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CONTENTS: Flanagan – Voter ID; Ballot zombies; NY fraud; Krauthammer – SOTU small ball; Santorum for VP?; More ACORN $; Jan  Brewer;  Soros sells nat gas; Weak policies; BO’s  recycled plans; 22 flaws in sOTU; Newt’s 90s ethics; Feds unpaid taxes; Jeffrey  Lord – Ameritopia; Glick – Arab Spring; Rubin – ISR won’t attack; Mike B & Jihad film; Ledeen – world war

“We do not accept that ours will ever be a nation of haves and have nots; we must always be a nation of haves and soon to haves.”

– Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (Patriots of SE Michigan) Full text:

1/27/1785: The first state-supported college, The University of Georgia was founded.  (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

“A cabin fire during a launch pad test on January 27, 1967, at Launch Pad 34 at Cape Canaveral killed all three crew members – Command Pilot Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Senior Pilot Edward H. White and Pilot Roger B. Chaffee – and destroyed the Command Module”(Wikipedia)

Voter ID


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Lou Flanagan: Voter ID

“THE LEFTISTS WANT THEIR SUPPORTERS TO VOTE WITHOUT SHOWING A PHOTO ID. And since this election cycle promises to include the dirtiest of dirty tricks by the left, it’s vital that we contact our reps in Harrisburg to pass the

Photo ID bill, and pass it NOW!

All of our reps keep careful track of how many calls and emails they receive, whether for or against something. It’s our job, your job, to add your weight for passage of this bill.

Be polite, but be firm. And ask “Who is holding up this bill, Why are they holding it up, What is your position and WHEN WILL IT BE PASSED!

You are not just one, you are one more! … Lou

HB 934, the Photo ID Bill from the House that requires that all individuals produce a valid photo ID before voting, was passed in June of 2011 by the PA House of Representatives; it is STILL stalled in the Senate. (They did not act on it during their last session that began January 17.) There is no excuse for such inaction by PA’s Republican-controlled Senate. It is essential that concerned citizens contact senators to request that they make passage of HB 934 their top priority when they reconvene on January 24, 2012. Senators are receiving many calls against this bill due to the strong lobbying efforts of Democrats and the ACLU. We MUST counter them!

If we want our elections to be fair, honest and devoid of fraud, the PHOTO VOTER ID BILL MUST be passed ASAP so it can be implemented by the November 6, 2012 presidential election. Pennsylvania is expected to be a key state in the 2012 election which makes it essential that we act now to prevent the voter fraud that could occur in high voting areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


Ask yourself the following questions and then take a few minutes to ACT!

· Why is it mostly Democrats who are so opposed to its passage?

· Do we want another four years of the “change” imposed on us by this current administration?

What YOU Can Do…

After familiarizing yourself with information provided below regarding HB 934, contact the following four senators by E-MAIL and a PHONE CALL and request that “HB 934 be moved to the Senate floor for a vote without further amendments.” Time is of the essence since the Senate will only be in session for a short time. It is advisable to contact the entire list of Officers and Majority Members (Republicans) of the Appropriations Committee if time permits. This list is provided at the end of this E-Mail.

1. Senator Jake Corman (Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee)


Phone: (717) 787-1377; (814) 355-0477

2. Senator Dominic Pileggi (Senate Majority Leader)


Phone: (717) 787-4712; (610) 358-5183

3. Your Own Senator:

To find out the identity of your senator, go to, click on the address link under “Find…Who’s my Legislator?” Type in your address, and click on “GO.” Click on the senator’s name to obtain his/her mailing address and phone number(s).

E-Mail: To obtain the E-Mail address for any senator, go to this link


The PA House passed HB 934 on 6/23/2011; it is currently stalled in the Appropriations Committee of the PA Senate. The current version of the bill can be read on this web site.

· Governor Corbett’s administration has publicly announced its support of HB 934. (reference)

· HB 934 is modeled after Indiana’s photo ID law, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. (reference)

· Currently, 31 states require some type of ID each time a voter casts a ballot; PA is not one of these 31. (reference and tabulation of states)

· PA’s current law only requires voters to show ID when voting in a polling place for the first time. (SB 824, Act of Dec. 9, 2002, P.L. 1246, No. 150)

· It often takes years to remove those who have moved to other locations and also deceased voters from voter rolls. This can contribute to voter fraud. HB 934 will help maintain electoral integrity by preventing the multiple types of voter fraud that have been practiced by organized groups such as ACORN in past elections. Fraudulent votes must not be allowed to nullify legitimate ones.

Notable Quotable” from Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), a sponsor of HB934: “Currently in Pennsylvania, it is impossible to board a commercial airplane, cash a paycheck, operate a motor vehicle or even purchase a season pass to an amusement park without displaying valid photo ID. Guaranteeing the integrity of our state’s election process deserves no less than equal protection under the law.”

The entire list of Officers and Majority Members (Republicans) of the Appropriations Committee of the Senate is given below. If you have time, we urge you to contact each of them in addition to those few noted above.

Appropriations Committee of Senate


Corman, Jake, Chair  (717)-787-1377

Tomlinson, Robert M.,Vice Chair             (717) 787-5072

Hughes, Vincent J., Minority Chair          (717) 787-7112

Ferlo, Jim, Minority Vice Chair  (717) 787-6123

Pileggi, Dominic,ex-officio         (717) 787-4712

Costa, Jay,ex-officio       (717) 787-7683

Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio             (717) 787-7084

Majority Members (Republicans)

Argall,David G. (717)787-2637

Baker, Lisa          (717) 787-7428

Brubaker, Mike                (717) 787-4420

Gordner, John R. (717) 787-8928     

Greenleaf, Stewart J. (717) 787-6599

Mensch, Bob     (717) 787-3110

Pippy, John        (717) 787-5839

Rafferty, John C., Jr (717) 787-1398

Smucker, Lloyd K. (717) 787-6535    

Vance, Patricia H. (717) 787-8524    

Waugh,Michael               (717)787-3817    No E-Mail listed

White, Mary Jo                 (717) 787-9684


McIlhinney, Charles T. (717) 787-7305

Another Option? Voter Fraud and “Government Fraud”!

Deroy Murdock, NRO: Ballot-Box Zombies

“…953 haunted ballots could have reversed any of these races. Perhaps they already did.

“The easiest way to disfranchise the dead is to require every voter to show photo ID. Those who lack identification should get it for free. Reasonable accommodations can be made for the infirm.

“And let’s not hear the Left’s scratched record about how mandating photo ID for voters is step one on the road to lynching. If that were true, then demanding photo ID at America’s airports would make the TSA the KKK. The Left’s oft-cited claim that blacks are too befuddled to possess or acquire photo ID is pure racial profiling. Just how lame does the Left think black Americans really are?…”

Steven Nelson, Daily Caller: NY Voter Fraud

“Two Democratic Party officeholders are on trial in upstate New York for a scam that allegedly involved paying residents of Troy, N.Y. $10 each to register to vote, then forging their absentee ballots.

“And there is a witness.

“The scheme was apparently concocted to ensure local Democrats would win co-listing under the Working Families Party’s ballot line…”

Charles Krauthammer, Investors: SOTU – “Small Ball Demagoguery”

“Once upon a time, small ball was not Barack Obama’s game. Tuesday, it was the essence of his State of the Union address. The visionary of 2008 — purveyor of hope and change, healer of the earth, tamer of the rising seas — offered an hour of little things:

• Tax-code tweaks to encourage this or that kind of behavior (manufacturing being the flavor of the day).

• Little watchdog agencies to round up Wall Street miscreants and Chinese DVD pirates.

• Even a presidential demand “that all students stay in high school until they graduate or turn 18.” Under penalty of what? Jail? The self-proclaimed transformer of America is now playing truant officer?

“It sounded like the Clinton years with their presidentially proclaimed initiatives on midnight basketball and school uniforms. These are the marks of a shrunken presidency, thoroughly flummoxed by high unemployment, economic stagnation, crushing debt — and a glaring absence of ideas…”


NYT: Santorum for VP?

“MIAMI — Rick Santorum, who has been all but shut out of news media coverage since Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary last week, said Thursday that he was staying in the race for the long haul.

“But he also appeared to leave the door open for joining someone else’s ticket as the vice-presidential candidate…”

Matthew Boyle, Daily Caller: ACORN $ – House Judiciary Warns Holder

“In a letter obtained by The Daily Caller, House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith warned Attorney General Eric Holder not to permit the transfer of funds from a recent $335 million Department of Justice settlement to organizations associated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, more commonly known as ACORN, or other advocacy groups allied with President Obama.

“Smith is concerned that flimsy language in the settlement agreement with Countrywide Financial — the mortgage arm of Bank of America — could be politically motivated.

“‘I am concerned that the terms of the Justice Department’s recent settlement with Countrywide Financial Corporation and certain affiliates (collectively, ‘Countrywide’) will allow the Department to give large sums of money to individuals and organizations with questionable backgrounds or close political ties to the White House without any guidelines or oversight,’ Smith wrote…”

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, USA Today: Jan Brewer …

“Congrats to AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. The States SHOULD be able to wave the finger in the face of the president. Especially this one.” “Neal Boortz @Talkmaster



Lachian Markay, Heritage: BO’s Gas Plan Benefits Soros

BO may be thinking about his next job…and we’re set up of another chapter of  insider trading by the US Congress.

“George Soros, a billionaire investor and major backer of President Obama, stands to reap a windfall from legislation promoting natural gas-powered vehicles. The White House unveiled a proposal on Thursday that would do just that.

The proposal would offer incentives for companies to buy and use trucks powered by natural gas. Obama announced the effort at a UPS facility in Las Vegas that received stimulus funding to buy natural gas vehicles and build a fueling station for them.

The proposal is remarkably similar to the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions (NAT GAS) Act.

One company that stands to benefit handsomely from the president’s proposal is Westport Innovations. The company converts diesel engines to be fueled by natural gas. Wall Street analysts predicted a boom for the company if the NAT GAS Act were passed. CNBC analyst Jim Cramer said he “expects shares to absolutely explode” in the event the legislation were to pass…”

WSJ: “The State of his Policies”

Thanks Ted,

“Obama has done nearly everything he wanted. That’s the problem.

“President Obama delivered a State of the Union address Tuesday night that by the account of his own advisers is more campaign document than a plan for governing. He’s running against Republicans in Congress, Reaganomics, wealthy bankers and inequality.

“Normally a President at the start of his fourth year would be running on his record, accentuating the legislation he’s passed. Mr. Obama can’t do that with any specificity because the economic recovery has been so weak and the legislation he has passed is so unpopular. So last night he took credit for the shale gas revolution he had nothing to do with and proposed new policies to “spread the wealth around,” as he famously told Joe the Plumber in 2008 before he took the words back. We thought he meant it then, and now he’s admitting it…”

Calvin Woodward, Washington Times: FACT CHECK: Obama pushes plans that flopped before

“President Barack Obama laid out an array of plans in his State of the Union speech as if his hands weren’t so tied by political realities. There can be little more than wishful thinking behind his call to end oil industry subsidies — something he could not get through a Democratic Congress, much less today’s divided Congress, much less in this election year.

“And there was more recycling, in an even more forbidding climate than when the ideas were new: He pushed for an immigration overhaul that he couldn’t get past Democrats, permanent college tuition tax credits that he asked for a year ago, and familiar discouragements for companies that move overseas.

“A look at Obama’s rhetoric Tuesday night and how it fits with the facts and political circumstances…”

Clark Judge, Hewitt Blog: “SOTU – Did I hear that right?”

Thanks Lou,

“It sounded like such a soft, even conservative speech.
“But let me get this straight: 1) banks will be punished (do I understand this right, by a committee headed by Eric Holder?) if their lending is too risky, 2) and they will be required (by the same committee) to give more home loans (meaning, it must be, to people who would otherwise not qualify for the loans, or else the government would not have to be involved) at lower rates (which means rates that do not compensate them as much as the market says they need to be compensated for the risks they are taking, all of which sounds like a new edition of the policies that brought on the financial collapse), 3) which must mean that they will have to pull back on risky lending someplace other than homes, 4) the only place that most banks would be able to pull back on riskier customers would be loans to small and new businesses, 5) but these are the businesses that have created just about all the jobs over the last 20 years and he said early in the speech he wants to encourage them, 6) so maybe their growth capital will come from selling stock to the kinds of people who invest in new and small businesses, 7) but through the Buffet Rule he’s going to double the tax rate on investment income for those people, meaning that, like the banks, they can’t be fully compensated for the risk of backing small and new businesses, 8) so they will not invest more in small and new companies but in big established firms, 9) so more of those small and new firms will have to turn to the government for capital, 10) which luckily he said would up its investing in early stage businesses with “the best” ideas, 11) ‘the best’ ideas meaning, I guess, as with Solyndra, ideas that advance his agenda through companies whose owners support his candidacy), 11) (sic) or maybe it would be companies that agree to invite unionization (since the unions have failed to organize the new and dynamic sectors of the economy, which is why they have been shrinking), 12) but then with the big businesses, he wants to punish American companies if they invest overseas, 13) and he wants to increase exports, 14) but being competitive in the global markets often means having part of your production near your markets, which is why many companies have opened production facilities abroad and many foreign companies (BMW and Honda, for example) have opened their facilities here, 15) so he’ll make these companies less competitive, meaning less able to export anything that might be paired with some other product the company makes abroad in order to attract buyers, 16) and it also means he’ll have the U.S. ignoring many of the international trading rules of which we have been the principal sponsor since the end of WWII, rules that have led to an incredible growth in widely shared wealth all over the planet, 17) which means that, if he follows through, he’ll blow up the post-WWII global economic system, 18) which in the very short run may help the uncompetitive American labor unions but in the not-so-long run would devastate every economy on earth, 19) but it would also mean he would be in a position to decide where big companies could invest, and when, just as he’ll be in control of all new and small businesses, too, 20) meanwhile he is going to tell states and localities what their budget priorities should be, 21) and make them adopt his policies for running their schools, leaving me to wonder, when he’s through, what won’t he control?
“I believe that’s what I heard the president advocate last night. But one term I didn’t hear, maybe I missed it: ‘The Constitution.’ Then again, wasn’t he suggesting that, in brave times like these, we need to put aside those old rules. Do I have this straight?”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: Newt’s ‘90’s Ethics

“…Given all the attention to the ethics matter, it’s worth asking what actually happened back in 1995, 1996, and 1997. The Gingrich case was extraordinarily complex, intensely partisan, and driven in no small way by a personal vendetta on the part of one of Gingrich’s former political opponents. It received saturation coverage in the press; a database search of major media outlets revealed more than 10,000 references to Gingrich’s ethics problems during the six months leading to his reprimand. It ended with a special counsel hired by the House Ethics Committee holding Gingrich to an astonishingly strict standard of behavior, after which Gingrich in essence pled guilty to two minor offenses. Afterwards, the case was referred to the Internal Revenue Service, which conducted an exhaustive investigation into the matter. And then, after it was all over and Gingrich was out of office, the IRS concluded that Gingrich did nothing wrong. After all the struggle, Gingrich was exonerated…”

Mark Segraves, WTOP: Delinquent: Feds, military owe $3.4B in unpaid taxes

“WASHINGTON – From postal workers to congressional staffers, federal workers failed to pay billions in taxes in 2010. According to records released by the Internal Revenue Service, active and retired federal employees and military personnel combined owed $3,420,168,684 in unpaid taxes for 2010, an increase of more than 3 percent over the previous year.

“As has been the case in past years, the agency with employees who owe the most in unpaid taxes is the U.S. Postal Service, where 25,640 employees owe nearly $270 million. Employees in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives owe more the $10 million. Active duty military owe more than $100 million…”

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator: Ameritopia

Thanks SE Michigan Patriots,

“And… BOOM!

“Mark Levin has an uncanny knack for writing a book that isn’t simply a popular bestseller. Levin’s last book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, became a major political player in the 2010 elections. Literary dynamite, if you will, tossed into the political scene with the fuse lit.

“Now comes the just released Ameritopia, making it plain Mark Levin has done it again. In fact, without doubt, Ameritopia should be considered the companion book to Liberty and Tyranny.

“And yet again it is the historical rarity of a book as major political player — this time at the very heart of the 2012 presidential election itself…”

Caroline Glick, RealClearPolitics: America and the Arab Spring

“A year ago this week, on January 25, 2011, the ground began to crumble under then-Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s feet. One year later, Mubarak and his sons are in prison, and standing trial.

“This week, the final vote tally from Egypt’s parliamentary elections was published. The Islamist parties have won 72 percent of the seats in the lower house.

“The photogenic, Western-looking youth from Tahrir Square the Western media were thrilled to dub the Facebook revolutionaries were disgraced at the polls and exposed as an insignificant social and political force.

“As for the military junta, it has made its peace with the Muslim Brotherhood. The generals and the jihadists are negotiating a power-sharing agreement. According to details of the agreement that have made their way to the media, the generals will remain the West’s go-to guys for foreign affairs. The Muslim Brotherhood (and its fellow jihadists in the Salafist al-Nour party) will control Egypt’s internal affairs.

“This is bad news for women and for non-Muslims…”

Barry Rubin, PJM: Israel Isn’t Going to Attack Iran and Neither Will the United States

“The radio superhero The Shadow had the power to “cloud men’s minds.” But nothing clouds men’s minds like anything that has to do with Jews or Israel. This year’s variation on that theme is the idea that Israel is about to attack Iran. Such a claim repeatedly appears in the media. Some have criticized Israel for attacking Iran and turning the Middle East into a cauldron of turmoil (not as if the region needs any help in that department) despite the fact that it hasn’t even happened.

“On the surface, of course, there is apparent evidence for such a thesis. Israel has talked about attacking Iran and one can make a case for such an operation. Yet any serious consideration of this scenario — based on actual research and real analysis rather than what the uninformed assemble in their own heads or Israeli leaders sending a message to create a situation where an attack isn’t necessary — is this: It isn’t going to happen…”

Chris Hawley, Seattle Times: Mike Bloomberg Blasts Police Use of “Jihad” Film

“NEW YORK — Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that New York police used “terrible judgment” in showing officers a film about Muslims that Islamic groups have complained is inflammatory.

“Bloomberg said commanders have stopped showing the movie, “The Third Jihad,” which contends that Muslims are bent on establishing an Islamic regime worldwide. The film, which was played during counterterrorism training seminars, was bankrolled by a conservative group called the Clarion Fund, according to The New York Times…”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: “World War”

“Speaking at the Pentagon on January 5th, President Obama proclaimed: “Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.”

“He could not be more dangerously mistaken. As he spoke, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was packing his bags for yet another foreign sortie, not, as you might imagine, to Damascus to bolster the morale of Bashar Assad — alongside whom Iran’s killers are conducting mass murder in Syria’s cities and villages — but rather to Latin American capitals much closer to us, including Caracas, Quito, Guatemala City, Havana, and Managua. The Nicaraguan visit was on the occasion of the inauguration of our old enemy, Daniel Ortega. The others are to discuss matters of “mutual interest.”

“Venezuela is far and away the most important, but each of the others is significant, and shows that we are engaged in a global war that is advancing, not receding…”

Debate Schedule


February 22, 2012

8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD

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