Dead Cats, Biden 600, 08/14/12, (7)32: James Brody

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CONTENTS: Downingtown Chick-fil-A; Mitt’s Palin problem; Shlaes – invest in Ryan; Red State – Ryan’s women; Mitt’s crowds; Biden drew 600; Ryan-Wyden; Rush – decent men; Kurtz – BO robs the burbs; Hanson – white on the brain; ISR/IRAN war game; Are the ISR tough enough?; wgg – stick w Joe; 2016 schedule; Announcements.

“…one must remember this isn’t Sadie Hawkins and you don’t invite yourself and a date to the Big Dance.”  Sarah Palin

August 14th

1776:  Boston rebelled against the Stamp Act

1784: Russians settled in Alaska

1862: Confederate army invaded Kentucky

1980: Gdansk strikers seized the Lenin Shipyard and demanded payraises and the right to unionize independently of communist control. (This Day in History)

August 15th, 6:30 PM: Downingtown Chick-fil-A Night

“I have had several people wanting to do another Chick Fil A night. If enough people are interested in meeting again in Downingtown (Across from Wegman’s), I will organize another Patriot night Wednesday the 15th. I think it would be great if we all got out and were able to mingle with like minded people. Let me know if you are interested. Will confirm if we will be doing it via responses sent to me.”

Thank you. Paula Stiles, Chesco Patriots,

Peter Boyer, Newsweek: Mitt’s Palin Problem

“Mitt still hasn’t invited Sarah to the GOP’s nomination assembly in Tampa, and the Tea Party is livid. Peter J. Boyer on how the snub could sabotage Romney’s tenuous ties to the grassroots—and why Palin is keeping the week open, just in case.”

Debate Moderators

PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver…
CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempstead NY…
CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton…
ABC Martha Raddatz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville KY

Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg: “Three Reasons Paul Ryan Makes the U.S. a Better Investment”

“– Choosing Ryan shows Republicans are serious about something the markets do care about: budgets. Romney is a numbers guy. Ryan is a numbers guy, too (indeed, such a numbers guy that I asked him to write a blurb about the numbers president whose biography I’m writing, Calvin Coolidge). In his willingness to sacrifice political diversity on the presidential ticket, Romney is saying he cares more about markets than marketing.

“ — The budget is finally going get the prime air time it has long been denied. Election television gives fabulous, Olympic-level media exposure to whatever topic candidates bring up. This time the candidates are going to talk about Social Security, interest rates, dynamic analysis and all kinds of fiscal arcana. Democrats will ensure this. They’re already racing to capitalize on the fact that Ryan comes with a policy past they can pick apart, and even a detailed budget plan, called “The Path to Prosperity.”

“Romney’s choice of a candidate with baggage demonstrates courage. Where other candidates avoid Social Security, Ryan says: “This is your third rail? Let me step on it.” Together, Romney and Ryan will make clear they’re determined to cut the budget, reducing the uncertainty investors routinely say is a deterrent. Even if the Republicans lose, the increased exposure of these topics will alter public consciousness.

“ — Legislation that affects budgets is likely to come sooner if Romney and Ryan win. And markets like sooner — the faster the law comes, the shorter the period of uncertainty.

“An America ready to talk about its budget looks plenty attractive relative to a Europe still deep in fiscal denial. Welcome, bulls.”

Red State: Paul Ryan’s “Scores of Women”

Scores of Women Show Up at Romney-Ryan Rally, Andrea Mitchell Stunned
“RUSH: I’m looking for Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington). Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) on Saturday immediately proclaimed that this selection of Paul Ryan was a signal that Romney was not interested in the women vote. The more you really stop and analyze what these people say, the more ridiculous it all is. And it ought not be that difficult to overcome. I’m continually stunned and amazed at how lacking in honest substance the arguments the left has are. I just am.

“Lose the women’s vote with the selection of Paul Ryan?

It’s nonsense! ‘Scores of Women Mysteriously Appear at Romney/Ryan Rally, Andrea Mitchell Stumped.’ That’s a headline from a blog post at Red State: ‘Scores of Women Mysteriously Appear at Romney/Ryan Rally,’ and Andrea Mitchell can’t figure it out. How did it happen?”

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner: Mitt’s Crowds

“The big worry expressed in a new email from Obama’s Chicago HQ: “The Republican base is energized.” The reason: Romney attracted 15,000 at a rally over the weekend.

The email:

Paul —

I just got this disturbing report: Yesterday’s Romney-Ryan rally in North Carolina pulled in an overflow crowd of 15,000 people.

There’s no spinning that number. It’s a LOT of people, and the Republican base in energized.

And that’s not all. Since the VP announcement, Romney’s campaign has brought in over 70,000 donations from his Tea Party base.

We’ve got to step up our game and mobilize our supporters — starting right now.

Donate $3 or right now to help us rally our base around President Obama’s agenda >>

Listen to what one Republican supporter said about Paul Ryan: “I love him…He’s going to excite the Tea Party and get them on board…”

We can’t let the Republicans claim the momentum. Donate $3 or whatever you can:…

Caroline May, Daily Caller: Biden Audience – 600

“Vice President Joe Biden spoke before a crowd of 660 people in Durham, N.C., at the Durham Armory during a campaign stop for President Barack Obama on Monday.

“Biden’s appearance before a comparatively meager crowd came a day after the newly formed Republican ticket — presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan — rallied a crowd of over 10,000 in High Point, N.C., about an hour away, and a crowd of approximately 4,700 people in Mooresville, N.C., about two-and-a-half hours away…”

Jason Horowitz, WaPo: Ryan–Wyden Budget

“Senator Ron Wyden, a lifelong liberal Democrat from Oregon, has emerged as a key Republican talking point in the 2012 presidential election.

“In his proud pursuit of creative, if politically implausible, policy initiatives, Wyden has in the past teamed up with the likes of Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the newly anointed Republican vice presidential candidate. Their collaboration on a Medicare reform proposal helped cement Wyden’s reputation as a ‘King of Policy Wonks,’ as he is sometimes dismissively referred to within his caucus. And it also has given Republicans some cover on the campaign trail.

“Now, no less a Republican standard bearer than Mitt Romney, the GOP’s presidential nominee-in-waiting, is invoking Wyden as evidence of his new running mate’s crossover appeal…”

Rush: Regime Shift – “Decent Men”

“RUSH: I’m telling you, there’s been a shift. There has been a shift in strategy from Obama-Biden. You heard this. We played the bite. (I’m not gonna play it again, you heard it. If you didn’t hear it, I’m telling you about it and that’s as good as hearing it.) Obama talked about what a decent family man Paul Ryan is. His crowd started booing and Obama said (impression) “Uh, no! N-n-no, no, no. Nope, nope he’s a decent guy. He’s a decent family man.” Now Biden this afternoon in Durham, North Carolina, at a campaign event…

“BIDEN: I called and congratulated Congressman Ryan, who’s a good guy. He’s a decent guy. I called to congratulate him. We both talked about [how] these are stark, stark choices. The differences couldn’t be more clearly laid out through the selection you’re gonna hear, and the American people are gonna make a choice. It comes down to a fundamental[ly] different set of values. It’s what we value. It’s not…

“AUDIENCE: (grumbling)

“BIDEN: These are good guys, by the way.

“AUDIENCE: (angry muttering)

“BIDEN: No, no, I really mean it. I think they’re decent men.

“AUDIENCE: (muttering louder)

“BIDEN: But they have a different value set than we have…”

Stanley Kurtz, Forbes: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs To Pay For The Cities

“Political experts left and right agree: the coming election will be decided by America’s suburbanites. From Florida to Virginia on across the country, in every battleground state, they are the key demographic. All of which raises a question that has not been considered as yet, and ought to be: is President Obama’s re-election in the suburbanites’ interest? The answer emphatically is no.

“As many Americans do not know, in the eyes of the leftist community organizers who trained Obama, suburbs are instruments of bigotry and greed — a way of selfishly refusing to share tax money with the urban poor. Obama adopted this view early on, and he has never wavered from this ideological commitment, as a review of his actions in office goes to show.

“President Obama’s plans for a second-term include an initiative to systematically redistribute the wealth of America’s suburbs to the cities. It’s a transformative idea, and deserves to be fully aired before the election. But like a lot of his major progressive policy innovations, Obama has advanced this one stealthily–mostly through rule-making, appointment, and vague directives. Obama has worked on this project in collaboration with Mike Kruglik, one of his original community organizing mentors. Kruglik’s new group, Building One America, advocates “regional tax-base sharing,” a practice by which suburban tax money is directly redistributed to nearby cities and less-well-off “inner-ring” suburbs. Kruglik’s group also favors a raft of policies designed to coerce people out of their cars and force suburbanites (with their tax money) back into densely packed cities…”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “White on the Brain”

“Racial comity got Obama elected. He hopes racial division will get him reelected.

“The election of the biracial Barack Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony. Instead, that dream is becoming a tribally polarized nightmare –by design, and intended to assist in the reelection of Barack Obama…”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: Israel/Iran War Game

“Will they (the Israelis) or won’t they? And if so, when? I know the answers, but you’re not going to like them.

“The answers are all the same: we don’t know. And we’re not going to know. So when you read, watch, or listen to somebody who tells you he knows, stop reading or turn off the radio, TV, smart phone, iPad, or other device I don’t know about. ‘Cause they don’t know. The one exception is if you get a direct line to Bibi’s brain, but that’s unlikely.

“Yes, they’re planning it. They’re running all kinds of drills, some involving the armed forces, some involving the civilian population. That’s prudent; they need to be prepared in the event they decide to do it. And maybe they’ve actually decided, in which case the drills are necessary to prepare for possible consequences (which nobody really knows about either).

“Whatever the actual state of affairs, they’re not gonna tell us, and it’s quite farfetched to imagine that somebody’s gonna put the whole country at risk by leaking it…”

AWR Hawkin, Big Peace: Israeli PM and Defense Minister Stand United: Iran Must Be Attacked This Fall

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are standing united on a key issue: Iran must be attacked. Moreover, both have called for attacks on Iran this fall, a call which some officials within the Jewish state allegedly oppose…”

Dan Williams, Reuters: “Are Israelis tough enough for a long war with Iran?”

“(Reuters) – For Israel to carry out a long-threatened strike on Iranian nuclear sites, it would have to overcome dissent within its governing coalition reflecting public fear of igniting an unprecedented missile war.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that scenario would be “dwarfed” by the prospect of an Iranian bomb, which he describes as tantamount to a second Holocaust – language that seems to herald a Jewish call to arms.

“But the popular, conservative leader has not proven very persuasive. While surveys show a growing minority – now 32-35 percent – of Israelis favor taking Iran on alone, more are opposed. Around a quarter are undecided.

“Some commentators ask whether a Jewish state shaped through decades of war has become more fearful of the consequences in the face of Iran, a formidable and distant foe capable, along with Islamist guerrilla allies in Lebanon and Gaza, of raining down thousands of missiles and rockets in retaliation.

“Defense Minister Ehud Barak estimates 500 Israelis would die should a strike on Iran, which denies seeking to develop nuclear weaponry, turn into a regional exchange of fire…”

wgg:  stick with joe

thrilled with the ryan choice, first thoughts that it was for the good of the country, not a political choice. closely followed by “that’ll focus the debate on the economy”, which is a good political move. perhaps a concession to conservatives. the media has roundly declared the ryan decision as “a bold move” – nahh, it’s just the first thing any successful venture capitalist would do…. “show me the books”. closely followed by “spell out your plan”.

the other night i was listening to mark levin – he was defending ryan’s vote on TARP & some other. levin noted “an awakening” towards the end of obama’s first year, and ryan was subject to that new awareness and to be congratulated for his ability to change his mind in light of new circumstances & information.

that got me thinking – i do believe mark levin was at 9/12 (i was close to the steps as i wandered and levin was one of the few at the makeshift mike & a box amp that was the sound system that day). i know michelle bachman was there, john kyle spoke of his surprise & appreciation at the sight of the “calvary” that was the crowd – he’d been feeling alone (like beck said & why we came to DC?) in the middle of that evil malestrom. i do believe i saw paul ryan there, don’t remember him speaking but i did recognize him – makes sense he’d be at work on a saturday. yeah, ryan was there. to be at 9/12 was enough to change anyone’s mind, so my thanks to romney for bringing paul ryan to the fore & respects to levin for the analysis.

ryan vs. biden – bambi vs. godzilla. ryan would be spitting hair plugs for a week after any debate.

will romeny’s “bold move” with ryan compel obama to move away from joe? biden has nothing to offer (other than making obama look smart compared to him) & barry’s gotta be feeling a little desparate……. will obama go it “alone” with old joe or will he feel the need for vp support & political zing? hillary is still the only democrat of national stature with any pull. bill’s gonna be there anyway. will obama dare a “bold move” & call on the clintons as his “lifeline”? risky at best, especially in light of barry’s latest executive order vacating billy’s signature “workfare” legislation. if the clintons do throw anything that looks like a line, barry better look close – a real good chance there’d be an anvil tied to the other end.

any such shakeup at the democratic convention could quicly go viral – “america’s got politics”…… any who are undecided at this point are spending too much time on reality shows. if the dems can stage “an iron cage wrestling match to the death” at the convention, many would be drawn in – falling in behind their favorite contestant, instantly involved & spreading their word. obama can’t give the clintons an inch or billary could stage a tv spectacle that would vault her over people’s disenchantment with what they don’t even know are progressive policies that have been wreaking havoc on this country & our future.

please dear leader – we love you, we love joe, stick with good old joe…….

interesting as it’s been, it’s gonna get interestinger. wgg

Theaters & Trailer for Obama’s America: 2016

August 24th

Regal Plymouth Meeting Place 10
Conshohocken, PA

Cinemark 20
Moosic, PA

Oaks Stadium 24
Oaks, PA

Cinemark Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills
Tarentum, PA

Warrington Crossing Stadium 22
Warrington, PA

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