mythology notwithstanding, the United States was little different from most other countries. In 1970, its foreign-born population was 4.7 percent. And, while most of the West has embraced mass immigration in the last half-century, America differs significantly from those developed countries, like Canada and Australia, that favor skilled migrants. Personally, I don’t see what’s so enlightened and progressive about denuding Third World nations of their best and brightest to be your doctors and nurses, but it does demonstrate a certain ruthless self-interest. By contrast the majority of U.S. foreign-born residents now come from Latin America, and more than a quarter of them — 12 million — from Mexico. A policy of “family reunification” will by definition lead to low-skilled immigrants: An engineer or computer scientist is less likely to bring in an unending string of relatives — because his dad’s a millionaire businessman in Bangalore and his brother’s a barrister in London, and they’re both happy and prosperous where they are. Insofar as there is any economic benefit to mass immigration, it’s more than entirely wiped out by chain importation of elderly dependents and other clients for the Big Government state.

“So any rational immigration reform that respected the interests of the American people would attempt to reorient present policy. Instead, the Gang of Eight’s bill will cement it, and accelerate it .  .  .”

Also: Mark Krikorian, NRO: “The Rubio Amnesty”

“It’s not what the senator promised, but he’s defending it anyway

“When Mitt Romney lost last November, the Republican establishment decided that his moderately hawkish stance on immigration had been a major cause of his defeat. Never mind that his share of the Hispanic vote was within the margin of error of McCain’s 2008 share. Never mind the significant drop in white turnout. There is little elite constituency for a hawkish approach to immigration, and much elite support for lax enforcement and increased legal immigration (Romney actually supported the latter).

“So the Republican establishment turns its hopeful eyes, once again, to so-called comprehensive immigration reform. The same senators who pushed such a bill in 2007, prominently including Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Democrat Chuck Schumer, are at it again. They have devised a plan that would ease the path to legality for illegal immigrants while making some gestures toward enforcement. But a new element this time around is Marco Rubio. . .”

Austin Hill, Town Hall: “‘Common Core’ and the All-Too-Common Tendencies of Heavy-Handed Government”

Thx Jo!

“Is President Obama taking-over our nation’s public schools? Is a United Nations agenda infiltrating America’s K-12 classrooms? No, not exactly. Not Yet. But the so-called ‘Common Core’ public education agenda could be paving the way for some serious trouble. Here are a few basic assumptions that people are making about Common Core – along with the facts of the matter.

Assumption # 1: “Common Core” is a set of educational curriculum requirements being imposed on the states by the Obama Administration. Technically speaking, this is false. . .

“Assumption #2: The Common Core State Standards Initiative receives bipartisan support around the country. This is true. Both right-leaning and left-leaning individuals and groups across the U.S. support the Common Core initiative. The left-leaning American Federation of Teachers and the Fordham Institute, both champion the Common Core effort, as does the Foundation for Excellence In Education, an organization headed-up by the Republican former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. Similarly, both Republican and Democrat Governors – including Governor C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter (R-Idaho), Governor Jerry Brown (D-California), and Governor Duval Patrick (D-Massachusetts), all support the Common Core effort.

“Yet just as Common Core receives bipartisan support, it is also subject to bipartisan opposition. . .

Assumption #3: The Common Core Initiative allows the U.S. Federal Government to directly control educational content nationwide. This is false. However, a scenario like this could come about indirectly. . .

“Yet on President Barack Obama’s watch, there has been a concerted effort within his administration to control public education with the Common Core agenda.

Interestingly, when the state of Massachusetts first applied for the ‘Race to the Top’ stimulus funds in the first round of funds disbursements, the state had not yet officially adopted the Common Core standards, and ended up ranking only 13th among the 17 states that qualified for the “extra” funds. Later, after Massachusetts officially adopted the Common Core academic standards, the state received a #1 ranking when it next applied for the funds.

“The lesson from Massachusetts was pretty clear. Adopt Common Core standards, and you’ll get more money from Washington. . .”

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TRENDS .  .  .

Bill Straub, PJMedia: “Rubio’s One-Man Offensive to Sell Immigration Bill to Conservatives

“WASHINGTON – The glow may be dimming on the halo conservatives positioned over the head of Sen. Marco Rubio as he pushes ahead with immigration-reform legislation that has been almost universally panned by the right wing of the Republican Party.

“Once considered the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination, the Florida lawmaker has run into a buzzsaw wielded by the Tea Party and others who condemn anyone for straying from what they consider conservative orthodoxy. Many now view Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the son of Cuban immigrants who was charged with introducing the Republican nominee Mitt Romney at the Tampa convention, as better presidential timbre than Rubio. . .”

Ted Cruz, RCP: “Why I Oppose the Internet Tax Bill”

“Basic tenets of economics dictate that when you tax something, you get less of it. That’s why it’s incomprehensible that the U.S. Senate is moving to raise taxes on one of the brightest sectors of our struggling economy.

“The Internet is a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurial freedom that should be protected and nourished. It has allowed new businesses to compete in the national marketplace in ways that would have been impossible 15 years ago, and it empowers consumer choice. But tax-hungry politicians view the Internet as yet another source of revenue to bail out their big-spending governments.

“The misleadingly titled Marketplace Fairness Act is a job-killing tax hike, plain and simple. It is, in effect, a national Internet sales tax, which would hammer the little guy and benefit giant corporations.

“Senators who vote for it are voting to impose audits, compliance costs, lost wages, and inefficiency on small businesses in every state. And they are potentially crippling an engine of new job creation at a time of economic struggle. This bill will not create jobs; it will not create new opportunities; and it will not create the economic growth our country needs and our people deserve. .  .”

Washington Examiner: “Bad news just keeps coming for Obamacare”

“Obamacare goes fully into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, and the people who imposed it on a reluctant country — President Obama and congressional Democrats — are no longer celebrating their handiwork. The first prominent Democrat to wring his hands in public was Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., who two weeks ago voiced his fear that implementation of the law was becoming a “train wreck.” This emboldened other Democrats to express their own forebodings after fingering their worry beads in private for the last several months. Things got so bad that even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — normally Obama’s most consistent Senate advocate — embraced Baucus’ train wreck metaphor.

“It seems that nothing concentrates the mind like a hanging or an election in November 2014. . .”

Paul Watson, InfoWars: “DHS Seeks Millions More Rounds of Ammunition

“The Department of Homeland Security has released a market survey asking companies if they are able to provide 2 million rounds of ammunition within a short time period, increasing concerns that the federal agency is continuing its arms build up in preparation for domestic unrest.

“With the DHS already having committed to purchasing over 1.6 billion bullets over the course of the last year, a “request for information” on “reduced hazard training ammunition” posted on the FedBizOpps website quizzes bullet manufacturers on how fast they can supply large quantities of ammo;

– Are you capable of producing large quantity orders of any training caliber specified with a short turnaround time of 30-60 days?

– What would your lead time be for an order of 2 million rounds of a single type listed above?

– If you were awarded a contract for some of the calibers listed above, submitted a production lot of one million rounds and that lot or portion of the lot was not accepted, would you be able to replace that order with an additional one million rounds within 60 days?

“The DHS’s apparent urge to find companies that can supply them with millions of rounds of ammunition within a short time frame will do little to calm concerns that the federal agency is making contingency plans for riots or some form of social dislocation.

“The federal agency’s need to find companies that can commit to manufacturing large quantities of bullets quickly also lends credence to claims made by a firearms manufacturer who called into the Michael Savage show in March that the DHS is trying to exhaust ammunition supplies as part of an end run around the Second Amendment. . .”

Colin Freeman, UK Telegraph: “Inside the far-Right stronghold where Hungarian Jews fear for the future”

“As the self-declared ‘capital’ of the ultra-nationalist Jobbik Party, the town of Tiszavasvári prides itself on being a showcase for how the whole of Hungary might one day look.

Since winning control of Tiszavasvári’s local council three years ago on a pledge to fight ‘Gipsy crime’, the party has been on a vigorous clean-up campaign, banning prostitution, tidying the streets, and keeping a watchful eye on the shabby Roma districts at the edge of town. It even swore in its own Jobbik ‘security force’ to work alongside the police, only for the uniformed militia, which drew comparisons with Hitler’s brown-shirts, to be banned by Hungary’s national government.

“Yet Gipsies are not the only bogeyman that Jobbik has in its sights, as a sign on the well-trimmed green opposite the Communist-era mayoralty building suggests. Written in both Hungarian and Persian, it proudly announces that Tiszavasvári is twinned with Ardabil, a town in the rugged mountains of north-west Iran.

“On the face of it, there is no obvious reason why a drab rustbelt town in Hungary’s former mining area should seek links to a city in a hardline Islamic Republic 2,000 miles away. But this is no ordinary cultural exchange programme, and friendship has very little to do with it. Instead, the real purpose of Jobbik’s links to Iran is to show their mutual loathing of the Jewish state of Israel, which the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, notoriously declared should be ‘wiped from the pages of history’.  .  .”


Investors Business Daily: “Bombers’ Mosque in Boston A Factory for Terrorists”

Homeland Insecurity: The New York Times thinks the Boston bombers “self-radicalized” on the Web. But it didn’t look at their mosque, which has churned out other terrorists, too.

USA Today, on the other hand, did look at their mosque — the Islamic Society of Boston — and found “a curriculum that radicalizes people,” according to a local source quoted in the paper’s investigation. “Other people have been radicalized there.”

In fact, several ISB members and leaders have been convicted or suspected of terrorism, including:

• Abdurahman Alamoudi, the mosque’s founder and first president, who in 2004 was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison for plotting terrorism as al-Qaida’s top fundraiser in America.

• Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT scientist-turned-al-Qaida agent, who in 2010 was sentenced to 86 years in prison for planning a New York chemical attack.

• Tarek Mehanna, who in 2012 was sentenced to 17 years for plotting to use automatic weapons to murder shoppers in a suburban Boston mall.

• Ahmad Abousamra, an ex-mosque official’s son, who fled the country after the FBI charged him with conspiring with Mehanna to kill Americans.

• Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a mosque trustee and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader banned from the U.S. after issuing a fatwa that OK’d killing U.S. soldiers.

• Jamal Badawi, a former ISB trustee who in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a plan to funnel $12 million to Palestinian suicide bombers.

“In justifying mall attacks, the FBI said Abousamra stated ‘civilians were not innocent because they paid taxes to support the government and because they were kaffir (non-Muslims).’

“The Tsarnaev brothers, who killed three and injured some 200 spectators, appeared to share that rationale. . .”

Fox: “Israel launches airstrike on Syria targeting weapons, official says”

Will these strikes tip popular support in favor of the Brotherhood? .  .  .

“Israel launched its second airstrike in three days in the Syrian capital of Damascus, targeting a shipment of extremely accurate Iranian-made guided missiles intended for Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, according to an intelligence official in the Middle East.

“The airstrike on Sunday, which signaled a sharp escalation of Israel’s involvement in Syria’s bloody civil war, was confirmed to The Associated Press hours after Syria’s state media reported that Israeli missiles struck a research center near Damascus, setting off explosions and causing casualties. . .”

Also: Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: “Iran, Syria prep retaliation for Israeli airstrikes. Officials warn of terrorist attacks in Africa, South America”

Also: Barnard & Rudoren, NYT: “Syria Blames Israel for Fiery Attack in Damascus”

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — Four explosions just west of Damascus shook the ground across the Syrian capital early on Sunday, sending fiery mushroom-shaped clouds towering over the landmark Mount Qasioun and brightening the night sky in a demonstration of firepower more potent than anything the residents of the city, a government stronghold, have witnessed during more than two years of war.

“The Syrian government immediately blamed Israel for the explosions, whose power appeared to far outstrip that of any weapons in the rebels’ arsenals. Israeli officials refused to confirm that Israeli forces had carried out the strikes, which the Syrian deputy foreign minister, speaking on CNN, called “an act of war.”

“With much still unexplained about the effects and motivations of the attack, it rattled the region, which has lived in fear that the Syrian war will lead to a wider conflict. It was unclear whether Israel, if it carried out the strikes, sought to intervene in Syria’s civil war or was simply expanding its campaign to prevent the Syrian government from transferring weapons to Hezbollah, the militant Shiite organization in Lebanon that is Syria’s ally and one of Israel’s most dangerous enemies. .  . “

From  Matt Drudge ( 5/6/13)

Israeli Jet Strike Near Damascus Sends Fireball Over City...
USA 'not notified before' launch...
SYRIA WARNS: 'Opens door to all possibilities'...
Egypt, Arab League condemn 'attacks'...
Iran calls for region to unite...
Israel Deploys Iron Dome...

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: 5/5/13

SCYTL linked to Soros

“SCYTL, an internationally headquartered company that recently purchased the leading U.S. electronic voting firm, has just announced the acquisition of the software division of a non-profit election organization tied to George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

“SCYTL said it is purchasing the software division of Gov2U, described as a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting the use of technology in the fields of governance and democracy.

“Reads an SCYTL press release: ‘Gov2U created its software division in 2004 and, since then, it has developed a wide array of innovative award-winning eDemocracy solutions that have been implemented in multiple countries across Europe, Africa and America at the local, regional and federal government levels.’

“‘The main purpose of these tools is to engage citizens in participatory processes through the use of online and offline platforms, bringing more transparency and legitimacy to decision-making processes,’ continues the release.

“Gov4U is currently partnered with Soros’ Open Society to support and develop a group called the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness. . . .”

Aaron Klein:  “Shock claim: Israeli airstrike coordinated with al-Qaida-linked rebels. Jihadists advance throughout Syria immediately after today’s bomb attack”

“TEL AVIV — Israel’s air strike in Syria today was coordinated with Turkey, which in turn coordinated rebel attacks throughout Syria timed to coincide with the Israeli strike, according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence sources speaking to KleinOnline.

The sources said the rebels did not know about the Israeli strike in advance but instead were given specific instructions for when to begin today’s major assaults against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Almost the moment the Israel Air Force departed was the moment the rebel advance began,” added the Egyptian intelligence source.

Multiple reports have noted how the Syrian rebels consist in large part of al-Qaida-linked jihad groups. . .”

Roger Simon, PJM: “Benghazi Continued – Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

“That CBS’ Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer, of all people, nodded in agreement when Rep. Darrell Issa asserted on Schieffer’s Sunday morning show that the administration had engaged in a cover-up regarding Benghazi is a huge sign that this scandal is finally being taken seriously by the most traditional establishment liberal media.

“This is bad news for such über-establishment figures as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but they are politicians who come and, alas eventually, though it seems to take forever, go.

“More problematically, a permanent organ of our government has been so besmirched by Benghazi it may take years fully to recover, if it ever does — the U. S. Department of State.

“By manipulating facts and lying to the American public immediately after the events of September 11, 2012, the State Department has behaved, to its eternal shame, like the propaganda arm of a totalitarian state — and not a very sophisticated one.

“This is particularly disturbing since State is — or at least is supposed to be — a non-partisan branch of our government .  .  .”

Rosen & Pergram, Fox: “BENGHAZI: Names of ‘whistle-blower’ witnesses revealed”

“Their identities have been a well-guarded secret, known only to their high-powered lawyers and a handful of House lawmakers and staff. But now Fox News has learned the names of the self-described Benghazi “whistle-blowers” who are set to testify before a widely anticipated congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“Appearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will be three career State Department officials: Gregory N. Hicks, the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Libya at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks; Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for Operations in the agency’s Counterterrorism Bureau; and Eric Nordstrom, a diplomatic security officer who was the regional security officer in Libya, the top security officer in the country in the months leading up to the attacks. .  .”

Rosen & Pergram, Fox: “Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say”

“On the night of Sept. 11, as the Obama administration scrambled to respond to the Benghazi terror attacks, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a key aide effectively tried to cut the department’s own counterterrorism bureau out of the chain of reporting and decision-making, according to a “whistle-blower” witness from that bureau who will soon testify to the charge before Congress, Fox News has learned.

“That witness is Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the agency’s counterterrorism bureau. Sources tell Fox News Thompson will level the allegation against Clinton during testimony on Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

“Fox News has also learned that another official from the counterterrorism bureau — independently of Thompson — voiced the same complaint about Clinton and Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to trusted national security colleagues back in October. . .”

Rick Moran, PJM: “Administration Knew Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack ‘From the Get-Go’

“The number-two diplomat in Libya at the time of the terrorist attack on our diplomatic mission reportedly told a congressional committee that they knew that it was a terrorist attack “from the get-go.”

“The statement of Thomas Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya, directly contradicts the explanation offered by the administration in the immediate aftermath of the attack — that it was a “spontaneous” demonstration in response to a YouTube video on Islam.

“Hicks, disillusioned and bitter, let the administration have it, reserving his harshest criticism for Ambassador Susan Rice, whose five interviews on Sunday talk shows not only spread altered talking points on the attack, but hugely damaged our relations with the new Libyan government. . .

GUNS . .  .

Jason Howerton, The Blaze: “Glenn Beck Teaches Part of America’s History Like Never Before Using Guns in NRA Keynote Speech: ‘It Is the Man, Not the Gun’”

Thx Ted,

“It is the man, not the gun, that is capable of committing acts of evil.

“That was the message Glenn Beck conveyed throughout his highly anticipated keynote speech at the 2013 NRA Convention on Saturday. He made that case using storied antique firearms as he taught America’s captivating history through guns. Make no mistake, the history behind some of the guns Beck handled on stage will blow you away.

“One story about a particular shotgun, wielded by a ‘naked hippie’ shooting at birds decades ago, seemed to have the most impact. Beck explained that after receiving a early morning call about the naked hippie shooting birds out of season, police in California arrested the said hippie and confiscated his WWII-era shotgun.

“That man turned out to be a notoriously evil serial killer known to the world as Charles Manson. After his gun was taken away, he then turned to a knife to commit at least nine grisly murders with his cult group.

“‘Charlie Manson had his gun taken away. Charlie Manson didn’t use a gun. He killed with a knife,’

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller: “Mark Levin at the NRA: ‘It’s not a bill of needs — it’s a bill of rights. The 2nd Amendment is included’”

“‘The forces that are gathering now in Washington and in the states to destroy our Second Amendment right are ominous,’ Levin the author of ‘Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,’ said. ‘They’re not focused on criminals. They’re not focused on mass murderers. They’re focused on ‘we the people.’ The fact of the matter is these are very, very perilous times. The federal government is becoming increasingly powerful. The Bill of Rights are under attack — unless you’re a mass murder or a terrorist, in which place they kick in and are strongly defended. What I’m talking about are law-biding citizens.‘”

David Hinckley, NY Daily News: “Rush Limbaugh: Don’t blame me for WABC’s declining ad sales”

Rush Limbaugh insists it’s not his fault that ad revenue has dropped at his flagship WABC radio station — and if his boss keeps saying it is, Rush just may pack up his megadittoes and leave.

“In New York, that would very likely take him to WOR, which would create the biggest shakeup in city talk radio since WOR scooped up Bob Grant after WABC fired him in 1995.

“Limbaugh’s contract with WABC expires at the end of the year. .  .

“It’s the man . . .”: Updated review of Beck’s “Control”

End Notes . . . the education bubble . . .

Roger Kimball, PJ Media: “This Week’s Funniest Headline . . .

“.. .  comes from the New York Times.  Professors at San Jose State Criticize Online Courses.’ Well, they would, wouldn’t they? Someone told me the story that Larry Ellison, genius loci of Oracle Corporation, was slumming recently. He was, the story goes, giving a talk at a big meeting of the American Association of University Professors, the guild organization that invigilates the protectionist rules that keep the professoriate in their tenured luxury.  Ellison began with a little flattery. Teachers, he said, are one of the most important assets of our society. Applause and appreciative murmurs.  Not only are teachers important, he said they are also drastically underpaid. Even more appreciative applause and scattered ‘Here, heres.’ In fact, quoth this business giant, I think teachers are so important that they ought to be paid at least a $1 million a year. A standing ovation: who knew that someone from corporate America could be so insightful?  “Unfortunately, Ellison concluded, I’m only going to need about 100 of you. A shocked silence greeted that announcement. Whatever could he mean, wondered the assembled multitude as they looked about at the teeming mass of pseudo-independent thinkers that filled the room.  Whatever could could he mean?

“We all know what he meant.  The technological tsunami that is online education is poised to rip through the educational status quo, performing for that fetid redoubt a service similar to that performed by Hercules for Augeas, he of the largest and untidy stables.

“But what’s funny about the Times’s story is not so much the state of denial exhibited by the faculty at that educational backwater in California (San Jose State?), but the reasons given for their criticism. . .”

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