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 CONTENTS: Smart Meters; Brotherhood won Egypt; Why Berlin?; China & Iran; Our Dodd-Frank downgrade; How SCOTUS might rule; GA town privatizes; Zimmerman story released; Fast & Furious – cui bono? Great American phony (3 stories); Ryan in the running; Will – Law of  Sea; Glick – Egypt (3 stories); Putin helped ISR; WI voter fraud; Klein – ACORN/New Party; Tapper skewered “newsroom”; Joe Williams out; WaPo Obama partner; Movie – Roots of Obama’s Rage; Mobster to NLRB; Politico shrinks/sinks; Forkless dinner; Announcements

“Under the radar, I’m working on gun control…” Barack Obama at the onset of Fast & Furious.

“Our capital ‘shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing.’” Egyptian President Morsi

“…The issue with Mr. Obama is not – and never has been – the color of his skin. It is the color of his politics: socialist red. He is seeking to transform America into a European-style nanny state marked by a bloated public sector, burdensome regulations, high taxes, unsustainable entitlements and weak economic growth. The tragic irony is that Mr. Obama is imposing the social democratic model as Europe crumbles under the crushing weight of welfare liberalism. Mr. Obama is not plagued by race but reality. Voters are rejecting a narcissistic, leftist ideologue who refuses to grasp that we are heading toward becoming Greece – a financial abyss….” Jeffrey Kuhner, Washington Times

June 25th

1788: Virginia the tenth state to ratify the Constitution.

1868: President Andrew Johnson signed legislation providing for an eight-hour workday for workers employed by the federal government.

1876: At the Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana, Sioux and Cheyenne Indians killed Lt. Col. George Custer and more than 250 soldiers after they attacked the Indians’ camp.

1917: Ships carrying the first wave of troops of the American Expeditionary Force approach the shores of France.

1950: The Korean War erupted when North Korean troops invaded South Korea. (Bennett & Cribb, 2010)

Paula Stiles, WFMZ: Smart Meters Arrive

“Smartmeters are here. After thorough investigation and talking with PECO, they are currently installing Smartmeters in PA. Several people have contacted PECO and told them that we did not want the Smartmeter. Their response is they run the risk of having their electricity turned off.

“Just a background on Smartmeters: In 2008, Act 129 was passed and signed into law by Governor Rendell to make Smartmeters mandatory in PA. How will this affect you? You will be required to install a smart meter in your home which will be monitored by your electric company on a minute to minute basis. The video below explains how the smartmeter was started and where they plan to go with this which will be monitored constantly (new utilities will have smart meter chips in them.

“Do you want PECO or the Government monitoring your electricity usage? If this is such a great thing, why is it being forced upon us and if not taken, you take the risk of having your power turned off. Once on the grid, the government through PECO will be able to monitor each and control all of your electric utilities. Do you want the department of energy monitoring your usage of electric via PECO and possibly turning off your electric and certain peak hours (as explained in this video).


 Please contact the people listed in the link and let them know that we want these bills brought to the floor for the vote. This is our local electric company being used for the UN Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development). We need everyone’s involvement so pass on to everyone you know. Let’s make an effort to get this out of committee.

Explanation of Smartmeters is in this link. It is a little long, but you need to see how the global market is taking over our liberties.

By the way, PECO took 200 million in stimulus money in PA to implement the smartmeters. They are using taxpayers money to enslave us.

Please contact state representatives immediately. Let’s protect our properties rights.

I have contacted PECO and told them not to install a smartmeter on my house. I would suggest doing the same with your electric company. They need a loud outcry from the American people. I will also be putting this sticker on my meter. I will be editing the wording down below, but here it is.

Paula Stiles, Chesco Patriots

Aljazeera: Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Won Egypt

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced.

“Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote in the runoff round.

“His competitor, Ahmed Shafiq, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million votes.

“More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated.

“Farouq Sultan, the head of the election commission, delivered a long speech before announcing the results in which he defended the body’s “independence and integrity” amidst what he called meddling by unnamed political factions…”

Brett Stevens, WSJ: “Why the Buck Stops in Berlin”

“…This year alone the government has managed to lose three high-profile Supreme Court cases 9-0, meaning even Mr. Obama’s own appointees voted against him. Yet an unchastened administration soldiers along, on the theory that losing cases like Citizens United energizes the base and provides a ready-made excuse for its political routs, most recently in Wisconsin.

“Now it hopes an adverse ruling on ObamaCare will relieve it of the burden of defending the law while also creating another Emmanuel Goldstein in the person of the chief justice. How classy.

“As president, Mr. Obama has attempted to make scapegoats of bankers, bondholders, private-equity firms, insurance companies, energy companies, ATMs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Catholic Church, opponents of illegal immigration, European politicians, Supreme Court justices and even Japanese tsunamis. Next, perhaps, it will be solar flares.

At least tsunamis, solar flares, ATMs and Europeans don’t vote. The rest of the list might eventually amount to 270 electoral votes.”

Town Hall Weekend Journal: Gordon Chang and Bill Bennett – China and Iran

“My guess is that the Obama administration will probably cave.” Gordon Chang

New US sanctions against Iran begin 6/28, cutting off any institution that deals with Iran for oil/gas. But seventeen waivers exist … all for our friends.

China – Iran’s biggest customer – has no waiver but China avoids US sanctions by dealing with Iranian currency, gold, or barter.

China is Iran’s biggest customer and Chang predicted that the US will never get a deal with Iran if we give China a waiver. After all, China backs the “atomic ayatollahs” to the hilt. Thus, Iran can continue to develop nuclear weapons and encourage other nations to do the same.

The region starts to look like WWI in that an out of way country drew in the great powers…”

WSJ: The Dodd-Frank Downgrade

Thanks Ted,

“We’ve never put much stock in the judgment of credit-ratings agencies. But by issuing a series of downgrades of giant banks this week, Moody’s Investors Service may have performed a taxpayer service. Two years ago President Obama and Congressional Democrats told Americans they had strengthened the banking system and revoked too-big-to-fail privileges from the financial giants. Now Moody’s can help Americans understand that the 2010 Dodd-Frank law has fulfilled neither promise. The law’s signature achievements are higher costs, reduced opportunities and weaker banks.

“Moody’s conducted an extensive review of the 15 banks that are the largest players in the global capital markets. The Wall Street gang’s all here—Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, etc. The result is a series of credit-rating downgrades. In other words, Moody’s is opining that the risk that one of these financial giants will default on its bonds, while still small, has been on the rise…”

Peter Landers, WSJ: Healthcare – How SCOTUS Could Rule

“The Supreme Court is ruling next week on the Obama health law. Of the many possible scenarios, here are the most likely four, shown in order of how much of the law would be struck down:

Scenario #1: The entire law is upheld.

“After all is said and done, the high court may conclude—as the majority of lower courts did—that Congress was acting within its powers under the Constitution when it required most Americans to carry health insurance or pay a penalty…”

Scenario #2: The insurance mandate is struck down, but the entire rest of law stays.

This was the ruling of a federal appeals court in Atlanta last year, and the Supreme Court may choose to uphold it. In this scenario, the high court would conclude that Congress exceeded its powers with the requirement to carry insurance or pay a penalty. But it would judge that provision separable from the rest of the law…”

Scenario #3: The mandate and two related provisions are struck down but the rest of the law stays.

At Supreme Court arguments in March, the Obama administration, fearing the market chaos in scenario #2, argued that the insurance mandate was inextricably linked to two other provisions. Those provisions require insurers to accept all customers and restrict the insurers from charging more based on a person’s medical history. The administration said if the mandate were struck down, the other two provisions should go too…

Scenario #4: The entire law is struck down.

“If the high court concludes that the insurance mandate is unconstitutional, it may agree with challengers that the only path is to invalidate the entire law…

“Such a ruling would unravel all the work by the health industry and local governments preparing for the law. It would be a painful blow to Mr. Obama and Democrats who spent so much time and political capital on their health-care overhaul. Yet it would also put pressure on Republicans. They could no longer talk about repealing what they term ObamaCare but would have to figure out what, if anything, to bring before Congress to replace it. Gerald F. Seib discussed Republican challenges in the event of a negative ruling here.

“The law also includes many provisions far afield of health care, affecting chain-restaurant menus, tanning-salon taxes and breast-feeding in the workplace among other things. As Janet Adamy reported, if the entire law were struck down, the ripples would spread far.”

James Capretta, SCOTUS Scenarios (Redux from CATS, 6/20/12)

“Very soon, the Supreme Court will be rendering judgment on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. It is one of the most highly anticipated decisions in decades, and for good reason. Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a political earthquake. The only question is the degree to which it will shake up the political and policy landscape.

Of course, at this point, only a handful of people have any idea how the court will rule, and they aren’t talking (or at least one presumes — and hopes — they aren’t). So there’s no real way to predict what the Court will decide.

“Still, it’s possible to boil down the various scenarios to a handful that capture the most likely outcomes, and to examine the implications of those scenarios through both a policy and a political lens. Indeed, for those who have spent the past three years opposing ObamaCare, it’s critically important to be prepared for all eventualities because what the key players in this drama say and do in the days after the Court issues its decision could be just as important as the decision itself to the future of ObamaCare and American health care.

Scenario 1: The Court Upholds ObamaCare

Scenario 2: Only the Individual Mandate Falls.

Scenario 3: The Court Strikes Down the Mandate and Other Provisions Too

Scenario 4: The Court Strikes Down the Entire Law. If the Court were to strike the entire law, it will stand as one of the most important and courageous Supreme Court decisions in many decades, and almost certainly have constitutional implications for years to come…”

David Segal, NYT: “A Georgia Town Takes the People’s Business Private”

Thanks Lou,

“IF your image of a city hall involves a venerable building, some Roman pillars and lots of public employees, the version offered by this Atlanta suburb of 94,000 residents is a bit of a shocker.

“The entire operation is housed in a generic, one-story industrial park, along with a restaurant and a gym. And though the place has a large staff, none are on the public payroll. O.K., seven are, including the city manager. But unless you chance into one of them, the people you meet here work for private companies through a variety of contracts…”

Alverez & Williams, NYT: Zimmerman’s Story Released

MIAMI — George Zimmerman was in a panic. A “suspicious” man he had been watching had jumped him in the rain. The man was pummeling him, slamming his head repeatedly into the pavement so it “felt like my head was going to explode,” Mr. Zimmerman told the police in newly released tapes.

“He put his hand on my nose and on my mouth and he says, ‘You’re going to die tonight,’ ” Mr. Zimmerman told investigators on Feb. 26, the night he struggled with and killed Trayvon Martin. “I couldn’t breathe, and he still kept trying to hit my head against the pavement.”

“I felt his hand go down on my side, and I thought he was going for my firearm,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “So I grabbed it immediately, and as he banged my head again, I just pulled out my firearm and shot him.”

Michael Walsh, NRO: Fast & Furious – Cui Bono?

“If we didn’t know that the paper trail of Operation Fast and Furious leads directly to the White House — and we did — this morning’s announcement that the Obama administration, at Eric Holder’s explicit request, is exerting executive privilege over the documents subpoenaed by Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee ought to assuage all doubts.

“…But this is more than simply a yelp for help for a gangland underling about to face the Law: it’s a plea to Obama to save himself…”

Michael Walsh, NY Post: Finis to Holder’s Games

Bait-and-switch? Or breath-taking chutzpah? Either way, Eric Holder is in big trouble.

The embattled attorney general destroyed what little is left of his credibility yesterday afternoon when he failed to turn over 1,300 subpoenaed and unredacted documents in the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal to House investigators led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

“How did the Justice Department come to OK an operation that handed massive firepower to Mexico’s drug lords, with no hope of tracing the guns and without a word to the Mexican government? Still no good answers, some 18 months after one of those guns was found at the site of the murder of a US Border Patrol agent, while countless others have been used to kill innocent Mexicans…”

NY Post: “What’s Bam Hiding?”

“Executive privilege, conceptually speaking, is a lot like the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution: Assert it, and folks assume that there’s a coverup under way.

Not unreasonably.

“So many malefactors have gone the executive-privilege route — Richard Nixon, most famously — that the public is entitled to its suspicions.

“Now comes President Obama, taking Attorney General Eric Holder’s back in the seemingly endless ‘Fast and Furious’ gun scandal.

“Does he get the benefit of the doubt?

Mark Steyn, NRO: Great American Phony

Remember: Dreams was probably ghosted by Billy Ayers…

“Courtesy of David Maraniss’s new book, we now know that yet another key prop of Barack Obama’s identity is false: His Kenyan grandfather was not brutally tortured or even non-brutally detained by his British colonial masters. The composite gram’pa joins an ever-swelling cast of characters from Barack’s ‘memoir’ who, to put it discreetly, differ somewhat in reality from their bit parts in the grand Obama narrative. The best friend at school portrayed in Obama’s autobiography as “a symbol of young blackness” was, in fact, half Japanese, and not a close friend. The white girlfriend he took to an off-Broadway play that prompted an angry post-show exchange about race never saw the play, dated Obama in an entirely different time zone, and had no such world-historically significant conversation with him. His Indonesian step-grandfather supposedly killed by Dutch soldiers during his people’s valiant struggle against colonialism met his actual demise when he ‘fell off a chair at his home while trying to hang drapes.’

“David Maraniss is no right-winger, and can’t understand why boorish non-literary types have seized on his book as evidence that the president of the United States is a Grade A phony…”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: BO’s “Truthiness”

Thanks Ted,

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.

“This is hardly a shock about any politician, but revelations of dishonesty hurt some more than others. Announce that Bill Clinton has been speaking falsely, and it hits the ears with as much force as the news that birds fly, fish swim, and dogs lick their own nether regions.

“But Obama was supposed to be different. He was a ‘lightworker,’ an ocean tamer, and cynicism slayer. In short, he was supposed to be too good to be true — and it turns out he was…”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: Liar-in-Chief

“…It’s more than a little amusing to me that there is a great hullabaloo in the Force right now over Obama’s many false statements about his own life, but virtually no reaction to the so-called “leaks” about his behavior as president, crucial elements of which are almost certainly false…”

Joel Pollak, BigGovernment: “Ryan in the Running”

“To absolutely no one’s surprise, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is now officially being vetting by the Romney campaign as a potential running mate and Vice President. Ryan, the chair of the House Budget Committee, has not only led the national debate on entitlement reform, but he has also proved his debating mettle against President Barack Obama, and was once the favorite of many conservatives as an alternative to Mitt Romney. He is pro-life and pro-gun, an avid deer hunter and an exemplary husband and father…”

George Will, WaPo: “The LOST Sinkhole”

“There they go again. Like those who say climate change is an emergency too obvious and urgent to allow for debate, some proponents of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, a.k.a. the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), say arguments against it are nonexistent. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says any such arguments “no longer exist and truly cannot even be taken with a straight face.” Favoring condescension over persuasion, she ridicules people who she says think that, because the treaty was negotiated under U.N. auspices, “the black helicopters are on their way.”

Clinton’s insufferable tone is not a reason for the necessary 34 senators to reject ratification. It is, however, a reason for enjoying their doing so…”

Caroline Glick: Egypt and Israel

“THE DIFFERENCE between the Brotherhood and the secularists is a fundamental one. The Brotherhood has always had a vision of the Egypt it wants to create. It has always used all the tools at its disposal to advance the goal of creating an Islamic state in Egypt.

“For their part, the secularists have no ideological unity and so share no common vision of a future Egypt. They just oppose the repression of the military. Opposing repression is not a political program. It is a political act. It can destroy. It cannot rule.

“So when the question arose of how to transform the protests that caused the US to abandon Mubarak and sealed the fate of his regime into a new regime, the secularists had no answer. All they could do was keep protesting military repression.

“The Brotherhood has been the most popular force in Egypt for decades. Its leaders recognized that to take over the country, all they needed was the power to participate in the elections and the authority to ensure that the election results mattered – that is, control over writing the constitution…”

“THE INEVITABILITY of the Islamic takeover of Egypt means that the peace between Israel and Egypt is meaningless. Confrontation is coming. The only questions that remain are how long it will take and what form it will come in. If it happens slowly, it will be characterized by a gradual escalation of cross-border attacks from Sinai by Hamas and other jihadist groups. Hamas’s sudden eagerness to take responsibility for the mortar attacks against southern Israel as well as Monday morning’s murderous cross-border attack are signs of things to come.

“With the Brotherhood ascending to power, the security cooperation Israel has received from the Egyptian security forces in Sinai is over. And the regime won’t suffice with doing nothing to stop terror. It will encourage it…”

Also at

And at

See Levinson, Bradley, & el-Ghobashy, WSJ: “Islamists and Secular Opposition Protest Delayed Election Results Together, as Military Warns Against Fomenting Unrest”

“…rumors swirled about whether the candidate the military is widely perceived to favor—former Air Force commander and ex-Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq—would be declared the official winner, after closed-door talks between the Brotherhood and the military were reported to be rancorous…”

Tom Perry, Reuters: Egypt’s Morsy Goes from Prisoner to President

* Man jailed by Mubarak to replace him in presidency

* Though army remains powerful, victory is historic

* Morsy portrayed himself as man of God and revolution

* Questions over extent of his power

“…On Israel, Morsy’s views reflect those of the Brotherhood. He has called for a review of Cairo’s 1979 peace treaty with its Jewish neighbour, saying Egypt’s neighbour has not respected the accord. But the group has said it will not renege on the deal…”

Gregory Chang, Big Peace: Putin Helps Israel

“Next week, Russian President Vladimir Putin will do something President Obama has not: namely, visit the country of Israel. President Putin will be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Shimon Perez and other officials. Talks are likely to focus on Syria’s civil war and the oncoming showdown over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Putin will also attend an unveiling ceremony in town of Netanya for a memorial in honor of the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Perhaps more important than the diplomatic exercise is the message the visit sends to Russia’s regional allies in the Middle-East, most of which are hostile to Israel. That message is one of Israeli legitimacy as a regional power and the existence of a working relationship between the two governments–sending a particularly strong message to Iran, which would be damaged most by closer ties between the two countries. Putin was recently quoted as saying “Israel is, in fact, a special state to us. It is practically a Russian-speaking country,” in reference to the over one million Russian Jews that have emigrated there…”

BigGovt: Wisconsin Voter Fraud

MILWAUKEE – In March, Dan Shansky left Wisconsin for California to take a job with a union there, but that didn’t stop him from casting a ballot in the June 5th recall election…”

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: “New Party” an ACORN Child

“It has long been known that ACORN helped form the backbone of the New Party.

Now WND has uncovered an even deeper relationship between the socialist-style party and the ACORN group that has long been close to Obama. The bonds were so tight that in progressive circles the New Party was largely considered the de facto political branch of ACORN…”

John Nolte, Big Hollywood: Jake Tapper Skewers Aaron Sorkin & “Newsroom”

Part of the fun is that Tapper’s essay was published by The New Republic…

“ABC News’s Jake Tapper is one of the good guys, one of the few reporters I wish I could asterisk every time I use the term “corrupt media” — a term I use about sixty times a day.

Tapper not only participated (in a small advisory way) in the creation of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama “Newsroom,” but he’s an obvious Sorkin fan who found himself pretty disappointed by the end result.

“Tapper’s full review is well worth a read, but the highlight is how Tapper brilliantly exposes Hollywood’s tired and lazy partisan ploy of using Republican characters to further a left-wing agenda…”

Also: PJ Gladnik, Newsbusters: Jake Tapper Skewers…

And Tapper’s  New Republic article: “The Snoozeroom”

John Nolte, Big Journalism: Politico’s Joseph Williams Suspended

“Poor Joseph Williams. He has to be wondering what the hell’s going on right now. Here he works for an outlet that over the years has become one with MSNBC and he’s catching a suspension for race and class-baiting.

“That’s like being sent to church and suspended for praying.

“I have MSNBC (and CNN) on 15 hours a day and can tell you for a fact that Politico reporters must have cots and sleeping bags in that studio. MSNBC is an openly leftist news outlet, and Politico appearing with Martin Bashir, Al Sharpton, Maddow, or Ed, is no different than writing for the Daily Kos. And Politico rarely argues with the MSNBC host. Instead, like Mr. Williams, they are there to push whatever talking points MSNBC wants to push.

“So here you have the entire Politico institution in an unholy union with MSNBC — proudly sharing its brand with a network almost exclusively devoted to race and class-baiting, and Williams is suspended for race and class-baiting.


“Williams must be flabbergasted right now…

“- Politico itself has an ex-Soros employee constantly crusading against the idea that private citizens would inject outside money into politics. Well, let me clarify: conservatives would inject outside money…

“- Politico’s perverted relationship with the anti-Semitic, Soros-funded, tax-exempt Media Matters has been well documented.

“ – Politico’s crusade to bully private citizens who might do harm to Obama with their private activism is also well documented.

“ – Politico’s also quite notorious for its naked attacks to remove conservative voices from the air.

“The only difference between what Williams did and what Politico does every day is that Williams was honest enough not to disguise what he was doing on Twitter as journalism…”

John Nolte, Big Journalism: WaPo Collaborated with Obama

“The media coordinating with one another to create and control narratives that benefit Obama is in and of itself corrupt. After all, these outlets are all supposed to be in competition with one another and yet they all cover the same stories in the same way. Hmm…?

“There is something worse, though, and that’s when the media coordinates with the Obama campaign, which is something the fallen Washington Post has been caught doing once again.

“In almost all cases, stories like this one published at the Post…”

Anita Crane, WND: Gerald Molen’s Movie, Roots of Obama’s Rage

Remember: D’Souza neglected the isolated, self-loving, somewhat schizoid life chosen by Obama’s mother…I hope Molen doesn’t make the same mistake…

“As Barack Obama intensifies his re-election campaign by granting illegal aliens amnesty, endorsing “gay marriage” and even producing a White House commercial for the nation’s largest abortion business, there’s a new movie coming that digs into his real roots.

“2016 Obama’s America” is coming from Gerald Molen, the Academy Award-winning producer of “Schindler’s List,” whose new project is based on Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

“Molen has worked in many roles in the film industry and is a producer of box office hits. For years he worked closely with Steven Spielberg, producing his movies “Hook” (1991), “Schindler’s List” (1993), “Jurassic Park” (1993), “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” (1997) and “Minority Report” (2002).

“Molen, married 58 years to his wife, Patricia, is the great-grandfather of six who recently made news after driving 90 minutes to a Montana public high school where he was scheduled to deliver the commencement address free of charge.

“When Molen arrived, the school principal abruptly banned Molen from speaking. In an op-ed Molen explains what happened.

“Recently I was invited to speak to the Ronan High School seniors. After three weeks of preparation, research and re-write after re-write, I arrived at the appointed hour only to be told my talk had been canceled. The reason: ‘Some’ callers had informed the principal that they were concerned about the scheduled speaker being too right-wing or having an opinion that might be counter to theirs or some other lame excuse.” (emph added jb)

Fox: Mobster to National Labor Relations Board

“The rap sheet for members of the International Union of Operating Engineers reads like something out of “Goodfellas.”

“Embezzlement. Wire fraud. Bribery. That’s just scratching the surface of crimes committed by the IUOE ranks. And it is from this union that President Obama earlier this year picked one of his latest appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, the federal agency tasked with resolving labor disputes between unions and management.

“That recess appointee, Richard Griffin, was former general counsel for the 400,000-member union of heavy equipment operators — a union tainted over the years by mob connections and a history of corruption.

“Public documents obtained by Fox News show that more than 60 IUOE members have been arrested, indicted or jailed in the last decade on charges that include labor racketeering, extortion, criminal enterprise, bodily harm and workplace sabotage…”

Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller: Politico Shrinks

“Politico’s got problems.

“Huffington., The Huffington Post’s iPad-only magazine, is out with a new article today giving readers an inside look at the struggles of Politico — a Northern Virginia-based newspaper and website.

“Here are the top 9 juiciest tidbits from the piece (because the tenth item would have been a little too inside baseball, kind of like Politico). If you want to read the whole thing, it’s 99 cents on the iPad...

Secret Service: Forkless Dinner

“… ‘As you know, we’re having another speaker and there is some Secret Service involved. So there’s a reason why there’s no knives at your table and the forks will be collected. … And I’m not joking,’ Regalado told the audience in a ballroom at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. ‘So, like the good Hispanic mother I’m here to tell you to please, eat your lunch.’… ”

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