Dead Cats: MilitiaExtremists, 02/06/12, (6)20: James Brody

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CONTENTS: Santorum can do  it; Militia extremists; Ledeen – War with Iran; Hanson – you’re them; Mitt took Nevada; Roger Howard; Kristol – more than the economy; York – Newt’s PR; GOP schedule; Freind – Christie on the treadmill; Tebow beat mitt; Jobless cheating; Moran – racist pig; Hillyer – BO divides; Steyn – lib enforcers; Klein – sustainable communities/global warming; Roman snow; Big Govt GOP; Reid – no budget; Sierra given $25M to block coal; Philly hate crimes; Janice Kearney; Conservative win after the election; Where Guzzardi hangs out; The solar thing; JFK’s 19 yo mistress tells all

February 6, 1788: Massachusetts was the sixth state to ratify the Constitution.

February 6th, 1911: Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, IL,  and became our fortieth president.

February 6th, 1971: Apollo astronaut Alan Shepard hit three golf balls on the moon. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

Patrick Poole, PJM: “You’re all ‘militia extremists’ now”

It’s also a heritable condition present in about a third of us…a new form of racism to call us names? Are we handicapped? Are we eligible for psychiatric attention as the Russians were?

“Love the Constitution? Hate government regulations? New DHS ‘lexicon’ brands you a “militia extremist.”

“We have exclusively posted the DHS “lexicon” here.

“Its definition of “militia extremists” states:

Groups or individuals who facilitate or engage in acts of violence directed at federal, state, or local government officials or infrastructure in response to their belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms and is attempting to establish a totalitarian regime. These individuals consequently oppose many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership), and often belong to armed paramilitary groups. They often conduct paramilitary training designed to violently resist perceived government oppression or to violently overthrow the US Government. (Page 2 of 3, emphasis added)

“So what drives militia extremism according to DHS now is ‘belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms.’ It is demonstrated by opposing ‘many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership).’”

Quin Hillyer, NRO: Santorum Can Do It

”Missouri’s “beauty contest” primary on Tuesday could be Rick Santorum’s big chance. If he defeats Mitt Romney in that event, as at least one poll shows he is poised to do, the punditocracy and public alike might finally recognize the considerable upside he would offer Republicans as their presidential nominee.

Rick Santorum can win the Republican nomination. Rick Santorum can indeed beat Barack Obama in the fall. And Rick Santorum can and would govern at least as conservatively as Ronald Reagan did.

Michael Ledeen, PJM: The Coming War … a talk with James Angleton

“…A whiff of smoke came out of the Ouija board. I couldn’t tell if that was cigarette smoke or burning insulation.

JJA: “Yeah. Four top officers died in 4 days! Shades of Stalin…”

I thought, if I were in Angleton’s condition I’d be careful about using words like ‘shades,’ but now there was static so I had to speed up before I lost him.

ML: “And what about the Americans? What if the president figures it would be good for him to deliver a blow to the Iranians…just him, no Israelis involved.”

JJA: “Can you imagine that?”

ML: “He’d need a direct provocation, but there are people in Washington — serious people, I might add, not the usual conspiratorial crowd — who think he’s doing that right now. They think he’s sending warships into the Gulf, hoping for an Iranian attack, so he can blast them.”

JJA: “Seems far fetched. He’s invested so much in trying to make a deal with them.”

It was getting difficult to understand him, with all the crackling. And now there was more smoke, unmistakably insulation…

ML: “Do you know if that’s still going on? It’s hard to keep track of it all. There have been secret contacts all along.”

JJA: “Someone from the State Department met…(static) early November…(loud crackling) told him to go to hell…”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: You’re ‘Them’

“Until the appearance of Barack Obama on the national scene, I knew of “them” only from an old sci-fi movie in which huge ants (“Them!”) ate people.

“But there are new monsters in America, and I am starting to wonder whether I am to be considered among them: those of the uninvolved and uninformed lives, the bar-raisers, the downright mean ones, the never deserving of respect ones, the Vegas junketeers, the Super Bowl jet setters, the tuition stealers, the faux-Christians who do not pay higher taxes, the too much income makers, the tormenters of autistic children, the polluters, the enemies deserving of punishment, the targets to bring a gun against, the faces to get in front of, the limb-loppers, the tonsil pullers, the fat cats, the corporate jet owners, the one-percenters, the stupidly acting, the not paying their fair sharers, the discriminators on the ‘way you look’, the alligator raisers and moat builders, the vote deniers, the clingers, the typical something persons, the hunters of kids at ice cream parlors, the stereotypers and profilers, the cowards, the lazy and soft, the non-spreaders of money, the not my people people, the Tea party racists, the not been perfect and mistake makers, the disengaged and the dictating, the not the time to profiteers, the ones who did not know when to quit making money, and on and on.

“My God, man, how did Barack Obama & Co. conjure up so many demons?..”

John Helton, CNN: Mitt Took Nevada

“…With 43% of the vote in, Romney held about 43% of the vote while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had 25% and Rep. Ron Paul had 19%. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who had largely bypassed the state, had 12% of the vote. Those numbers were gathered from vote counters at caucus sites across the state and the state’s Republican Party.”

CBS: Mitt – 48%, 12 delegates;  Newt 23%, 4 delegates; Ron 19%, 3 delegates; Santorum 11%, 2 delegates

Paula Stiles: Help Roger Howard

“As you know, Roger is running for the PA State Senate seat against Senate Majority Leader Pileggi.

“Since Senator Pileggi is not showing leadership in Harrisburg (voter ID being a big one), Roger needs our support. If you are on Facebook, please friend Roger. Also, Roger needs funds and he also needs help by getting him on the ballot and signing his petition. If you or you know someone in his district, please let us know. We cannot sit back any longer. Roger is willing to step up to the plate so we all need to support him.

“If we don’t remove RINO’s out of Harrisburg and start filling the seats with true conservatives, we are really in deep trouble. We had two petition drives yesterday and today which we only received a few signatures. We should have had hundreds of people ready to sign petitions. It takes two minutes to sign (not a lot of time considering what we are facing).

Find him on Facebook at Roger4PA… Thank you…

Paula Stiles, Chesco Patriots

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: More than the Economy

“…we’ve seen an epic Republican collapse in 2006. That happened despite pretty good economic growth in the preceding two years. Its cause was some combination of the Bush attempt to institute private Social Security accounts, Hurricane Katrina, Harriet Miers, Tom DeLay, Donald Rumsfeld, immigration, and God knows what else—but not particularly the economy. The repudiation of the Democrats in 2010, for that matter, was fundamentally about Obamacare, the size and scope of government, and particular Obama policies like the stimulus and cap and trade. It wasn’t primarily a referendum on “the economy, stupid.”

Nonetheless, the slogan has become a talisman, evoked by unimaginative political consultants and reached for by cautious candidates, in pursuit of an easy, safe, cookie-cutter campaign strategy. But it’s not safe…”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: Calling it down the Middle

“What no one mentioned in the conference calls was that in 2005 Vucanovich, the first woman ever elected to Congress from Nevada, published a memoir, Barbara F. Vucanovich: From Nevada to Congress, and Back Again. She discussed Gingrich at several places in the book, and said a number of complimentary things about him.

“Newt Gingrich was the brightest of all the speakers with whom I served, and I knew him well,” Vucanovich wrote. “In my mind, he changed the direction of American politics and was instrumental in shaping American political thought for many years.”

Recalling standing with Gingrich on the Capitol steps to introduce the Contract with America, Vucanovich wrote, “My role that day was as a ‘spear carrier,’ one of the dozens of members who stood on the steps behind Newt Gingrich…I was privileged to have had a front-row seat at that revolution and to have been an active participant in that watershed moment in American political history.”

GOP Schedule

Feb. 4: Nevada caucuses; Maine caucuses begin

Feb. 7: Colorado, Minnesota caucuses; Missouri primary*

Feb. 28: Arizona, Michigan primaries

March 3: Washington State caucuses

March 6: Super Tuesday — Primaries or caucuses in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia. Wyoming caucuses begin.

March 10: Kansas caucuses

March 13: Alabama, Mississippi primaries; Hawaii caucuses

March 17: Missouri caucuses

March 20: Illinois primary

March 24: Louisiana primary

April 3: District of Columbia, Maryland, Texas, Wisconsin primaries

Christopher Freind: DelcoTimes: Christie, Get on the Treadmill, You May Be President!

“Without question, Gingrich will be in the hunt for the long haul….in the contests that he doesn’t, will post strong second place finishes.

“(There is another reason for Gingrich to stay in the race: the possibility that Romney will say or do something that would catastrophically implode his candidacy. Mitt came close this week when he said “I’m not concerned about the very poor…” Such blunders run in the family, as his father, former Michigan Governor George, crushed his quite viable presidential aspirations by stating he was “brainwashed” into supporting the Vietnam War. The game was over the very instant he uttered that word.)

“Short of a Romney implosion, Gingrich won’t win the nomination outright, but the impact of his candidacy could be substantially greater: he may deny Romney the prize. If the three ‘challengers’ to Romney can keep Mitt from attaining that ‘fifty percent plus one’ number, it’s a whole new ballgame.

“And while such a scenario was unthinkable to many pundits just a few weeks ago, it is becoming increasingly plausible…

“The scarcity of good candidates is testament to what happens when a political party refuses to build its bench with folks who actually believe in things, instead promoting those whose “turn it is.” Look no further than Bob Dole and John McCain. It’s pretty sad that in the election many Republicans are calling the most important in American history, the GOP can muster so few viable contenders.”

Ben Berkowitz, Reuters: Tebow Beats Mitt or BO

“He won’t be in this Sunday’s Super Bowl and his Denver Broncos are already 50-to-1 longshots for next year’s National Football League title, but if Tim Tebow swapped the pigskin for politics, he just might be a shoo-in for the White House.

“Asked which NFL playoff quarterback they would choose for president of the United States in the coming election, more than one in four voters go for Tebow, according to the results of a new Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely voters released on Friday…”

Lucia Mutikani, Yahoo: Jobless Rate at Three-Year Low

“The United States created jobs at the fastest pace in nine months in January and the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to a near three-year low, giving a boost to President Barack Obama.

“Nonfarm payrolls jumped 243,000, the Labor Department said on Friday, as factory jobs grew by the most in a year. The jobless rate fell to 8.3 percent – the lowest since February 2009 – from 8.5 percent in December.

The gain in employment was the largest since April and it far outstripped the 150,000 predicted in a Reuters poll of economists. It hinted at underlying economic strength and lessened chances of further stimulus from the Federal Reserve.

Rick Santelli Objects, “Seasonal Adjustment”

“we want a million jobs an hour. that’s what we want. what we got looked like a good report. i said let’s get the calculator out and i did. so did my sources and big blogs many people read like zero hedge. the labor force participation rate if you look at nonseasonally adjusted, a fresh low going back to april of ’83. if you look at seasonally adjusted a fresh low participation rate going back to december of ’81. what does that mean in english? shrinkage.”

So does Rushbo…

“So all you people that are finding jobs out there, isn’t it great, isn’t it fabulous? Everywhere you look people are getting hired. You can see it in the unemployment number. Why, do you know we created seasonally adjusted 200-some-odd-thousand jobs? Do you know what the raw number is? From the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ own table, the raw number, before there’s any seasonal adjustment, the raw number is that from December to January, we lost two million jobs…”

“…Now, more from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge. ‘A month ago, we joked when we said that for Obama to get the unemployment rate to negative by election time, all he has to do is to crush the labor force participation rate to about 55%,’ meaning the universe of jobs. ‘Looks like the good folks at the BLS heard us: it appears that the people not in the labor force, ‘the number of jobs not available to be filled,’ “exploded by an unprecedented record 1.2 million. No, that’s not a typo: 1.2 million people dropped out of the labor force in one month!”

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall: Jim Moran, Racist Pig

Thanks Ted,

“Congressman Jim Moran is an old white Democrat from Virginia who thinks he can judge whether we minority conservatives are acting sufficiently non-white enough. Moran’s an inveterate bully, a brawler, a crook and a bigot. And not one of his civility-preaching liberal colleagues has the courage to call him out.

“Responding on cable news to GOP Rep. Allen West’s blunt criticisms of President Obama this week, Moran derided the retired U.S. Army colonel, who is black, as “not representative of the African-American community.” Moran then launched into the kind of tired race-traitor tirade I’ve heard from progressives of pallor for more than 20 years…”

Quin Hillyer, American Spectator: Abominations Accelerate

Thanks Ted,

“The Republican presidential campaign thus far has been so bizarre and, frankly, depressing, that some of us have failed to adequately cover worrisome developments on a number of other important fronts. By ineptness and, worse, by deliberate design, Barack Obama daily makes this nation weaker abroad, less free (and more authoritarian) at home, economically more feeble, and in the civic realm more bitterly divided than ever. Meanwhile, ominous developments crowd the world stage. In short, we’re in a big heap of trouble.

“The recent litany of Obama’s odiousness begins with his growing, unambiguous war against traditional Christianity…”

Mark Steyn, NRO: “Liberal Enforcers”

“…Modern “liberalism” is strikingly illiberal; the high priests of “tolerance” are increasingly intolerant of even the mildest dissent; and those who profess to “celebrate diversity” coerce ever more ruthlessly a narrow homogeneity. Thus, the Obama administration’s insistence that Catholic institutions must be compelled to provide free contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients. This has less to do with any utilitarian benefit a condomless janitor at a Catholic school might derive from Obamacare, and more to do with the liberal muscle of Big Tolerance enforcing one-size-fits-all diversity.

“The bigger the Big Government, the smaller everything else…”

Aaron Klein: “Sustainable Communities” & Fairness Doctrine

Skepticism about global warming to become a crime?

“The Presidential Climate Action Project, or PCAP, last year released an extensive list of recommendations for the White House in a 75-page paper entitled, “Building the Obama Administration’s Climate Legacy.”

“Primary among the PCAP’s recommendations is that the Department of Energy should join the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) what is known as the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

“The Partnership, which distributes over $1 billion in grants, says it aims to ‘help communities nationwide improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options, and lower transportation costs while protecting the environment.’

“Another key recommendation in the report is the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine…”

UK Daily Mail: Roman Snow…

“Snow falls in Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS as -36c temperatures across eastern Europe send death toll to 150

–  Capital of Italy usually has moderate temperatures but Colosseum (sic) is closed over ice fears

– Military on alert in the UK as temperatures drop and heavy snow fall is predicted

–  Over 11,000 villagers in Serbia remain trapped by heavy snow and blizzards

–  Temperatures across eastern Europe plummet to -30c amid fears of more deaths

–  Death toll in Ukraine now stands at 101, with 38 people being killed by cold last night

Andy McCarthy, NRO: “Big Government Republicans”

“Forget the fratricidal warfare between two establishment soldiers so harmonious on substance that their contest, inevitably, has descended into a poisonous, personal food-fight. The problem is not the GOP infighting. The problem is the GOP. Republicans are simply not interested in limiting government or addressing our death spiral of spending.

“My weekend column was about the dog-and-pony show that congressional Republicans just put on to snow you into thinking they oppose the $2.4 trillion debt-ceiling increase they actually approved only six months ago. Now, get ready for House Republicans to unveil their $260 billion transportation bill.

“The federal government should not be in the transportation business at all…”

Alexis Levinson, Daily Caller, Harry Reid: “No budget this year.”

“Senate Democratic leaders do not plan to propose a budget this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters Friday, saying that they had already done so with the debt-ceiling agreement.

“‘We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year — it’s done, we don’t need to do it,’ Reid said, according to The Hill.

“Democrats have said that the agreement reached to raise the debt ceiling set spending for Fiscal Year 2012…”

David Martosko, Daily Caller: Sierra Donated $25M from Natural Gas Lobby to Battle Coal

A Time magazine blogger reported Thursday that the Sierra Club, America’s oldest and most august environmental organization, accepted millions of dollars in donations from one of the nation’s biggest natural gas-drilling companies for a program lambasting coal-fired power plants as environmental evildoers.

The total take for John Muir’s conservation group? A whopping $26 million over four years from Chesapeake Energy and its subsidiaries, mostly through Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon.

Stefanie Farr, Philly.Com: Hate Crimes

“Three juveniles who allegedly assaulted a cab driver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

“The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault was motivated by the victims’ race, said Tasha Jamerson, district attorney spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said…”

Lou Flanagan: Janice Kearney Runs

“I am running for delegate out of Congressional District 6 (which encompasses much of Montco as well as Chester Counties).

“There are three slots open in our congressional district. While the Gingrich campaign asked me to do so, I’m not thrilled with any of the candidates that much thus far, and would be an uncommitted delegate, but I am a Tea Party sympathizer and want someone as different from Obama as possible (definitely on the more conservative end of the spectrum). Going to the convention is something I always wanted to do anyway, and think it will be important this time in particular – if no candidate gets a majority of delegates, as I suspect may be the case – to have our voice represented to counteract that of the establishment Republican Party in selecting a nominee.

“I’m aware that Rep. Curt Schroder and one of his legislative aides are also running out of this district….establishment Republican Party.

“As I’m going door to door in my home district (Lower Providence 2-3) and the surrounding area to get nominating petition signatures for several candidates, I’m collecting my own as well. If there’s anyone up my way that wants to sign mine (or circulate), let me know. Thanks :) Janice Kearney []

Kurt Schlichter, BigGovt: Conservatives Win after the Election

Thanks Lou,

“The GOP Establishment we keep hearing about is real, and it is also doomed.

“That will not change whether the Establishment’s candidate Mitt Romney wins in November or not. After the election, the battle really starts; what is happening now are just skirmishes in a fight for control of the Republican Party. Not the soul of the party – if it had one, it auctioned it off long ago – but the mechanism of the party. The Grand Old Party matters only as a vehicle to carry our banner forward.

To do that, we need to seize control, and we do that by destroying the Establishment starting next November 7th…”

Bob Guzzardi’s List of where he hangs out…

“Commonwealth Foundation is Free Market Constitutional site and the best analysis in Pennsylvania is an aggregator and leans right but posts across the board news articles of political interest.
PoliticsPa is new and is more or less objective
There is my The Liberty Blog which promotes Constitutional Limited Government and Free Market Personal Responsibility
CasablancaPa focuses on Bonusgate and political corruption issues and Tom Corbett’s Hypocrisy  www. This is an edgy site with biting humor
Tim Potts DemocracyRising talks about corruption. Tim is a Righteous Liberal Democrat who is clear eyed about corruption of both parties. Very knowledgeable.

The Solar Thing

Green jobs have proved a myth. ‘I think green jobs as a solution to our economic problems have been way oversold,’ said David Kreutzer of Heritage Foundation. ‘We’ve created some green jobs in some industries for some period of time but through heavy subsidies, when subsidies stop, those green jobs stop. So it’s not a solution to an economic problem.’ “Solyndra received a $535 million loan as part of the stimulus package. Now, the company cannot pay back the loan, and the government will have a difficult time recovering the money. Spectrawatt, another green jobs company, received a $500,000 grant to improve solar cells. That company also filed for bankruptcy late last month.

Green jobs are about government subsidies, cronyism, and job cannibalism…”

JFK’s nineteen-year-old Mistress

“She always called him “Mr. President” — not Jack. He refused to kiss her on the lips when they made love. But Mimi Alford, a White House intern from New Jersey, was smitten nonetheless.

“She was in the midst of an 18-month affair with the most powerful man in the world, sharing not only John F. Kennedy’s bed but also some of his darkest and most intimate moments.

“In her explosive new tell-all, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath, Alford, now a 69-year-old grandmother and retired New York City church administrator, sets the record straight in searingly candid detail….”

Debate Schedule


February 22, 2012

8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD

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