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CONTENTS: Krauthammer – oil tax; Hayward – Left’s bad month; Rush – essence of left; Diogenes; SCOTUS #3; Henninger – becoming France; Rush Zooms; House rejected two budgets, passed Ryan’s; Sowell – interstate trade; Juan Williams – Black crime; More bogus test scores; ISR gets new bases; PA senate against OCare; Hbg corruption; BO betrays ISR; Klein – pinks to occupy Jerusalem; Pravda bashed Mitt; Taco Drones; 1948 Cartoon; Announcements

“…you really want us to go through these 2700 pages?” Antonin Scalia, in reference to cruel and unusual punishment and health care.

“March 30, 1858: Philadelphia’s Hyman Lipman patented the pencil with an attached eraser.

March 30, 1867: We bought Alaska for two cents per acre.

March 30, 1981: President was seriously wounded outside a Washington hotel. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

Jeff Poor, DailyCaller: Krauthammer about BO’s Oil Tax

“Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer called President Barack Obama‘s plea to end oil tax breaks ‘staggering cynicism,’ explaining how Obama’s rhetoric contradicted his past actions on Fox News Channel’s ‘Special Report’ Thursday.

“Earlier in the day, Obama spoke from the Rose Garden outside the White House, calling on Congress to end tax credits to the five major oil companies. Soon after the president’s remarks, the Senate voted to end debate on a Democratic bill that would have redirected $21 billion in “big oil” tax breaks to “green energy” companies and deficit reduction. Some Democrats joined Republicans to kill the bill by a 51-47 vote, short of the 60-vote requirement to bring it up for a vote.

“‘I think any objective observer would look at what the president said today in the Rose Garden on this and conclude as I did: it is truly staggering cynicism,’ Krauthammer said on Thursday’s broadcast. “Number one, when he was in the Senate, Obama supported the subsidies he’s denouncing today. And when our own Ed Henry asked Jay Carney about that, Carney had no answer. He was looking for a hole to hide in.”

“‘Second, the Congressional Research Office in March of 2011 showed that if you remove the subsidies, if it has any effect whatsoever on the gas prices, it will be to increase them, and the president is pretending he is trying to lower the gas prices,’ he continued…”

Steven Hayward, Powerline: “The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Month for the Left”

Sandra Fluke, gas prices, Trayvon Martin, SCOTUS, BO’s budget…

“It is typical for politically-engaged people to note the weaknesses and defects of their own side, while overestimating the strength and prowess of their opponents. This is not a bad instinct, but sometimes it’s worth stepping back and trying to view the whole scene from a neutral perspective. It is possible a neutral or objective observer would conclude that the Left has just had about the worst month in longer than I can recall….”

Neil Munro, Daily Caller: Dems blame messenger, GOP blames message

As Obamacare suffers in the Supreme Court, Democratic activists’ are furiously blaming their legal messenger, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli.

But Republicans are saying that the messenger was tongue-tied by the lousy message.

Rush: The Essence of Left

“This has been an eye-opening week for so many people. The idea that liberal elites are smarter and run rings around other people intellectually was exposed as an abject fraud competing points of views, that was blown up as well. The level of arrogance that they possess is such that there are no opposing ideas except when they are confronted with them…

“It’s eye-opening. I really want to be serious about this. They’re a bunch of overhyped know-nothings who do not have an expansive view of the world. They’re in a prison that’s created by their own conceit. They’re in a prison that’s the result of their own arrogance and they live in a place where there is no reality. And that’s what hit them right between the eyes this week. They were confronted with reality, which they regularly, purposely avoid. They have instead constructed in their minds this socialist utopian idyllic dreamland, fantasyland that doesn’t exist, can’t exist, won’t ever exist. And when they are confronted with the reality of anything up against their own constructs, it is the equivalent to you and I of being surprised by a bear in our backyard. (emph added, jb) It’s the last thing you expect to happen…”

Diogenes in Starbucks

“Genopolitics” has its page in Wikipedia ( and credibility now adheres to the notion that political persuasions have a basis in heritability … lefties expect to lecture you just as your mother did and are stunned that you won’t agree with them or that you agree to get rid of them. Your engaging in discussion signals your willingness to change your mind rather than changing theirs…

“Can we talk? Starbucks is wonderful because it exists to encourage conviviality.”

I smelled a leftist.

“No. Starbucks exists because George Schulz wants to make money and he uses ‘conviviality’ as a slogan.”

“Oh. A cynic.”

“No, an individualist with no obligation to agree with you about anything.”

My opposite, another grizzled white male nearing his seventies and carrying a laptop, wanted my take on how to repair Philadelphia schools. I thought of Buchwald’s suggestion that we improve our prisons by requiring college degrees for admission but I referred the gentleman to ideas from Charles Murray … change the curriculum in ways that draw the student’s zeal instead of lecturing him or her and expecting him or her to exclaim, “Oh, that makes sense.” Also understand that the temperaments and skills of Philadelphia students draw teachers with similar traits. The outcome is stability, possibly between two communities of people who didn’t pass their marshmallow test.

The subtle truth is that children train adults as much as the reverse is true. Even spiders, coral, crickets, and earthworms make their individual environments. Such is the foundation of “free will” and we can probably find it in a termite if we ever look.

He wasn’t giving up so I used an editor’s parachute: “I’m up against deadline” and gave him a CATS card.

“Oh … I’ve run into you before.”

I later emailed him a list even though he didn’t, and wouldn’t, remember my face.

Diogenes is still a great man even if he didn’t give out cards…

References at

SCOTUS Day Three

David Savage, LA Times: Justices poised to strike down entire healthcare law

The Supreme Court’s conservative justices said Wednesday they are prepared to strike down President Obama’s healthcare law entirely.
Picking up where they left off Tuesday, the conservatives said they thought a decision striking down the law’s controversial individual mandate to purchase health insurance means the whole statute should fall with it.
“The court’s conservatives sounded as though they had determined for themselves that the 2,700-page measure must be declared unconstitutional. (nasty, nasty!)
“‘One way or another, Congress will have to revisit it in toto,’ said Justice Antonin Scalia…”,0,2058481.story


Major Garrett, National Journal: White House Blamed Republicans

“…“The individual-responsibility provision was originally a Republican idea,” said White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest at the daily briefing, altering the common terminology “individual mandate” to the theoretically more politically palatable “individual responsibility.”

“Earnest noted that “conservative Republicans” at the Heritage Foundation originally came up with the concept of the mandate in 1988 and 1990. Conservatives have since said the individual mandate was a response and alternative to a mandate on insurance companies during debate over the approach to universal health care in Bill Clinton’s presidency. In truth, it was conceived as a policy alternative long before Clinton was elected.

“Earnest also claimed that Obama’s Affordable Care Act drew its policy inspiration from GOP front-runner Mitt Romney’s health care law in Massachusetts. Earnest called Obama’s national health care law a ‘bipartisan idea’ designed to confront ‘difficult health care challenges.’

“That’s a purely political argument to a constitutional question…”

Paul Hsieh, PJM: Obamacare’s Other Infringements

Thanks Lou,

“ObamaCare supporters were hit with more bad news recently when the Congressional Budget Office announced that the health care law would cost nearly twice the original estimates: $1.76 trillion over ten years rather than $940 billion. Of course, such “unexpected” cost overruns are nothing new for government programs. When Medicare was passed in 1965, it was predicted to cost $12 billion by 1990. In reality, it cost a whopping $110 billion, almost 10 times more than predicted.

But the escalating economic costs of ObamaCare will pale in comparison to the escalating losses of freedom.

The infringement of personal freedom receiving the most attention lately has been the “individual mandate” requiring Americans to purchase health insurance. This issue is at the heart of the current legal challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court. But ObamaCare imposes numerous other mandates and controls…

Daniel Henninger, WSJ: Becoming France

“Maybe the United States dodged a bullet this week. Make that a deep-penetration bunker buster into the original idea of America. On Tuesday, the justices of the Supreme Court sounded, on balance, to be disposed against affirming the Obama health-care law’s mandate.

“The Obama administration’s lawyers argued that the mandate to purchase health insurance is a routine extension of the Commerce Clause, which in the 1930s became the most potent sentence in the U.S. Constitution. It is not a certainty that Tuesday’s discussion of the ObamaCare mandate means it will be overturned. It’s still worth thinking about the implications if the court affirms the law’s individual mandate.

“Should that happen in June, two things would follow: The Commerce Clause’s authority would be unfettered. Big as that is, the implication of an unfettered Commerce Clause is larger: That will be the day the United States becomes France…

Paul Farhi, WaPo: Rush Gets his Advertisers Back

“The dark clouds hanging over Rush Limbaugh appear to be lifting.

Exactly one month after the conservative radio host sparked outrage by calling Georgetown law-school student Sandra Fluke “a slut” and “a prostitute” in a three-day diatribe, stations are standing by him, advertisers are trickling back to his program and the news media have moved on.



Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: House Rejected Bowles- Simpson and Obama’s own Budget

“The 382-38 defeat, with just 16 Republicans and 22 Democrats voting for it, marks a bad end to what began nearly two years ago, when President Obama tapped former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, a Democrat, and former Sen. Alan Simpson, a Republican, to lead a deficit-reduction committee….

Minutes earlier, the House also defeated Mr. Obama’s own budget, submitted last month, on a 414-0 vote arranged by Republicans to embarrass the president and officially shelve his plan…”

Thomas Sowell, NRO: Interstate Commerce…

“…The principle that the legal authority to regulate X implies the authority to regulate anything that can affect X is a huge and dangerous leap of logic in a world where all sorts of things have some effect on all sorts of other things.

“As an example, take a law that liberals, conservatives, and everybody else would agree is valid — namely, that cars have to stop at red lights. Local governments certainly have the right to pass such laws and to punish those who disobey them. No doubt people who are tired or drowsy are more likely to run through a red light than people who are rested and alert. But does that mean that local governments should have the power to order people when to go to bed and when to get up, because their tiredness can have an effect on the likelihood of their driving through a red light?

“The power to regulate indirect effects is not a slippery slope. It is the disastrous loss of freedom that lies at the bottom of a slippery slope.”

Juan Williams, WSJ: Black on Black Crime

Thanks Ted,

“The shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida has sparked national outrage, with civil rights leaders from San Francisco to Baltimore leading protests calling for a new investigation and the arrest of the shooter.

“But what about all the other young black murder victims? Nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And the overwhelming majority of those black people are killed by other black people. Where is the march for them?

Where is the march against the drug dealers who prey on young black people? Where is the march against bad schools, with their 50% dropout rate for black teenaged boys? Those failed schools are certainly guilty of creating the shameful 40% unemployment rate for black teens.

“How about marching against the cable television shows constantly offering minstrel-show images of black youth as rappers and comedians who don’t value education, dismiss the importance of marriage, and celebrate killing people, drug money and jailhouse fashion—the pants falling down because the jail guard has taken away the belt, the shoes untied because the warden removed the shoe laces, and accessories such as the drug dealer’s pit bull….”

Paul Thompson, UK Telegraph; Black on White Crime

“His (Obama) failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House was because there was no “political value” and not worthy of a few minutes of his time.

“They spoke out as teenager Shawn Tyson began a life sentence after being found guilty of the murder of James Cooper and James Kouzaris last April…”

Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller: Bogus Test Scores?

“An Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation released Sunday found that nearly 200 school districts across the country had suspicious test scores, indicating that widespread cheating may be occurring across the country.

“In an unprecedented examination of the integrity of school testing, the AJC analyzed test results from 69,000 public schools, finding high concentrations of suspect math or reading scores in school systems nationwide.

“Last year a Georgia investigation found that at least 178 educators in Atlanta took part in a test-tampering scandal. The nearly 200 schools nationwide that the AJC looked at had suspicious test scores that resembled the cheating scandal in Atlanta, which has been described as the largest cheating scandal in U.S. history…”

AWRHawkins, BigPeace: ISR Gets Access to Air Bases North of Iran

“…News has broken that Israel has acquired use of several air bases on Iran’s northern border, in the Republic of Azerbaijan. And these bases provide a perfect jumping point for attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities or for “search and rescue” units that could be needed after an attack has been launched from elsewhere…”

Lincoln Radio Journal

Program 12-13

(March 31, 2012 – April 6, 2012) This week on Lincoln Radio Journal: David Taylor has a Capitol Watchinterview with Beth Milito of the National Federation of Independent Business Legal Center on this past week’s arguments over Obamacare before the Supreme Court of the United States; And, Lowman Henry has a Town Hall Commentary on why Pennsylvania conservatives are envious of the policy progress being made in other states.

Eric Boehm, PaIndependent: PA Senate OKs amendment to block federal health-care law

“HARRISBURG — Along stark partisan lines, the state Senate approved a constitutional amendment Wednesday that would prohibit the federal government from requiring Pennsylvania residents to buy health insurance.

The amendment was approved, 29-19, and moves to the state House. Even if it passes there, it must be passed a second time by both chambers next year and then placed on the ballot for a statewide referendum.

The amendment, sponsored by Senate President Joseph Scarnati, R-Jefferson, also would prevent the federal government from imposing fines or penalties against people who don’t buy insurance — up to 2.5 percent of household income.”

Eric Veronikis, Patriot News: Hbg Corruption and Scams

“…(David) Ukovic didn’t point fingers, but the normally mild-mannered receiver said Harrisburg’s debt crisis was created by complicated schemes and scams involving huge monetary amounts.

“There is so much corruption in this city. The city has been mismanaged for 20 years,” he said in a loud and strident voice, repeatedly slamming his fist on the witness stand.

After the hearing, Unkovic added: “All this moving around of money, all these transactions that were done that weren’t proper have consequences. It was all a house of cards and they’re coming down now. And they’re all coming down at the same time.”

Ron Ben-Yishai, YNet: Obama Administration Leaks ISR Plans

The United States is leaking information to the media in order to avert an Israeli strike in Iran: The US Administration recently shifted into high gear in its efforts to avert an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities by the end of the year. The flood of reports in the American media in recent weeks attests not only to the genuine US fear that Israel intends to realize its threats; moreover, it indicates that the Obama Administration has decided to take its gloves off.

Indeed, in recent weeks the Administration shifted from persuasion efforts vis-à-vis decision-makers and Israel’s public opinion to a practical, targeted assassination of potential Israeli operations in Iran. This “surgical strike” is undertaken via reports in the American and British media, but the campaign’s aims are fully operational: To make it more difficult for Israeli decision-makers to order the IDF to carry out a strike, and what’s even graver, to erode the IDF’s capacity to launch such strike with minimal casualties…”,7340,L-4209836,00.html

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: International activists to storm Israel’s borders Friday. Group coordinating with Iran, Hamas; tied to Obama associates

“TEL AVIV — Israel is concerned elements of the so-called Global March to Jerusalem slated for Friday will attempt to storm the Jewish state’s borders to provoke a confrontation amid reports Iranian-backed jihad groups are involved in planning the event.

“U.S. endorsers of the Global March include President Obama’s controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright Jr.; Cornel West, a longtime friend of Obama who served as an adviser to the president’s 2008 campaign; and Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink.

“Bill Ayers, a close associate of Obama for years, was involved in originating the concept of creating border chaos for Israel back in 2009.

“According to reports, Iran is also heavily involved in organizing the march…”

Daniel Halper, Weekly Std: Pravda Bashed Mitt

“”Electing Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States of America would be like appointing a serial paedophile as a kindergarten teacher, a rapist as a janitor at a girls’ dormitory or a psychopath with a fixation on knives as a kitchen hand. His comments on Russia are a puerile attempt at making the grand stage and boy, did he blow it…”

Stephanie Grimes, KSL Radio: Tacocopters:

More concepts … Drones to deliver illegals and then to immigrate without the illegals…

“SALT LAKE CITY — The ability to have tacos delivered at their feet is an idea many people wouldn’t hesitate to get behind — especially when the tacos are being delivered by a robot.

“The Tacocopter — an unmanned drone helicopter that gives customers tacos on demand — would without a doubt be wildly popular were it to exist throughout the nation.

“Taco-hungry Americans could order and pay for tacos on their smartphones, which would supply GPS coordinates to the drone. Once ordered, the tacos would be delivered as long as the customer remained in the ordering location.

“It exists in the Bay Area — in concept, at least…

“…the Tacocopter, which has existed since July 2011, has been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration, as would be any unmanned commercial drone. According to FAA regulations, “unmanned aerial vehicles” cannot currently be used for commercial purposes.”

1948 Cartoon: The State vs. the Rest of Us

Thanks Jody, (6.5 million views)

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