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CONTENTS: Larry Arnn; Road to Repeal; Hands off my health; Help Roger Howard; Coulter – communism; Holder mission implausible; PA Senate ends health plan; Hanson – 10 new commandments; FBI & Capitol plot; TEA nomination; Krauthammer – buying crack; Jindal – education; No combat $ in AfgPak; Harrisburg – our future; York – Rick lost in 2006; Green tape for energy; Freind – Christie & blacks; Steyn – contraception misdirection;  Unemployment  15%; Strassel – war on Wyden; FBI PCs training; Rockefeller $ vs Keystone; Duke Energy & Dems; BO greens Palestine; Soros $ for media matters; Goldman – we’re next

February 20, 1809: The US Supreme Court ruled the power of the federal government is greater than the power of state governments. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

 “The real struggle for us is for the citizen to cease to be the property of the state.” (Hitchens, 2010, 192)

““People are free to buy bacon, and free to buy condoms. But the state has no compelling interest to force either down your throat.” Mark Steyn,

Dr. Larry Arnn, Hillsdale: Constitution 101, Starts Today

“Thanks to generous supporters like you, for the first time ever, Hillsdale College is offering a no-cost 10 week online Constitution course based on the course our students must complete in order to graduate.

“I am proud to be teaching part of our NEW Constitution 101 Course and hope YOU will be one of my students!…”

“In this course, you can:

–          Watch lectures from the same Hillsdale faculty who teach on campus;

–          Study the same readings taught in the College course;

–          Submit questions for weekly Q&A sessions with the faculty;

–          Access a course study guide;

–          Test your knowledge through weekly quizzes; and

–          Upon completion of the course, receive a certificate from Hillsdale College.

“You must register in order to participate in Constitution 101…

March 24, Noon, TEA Party Patriots, Road to Repeal

“Say NO to ObamaCare! Say NO to government managed health care!

ObamaCare is set to be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States March 26-28. If the Supreme Court does not throw this monstrosity out, then the battle for our healthcare continutes on into November and January.
“Now is the time to act! We need your help to send a strong, clear message to the big government types who are bent on trampling our personal choice and freedom. This is the first stop on the Road to Repeal! We need your help to win this fight and repeal government run health care!
Go to  for more information and check back often for event updates!

Tea Party Patriots, 1025 Rose Creek Drive | Ste 620-322 | Woodstock, GA 30189
Support: 404-593-0877;


Diana Reimer, National Coordinator and PA State Coordinator, Nationwide Local Group Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

March 27th, 2012, 1 PM: AfP – Hands Off My Health Care Rally in DC

Buses run from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York/Jersey.

“Over the past few years, Americans for Prosperity has been the premier grassroots group educating the public on the dangers of the President’s health care bill. AFP’s Hands Off My Health Care Tour crisscrossed the nation in 2009 hosting over 300 events an”d rallies. Then, in late 2009, over 5,000 activists gathered for AFP’s Code Red Rally in Washington.

We must remind the Court and all of Washington that the President’s health care takeover is an affront to free-market principles and our Constitution. Not only is the individual mandate unconstitutional, but it forces consumers to enter the health insurance market against their will. Click here to read more about the individual mandate.

Click here to register for the Hands Off My Health Care Rally now!

Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania – will host bus rides to DC from the following locations:

  • Doylestown
  • Harrisburg/York
  • King of Prussia
  • Lancaster
  • Media
  • Middletown
  • Pittsburgh
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • Quakertown/Allentown

In Liberty and Solidarity, Jennifer Stefano, PA Director, Americans for Prosperity

Roger Howard … Voter Contacts Wanted

“We need everyone’s help to elect Roger Howard for our next State Senator in Delaware/Chester County to replace Senator Pileggi. Roger Howard is a principled ,conservative candidate that believes in upholding the Constitution. He can not get elected without money and boots on the ground. This is the time to step up. Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer by calling or emailing me. You don’t need to be in his district to help out . WE HAVE BEEN MEETING FOR YEARS, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION! Since Pileggi is the Senate Majority Leader, HIS DEFEAT WILL SEND A RIPPLE EFFECT THROUGHOUT PA AND BE BENEFICIAL FOR ALL PENNSYLVANIANS. Please respond ASAP and let me know IF YOU WILL JOIN IN THIS IMPORTANT EFFORT. I need to let Roger and the campaign team know how many volunteers he can count on.

“We are also looking for venues for Roger to speak. These include Rotary Clubs, Small Business Associations, Men’s Breakfast,Churches, Veterans Groups (VFW’s), Lions Clubs, Senior Groups, Knights of Columbus and in home Meet and Greets as well as any other opportunities you can think of where Roger has the opportunity to speak to a group.

I am coordinating for Delaware County and I can’t do it alone. Chester County has a team in place and we need to do the same. I am counting on everyone to help make a difference. Together we can send a message to Harrisburg they can’t miss.

Thanks in advance, Lisa Esler, 484-995-1540


“Roger Howard is challenging Dominic Pileggi. Roger turned in petitions with over 1100 signatures. Roger is door knocking and telephoning to raise money.
“Jamie Cox is his highly competent campaign manager and we would like to get Roger in front of TAXPAYERS, that is, small business people and home owners in the 9th district.
“This is the District’s municipalities
Any help or ideas you can give will be most appreciated. For further information call Jamie Cox at 302 420 0411;

Ann Coulter, TownHall: Communism by Insurance

Thanks Ted,

“…Liberal fundamentalists say: I don’t see why anyone needs to hunt; I don’t know why anyone needs to eat meat; I don’t see why anyone needs to bathe every day; I don’t know why anyone minds looking at urine in a low-flow toilet; I don’t know why anyone needs an incandescent light bulb …

“Screw you, liberals. I don’t know why anyone needs an abortion, free contraception, crap-ass “art” with photos of vaginas on the Virgin Mary, non-farming farmers or a $1 million pension for Anthony Weiner.

“But I’m forced to subsidize all of that…”

W. James Antle, III, TownHall: Holders Mission Implausible

Thanks Ted,

“…Operation Fast and Furious—the Hollywood-style code name for the aforementioned botched sting on gun runners—has emerged as one of the Obama administration’s biggest scandals. No less an establishment voice than CNN’s Jack Cafferty has asked if Fast and Furious could become “President Obama’s Watergate.” Since it has resulted in actual deaths, it is not clear that the cover-up is necessarily worse than the crime. But critics keep raising a question similar to the one at the center of the crisis that brought down Richard Nixon: What did the attorney general know and when did he know it?…”

Bill Lawrence: PA Senate Ends Cadillac Health Plan

Thanks Bob,

State Senate President Pro-Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25) confirmed in a Feb. 9 letter to the Bucks County Courier Times that the Senate is replacing its luxury employee medical plan with one akin to the kind almost universal in the private sector. It is expected to save the state $1 million annually.
“The elimination of indemnity health plans was approved in December by The Senate Committee on Management Operations, according to the Courier Times, and all senators, employees and retirees will be in a preferred provider organization plan by April 1.
“The Courier Times and its sister paper, The Intelligencer ran a series of articles in May describing the scandalous benefits. They deserve a big pat on the back.
“But one suspects the matter would have been quickly forgotten if it wasn’t for the growth of certain ornery constituent groups…”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: Ten New Commandments on the Barn Wall

“…If you think our quiet lives of desperation can sometimes become a bit much, relax. Here are some guidelines to soothe your frustration — a few commandments that make sense out of today’s nonsense.

1)      Wealth and poverty are now more relative, than absolute, conditions.

2) Regulators are never the problem; a dearth of regulations always must be.

 3) Debt is a mirage.

4) In our new age of diplomacy, being liked trumps being respected.

5) Collective national wealth is natural; private wealth is unnatural.

6) Medieval exemption is not medieval. Saying one thing, while doing another, is no longer hypocrisy, but rather logical, given that sinning is finessed by prior qualification.

7) Victimhood is always sought, never questioned.

8) Neanderthals need nerds. The cool gang banger who is knifed on Saturday night suddenly in extremis worships the surgeon who stiches up his liver and kidneys — a target whom he would otherwise have robbed earlier that Saturday afternoon.

9) Ideology, for all the protestations of the zealot, is now not to be taken too seriously — not in this age of global leisure and affluence.

10) Owing in our new millennium shall be less stressful than saving.

“…what would have seemed absurd in my youth is now as natural as the sun rising….Try it.”

BreitbartTV: FBI and Capitol Plot

Things happen in partnerships that amplify the actions of either member. It could be argued that the FBI conduct – supplying a damaged gun and bogus explosive – were essential contributions to this guy retaining his fantasies…I bet he gets off. see Strogatz, 2003, Sync

“Authorities have arrested a man on his way to the U.S. Capitol for what he thought would be a suicide attack on Capitol Hill. In his 30’s, the man of Moroccan descent was arrested following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he expressed interest in conducting an attack.
“The man thought undercover FBI agents assisting him in his plot were associates of Al Qaeda. When he was arrested Friday in Washington, he was carrying with him a vest supposedly packed with explosives, but the material inside was not actually dangerous. A short time earlier, he had been praying at a mosque in the Washington area. His destination was Capitol Hill.’

David Steinberg, PJM: “TEA Partied” Nomination

“…Marco Ryan de Clarencepalin would be grand, but being alive while living according to a code of personal responsibility implies that — ahem — one has been able to remain alive without this person, and yet another political season is afire with the primary players out of touch with this phenomenon of conservatism. Despite this, the results so far are astounding: I fail to see how the box scores should be cause for anything but pride among the country class.

The continual march of conservative torch-bearers rising and falling versus Mitt Romney signals two messages. First, and obvious to all, conservatives have no interest in supporting Mitt Romney, and there is absolutely nothing he can do to change this besides being the only guy left when the music stops. And that so many have risen to challenge him should not be upsetting — the streak of upstarts is nothing less than historically phenomenal…”

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller: Krauthammer – Selling the Crown Jewels to Buy Crack

“On “Inside Washington” Saturday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer offered a contrarian view on the bipartisan agreement expected to allow for the extension of payroll tax cuts. An agreement many are hailing as the way Washington ought to work all the time.

“That agreement would extend the payroll tax holiday through the end of the year, but cost the federal government an estimated $100 billion.

“According to Krauthammer, there is no economic benefit in doing that.

“This tells you how bad our politics have become,” Krauthammer said. “Everybody here is so delighted that we finally have a bipartisan agreement and are celebrating it. Over what? … We have just added $100 billion [to a $16 trillion debt for]… a payroll tax cut that every economist will tell you will not have any influence on the creation of jobs or helping our economy. It is temporary and it will have no effect.”

Bobby Jindal, CPAC: Your Child’s Education

Great stuff in four clips!

Sgt. John Bernard, USMC: AfgPak “Pacified”, No Combat Pay

Thanks Jody,

“President Obama, however, was apparently never burdened with that urgent call to serve others – or his country selflessly. And because the only thing he ever answered to was a call to “self-empowerment” and self-ingratiation, he has been a brutal failure as a moral leader and Commander in Chief. In addition, his unquenchable desire to “win over” that portion of the world population to whom he has sold his soul has led him to a new round of actions that should anger every red blooded American and will disgust every American who has ever donned the uniform of a United States Marine!

“This week, President Obama blocked legislation that would hold Iran accountable for
the Hezbollah bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines in 1983
. This inexplicable move hasn’t any bearing on the current crisis except for it’s ability to tilt world opinion in favor of US interests. The Obama administration’s actions to derail this legislation in Congress, then, can only be seen as an effort to bolster support for the Iranian regime which can only be understood through the prism of this sitting President’s indefatigable efforts to “reconcile” with the Islamic nations of the world…”

“As of February 1st 2012, President Obama has determined that Combat Pay for US forces will be determined by a new criteria. In general, Afghanistan has been deemed a combat zone and all US forces deployed in that region have been eligible for combat pay due to the certainty of encountering dirt-bags in firefights, ambushes, IED’s or suicide bombings. This new policy now requires having been shot at first. For those not understanding the problem with this, it now says that the US Government has effectively declared Afghanistan a ‘safe zone’! And this in spite of the nearly daily reports of Americans being either wounded or killed!…”

ReasonTV: Harrisburg – America’s Future

Thanks Lou,

“The city of Harrisburg is Ground Zero for America’s municipal debt crisis.

Pennsylvania’s capital city has liabilities estimated at $610 million, which is nearly 10 times its annual budget. The city is so deep in the red that last year it attempted to file for bankruptcy [1]. Reckless spending did more than ruin Harrisburg’s balance sheet; it crowded out private industry and distracted from the city’s core functions. Today, Harrisburg is a dangerous, poverty-stricken city, with failing schools and a shrinking population.

“Harrisburg’s fiscal nightmare may be a harbinger of things to come for American cities…”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: Why Rick Lost in 2006

“…the GOP, in the sixth year of George W. Bush’s time in office, did lose control of both the House and Senate. But why did Santorum lose so badly?

“The biggest policy reason was Santorum’s outspoken support for the war in Iraq. By November 2006, the war was going badly and threatened to turn into a full-scale catastrophe. President Bush resisted calls to change course. While Santorum’s Democratic opponent, Bob Casey, called for a new policy, Santorum stuck with the president, and with the war. He even made it his primary focus in the last days of the campaign.

“The voters clobbered him for it. In Pennsylvania exit polls, 61 percent of voters said they disapproved of the war. Santorum lost among them, 15 percent to Casey’s 85 percent. Among the largest subgroup of war opponents, the 42 percent of voters who said they strongly disapproved of the war, Santorum was routed 93 percent to 7 percent. That by itself was enough to doom any hopes for a third term.

“Santorum didn’t lose just because of the war. The economy was also an issue in Pennsylvania in 2006, and Santorum lost 66 percent to 34 percent among voters to whom the economy was a critical issue. Santorum even ran disappointingly on values issues, his usual strength, splitting the vote 50-50 among those who said values were extremely important.

“… Santorum also made personal decisions that came back to haunt him in 2006. For example, even though he owned a modest home in Pennsylvania, he moved his family to a much nicer house in Virginia, leading to charges not only that he had abandoned his home state but also that he had gone native in Washington.

“In Virginia, Santorum kept his home-schooled children in a program run by the Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. That cost Pennsylvania taxpayers thousands of dollars a year, and some of Santorum’s political opponents demanded that he reimburse the state. ‘Just pay the money back,’ Casey said to Santorum in one debate. ‘You ripped off the taxpayers. Pay it back.’ Santorum declined, and an adjudicator ruled in his favor, but the school issue highlighted the fact that Santorum had left Pennsylvania behind.

“Finally, there was Santorum’s personality. In the Senate as well as in his home state, Santorum often struck people as arrogant and headstrong, preachy and judgmental. Even today, he sometimes becomes so involved in an argument that he seems intent more on winning the argument than reaching some sort of useful agreement. Throughout his career Santorum has always maintained that his forthrightness means everyone knows where he stands. Sometimes it means people know they don’t like him.

“Looking back on 2006 in private conversations with friends, Santorum is said to understand that he sometimes came on too strong for the voters’ comfort. The question for today is how much he has changed. There’s no doubt he still struggles a bit with the Old Rick: He often seems determined to get the upper hand in disputes that he probably shouldn’t be having in the first place.

“The reasons for Santorum’s defeat are too complicated for a 30-second ad or a brief answer at a debate. He can blame a lot of factors, but in the end he was most responsible for his own fate.”

Economist: Suffocating Green Tape for Coal, Ozone, Carbon Dioxide…

“…The courts, in fact, are the source of the worst uncertainty surrounding environmental regulation. They have repeatedly forced the EPA to revise its rules, rejecting decisions reached under both Mr Obama and his predecessors. It is now assumed, says Kyle Danish of Van Ness Feldman, a law firm, that any important rule issued by the EPA will prompt multiple legal challenges. It does not help that the Clean Air Act does not allow the cost of pollution controls to be taken into account when setting certain standards. Nor is it really designed to handle so pervasive and subtle a pollutant as carbon dioxide—a flaw the Obama administration readily concedes.

There seems little hope of updating the Clean Air Act amid the current shouting match about environmental regulation, however, and utilities are far from unanimous about its deficiencies…”

Christopher Freind, PhillyMag: Chris Christie and Blacks

“…Play word association with most people about Whitney Houston, and they will tell you two things: great singer and crack addict.
“..If Whitney Houston was not a police officer gunned down in the line of duty, nor a military hero killed in a war zone, that means that the hugely significant act of lowering the flags in deference to her was because she was…. a singer?
“Really, Governor? A singer? That’s what it’s come down to in Jersey? Sure, Whitney was an extremely dynamic pop star, but she was just a singer….let’s cut through the emotion and talk brass tacks. She was a popular singer, past her prime, with a not-exactly stellar personal history.
“What is the litmus test for getting flags lowered on your behalf?
“If Jon Bon Jovi — a Jersey Boy — happens to meet his Maker next week, will the Guv give him the same special treatment? And what is the threshold? Record sales? Movie appearances? Rehab stints?
“More ominous is to ponder Bon Jovi’s flag fate had he died before Whitney…and that bring us to two possibilities:..”

Mark Steyn, NRO: “Contraception Misdirection”

“…the Baby Boomers did not have enough children to maintain mid-20th-century social programs. As a result, the children they did have will end their lives in a poorer, uglier, sicker, more divided, and more violent society. How to avert this fate? In 2009 Nancy Pelosi called for free contraceptives as a form of economic stimulus. Ten thousand Americans retire every day, and leave insufficient progeny to pick up the slack. In effect, Nancy has rolled a giant condom over the entire American economy…”

Wynton Hall, BigGovt: Real Unemployment Is 15%

Thanks Lou,

“The Congressional Budget Office released a report Thursday that showed real unemployment in America at 15 percent for the month of January, a figure considerably higher than the White House’s oft-cited 8.3 percent figure that does not include part-time workers seeking full-time work or those who have given up hope of finding a job altogether…”

Kimberley Strassel, WSJ: “The War on Wyden”

“Mitt Romney has had a tough week, Newt Gingrich a tough month, Barack Obama a tough three years. But hey, they could be Ron Wyden.

“Ticked off by Washington’s failure to tackle big problems? Spare a moment for Oregon’s senior senator. Mr. Wyden is the Democrat who in December had the audacity to team up with House Republican Paul Ryan on a proposal to reform and strengthen Medicare—the entitlement that is pushing the country, and seniors, off a cliff. As bipartisan exercises go, this was big, thoughtful, promising.

“It was also a complete anathema to a Democratic establishment that is ideologically opposed to change, and cynically intent on using Mediscare to beat Republicans in 2012. Mr. Wyden, as a result, is taking a beating from his own…”

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: FBI PeeCees Training Materials

“FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia Probe,” by Spencer Ackerman at Wired, February 15 (thanks to all who sent this in):

‘An internal FBI investigation into its counterterrorism training has purged hundreds of bureau documents of instructional material about Muslims, some of which characterized them as prone to violence or terrorism.’

“Good. Only the greasiest of Islamophobes would ever, ever have gotten the idea that any Muslims at all, anywhere, had any interest in violence or terrorism…”

David Martosko, DailyCaller: Rockefeller $ Against Keystone Pipeline

“A Powerpoint presentation obtained by The Daily Caller shows that during a July 2008 meeting, the $789 million Rockefeller Brothers Fund proposed to coordinate and fund a dozen environmental and anti-corporate activist groups’ efforts to scuttle pipelines carrying tar sands oil from Canada to the United States.

“The most recent incarnation of that pipeline plan, the Keystone XL project, was the subject of intense public controversy until the Obama administration rejected it in January…”

(RELATED: See the 2008 Powerpoint slideshow)

Andrew Stiles, FreeBeacon: Duke Energy and Dem Nat’l Convention

Duke  Energy recently got $230.4 Million in stimulus funds and hired John Podesta as a lobbyist….

“(Jim) Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy Corp., one of the largest utility corporations in the country, has given generously to Democratic politicians over the years. Along with his wife, Mary Anne, he has contributed more than $210,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2008, more than double what the couple has given to Republicans. Of that figure, more than $150,000 went to the Democratic National Committee (DNC); $19,200 went to President Obama.

“Rogers is co-chairing the host committee with Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx (D), who was elected to a second term in November 2011. Rogers and his wife both contributed $8,000 to Foxx’s campaign, the maximum allowed under state law.

“Rogers has also done his part to make sure that the convention has access to plenty of cash. The Charlotte Observer reported that Rogers was ‘quietly raising’ as much as $15 million for the DNC.

“Additionally, in an effort to entice the DNC to Charlotte, Rogers and Duke Energy offered to open a $10 million line of credit—guaranteed by Duke shareholders—to help finance the convention…”

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: Obama “Greens” Palestine

“JERUSALEM — Just one week after the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity government with Hamas, the U.S. announced the continuation of a $100 million, five year program to construct “environmentally and socially sustainable” buildings for the Palestinians.

The website for the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem posted the plans, which include a community center and school to be built to meet “stringent third-party-verified ‘green’ certification standards.”

“Already, the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is funding the projects, constructed the Safeer Center, a West Bank child care program, one of the first of the U.S.-funded Palestinian “green” buildings to open…”

Aaron Klein, Media Matters and Soros Funding (Tides Foundation)

“One of the single largest donors to the embattled Media Matters for America is a controversial far-left clearinghouse that funds groups like, ACORN and a litany of antiwar organizations, KleinOnline has learned.

“The organization in question, the Tides Foundation, is funded in part by billionaire George Soros, himself a prominent Media Matters donor.

Tides functions as a money tunnel where major leftist donors provide large sums that are channeled to hundreds of radical groups…”

“…Tides is a primary funder to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or ACORN, and is closely tied to the group implicated in voter fraud. The Tides Center’s Board Chairman is Wade Rathke, ACORN’s founder and chief organizer.

“Tides also is a primary funder to, the American Civil Liberties Union, Campaign for America’s Future; the Center for American Progress; the Center for Community Change; the socialist-leaning Democracy Now!; the Marxist-founded Free Press; the Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies (emph added, jb)

“Tides recently has been closely linked to Occupy since the anti-Wall Street movement’s inception. The Tides-funded Adbusters magazine is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The Adbusters website serves as a central hub for Occupy’s planning.

“The Tides-funded Ruckus Society has been providing direct-action training to Occupy protesters as well as official training resources, including manuals, to Occupy training groups. Ruckus, which helped spark the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle, was also listed as a “friend and partner” of the Occupy Days of Action in October.

“Another grantee of Tides,, has joined Occupy…”

David Goldman, PJM: They’re Coming for Us Next

“Today it is contraception and the morning-after pill. Tomorrow it will be kosher slaughter, or matrilineal descent, or circumcision, or other matters of existential importance to Jewish observance. If the Obama administration gets away with forcing Catholic institutions to step across lines of life and death in the name of “health,” the federal government will have a precedent to legislate Judaism out of existence — as several other countries have already tried to do…”

GOP Debate Schedule

February 22, 2012 – 8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD

March 1, 2012 – 8pm ET on CNN
Location: Georgia
Sponsor: CNN and the Georgia Republican Party
Mitt & Rick Cancelled….

March 19, 2012 – 9pm ET on PBS
Location: Portland, OR
Sponsor: Oregon Public Broadcasting, NPR, PBS, The Washington Times and the Oregon Republican Party
Participants: TBD

GOP Primary Schedule

Feb. 28: Arizona, Michigan primaries

March 3: Washington State caucuses

March 6: Super Tuesday — Primaries or caucuses in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia. Wyoming caucuses begin.

March 10: Kansas caucuses

March 13: Alabama, Mississippi primaries; Hawaii caucuses

March 17: Missouri caucuses

March 20: Illinois primary

March 24: Louisiana primary

April 3: District of Columbia, Maryland, Texas, Wisconsin primaries

WNTP Weekend Hosts

The station advertises in the small hours about needing weekend hosts and asks that you email …good luck!

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