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CONTENTS:  Guzzardi on KDKA; Mitt up by 20; Cruz won; AZ abortion law stands; Gay Marriage to SCOTUS?; Kurtz – burn down the ‘burbs; Drones are coming; DOJ’s mtgs with Islam; Voter ID – PA DOT confused; Senate probe Hbg debt; Guzzardi – PA GOP; BO’s senior swindle; CAP endorsement – Justin Simmons; My slate; Mitt won Warsaw; Failed leftist agenda; Vets get behind Mitt; OCare’s consequences; Hanson – Muddle East; AFT/F&Furious; Bloomberg nanny state; Batman bullet ban; Fire federal tax delinquents; DC students $5.25/hr; wgg – Beck; Announcements.

“Will Bloomberg next ban breasts if they’re over 16 ounces?” Dana Loesch

Dick Morris: “Clinton is going to cast his ballot for Mitt Romney

“Time and again, the Tea Party has been declared moribund, splintered, and ineffective. And time and again, it has pulled off surprising upsets. The insurgent conservative moment [sic!] seems poised to win another significant victory Tuesday in Texas, where attorney Ted Cruz is expected to beat David Dewhurst…” The Atlantic!!!

Grassfire Nation: Chick-fil-A Day is Wednesday, August 1, so after signing our national petition, take your friends and family and show your support for our Free Speech Rights!

Bob Guzzardi on KDKA, AM1020, Pittsburgh

Bob Guzzardi is scheduled to be on Dimitri Vassilaros Show Saturday 4 August 2012 “The Enemy Within – Republicans Selling Out Republicans”

10 p.m. Saturday 1020 KDKA August 4, 2012 (Listen Live!)

Rasmussen, July 31st: Romney Up by 20 …

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Mitt Romney attracting 47% of the vote, while President Obama earns support from 44%. Five percent (5%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

Romney has a 20-point advantage among white voters. Obama is supported by 91% of black voters and 57% of other minority voters…”

Mike Tolson, Houston Chronicle: Cruz Beat Dewhurst

Values beat money …

“Texas’ drift toward the Tea Party brand of GOP conservatism continued Tuesday when lawyer Ted Cruz scored a surprisingly easy win over David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

“Cruz once was considered a long shot to take down well-heeled Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst – the favorite of the party establishment and Hutchison’s heir apparent. But he steadily gained in the polls during their bare-knuckles campaign brawl, and his lead opened up as soon as the earliest returns were posted. By 8:30 p.m. the Associated Press had named Cruz the winner, and within an hour Dewhurst called Cruz to concede…”

Deanne Katz, Reuters: AZ Abortion Law Stands

“Arizona’s law banning abortions after 20 weeks will go forward says U.S. District Judge James Teilborg.

“The law is a change from the current system in Arizona. Under the previous law, abortions were permitted up until viability which occurs around 24 weeks. Starting Thursday, abortions after 20 weeks will not be allowed unless there is a medical emergency.

“Judge Teilborg was asked to stop enforcement of a new Arizona law passed by the legislature. He declined to do so by ruling that the law is acceptable under the Constitution…”

AP: California Gay Marriage Ban – to SCOTUS?

“SAN FRANCISCO — Backers of California’s ban on same-sex marriages asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday to overrule a federal appeals court that struck down the measure as unconstitutional, a move that means the bitter, four-year court fight over Proposition 8 could soon be resolved.

Lawyers for the coalition of religious conservative groups that sponsored the voter-approved ban petitioned the Supreme Court to review the lower court’s finding that the 2008 amendment to the state constitution violated the civil rights of gay and lesbian Californians. The request had been expected since a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued its 2-1 decision earlier this year…”

Stanley Kurtz, NRO: “Burn Down the Suburbs?”

“Not exactly, but Obama is already working to get rid of them.

“Obama is a longtime supporter of “regionalism,” the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. To this end, the president has already put programs in place designed to push the country toward a sweeping social transformation in a possible second term. The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities…”

Rep. Ted Poe, Human Events: “The Drones Are Coming”

A related story in the WSJ, a hybrid of German shepherd and timber wolf has been bred to guard Louisiana prisoners … would you rather be watched by a canine or a computer?

“For years, the United States has used drones to track foreign terrorists overseas and catch outlaws along the border. But now, thousands of drones are heading to the homeland. Drones are already used for certain purposes here in the United States, but the FAA will soon dramatically expand the use of drones to operate nationwide by the year 2015. It is estimated, by 2020, 30,000 of them will be flying in American skies. Who and what will all of these new eyes in the sky be looking at? No one really knows. But whether we like it or not, the drones are coming…”

Tom Fitton, Big Govt: FBI, DOJ Sued for Info on Mueller’s Secret Meeting with Radical Islamic Organizations

“I’ve written previously about the FBI’s Muslim sensitivity training programs. WorldNetDaily has done some outstanding reporting on workshops run by the FBI that “educate” agents about Muslim customs and beliefs in an attempt to help them to “break down barriers” and foster “mutual understanding.”

Well, now it appears the FBI has taken another giant step down a very dangerous path with FBI Director Robert Mueller’s secret meeting with radical Islamic organizations and allowing them effectively to “edit” the FBI’s training manuals.

Last week we filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seeking access to records detailing a February 8, 2012, meeting between FBI Director Robert Mueller and Muslim organizations. Judicial Watch is also investigating the FBI’s subsequent controversial decision to purge the agency’s training curricula of material deemed “offensive” to Muslims…”

Jared Sichel, PA Independent: Voter ID – PA DOT Confused

“HARRISBURG — Opponents of Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law said state employees are not giving correct information to people seeking identification as part of the voter registration process.

“This theme pervaded the plaintiffs’ testimonies about employees at the state Department of Transportation given during the fifth day of court hearings at the Commonwealth Court here.

“Lawyers representing 10 Pennsylvania voters argued Tuesday that because some PennDOT employees don’t know the details of the law, the state cannot fully implement its own legislation before the November elections…”

Melissa Daniels, PA Independent: Senate to Probe Hbg Debt

“HARRISBURG — Lawmakers will explore whether Harrisburg officials obeyed the law when the city ratcheted up hundreds of millions in debt at the taxpayer’s expense.

“The Senate Local Government Committee will hold a public hearing on Aug. 29, zeroing in on the financial decisions behind Harrisburg’s debt-laden incinerator project.

“The city, in its efforts to retrofit a waste-to-energy plant, incurred more than $300 million in debt during the past decade, a juggernaut behind why the commonwealth’s capital is on the list of financially distressed municipalities…”

Bob Guzzardi: PA GOP – The Enemy Within

Parts 3 & 4 tomorrow…

“Do you wonder why Right to Work doesn’t pass? Why Pension Reform doesn’t get done? Why School Tax Referendum bill is watered into uselessness? Why real deal School Choice doesn’t happen? Why real tax reform never happens? There is an answer: Union Republicans manipulated by Union Financiers and Union Organizers manipulating the agenda to undermine Republican The Forgotten Taxpayer and bankrupt Pennsylvania.

The Republican Party maintains power and incumbency in Delaware County and Bucks County because the Party Establishment Incumbent Insiders Rep. Bill Adolph DelCo and Rep. Gene DiGirolamo BucksCo front for Union interests before The Forgotten Taxpayers’ interests bankrupting Pennsylvania and siphoning money from productive, job creating sector to finance unions and business colluding with the unions.


SPRINGFIELD PA – 19064 07/07/2011 $350.00



Report: 2011 Cycle 4

Recipient Date Amount


SPRINGFIELD PA – 19064 04/29/2011 $900.00



Report: 2011 Cycle 2


SPRINGFIELD PA – 19064 08/11/2010 $1,000.00



Report: 2010 Cycle 4

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SPRINGFIELD PA – 19064 09/29/2010 $2,000.00



Report: 2010 Cycle 5

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SPRINGFIELD PA – 19064 02/22/2012 $100.00



NOTE: Pennsylvania Department of State Campaign Finance Information

The Campaign Finance Reporting Search is designed to provide online public access to information from Campaign finance reports filed with the Department of State.

Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard: “GAO Is ‘Concerned’ about the Legality of Obama’s Senior Swindle”

“Fortunately for Obama, his administration recently launched the $8.35 billion Senior Swindle, a taxpayer-financed “demonstration project” to hide the vast majority of Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage cuts from seniors until after what he likes to call his ‘last election.’ Unfortunately, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) — the independent, nonpartisan congressional watchdog — has identified this “demonstration project” as a sham. And now, in a newly released letter, the GAO raises continuing concerns about the gambit’s legality…”

Dan Weber, AMAC: GAO Confirms Obamacare’s ‘Senior Swindle’

Thanks Jody,

“BOHEMIA, NY, July 13 – “Jeff Anderson of The Weekly Standard has scored another scoop. Last May, he exposed a hidden feature of Obamacare – a taxpayer-funded $8.5 billion scheme to cover up the likely loss of supplemental Medicare Advantage coverage for seniors. Now, he’s gotten hold of a letter from the General Accounting Office that the GAO is concerned about the legality of what Anderson called ‘Obama’s Senior Swindle’,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The president needs seniors to vote for him if he is to win re-election, Weber pointed out. “That’s why he can’t afford to let them know that he’s tricking them. By using this so called demonstration project, Mr. Obama is delaying big increases in Medicare Advantage premiums until after the election. Otherwise many seniors will protest the expected increases by denying his reelection.”

Weber explained that the increases are the result of changes from provisions in Obamacare “and that’s why he’s willing to spend your big bucks to keep his little secret under wraps.

Leo Knepper: CAP PAC Endorsed Justin Simmons

The 131st District includes parts of Lehigh and North Hampton Counties…

“July 30, 2012: The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) Political Action Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Justin Simmons for reelection as Representative for the 131stlegislative district. Justin was the first candidate that CAP supported in 2010 and we are more than satisfied with his performance to date.

Throughout his first term, Rep. Simmons has consistently sided with the taxpayers and employers of this state. His commitment to government accountability is evidenced by his vote to pass legislation that will make it possible for taxpayers to track how the state is spending their tax dollars via an online database. Rep. Simmons is leading by example in Harrisburg and continues to serve without participating in the lucrative legislative pension system to illustrate his belief that citizen legislators should replace career politicians. Finally, Rep. Simmons has been a vocal proponent of school choice and ensuring that no child be sentenced to a failing school simply because of their ZIP Code.

We are proud to work with Rep. Simmons and will fight to ensure that he is reelected in the fall.”

 The Slate . . .

­Vice President – Allen West

Chief of Staff – Sarah!!!!

Treasury – Paul Ryan

State – Victor Davis Hanson

Justice – Ann Coulter

HHS – Bobby Jindal­­­

Education – Charles Murray

Homeland Security – ????

Joel Pollak, Big Peace: Mitt in Warszawa – Slammed Big Government

“Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised that he would not use his foreign trip to attack President Barack Obama, or to deliver major new foreign policy announcements. He kept his word–yet used his speech in Warsaw today to deliver a hard-hitting attack on big government. Praising Poland for choosing the path of economic liberty over big government, protectionism, and heavy spending, Romney’s message reinforced the central economic messages of his campaign against President Obama back home.”

Edward Lazear, WSJ: “Slow Recovery or Failed Agenda?”

“President Obama has a tough task ahead of him. He must convince the American voter that the economy is improving and that he deserves the credit. At the same time, he must make the case that the blame for the slowness of the recovery lies with others. How might he make his case? And what facts might Republican challenger Mitt Romney use to counter his claims?”

Mark Tooley, American Spectator: “Religiously Claiming Jefferson”

“Scholars and activists on both left and right continue to think he is one of them.

“…the “government has found that Christians (well, any believer who thinks that his or her God might be more important than the state) are easier to manage if they will confine their faith to something within.” But this modern drive to privatize religion was launched by secularists and strict separationists, not Jeffersonians, who believed in a thriving civil society that included robust religious institutions. Religious enthusiasts and evangelicals of the early 19th century supported Jefferson and his party instead of the Federalists and the established churches of the eastern seaboard…”

Hope Hodge, Human Events: “Veterans Organize to Elect Romney”

Thanks Ted,

“As presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney courted military veterans with successive addresses at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno, Nev. last week, they underscored a building speculation that those who served could become a crucial demographic to carry in November.

“With 21.8 million veterans in the U.S., the demographic is relatively small, but influential and can produce a “halo effect” of persuading non-military members in their sphere of influence—family and friends—to their point of view…”

Jack Park, American Spectator: Obamacare’s Electoral Consequences

“How Congress will put its new taxing powers to good Democratic use.

“How would you like our federal government to tell you to install new energy-efficient windows or make your next new car a Volt?

“The Obamacare opinion gives Congress a roadmap to do precisely that. As most of us know, Chief Justice Roberts wrote an opinion that the four liberal Justices joined in which he held that the Obamacare mandate was a constitutional exercise of Congress’s tax powers. Not that the mandate, and its penalty for non-compliance, are taxes like other taxes within the meaning of the Anti-Injunction Act, which we would have to pay then sue to recover, mind you, but “taxes” of some other kind…”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “The Muddle East”

“Whatever governments emerge, they will not be pro-Israel or pro-U.S.

“There are not even the old familiar fault lines this revolutionary time around. Are the Sunni Gulf kingdoms eager to support revolutionaries in Syria and North Africa? Perhaps and perhaps not — given that the fall of strongmen like Mubarak, bin Ali, Qaddafi, and Assad may lead to Muslim Brotherhood–inspired Islamist governments, which would like to see the oil-rich monarchies become less Western and more theocratic. Or — though this is less likely — if pro-Western reformist movements were to prevail, such governments would like to democratize and secularize the Gulf. Who are our best allies in breaking up the dangerous Iran-Hezbollah-Syria axis? Islamist extremists who want to kill the hated Assad slightly more than they do us — at least for now?…

“Amid this chaos there are a handful of constants that can guide U.S. foreign policy.

1. Arab governments, whether they take the form of one-man authoritarianism, monarchy, or theocracy, will remain anti-Israel…

2. The Arab Middle East will remain anti-American…

3. Oil, one way or another, will still affect all strategic thinking…

4. Nuclear proliferation may become immune to international scrutiny…

5. We will have not a single ally in any effort to influence Middle East change.

“Given those depressing factors, where does the ongoing Middle East mess leave America? We should restore close relations with an Israel that is becoming wealthier and stronger all the time, and is the only consistently pro-American, democratic nation in the entire region. The Obama administration has demonstrated that any hint of daylight between the U.S. and Israel does not win over the Arab world, but only persuades it that Israel is more vulnerable.

“All that should remain constant is American support for a pro-Western, free-market, and constitutional Arab world, an inseparable alliance with Israel, an end to importation of Middle Eastern energy, and an America with overwhelming military dominance.”

Richard Serrano, LA Times: “Five ATF officials found responsible for Fast and Furious”

“WASHINGTON — Republican congressional investigators have concluded that five senior ATF officials — from the special agent-in-charge of the Phoenix field office to the top man in the bureau’s Washington headquarters — are collectively responsible for the failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation that was “marred by missteps, poor judgments and inherently reckless strategy.”

“The investigators, in a final report likely to be released later this week, also unearthed new evidence that agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix initially sought to hide from the Mexican government the crucial information that two Fast and Furious firearms were recovered after the brother of a Mexican state attorney general was killed there…”,0,4364586.story

Matthew Boyle, Daily Caller: “Congressional report names five ATF figures in Fast and Furious scandal, reveals related murder

“A forthcoming congressional report names five senior officials from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as being ultimately responsible for Operation Fast and Furious.

“The 211-page draft report – obtained by The Daily Caller and prepared by staff for House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley – delves into the actual government wrongdoing that occurred when guns were allowed to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartel operatives…

“Two more reports that Issa’s and Grassley’s staffs are working on will detail how political figures in President Obama’s administration were involved in and covered up the scandal.

“The second report, investigators write, will chronicle the ‘devastating failure of supervision and leadership by officials at Justice Department headquarters, principally within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, and within the Criminal Division’ and the third ‘will address the unprecedented obstruction of the investigation by the highest levels of the Justice Department, including the Attorney General himself.’…”

Ben Howe, Red State: “Bloomberg’s Nanny-State Receives Help from Nanny-International

Thanks Ted,

“Since the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, conservatives have been groaning and rolling our collective eyes at Nanny-in-Chief Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s fresh calls for gun control. This followed our recent groaning and collective eye-rolling at the Big Nanny’s moves to ban the Big Gulp. And our prior groaning and collective eye-rolling at moves to ban smoking in outdoor, public places like parks.

“We can groan, eye-roll and mock Mr. Bloomberg all we want, of course, but the sad fact is that he has allies. And they’re not just your average nanny-loving American liberals. They include some people with substantially more influence, who work for powerful international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO)…”

Wynton Hall, BigGov’t: “Batman Bullet Ban…”

“On Monday, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) proposed a bill that would restrict the online sale of ammunition to anyone but licensed dealers and anyone who can present a photo ID, which would act as a proxy ban on online and mail order ammo purchases.

“As Josh Smith of the National Journal explains:

‘The bill, titled the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, would effectively ban the online sale of ammunition to anyone other than licensed dealers by requiring a check of photo I.D., which is difficult if not impossible over the Internet. It would also require anyone selling ammunition to be licensed, to keep records, and to report any sale of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.’”

Nicholas Ballasy, Daily Caller: “House voting on bill to fire federal workers owing combined $1 billion in taxes [VIDEO]

“The House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill sponsored by Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz that would terminate federal employees with ‘seriously delinquent tax debts.’ According to the most recent IRS data, over 100,000 federal employees owe a combined $1.03 billion in taxes.

“The number rises to $3.4 billion when retirees and military personnel who have not paid their taxes are included.

“If Chaffetz’s bill, H.R. 828, is passed and signed into law by President Barack Obama, ‘any person who has a seriously delinquent tax debt’ would be ‘ineligible to be appointed or to continue serving as an employee.’…”

Lisa Gartner, Washington Examiner: D.C. students being paid for summer school

Pay for grades instead of for breathing…

“The District is paying 305 students with poor academic and behavioral records to attend summer school, The Washington Examiner has learned.

“The rising ninth-graders are earning $5.25 an hour to participate in the ‘Summer Bridge’ program, which targets students identified by D.C. Public Schools as less likely than their peers to graduate high school within four years.

“The 95 students who voluntarily signed up for the summer school program will receive half of an elective credit. But to fill the 400-student session with at-risk students, DCPS reached out to the Department of Employment Services. More than 300 students flagged by DCPS and who had signed up for the Summer Youth Employment Program were told that school would be their jobs this summer…”


thanks for your mention of beck. he is an inspiration, did i have that much energy @48? i forget, i was busy in computer world. not a word re “love” outta o’reilly. methinks the fox alpha dog may be a little “covetous” of the unschooled young genius that came & went from his domain. ADHD be damned, it sometimes seems the wage of genius. beck is out there – but he never claims any credit for 9/12…… he’s the reason we all showed up at that one place at that one time. that was the day that changed everything.

we do surround them.

heard bill’s on the schedule @ dem convention – perhaps to prod obama to prove his metal by opening the selection to the attendees? don’t know, but i’m still shakey on the hillary threat. can’t remember a non-primary brokered presidential nominee in my lifetime, but i never bothered to watch………thx –

Bill Clinton to Speak at Dem Convention … Nominate Hillary for VP? Or for Prez?

Dick Morris: “Clinton is going to cast his ballot for Mitt Romney

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