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CONTENTS: Peoria über Alles; Steyn – Fluke/Nuts; Klein – Fluke’s roots; InfoWars, Tancredo – Impeach BO; ‘Bama & Miss; Hbg skips 2 payments; CAIR in PA; Global 1%; Piven sees “trouble”; Putin makes walls; BO congrats Vlad; Free speech under fire; Derrick & Elena; Critical Race Theory; Home care – SEIU forced memberships; Mitt/Rick beat BO; OCare & polls; BO shields Fannie/Freddie; Barry Rubin – Sharia tyranny; McCarthy – “let Syria be”; 11,000 missiles from Iran; Mitt – “World gets warmer”; Malkin – CO green sinkhole; Rush – Unempl data, Incandescent bulbs, Jake Tapper; LA Times – Junkies unionize; 120 want Eric out; “Hair Force One”;  Announcements

March 12,1947: President Harry Truman established the Truman Doctrine – a promise that the U.S. would help nations struggling to resist anti-democratic forces. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

Milton Mayer, 1955: “Peoria über Alles

“Take Germany as a city cut off from the outside world by a fire or flood advancing from every direction. The mayor proclaims martial law, suspending council debate. He mobilizes the populace, assigning each section its tasks. Half the citizens are at once engaged directly in the public business. Every private act – a telephone call, the use of an electric light, the service of a physician – become a public act. Every private right – to take a walk, to attend a meeting, to operate a printing press – becomes a public right. Every private institution – the hospital, the church, the club – becomes a public institution. Here, although we never think to call it by any name but the pressure of necessity, we have the whole formula of totalitarianism.

“The individual surrenders his individuality without a murmur, without, indeed,   a second thought – and not just his individual hobbies and tastes but his individual occupation, his individual family concerns, his individual needs. The primordial community, the tribe, re-emerges, its preservation the first function of all its members. Every normal personality of the day becomes an “authoritarian personality.” A few recalcitrants have to be disciplined (vigorously, under the circumstances) for neglect or betrayal of their duty. A few groups have to be watched or, if necessary, taken in hand – the antisocial elements, the liberty-howlers, the agitators among the poor, and the known criminal gangs. For the rest of the citizens – 95 percent or so of the population –duty is now the central fact of life. They obey, at first awkwardly but, surprisingly soon, spontaneously.

“The community is suddenly a single organism, a single soul, consuming its members for its own purposes. For the duration of the emergency, the city does not exist for the citizens but the citizens for the city. The harder the city is pressed, the harder its citizens work for it and the more productive and efficient they become in its interest. Civic pride becomes the highest pride, for the end purpose of all one’s efforts is the preservation of the city. Conscientiousness is the highest virtue now, the common good the highest good…”

Watch for Obama to declare emergencies that he created…

Notes: Barabasi  and Csermely  talk about the cycling of groups from chaos through collapse…so did Toynbee…the sequence is consistent for atomic particles and for liberals and so is the math regardless of the size of the participants or the gods they consult…

Barabási, A-L (2002) Linked: The New Science of Networks. NY: Perseus. (an easy read!)

Csermely, Peter (2006) Weak Links: Stabilizers of Complex Systems from Proteins to Social Networks. NY: Springer. (a little quirkier … take it in sections!)

Mayer, Milton (1955) “Peoria über Alles” They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45. Chicago, IL: Univ. of Chicago Press, 254-258. (Thanks Michael Savage!)

Also at Tea Party Nation:


Mark Steyn, NRO: Fluke – “Have We Gone Nuts?”

“Why should we have to fund a middle-aged schoolgirl’s sex life?

“I’m writing this from Australia, so, if I’m not quite up to speed on recent events in the United States, bear with me — the telegraph updates are a bit slow here in the bush. As I understand it, Sandra Fluke is a young coed who attends Georgetown Law, and recently testified before Congress.

“Oh, wait, no. Update: It wasn’t a congressional hearing; the Democrats just got it up to look like one, like summer stock, with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid doing the show right here in the barn, and providing a cardboard set for the world premiere of Miss Fluke Goes to Washington, with full supporting cast led by Chuck Schumer strolling in through the French windows in tennis whites and drawling, ‘Anyone for bull****?’

“Oh, and the ‘young coed’ turns out to be 30, which is what less evolved cultures refer to as early middle age. She’s a couple of years younger than Mozart was at the time he croaked, but, if the Dems are to be believed, the plucky little Grade 24 schoolgirl has already made an even greater contribution to humanity. She’s had the courage to stand up in public and demand that someone else (and this is where one is obliged to tiptoe cautiously, lest offense is given to gallant defenders of the good name of American maidenhood such as the many prestigious soon-to-be-former sponsors of this column who’ve booked Bill Maher for their corporate retreat with his amusing ‘Sarah Palin is a c***’ routine . . . )

“Where was I? Oh, yes. The brave middle-aged schoolgirl had the courage to stand up in public and demand that someone else pay for her sex life…”

Klein –  Celinda Lake/Fluke

“Progressive pollster Celinda Lake has responded to a KleinOnline investigative report also published at WND that raised questions about her ties to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as “paranoia,” “conspiracy theory” and an attempt to deflect “because they won’t condemn Rush Limbaugh.”

“In the report in question, Klein asked whether the congresswomen who pushed Fluke’s testimony coordinated with Lake’s polling outfit, which recently conducted a survey to determine whether contraception mandates can become a possible presidential election issue.

“Klein also asked whether Fluke had any prior connection to Obama administration officials before a report came out confirming former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn’s PR firm is now representing Fluke.

“I appreciate the paranoia and conspiracy theory — coming from the land of black ‘helicopters,’” the Huffington Post quoted Lake as saying. “I am also really flattered by the perception of our influence and strategic involvement. That said, we had nothing to do with organizing the Sandra Fluke incident and reaction…”

Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars: “Impeach Him…”

Finally! Thanks Bill!

“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s testimony asserting that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military, words which effectively declare Congress a ceremonial relic, have prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce a resolution that re-affirms such behavior as an “impeachable high crime and misdemeanor” under the Constitution.

“During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday, Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey brazenly admitted that their authority comes not from the U.S. Constitution, but that the United States is subservient to and takes its marching orders from the United Nations and NATO, international bodies over which the American people have no democratic influence.

“Panetta was asked by Senator Jeff Sessions, “We spend our time worrying about the U.N., the Arab League, NATO and too little time, in my opinion, worrying about the elected representatives of the United States. As you go forward, will you consult with the United States Congress?”

“The Defense Secretary responded “You know, our goal would be to seek international permission. And we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress…

“The full text reads;

‘Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.

‘Whereas the cornerstone of the Republic is honoring Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution: Now, therefore, be it

‘Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution.’”


Thanks Ted,

“Almost every week brings a new reason for the United States House of Representatives to bring impeachment charges against President Obama. The question of the day is not why he should be impeached but why it hasn’t already been done.

“This week it was Secretary of Defense Panetta’s declaration before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he and President Obama look not to the Congress for authorization to bomb Syria but to NATO and the United Nations. This led to Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., introducing an official resolution calling for impeachment should Obama take offensive action based on Panetta’s policy statement, because it would violate the Constitution.

“Well, really, folks: Is Obama’s disregard of the Constitution really news? No. He has done it so many times it doesn’t make news anymore. Democrats approve it and Republicans in Congress appear to accept it – not all Republicans, of course, but far too many.

“The list of Obama’s constitutional violations is growing by the day and ought to be the topic of not only nightly news commentary but citizens’ town-hall meetings and protest rallies…”

Mitt/Rick/Newt: Alabama & Mississippi Tight

A tough one to predict…social conservatism and “evangelicals” may distrust Mitt but surprise everyone by voting for him anyhow.

Hillary Russ, Reuters: Harrisburg to Skip Two Debt Payments

“(Reuters) – Pennsylvania’s distressed capital city, Harrisburg, will skip $5.3 million of debt payments due next week, the first time the city has defaulted on its general obligation bonds, to ensure there is enough cash to fund vital services.

Pennsylvania’s capital of 50,000 people is mired in $326 million of debt due to the expensive retrofits and repairs of its troubled trash incinerator.

“Although this default on general obligation bonds is unfortunate, I don’t think it’s going to hold up the process for proceeding under the recovery plan,” Receiver David Unkovic said.

Hillel Zaremba, PJM: PA’s Partner – CAIR

Thanks Lou…

“Tasked with administering and enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC [1]) has become entangled in aiding an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood [2] in its goal of stigmatizing and silencing any criticism of Islam or Muslims, including those engaged in terrorism.

“The law that created the PHRC empowers it

“In a better world, this course of action might be considered admirable. But in Harrisburg a system has evolved by which CAIR-PA [6],[1] [7] the local affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — an organization [8] declared an unindicted co-conspirator [9] in America’s most significant terror financing trial [10] — can manipulate data and push the pernicious myth that the U.S. is filled with hateful, anti-Muslim citizens…”

Alan Meltzer, WSJ: The Global One Percent

Thanks Ted,

“The remarkable similarity in income distribution across countries over the past century means domestic policy has less effect than many believe on who gets what.

“While the Occupy Wall Street movement may be waning, the perception of growing income inequality in America is not. For those on the left, the widening gap between the top 1% of earners and the remaining 99% is proof that American capitalism is unjust and should be traded in for an economic model more closely resembling the social democracies of Europe…

“…As the nearby chart from the Roine and Waldenström study shows, the share of income for the top 1% in these seven countries generally follows the same trend line. That means domestic policy can’t be the principal reason for the current spread between high earners and others…”

Madeleine Morgenstern, TheBlaze: Fran Piven Sees “Trouble” from Occupy

Thanks Ted,

“Leftist professor and activist Frances Fox Piven last week predicted the Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble” and will soon be taking action against banks and other institutions.

“It may well be that the Occupy movement is now in its second phase, in the phase where it makes trouble, in the phase where it threatens to shut down institutions,” Piven said. “The Occupy movement has moved into the neighborhoods of our cities, it has moved into the schools….This spring, we’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”

Charles Clover, Financial Times: “Putin Builds Walls around Kremlin”

“Vladimir Putin won re-election this week largely by campaigning on a few themes: fear, paranoia, and an obsession with loyalty and betrayal, according to his critics.

“And to hear those close to Mr Putin tell it, this is a faithful reflection of the former KGB colonel’s own mind as he heads into a third term as president of the world’s second largest nuclear power.

“In numerous speeches, Mr Putin alluded to the presence of foreign plots against his rule and internal enemies of Russia’s sovereignty, accusing protesters of responding to “signals” from Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, and being part of a foreign-inspired effort to “show us that they can rock the boat”.

“While this may have been scripted for public consumption, analysts say that the behind-the-scenes Putin is very much like the one he projects in public, his behaviour symptomatic of the same outlook he evokes in political speeches…

Also: Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard: Obama Congratulates Putin

Thanks Ted,

“As the New York Times reported earlier in the week, there are serious charges that Putin rigged the election: “A day after claiming an overwhelming victory in Russia’s presidential election, Vladimir V. Putin on Monday faced a range of challenges to his legitimacy, including charges of fraud from international observers and a defiant opposition that vowed to keep him from serving his full six-year term.”

“Even the State Department called for an investigation into the election earlier in the week.

“Yet with President Obama reportedly calling to congratulate Putin, apparently the White House isn’t too concerned with the fraudulent election–or even its worrisome outcome…

Jonathan Turley, LA Times: “Free Speech under Fire”

“The recent exchange between an atheist and a judge in a small courtroom in rural Pennsylvania could have come out of a Dickens novel. Magisterial District Judge Mark Martin was hearing a case in which an irate Muslim stood accused of attacking an atheist, Ernest Perce, because he was wearing a “Zombie Mohammed” costume on Halloween. Although the judge had “no doubt that the incident occurred,” he dismissed the charge of criminal harassment against the Muslim and proceeded to browbeat Perce. Martin explained that such a costume would have led to Perce’s execution in many countries under sharia, or Islamic law, and added that Perce’s conduct fell “way outside your bounds of 1st Amendment rights.”

“The case has caused a national outcry, with many claiming that Martin was applying sharia law over the Constitution — a baseless and unfair claim. But while the ruling certainly doesn’t suggest that an American caliphate has gained a foothold in American courts, it was nevertheless part of a disturbing trend. The conflict in Cumberland County between free speech and religious rights is being played out in courts around the world, and free speech is losing…”,0,3460649.story

Joel Pollak, Big Government: Derrick Bell & Elena Kagan

“In November 1985, the Harvard Law Review published an article by Derrick Bell that was a “classic” in the development of Critical Race Theory. The article was edited by then-student Elena Kagan, and was cited by Prof. Charles Ogletree in support of her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Barack Obama in 2010. The article makes clear that Critical Race Theory sees the U.S. Constitution as a form of “original sin”–a view later embraced by Obama as a state legislator, and reflected in his actions and appointments…”

Ben Shapiro, Big Government: Explanation of “Critical Race Theory”

“Last week, released video demonstrating Barack Obama’s close relationship with Derrick Bell, the father of Critical Race Theory (CRT). And we’ve seen Soledad O’Brien try to twist the definition of critical race theory in order to protect Obama by grabbing a quick definition from Wikipedia. But just what is CRT? Why is it so dangerous? And what role does it play in President Obama’s thinking?

“Let’s begin from the beginning…”

Patrick Richardson, PJM: SEIU & Forced Memberships

“Rep. Darrell Issa’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has held a hearing and released a new report detailing stories of new union whistleblowers forced into becoming dues-paying members.

Sally Coomer, a home health-care worker from Duvall, Washington, owns a home health-care agency and also cares for her disabled 21-year-old daughter Becky. Coomer receives Medicaid funding as Becky’s health-care provider. Due to the lack of union presence in the state prior to 2009, she was able to do so as an employee of a non-union home care agency.

“Then, the Service Employees International Union arrived in Washington and lobbied for legislation — since passed — requiring all home health-care workers to join a union…”

Rasmussen: Mitt and Rick Ahead of BO

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19 (see trends).

Looking at Tuesday’s upcoming primaries, the GOP race in Alabama is essentially a three-way tie, while Mitt Romney leads by eight in Mississippi. Nationally, Romney now leads Rick Santorum by 12 points. Regardless of who they want to win, 80% of Republican Primary Voters nationwide believe Romney will be the party’s nominee.

With the perception growing that he will be the GOP nominee, Romney leads President Obama by five points in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Today’s numbers show Romney at 48%, Obama at 43%. That’s Romney’s largest lead since December. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update).

If Santorum is the Republican nominee, he is up by one point over the president, 46% to 45%…”

Fox: Rick Won Kansas

“Rick Santorum is the projected winner of the Kansas Republican presidential caucuses, sweeping to victory over his three opponents by an overwhelming margin.

With 53 percent of precincts reporting, Santorum was well ahead with 52 percent. Mitt Romney trailed with 18 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich with 17 percent.

“Ron Paul was in last place with 12 percent…”

Jake Horowitz, Polymic: Mitt Won Wyoming

“It’s official, Romney has won the Wyoming Caucus after Santorum won the Kansas Caucus earlier today. Romney will take home 6 more delegates from day. A total of 12 delegates have been up for grabs since Super Tuesday in Wyoming. The remaing 17 delegates will be selected in April at the Republican State Convention…”

Janet Hook, WaPo: Alabama Tight

“…A poll by the Center for Leadership and Public Policy at Alabama State University found Mr. Romney with 20.2% support among likely Republican primary voters, virtually tied with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 20.7% of the vote. Former Sen. Rick Santorum was close behind with 16.6% among Republicans in Alabama, which will hold its primary on Tuesday along with Mississippi and Hawaii. Other candidates, including Rep. Ron Paul, received 15.1%. The poll’s error margin is five percentage points…”

Jeffrey Anderson & Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: “It’s Obamacare, Stupid”

A different study that included the personalities of B&M as a variable would likely have accounted for more of the results…but, we’re not supposed to mention such things…”

“It’s not easy to lose 63 seats in a House election. Before 2010, the last time it had been done was when Joe DiMaggio was still patrolling center field for the New York Yankees. It’s even harder to pull off such a feat when exit polling shows that Americans were inclined to blame the prior president (a member of the other party) for the poor economy. This raises a question that Democrats and the media have been avoiding for the past 16 months: Just how did the Democrats do it?

“A new academic study says the answer can likely be reduced to one word: Obamacare. The study, which was conducted by scholars from Dartmouth and elsewhere, finds that ‘supporters of health care reform paid a significant price.’ The authors looked at cap and trade, the economic “stimulus,” and Obamacare, and concluded that the latter had by far the most adverse effect on Democrats’ fortunes—voters were “approximately 5 points less likely to vote for an incumbent who supported health reform than one who opposed it.”

“Indeed, if “all Democrats in competitive districts [had] opposed health care reform,” that likely would have swung about 25 seats from the Republican column into the Democratic column and would have given the Democrats “a 62 percent chance of winning enough races to maintain majority control of the House…”

Washington Examiner: BO Covers Fannie/Freddie

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac don’t originate mortgages, but they end up owning most of them because they buy them and then resell them as securities, which are “guaranteed” by the government.

“That guarantee is possible because Fannie and Freddie both began as ‘government-sponsored enterprises.’ Both were taken over by the federal government at the height of the Great Recession of 2008 after housing prices fell, millions of mortgages went into foreclosure, and home sales fell into a downward spiral that continues to this day. Since the takeover, taxpayers have shelled out in excess of $152 billion to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat. Just last month, Fannie Mae said it would need another $4.6 billion in federal aid after posting a fourth-quarter 2011 loss of more than $2.4 billion.

“With those facts in mind, it is incredible to find the Obama administration claiming in federal court that Fannie and Freddie are exempt from the federal Freedom of Information Act because they aren’t government agencies….”

Barry Rubin, PJM: One Truth or Many

Biologists now tell us that every living creature makes its unique environment. Single sources of “truth’ are inherently tyrannical…and inherently wrong.

“The debate, as in Egypt and Libya, is over whether to make Islamic law, Shari’a, the fundamental basis of society. Note that this is usually written into constitutions that Shari’a is “the main source of law.” But if that’s done it means that every detail of every aspect of life would be set by Shari’a…”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Let Syria Be”

“‘We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.”

“That’s the concluding rally cry of the U.S. Department of Defense’s newly issued guidance on the “Proper Handling and Disposal of Islamic Religious Materials — Service Members/Civilian Training.” Here’s how it works: Mainstream Muslims throughout the Middle East believe, based on the Koran and other “Islamic Religious Materials,” that if an infidel force invades a Muslim territory, its members must be killed until the force has been driven out. They further believe that if non-Muslims commit some act — even an inadvertent one — that Muslims perceive as insulting to Islam, a campaign of murder and mayhem is justified.

“Our response? We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others…”

Reza Kahili, Daily Caller: 11,000 Missiles from Iran

“The Iranian newspaper Kayhan reported Thursday that in the first minutes of any American conflict with Iran, “Israel and all U.S. interests around the world will be targeted.”

“The newspaper, which is under the supervision of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ran the story under the headline “11,000 Missiles Ready to Launch.”

“And on Saturday, Tehran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Qazanfar Roknabadi, confirmed during a public roundtable event that the Islamic regime is prepared to attack both Israel and U.S. bases in the region if its nuclear facilities are attacked…”

Ros Krasny, Reuters: Romney “World is getting warmer”

Dates back to June 3, 2011 but could still be true…

Michelle Malkin, NRO: Colorado’s Green Sinkhole

“There’s no escaping Solyndra Syndrome. Here in my home state of Colorado, citizen journalists have uncovered our own gaping government-green-loan sinkhole. The stench of Chicago-on-the-Potomac is fouling the fresh Rocky Mountain air.

“Meet Loveland-based Abound Solar, the lucky winner of a $400 million federal loan guarantee from the Obama administration. Earlier this month, the thin-film cadmium-telluride solar-module maker announced layoffs of nearly 300 employees (70 percent of its work force). In addition, the firm froze plans to build a new factory in Indiana. Abound says it will ride out bad market conditions and “hopefully” survive until the market recovers.

“But White House hope-a-nomics is what got Abound and taxpayers into trouble in the first place…”

Rush: MSM & Unemployment Spin

“…No matter where you look, this 8.3% unemployment and all the robust other economic news that isn’t happening, is being reported. It’s an abject lie, basically, the stories. Here are some sample headlines just from Google: “Unemployment Steady at 8.3%, but Job Market Improving.” That’s US News & World Report. How can that be? How can unemployment not have gone down, how can there not be any new jobs, but the job market’s improving? “Economy Adds More Jobs than Experts Forecast.” Some FM radio station. Economy adds more jobs than experts forecast? For those of you just tuning in, the experts in economic matters are always wrong because every week, every month, whatever the reporting period, the experts are always surprised. The experts are always shocked…”

Rush: Incandescent Bulbs

“CALLER: Our company,, manufactures incandescents right here in the US. We have apples to zebras, everything that you can’t get, we have permission to manufacture right here in the good old USA.

“RUSH: What do you mean, everything that we can’t get?

“CALLER: All of the banned incandescent lamps —

“RUSH: Oh, you mean the stuff that’s been banned, the stuff that’s been banned, you’re making?

“CALLER: Well, we’re making it legally. We have permission from the DOE to manufacture the products.

“RUSH: So you got a waiver from somebody to go ahead and manufacture the stuff?

“CALLER: Yes, we do.

“RUSH: From who?

“CALLER: The Department of Energy.”

Rush: About Jake Tapper

“…TAPPER: The unemployment rate when President Obama took office was 7.8%. It went up to 10%, and is now 8.3%. Gas prices when the president took office averaged $1.84 a gallon. It’s now $3.79 a gallon. And home values have gone down since the president took office.

“RUSH: I don’t believe this.

“TAPPER: There have been more than 2.8 million foreclosures under his watch. President Obama has his work cut out for him with the Democratic base. Compared to four years ago, Diane, Democrats are deflated and Republicans are much more enthusiastic about voting this November.

“RUSH: I don’t know how Jake Tapper has a job today…”

Lee Romney, LA Times: Junkies Unionize

“Reporting from San Francisco—

Heroin shooters, speed users, pot smokers and even some men and women who now are drug-free convene regularly in this city’s gritty Tenderloin district — not for treatment, but to discuss public health policy and share their experiences free from shame or blame.
“On this particular evening, the dozen or so in attendance had some pressing questions, including how those heading to a users’ conference in Oregon this fall would obtain their methadone or safely procure other drugs to use in a supervised injection room.
“‘We have to figure that out,’ said Isaac Jackson, the group’s senior organizer. The 56-year-old, who holds a doctorate in media arts and sciences from MIT, turned to speed in his mid-30s. ‘Nobody should [skip] this conference because they’re afraid they’re not going to get their dose.’
“This is the San Francisco Drug Users Union…”,0,5814375.story

Matthew Boyle, Daily Caller: Room under the Bus – 120 Want Holder Gone

“Republican Reps. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin and Bob Goodlatte of Virginia have signed on to a House resolution of “no confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder over his role in Operation Fast and Furious.

“With their signatures, a total of 120 U.S. House members have now either publicly demanded Holder’s resignation, expressed no confidence in his job performance via a formal House resolution, or both.

“That amounts to more than a quarter of the U.S. House of Representatives and nearly half of the Republican caucus. Three U.S. senators — Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and James Inhofe of Oklahoma — have also called for Holder to resign. So have two sitting governors, Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, and all major Republican presidential candidates…”

Alexandra Petri, WaPo: Mitt & “Hair Force One”

“Mitt Romney, like Meatloaf, would do many things for love. But he won’t do that.

“‘That,’ in this case, being ‘set my hair on fire.’

Philip Rucker reported:

“‘It’s very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments,’ Romney told reporters. “‘We’ve seen throughout the campaign that if you’re willing to say really outrageous things that are accusatory and attacking President Obama that you’re going to jump up in the polls. You know, I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am.’

“A few minutes later, when a reporter brought up Romney’s comment about lighting his hair on fire, the well-coiffed candidate interjected: ‘I’m not going to do it. I don’t care how hard you ask. It would be a big fire, I assure you.’

“This is the only right position.

“Throughout the campaign, Mitt Romney has been consistent on one point: the quality and consistency of his hair care…”

Also: Ashley Parker, NYT:

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