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CONTENTS: Voter ID; State of Union – Barnes, Daniels, Tobin, Pethokoukis; Hall, Runningen & Taley, Curl; Freind- endorsing Welsh a joke; Stiles – freeze endorsements; Hedgecock – vulture  socialism; Keystone XL benefits buffet; Newt’s billionaire benefactor; Stephens – GOP deserves to lose; NRO – hour of Newt; Newt’s grandiosity; Tampa debate; CBC would march on WH; Capretta – States & OCare; Roberts –  Kagan recusal; 3rd year wo budget; Apples from China; PA taxpayers & solar; Debate schedule; Sykes – nation of moochers

1/25/1890: Nellie Bly completed her seventy-two day trip around the world. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

January 21, 2012, sixteen-year-old Laura Decker and Guppy completed their circumnavigation of Earth. “Dekker marked her 16th birthday during the trip and claims she is the youngest sailor to complete a round-the-world voyage. The Guinness World Records has said it won’t back that up because it no longer recognizes records for youngest sailors to discourage dangerous attempts…”

Voter ID


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Lou Flanagan: Voter ID

“THE LEFTISTS WANT THEIR SUPPORTERS TO VOTE WITHOUT SHOWING A PHOTO ID. And since this election cycle promises to include the dirtiest of dirty tricks by the left, it’s vital that we contact our reps in Harrisburg to pass the

Photo ID bill, and pass it NOW!

All of our reps keep careful track of how many calls and emails they receive, whether for or against something. It’s our job, your job, to add your weight for passage of this bill.

Be polite, but be firm. And ask “Who is holding up this bill, Why are they holding it up, What is your position and WHEN WILL IT BE PASSED!

You are not just one, you are one more! … Lou

HB 934, the Photo ID Bill from the House that requires that all individuals produce a valid photo ID before voting, was passed in June of 2011 by the PA House of Representatives; it is STILL stalled in the Senate. (They did not act on it during their last session that began January 17.) There is no excuse for such inaction by PA’s Republican-controlled Senate. It is essential that concerned citizens contact senators to request that they make passage of HB 934 their top priority when they reconvene on January 24, 2012. Senators are receiving many calls against this bill due to the strong lobbying efforts of Democrats and the ACLU. We MUST counter them!

If we want our elections to be fair, honest and devoid of fraud, the PHOTO VOTER ID BILL MUST be passed ASAP so it can be implemented by the November 6, 2012 presidential election. Pennsylvania is expected to be a key state in the 2012 election which makes it essential that we act now to prevent the voter fraud that could occur in high voting areas such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Ask yourself the following questions and then take a few minutes to ACT!

· Why is it mostly Democrats who are so opposed to its passage?

· Do we want another four years of the “change” imposed on us by this current administration?

What YOU Can Do…

After familiarizing yourself with information provided below regarding HB 934, contact the following four senators by E-MAIL and a PHONE CALL and request that “HB 934 be moved to the Senate floor for a vote without further amendments.” Time is of the essence since the Senate will only be in session for a short time. It is advisable to contact the entire list of Officers and Majority Members (Republicans) of the Appropriations Committee if time permits. This list is provided at the end of this E-Mail.

1. Senator Jake Corman (Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee)


Phone: (717) 787-1377; (814) 355-0477

2. Senator Dominic Pileggi (Senate Majority Leader)


Phone: (717) 787-4712; (610) 358-5183

3. Your Own Senator:

To find out the identity of your senator, go to, click on the address link under “Find…Who’s my Legislator?” Type in your address, and click on “GO.” Click on the senator’s name to obtain his/her mailing address and phone number(s).

E-Mail: To obtain the E-Mail address for any senator, go to this link


The PA House passed HB 934 on 6/23/2011; it is currently stalled in the Appropriations Committee of the PA Senate. The current version of the bill can be read on this web site.

· Governor Corbett’s administration has publicly announced its support of HB 934. (reference)

· HB 934 is modeled after Indiana’s photo ID law, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. (reference)

· Currently, 31 states require some type of ID each time a voter casts a ballot; PA is not one of these 31. (reference and tabulation of states)

· PA’s current law only requires voters to show ID when voting in a polling place for the first time. (SB 824, Act of Dec. 9, 2002, P.L. 1246, No. 150)

· It often takes years to remove those who have moved to other locations and also deceased voters from voter rolls. This can contribute to voter fraud. HB 934 will help maintain electoral integrity by preventing the multiple types of voter fraud that have been practiced by organized groups such as ACORN in past elections. Fraudulent votes must not be allowed to nullify legitimate ones.

Notable Quotable” from Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), a sponsor of HB934: “Currently in Pennsylvania, it is impossible to board a commercial airplane, cash a paycheck, operate a motor vehicle or even purchase a season pass to an amusement park without displaying valid photo ID. Guaranteeing the integrity of our state’s election process deserves no less than equal protection under the law.”

The entire list of Officers and Majority Members (Republicans) of the Appropriations Committee of the Senate is given below. If you have time, we urge you to contact each of them in addition to those few noted above.

Appropriations Committee of Senate


Corman, Jake, Chair  (717)-787-1377

Tomlinson, Robert M.,Vice Chair             (717) 787-5072

Hughes, Vincent J., Minority Chair          (717) 787-7112

Ferlo, Jim, Minority Vice Chair  (717) 787-6123

Pileggi, Dominic,ex-officio         (717) 787-4712

Costa, Jay,ex-officio       (717) 787-7683

Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio             (717) 787-7084

Majority Members (Republicans)

Argall,David G. (717)787-2637

Baker, Lisa          (717) 787-7428

Brubaker, Mike                (717) 787-4420

Gordner, John R. (717) 787-8928     

Greenleaf, Stewart J. (717) 787-6599

Mensch, Bob     (717) 787-3110

Pippy, John        (717) 787-5839

Rafferty, John C., Jr (717) 787-1398

Smucker, Lloyd K. (717) 787-6535    

Vance, Patricia H. (717) 787-8524    

Waugh,Michael               (717)787-3817    No E-Mail listed

White, Mary Jo                 (717) 787-9684


McIlhinney, Charles T. (717) 787-7305

Another Option? Voter Fraud and Government Fraud!

State of our Tattered Union

Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard:

“There were some nice patriotic touches, a passel of small proposals, and old ideas like soaking the rich in President Obama’s State of the Union Address. But mostly the speech consisted of an effort to make a big deal out of not much.”

Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels:

“…”The President did not cause the economic and fiscal crises that continue in America tonight. But he was elected on a promise to fix them, and he cannot claim that the last three years have made things anything but worse: the percentage of Americans with a job is at the lowest in decades. One in five men of prime working age, and nearly half of all persons under 30, did not go to work today.

“In three short years, an unprecedented explosion of spending, with borrowed money, has added trillions to an already unaffordable national debt. And yet, the President has put us on a course to make it radically worse in the years ahead. The federal government now spends one of every four dollars in the entire economy; it borrows one of every three dollars it spends. No nation, no entity, large or small, public or private, can thrive, or survive intact, with debts as huge as ours…”

Jonathan Tobin, Commentary: A Diminished Obama…

“President Obama launched his re-election campaign tonight with a State of the Union speech that attempted to conjure of the spirit of an earlier era of national unity even as he sought to focus national resentment on wealthy Americans and his political opponents in Congress.

“With no record of accomplishment to his credit, other than the unpopular Obamacare and stimulus, Obama put forward a limited agenda of government intervention in the economy and the tax code in a laundry list of initiatives that did little to break new ground on any issue and was bereft of the passion and vision that drove his 2008 campaign for the presidency. All in all it was 65 minutes that ought to worry Democrats more than it annoyed Republicans…

James Pethokoukis: SOTU & Mortgage Refinance

“I told you so. This was the housing policy bombshell from President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:

“And while Government can’t fix the problem on its own, responsible homeowners shouldn’t have to sit and wait for the housing market to hit bottom to get some relief. That’s why I’m sending this Congress a plan that gives every responsible homeowner the chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage, by refinancing at historically low interest rates. No more red tape. No more runaround from the banks. A small fee on the largest financial institutions will ensure that it won’t add to the deficit, and will give banks that were rescued by taxpayers a chance to repay a deficit of trust.

“Thunderbolt. A mass mortgage refinancing plan with a new bank tax to pay for it…”

“But surely questions will be raised if the FHA is the vehicle. As AEI’s Ed Pinto explains, the FHA’s capital position using private-industry standards shows the FHA to be deeply insolvent. The FHA is estimated to have a current net worth of –$17 billion and an estimated capital shortfall of $35–53 billion. Private regulators would shut it down rather than continuing to allow it to “grow” its way out of its insolvency. Republicans will have lots of questions and may balk if this smells like a moral hazard-inducing housing bailout. (It is just this sort of thing that launched the Tea Party movement, after all.) Then there’s the bank tax to deal with…”

Wynton Hall, BigGovernment: Congressional Insider Trading

“Send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress and I will sign it tomorrow,” President Obama said to applause. “Let’s limit any elected official from owning stock in industries they impact.”

“Since the release of “Throw Them All Out,” Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer has been a one-man battalion fighting for members of Congress to abide by the same insider trading laws that apply to all Americans. President Obama’s speech Tuesday night is evidence that Schweizer’s battle against congressional insider trading and cronyism has scored a critical victory…”

Runningen & Talev, WaPo: State of Union

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tomorrow night will take the populist economic rhetoric he’s been polishing over the past few months and use it to frame his re-election campaign.

“The speech will merge what he wants to say in the campaign with what he wants to do. He’s going to be, as Truman did, attacking Congress as the ‘do nothing Congress,’ and certainly it’s total dysfunctional,” said James Thurber, presidential historian at American University in Washington…

“The annual report by the president, required by the U.S. Constitution, has grown more political as presidential contests have kicked off earlier. State of the Union speeches, for presidents seeking a second term, are campaign tools…”

Joseph Curl, Washington Times: The Truly Dismal State of our Union

Thanks Ted,

“…let’s pause here to take as hard look at the real state of America, by the numbers, using only cold, hard facts.

“The unemployment rate when Mr. Obama was elected was 6.8 percent; today it is 8.5 percent — at least that’s the official number. In reality, the Financial Times writes, “if the same number of people were seeking work today as in 2007, the jobless rate would be 11 percent.”

“In addition, there are now fewer payroll jobs in America than there were in 2000 — 12 years ago — and now, 40 percent of those jobs are considered “low paying,” up 10 percent from when President Reagan took office. The number of self-employed has dropped 2 million to 14.5 million in just six years.

Regular gasoline per gallon cost $1.68 in January 2009. Today, it’s $3.39 — that’s a 102 percent increase in just three years. (By the way, if you’re keeping score at home, gas was $1.40 a gallon when George W. Bush took office in 2001, $1.68 when he left office — a 20 percent increase.)

“Electricity bills have also skyrocketed, with households now paying a record $1,420 annually on average, up some $300.

“Some 48 percent of all Americans — 146.4 million — are considered by the Census Bureau either as “low-income” or living in poverty, up 4 million from when Mr. Obama took office; 57 percent of all children in America now live in such homes.

Since December 2008, a month before Mr. Obama took office, food-stamp use has increased 46 percent. Total spending has more than doubled in just four years to a record high of $75 billion. In 2011, more than 46 million people — about one in seven Americans — got food stamps. That’s 14 million more than when Mr. Obama took office.

“Median household income has dropped nearly 7 percent in the last six years, taking inflation into account. What’s more, nearly 20 percent of males age 25 to 34 now live with their parents.

“Low- and middle-income Americans 65 and older now hold more than $10,000 in credit card debt, up 26 percent since 2005. The average age of the American car is 10 years; in 1990, it was 6.5 years old (by the way, in 1985, Americans bought 11 million cars; in 2009, less than half that, 5.4 million).

“On the macro side, America’s annual budget has jumped to $3.8 trillion — and yet the United States brings in only about $2.1 trillion in revenue. The U.S. trade deficit for 2011 was $558 billion. America’s total public debt stands at $15.23 trillion; in January 2009, the debt was $10.62 trillion. Mr. Obama is on pace to borrow $6.2 trillion in just one term — more debt than was amassed by all presidents from Washington through Bill Clinton combined. The debt is rising by $4.2 billion every day — $175 million per hour, nearly $3 million per minute.

“So, America, that is the State of Your Union. But remember, Mr. Obama had not one thing to do with it. So don’t blame him when you go to the polls. Blame everyone else, especially yourself…”

Christopher Freind: Philly Mag: Endorsing Steve Welch —who voted for Obama — would make the Party a national laughingstock

Republican State Committee: It’s Time for an Open Senate Primary

“…here’s a big question: Would you believe that both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 primary? And after they became disenfranchised by the Republican Party for moving too far Left, they decided to do the only logical thing: become Democrats? And in addition, does it blow your mind that besides voting for the Big O, they took out their frustrations over a too-liberal GOP by financially supporting the most far-Left Democrat in the entire Congress?

Seem far-fetched? Well, it is — and it isn’t.

No, of course Romney and Gingrich didn’t switch Parties, vote for Obama or support liberal Democrats. If either had, it would, without question, be lunacy for any element of the Republican Party to endorse them. To many in the GOP, Obama is not just a political adversary but the Devil Incarnate who must be defeated at all costs. So running someone against Obama who had previously supported him would be a surefire recipe for disaster.

…Incomprehensibly, but not surprisingly, certain factions within the GOP leadership are pushing to endorse Montgomery County’s Steve Welch, a candidate who:

A) Became a Democrat because the GOP wasn’t conservative enough,

B) Financially supported (former) Congressman Joe Sestak, one of the most liberal members of Congress, and

C) Voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

“For those who may think this is also a fairy tale to illustrate a point, think again…

Paula Stiles, Chesco Patriots:

“On January 28, 2012, members of the Republican State Committee will meet in Hershey, PA to discuss the endorsement of PA Senator. In several caucuses, candidates and state committee people voted NO to endorsements. Since the field of candidates is large, the voter should decide who they think will best represent their voters. Therefore, we are asking everyone to email the Republican State Committee members, tell them who you are, and ask them to say NO to endorsements!!! They may be in your region, they may not be. By the way, I did send a letter out and I have received such good support from these people. If you happen to get an email back from them, just respond and encourage them too. I know encouragement is very important.

I have attached a listing of all the State Committee members in PA. Please copy and paste them in and email them all. Since there are so many members, I have done a grouping. I would suggest doing a grouping at a time. (List available at, ask for “statecommittee.docx”

If you want to go to Hershey with us on the 28th, please let me know asap. I may have a few seats left. We will be leaving between 7:30 – 7:45. If we get quite a few, maybe someone else is willing to drive up. We need as much support for open endorsements as possible. Let the people decide.

Roger Hedgecock, WND: Vulture Socialism

Thanks Ted,

“..Obama took money from Americans by force (did you think the IRS was voluntary?) and borrowed money from the Chinese when taxation did not yield enough money. Obama then applied the money to create/subsidize companies to make products he knew people didn’t want at prices they could not afford…”

John Hayward, Human Events: Keystone XL – Warren Buffet Moves Oil by Train

“…a spokesman for the Sierra Club admitted “there is no question that [transporting] oil by rail or truck is much more dangerous than a pipeline,” but that didn’t stop the zero-growth eco-fanatics from calling in their chips with President Downgrade to kill that pipeline.

“Those rail shipments are expected to “increase exponentially with increased oil production and the shortage of pipelines,” according to Justin Kringstad, director of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority. That’s going to be quite a windfall for the railroad companies, isn’t it?

“As it happens, 75 percent of the oil currently shipped by rail out of North Dakota is handled by Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC… which just happens to be a unit of Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. What a coincidence!..”

Also: Jim Efstathiou, Bloomberg: Buffett’s Burlington Northern Among Pipeline Winners

Chris Frates, National Journal: Newt’s Billionaire Benefactor

“Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson plans to give the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC Winning Our Future another $5 million, Jon Ralston reports. That money will help the super PAC compete against the pro-Mitt Romney Restore Our Future PAC, which has already spent $4.4 million hammering Gingrich in Florida. Winning Our Future has yet to spend a dime in Florida, according to ProPublica’s tally. “

Michael Plitnik, CNI: Gingrich Benefactor all in for ISR

“(Sheldon) Adelson is perhaps the most well-known heavy hitter among contributors largely motivated by their extreme hawkish stances on Israel. He has been honored by the far-right Zionist Organization of America (ZOA, a group so extreme even AIPAC tends to try to keep its distance from them), but he has also been a major funder of AIPAC, making sure he keeps his hand in mainstream US politics on this issue and enabling him to exert a strong push of those politics toward the right.

“Adelson’s love of Gingrich is rooted in their mutual passion for crushing unions and privatizing Social Security, but it flowers in their mutual zeal for maintaining Israeli control of the West Bank and support for the farthest right wing of Israeli politics…”

Bret Stephens, WSJ: Republicans Deserve to Lose

“It doesn’t matter that Mr. Obama can’t get the economy out of second gear. It doesn’t matter that he cynically betrayed his core promise as a candidate to be a unifying president. It doesn’t matter that he keeps blaming Bush. It doesn’t matter that he thinks ATMs are weapons of employment destruction. It doesn’t matter that Tim Geithner remains secretary of Treasury. It doesn’t matter that the result of his “reset” with Russia is Moscow selling fighter jets to Damascus. It doesn’t matter that the Obama name is synonymous with the most unpopular law in memory. It doesn’t matter that his wife thinks America doesn’t deserve him. It doesn’t matter that the Evel Knievel theory of fiscal stimulus isn’t going to make it over the Snake River Canyon of debt.

“Above all, it doesn’t matter that Americans are generally eager to send Mr. Obama packing. All they need is to be reasonably sure that the alternative won’t be another fiasco. But they can’t be reasonably sure, so it’s going to be four more years of the disappointment you already know.

“As for the current GOP field, it’s like confronting a terminal diagnosis…”

NRO: Hour of Newt

“South Carolina Republicans delivered what former president George W. Bush once called a ‘thumpin’ to Mitt Romney. Republicans have too many misgivings about Romney — misgivings we share — to give him a shortcut to the nomination. He will have to earn it, if he can. So far he has been content to deliver lifeless platitudes, apparently under the impression that saying he “believes in America” is the way to clinch an argument rather than begin or summarize one. Instead of projecting strength, he has wilted under challenge. For a while there, his position on releasing tax returns was starting to look as convoluted as the tax code itself. He has done little to persuade conservative voters that he will fight for our priorities.

“But attention must now turn to South Carolina’s big winner, Newt Gingrich. If the question before South Carolinians was whether to declare the nomination contest over by choosing Romney, the question before Floridians is whether to make Gingrich the front-runner. Romney is now running a sharply negative campaign in order to capitalize on this distinction. Since neither Gingrich nor Romney can make the case that he is a purebred conservative or a world-beating political talent, both are now essentially relying on a negative argument: The other guy is unreliable and unelectable. There is enough truth in both indictments to explain the continued appeal of other candidates’ joining the race…”

I handed in my psychology license after thirty-eight years of practice. There was simply too much collectivism leaking from the State and national boards and I refused to spend money for material that I didn’t believe. Although I turned in my license, I kept my diagnostics manual and offer now the following:

Newt’s Grandiosity

Rick Santorum called Newt “grandiose.” Newt also had a bipolar Mother who had two similar X chromosomes, and she probably passed one to him. Expect bluster, impulsive commitments, grand schemes, sexual adventures, erratic spending, and rapid mood changes. Small disagreements often become enduring feuds.


“Late in her life she ended up in a long-term care facility. She had bipolar disease, depression and she gradually acquired some physical ailments and that introduced me to the issue of quality, long-term care.”

“Gingrich continued, stalling at times to fight back tears, ‘My whole emphasis on brain science comes in directly from dealing – see how I’m getting emotional – from dealing with you know the real problems of real people in my family. So it is not a theory. It is in fact my mother.’”


No surprise that Newt once accepted the idea of global warming and shared a bench with Nanny P. Psychiatrist Russell Gardner found that hospitalized corporate execs had the same MMPI profiles as bipolar patients. Expect Newt to take charge, expect changes to be sudden, expect them to be unpredictable. Maybe Callista can help…

More at


Monday’s Tampa Debate

Goldberg: Boring Guy Wins Boring Debate

Hewitt: Fiery Newt Had Nothing to Torch

Lowry: Romney’s Better Night

Hays: Yes, Mitt Can

Thomas: Advice for the Next Debate

Jeffrey: Santorum’s Missed Opportunity

Nicholas Ballasy, Daily Caller: CBC Chair: Would March on White House if BO Were White

“…Following his appearance at Republican Rep. Allen West’s Black Conservative Forum, Cleaver elaborated on his past comments about Obama’s image in the African American community, saying, ‘The point I was making is that black people hold the president in such high esteem, that they would not dare march on the White House even though unemployment is at 15 percent and higher and if there was a white president we would do that because we’ve had white presidents since George Washington.’

“Cleaver continued, ‘The point was that if we had anybody else in the White House, with this level of unemployment, that you know, you would see a lot more African Americans, African American organizations and retro organizations speaking out against it. But because he is revered, you know, he gets I guess the benefit of, you know, understanding that the situation was terrible when he came in. So, we’re not doing that.’”

James Capretta, NRO: States’ Progress on ObamaCare

“…The bluest of blue states (and the District of Columbia) are, not surprisingly, moving ahead with Obamacare implementation, and are at various stages in the process. That list includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. In addition, three states — Colorado, Nevada, and West Virginia — that tend to be more competitive politically (that is, they aren’t simply red or blue states) are nonetheless moving ahead with some form of exchange that, at the moment at least, looks to be roughly consistent with what the administration has in mind. So the administration can rightly claim 15 states are more or less playing ball with them.

“But with the other 35 states, the picture is very, very different.

“For starters, there’s a very long list of states — nearly 30 — with strong Republican governors who have absolutely no interest in doing anything to solidify the position of Obamacare as the inevitable blueprint for our future…”

Politico: Health Care – John Roberts Says No to Debating Kagan Recusal

“…Both Kagan and Justice Clarence Thomas have faced calls for their recusals from the case. Opponents of the law argue Kagan should not participate because she was solicitor general during the passage of the law.

“The law’s supporters want Thomas off the case because his wife is actively trying to repeal the law.

“But in December, Chief Justice John Roberts asked both sides to stop their demands.

‘I have complete confidence in the capability of my colleagues to determine when recusal is warranted,’ Roberts wrote in his year-end report. ‘They are jurists of exceptional integrity and experience whose character and fitness have been examined through a rigorous appointment and confirmation process.’”

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: White House to Miss Budget Deadline for Third Year

“The White House told Congress on Monday that its budget will be late this year, meaning President Obama once again will miss the deadline set in law.

“Congressional officials said the president now will send up his budget on Feb. 13, which is a week later than the usual date. The law requires the budget be sent by the first Monday in February.

“Late budgets are common in the first year of a presidency, but this move, in Mr. Obama’s fourth year, drew fire from Congress…”

Duhigg & Bradsher, NYT: Apples from China

“…Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products Apple sold last year were manufactured overseas.

“Why can’t that work come home? Mr. Obama asked.

“Mr. Jobs’s reply was unambiguous. ‘Those jobs aren’t coming back,’ he said, according to another dinner guest.

“The president’s question touched upon a central conviction at Apple. It isn’t just that workers are cheaper abroad. Rather, Apple’s executives believe the vast scale of overseas factories as well as the flexibility, diligence and industrial skills of foreign workers have so outpaced their American counterparts that ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ is no longer a viable option for most Apple products.

“Apple has become one of the best-known, most admired and most imitated companies on earth, in part through an unrelenting mastery of global operations. Last year, it earned over $400,000 in profit per employee, more than Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobil or Google…

“…nothing like Foxconn City exists in the United States.

“The facility has 230,000 employees, many working six days a week, often spending up to 12 hours a day at the plant. Over a quarter of Foxconn’s work force lives in company barracks and many workers earn less than $17 a day. When one Apple executive arrived during a shift change, his car was stuck in a river of employees streaming past. ‘The scale is unimaginable,’ he said.

“Foxconn employs nearly 300 guards to direct foot traffic so workers are not crushed in doorway bottlenecks. The facility’s central kitchen cooks an average of three tons of pork and 13 tons of rice a day. While factories are spotless, the air inside nearby teahouses is hazy with the smoke and stench of cigarettes…”

One Foxconn factory employs 230,000 workers, each of  them for twelve-hour days for $17 per day. These are prime jobs – 3000 applications are taken every day. Foxconn needed 8700 engineers to supervise iPhone construction … it took fifteen days to get them.

“Those jobs aren’t coming back…”

Eric Boehm, PA Independent: PA Ratepayers Could Pay More to Salvage Solar…

Is this some scheme to throw state money where Obama has thrown buckets of federal dollars to his campaign donors?

“From the PA Independent:

“A proposal requiring electric companies in Pennsylvania to buy more solar energy could cost ratepayers in Pennsylvania as much as $3 billion over the next decade.

Legislation, drafted by state Rep. Chris Ross, R-Chester, aims to address the collapsing value of the state’s solar energy credit market after the state injected more than $180 million in grants and loans to stimulate the industry in recent years.

“Thanks to abundant government subsidies for solar energy, the market expanded too quickly and caused the value of solar energy credits – rebates paid by electric companies to consumers who use solar power – to fall so low that installations of new solar equipment may cease for the next three years.

“‘We now have a lot of extra solar installations chasing after very few renewable energy credits. The market has crashed,’ Ross said.

“Solar advocates say the only way to prevent a collapse of the solar energy market in Pennsylvania is to provide further subsidies by requiring electric companies to buy a higher amount of solar energy for the next three years.

“Since solar energy is more expensive to produce than other forms of energy, purchasing more solar will drive up costs for the companies and will be passed on to consumers.”

In Pennsylvania, electric companies are already required to buy ‘alternative’ energy produced at higher costs. Electricity from solar is roughly 10 times more expensive to produce than power generated from natural gas. This extra cost is passed along via our respective electric bills. As a result consumers in states that have alternative energy mandates, like Pennsylvania, pay 39 percent more for their electricity, than consumers in states that actually let the market work.

“If your Representative is listed below as a sponsor of this legislation, ask them why they are going to double down on interfering in the energy market. Let them know that Pennsylvanians will pay the price for it.




Debate Schedule


January 26, 2012               Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: CNN, CNN en Español, The Hispanic Leadership Network and The Republican Party of Florida
Participants: TBD

February 22, 2012

8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD

Charlie Sykes: A Nation of Moochers

A compassionate society makes sure that people do not starve. It does not buy free lunch for everyone.

A compassionate society makes provisions so that the homeless or the otherwise destitute are not exposed to the elements. It does not provide no-down payment, no income loans so that people can buy unaffordable houses at inflated prices.

A compassionate society provides opportunities; it does not treat free cell phones or wireless internet as an entitlement. It does not punish work or make it easier to be dependent than it is to get a job and improve yourself.

A compassionate society provides the opportunity and the freedom to travel. It does not compel you to buy your neighbor a new car.

A compassionate society provides a temporary safety net for the unlucky. It does not provide a soft mattress for a lifetime of dependency.

A compassionate society may cushion the worst effect of the business cycles. It does not provide billion dollar bailouts to the business whose reckless risky bets go south.

A compassionate society takes care of those in need. It does not assume that we are all incapable of making it on our own.

A compassionate society does not infantilize its citizens or corrupt them by making them a nation of moochers.

Author of A Nation of Moochers, America’s Addiction to Getting Something for Nothing

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