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CONTENTS:  Voter ID; Steve Welch; Freind – Prez choice; Newt won sC (ABC, Byron York; Steyn; Hanson, WSJ – Newt’s challenge); Guzzardi –Rogers Howard; Sustained Development; Ledeen – World War; Energy – BO dithers (4 stories); BO  ordered to appear; Kochs push back; Valerie Jarrett; SCOTUS cans TX maps; Catholics want vouchers; Soros Activist on Fox; SCYTL takes US elections; DoJ backed off Arpaio; AZ investigates DoJ; Glick – Mainstream antiSemitism; Belmont & Fishtown; Steyn – West sinks; 101 want Holder gone; Iran’s bomb; McCarthy – Newt & Sharia

1/23/1849: Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to earn a medical degree. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

“Monkeys with clubs,” said one of our band of studious researchers. “That’s what politics is: monkeys with clubs.” Roger Kimball, PJM:

Voter ID


Deceit, ACORN, Voter fraud, Voter ID, Lying, Philadelphia elections,  2012 Election


Mark Driver: About Steve Welch

“As most of you know, the Governor has now officially endorsed Steve Welch for US Senate. The State Committee could be next. I believe you all stand with me in my belief that the Committee has no business 1) Endorsing a former Democrat and allocating resources to them and 2) Endorsing anyone at all in a crowded primary field where only one has ever actually held a public office.

“And so I ask you to stand with me in fighting to keep this year’s Primary open and working towards letting the voter’ decide rather than party insiders and the establishment. This weekend an online petition calling on Chairman Gleason and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania not to endorse at was launched at . I would ask you to sign it and send it to your membership.

“But what I really need from you today is for you to stand with us and with Pennsylvania Republicans everywhere in publicly calling on Chairman Gleason and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania not to endorse any candidate and to let an open primary process play out. That’s why this Monday at 9:30 AM in Harrisburg we have called a press conference to highlight our efforts and make our intentions known.

“This is not about the state party, Sam Rohrer, or any one candidate, this is about doing what is right and letting the voters of Pennsylvania decide, not the establishment…”

Christopher Freind, NewsMax: Hicks, Lobsta’men, & Uncle Cletus Pick OUR  President – Why?

“Why Are Iowa Hicks, NH Lobsta’men And Carolina’s Uncle Cletus Picking OUR President?

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the nation have zero say —yet again

“… the 98 percent of citizens who don’t live in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina will — yet again — have virtually no say in their Party’s nominee for President.

“In other words, the leader of the Free World will largely be determined by Hawkeye State hicks whose claims to fame are making full-size butter cows (sounds like a made-to-order Paula Deen special) and hysterically crying whenever their other sacred cow is criticized: ethanol mandates.

“Likewise, an equal say is incomprehensibly bestowed upon folks in New Hampshire — which is mindboggling since these people still don’t know there’s an “r” in the alphabet. Guess it’s just pa’ fa’ tha’ coua’se. Pass the lobsta’.

“And now we have Uncle Cletus in the state that started The War of Northern Aggression putting the finishing touches on the coronation.

“Only in America.

“Where does that leave the rest of the country? Voting for dogcatcher, coroner and several other less flattering offices, such as U.S. Senate.

“So why does the nation put up with such an inequitable system, will it ever change, and is there a better way? Lack of political courage, probably not, and resoundingly yes….”

ABC: Newt Won SC

“Propelled by voters who were heavily influenced by the pre-primary debates, and a strong evangelical showing, Gingrich claimed a landslide victory, winning virtually every county in the Palmetto State save for a handful that went to Romney.

“It’s not that I am a good debater,” Gingrich said in his victory speech tonight, surrounded by his family and an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. “It’s that I articulate the deepest-felt values of the American people.”

from DrudgeReport:

Coulter: SC Voters Rather Have Snotty Remarks Toward Obama Than Win...
953 dead people voted in SC?
Gingrich plans speech on space...
Santorum sticks around and gives grief...
Dems still fixated on Romney...

Byron York, Washington Examiner: Why New Won, Why Mitt Lost

“COLUMBIA, SC — They won’t say it publicly — they don’t want to appear churlish or disrespectful on a night they took a serious beating — but it’s no exaggeration to say that even after losing the South Carolina primary to Newt Gingrich, members of Mitt Romney’s circle find it absurd — almost crazy — that the former House speaker has even a ghost of a chance of becoming the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

“In their view, Gingrich has barely run a campaign. As they see it, Team Gingrich doesn’t have the money, professionalism, brains, or organization of the Romney campaign. They see the former Speaker as somewhat unstable and vulnerable to continued attack on issues of ethics and morals. And most of all, they see Gingrich as a candidate who owes his very existence to the never-ending series of Republican debates — and not much more…”

Also: South Carolina GOP primary results
Game on: Gingrich takes South Carolina
Where does the Republican campaign go from here?
Updates: Beltway Confidential blog
S.C. GOP voters focused on economy, beating Obama
Barone: A few words in defense of negative campaigning

Mark Steyn, NRO: The Man  Who Gave Us Newt

“The nature of this peculiar primary season — the reason it seems at odds with both the 2009–2010 political narrative and the seriousness of the times — was determined by Mitt Romney. Even if you don’t mind Romneycare, or the abortion flip-flop, or any of the rest, there’s a more basic problem: He’s not a natural campaigner, and on the stump he instinctively recoils from any personal connection with the voters. So, in compensation, he’s bought himself a bunch of A-list advisers and a lavish campaign. He is, as he likes to say, the only candidate with experience in the private sector. So he knows better than to throw his money away, right? But that’s just what he’s doing, in big ways and small…”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: The Election Circus – Money, Women, & Personality

“…So how long can the wild Gingrich needle graph go up and down, given his uncanny ability to die and be reborn a thousand times? I’d say about a month longer when one of two things will occur. One scenario: He is so thoroughly vetted that no more disclosures can emerge and he stops expounding ad hoc on Newtology in a way that confirms an undisciplined and wacky nature. In that case, he has a 50/50 chance of winning the nomination, regardless of the current status of his funding, organization, and endorsements. Or, we will hear yet a new Newtism (e.g., something like another neo-Marxist take on Bain Capital), or yet another brilliantly unworkable plan that serves as a proverbial last straw on the camel’s back, and the voters collectively sigh that they prefer Romney and pray he is not Dole, Bush Sr., or John McCain, more convinced that Gingrich is a Goldwater albatross rather than a Reagan savior…”

WSJ: The Gingrich Challenge

“A test for Romney, GOP officials, and the former speaker himself.

“There’s no denying the breadth of the former House speaker’s triumph in the Palmetto State. He won among rank-and-file Republicans, tea partiers, men and women, all manner of conservatives, most income groups, and every age group save those under 30 (who went narrowly for Ron Paul over Mr. Gingrich).

“Most strikingly, he routed Mr. Romney on what had been the former Massachusetts governor’s greatest strength—electability. Some 45% of voters in the exit poll said defeating President Obama was the candidate trait that mattered most, and they went for Mr. Gingrich over Mr. Romney, 51% to 37%.


“This reflects Mr. Gingrich’s debate skills but perhaps more his willingness to promote conservative values … This is in contrast to Mr. Romney, who is cautious at his most tenacious but in the last week has seemed befuddled by questions he surely knew were coming … Rick Santorum is candidly saying he plans to stay in the race, despite a distant third-place finish, mainly because he thinks Mr. Gingrich will blow himself up again …Mr. Gingrich is never going to be well loved, and voters may overlook that if they want a hard man for hard times. But he can’t only practice the politics of contrast and win an election. Media-bashing may work when the questions seem unfair, but not when they are legitimate queries concerning his record at Freddie Mac or in Congress. He needs to practice the politics of addition with independents and nonconservatives.


“As for the GOP establishment, such as it still is, Mr. Gingrich’s re-emergence is likely to cause a panic attack…”

Debate Schedule


January 23, 2012          Air time TBD on NBC
Location: University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida
Sponsor: The St. Petersburg Times, NBC News, the National Journal and the Florida Council of 100
Participants: TBD

January 26, 2012          Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: CNN, CNN en Español, The Hispanic Leadership Network and The Republican Party of Florida
Participants: TBD

February 22, 2012

8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD

Bob Guzzardi: Rogers Howard

Rogers Howard INDEPENDENT OF REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, a Tea Party Republican, will challenge Dominic Pileggi. Rogers Howard is a very smart, very sophisticated and cosmopolitan resident of Unionville with an impressive educated intelligence, a PhD. in Chemistry, of both Mexican ancestry and son of a Daughter of the American Revolution, all American, Constitutional Conservative with the message and a nascent organization. The challenge is $$$.

Rogers Howard v. Dominic Pileggi:

I met Rogers Howard a short time ago for two hours. He may the smartest candidate I have met – so smart that he can admit he doesn’t know something. This is a sign of person who is so confident of his intelligence that he can admit a mistake or that he doesn’t know. and he is a trained scientist (as well as being religious in a most sophisticated way), a PhD in Chemistry, 82d Airborne, graduate of St. Alban’s in DC(Al Gore’s alma mater), who lived above his Dad’s restaurant, a son of a Daughter of the American Revolution and of Mexican ancestry via Texas early 20th (we will be fielding two outstanding candidates of Hispanic background although Rogers does not speak Spanish).

Dominic Pileggi and Sam Smith1 are Centers of Gravity; replace them with competent, committed people who think the purpose of public service is to serve the public and not enrich and empower themselves and we will have a better community.

Maggie Rodin – Sustainable Development

“I spoke with Paul Celentano today who is looking for people to join him fighting against sustainable development in the Phoenixville area. He mentioned Phoenixville is to become a ‘transition town.’ I suggest you do a search as to what that means. He has been ‘undercover’ to several Phoenixville OWS meetings in Phoenixville and he understands what they are planning to do to advance the, ‘sustainable development’ agenda. I suggest you take a peek here  and look at their goals. What do you think they mean by ‘potential’ brown-fields??? I know. But the better question is, do you?

“Here is Paul’s number if you want to do something. 484 844 7822 and email

Michael Ledeen, PJM: World War

“Speaking at the Pentagon on January 5th, President Obama proclaimed: “Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.”

He could not be more dangerously mistaken…”

Washington Examiner: Energy – BO Dithers, China & Cuba Drill

“While Obama dithers on Keystone, America’s chief energy competitors are making hay on the international energy market. Canadian officials have made it clear they will build a pipeline that will either go south to supply the United States or west to supply China. “Officials in Beijing are probably cheering for Obama’s supposed concern for the environment. The Chinese are also rapidly consolidating their status as Brazil’s preferred partner in developing the South American company’s rich offshore oil resources. And China’s government-controlled energy industry is investing substantial sums in Canadian and U.S. exploration and drilling firms. It never hurts to own a substantial piece of your competitor’s key industry.

“Then there is Cuba, which just this week saw the arrival off its northern coast of the Chinese-built Scarabeo 9 drilling rig…”

Robert Samuelson, WaPo: The Insanity of Stopping Keystone

“President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico is an act of national insanity. It isn’t often that a president makes a decision that has no redeeming virtues and — beyond the symbolism — won’t even advance the goals of the groups that demanded it. All it tells us is that Obama is so obsessed with his reelection that, through some sort of political calculus, he believes that placating his environmental supporters will improve his chances…”

Gale Norton, Washington Times: Obama Chose American Decline

“Which nation will be the world’s leading superpower a few decades from now? I fervently hope it is the United States, and I have great faith in American ingenuity. But the Obama administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline is a reminder of why our No. 1 position is in jeopardy.

The Keystone XL pipeline would bring oil from the Canadian oil sands and North Dakota’s Bakken Formation to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The pipeline has been in the regulatory approval process since 2008. Its eight-volume environmental impact statement was produced following myriad studies, hearings, public comments and reviews by multiple agencies and each of the states along the route.

However, the Obama administration decided the proposal had not been studied enough. It delayed a decision in November. Congress responded and gave President Obama 60 days to make the simple determination of whether the pipeline was in the “national interest.”

William Tucker, American Spectator: Democrats Still Believe in the Farce of Global Warming!

Someone’s been paid…

“This week President Obama handed down what may prove to be one of the most fateful decisions of his entire administration when he rejected the plan to build the Keystone XL Pipeline carrying oil from the tar sands of Canada to the refineries of Houston. The decision did not win him one new vote but was crucial in protecting his environmental flank. The movie stars and Sierra Club contributors were getting restless and had drawn the line in the sand.

“In turning down Keystone, however, the President has uncovered an ugly little secret that has always lurked beneath the surface of environmentalism. Its basic appeal is to the affluent…”

CBS Atlanta: The Republic Breathes – GA Judge Orders BO to Appear

“ATLANTA (AP) – A judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on a complaint that says Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen and can’t be president.

“It’s one of many such lawsuits that have been filed across the country, so far without success. A Georgia resident made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in the March presidential primary.

“An Obama campaign aide says any attempt to involve the president personally will fail and such complaints around the country have no merit…”

Daily Caller: Kochs Push Back…

“In an effort to rally the base and go on the offensive following the killing of the Keystone XL pipeline plan, President Barack Obama turned on the pro-free market Koch brothers, releasing a campaign ad that refers to “secretive oil billionaires attacking President Obama.” The effort did not escape the attention of Koch Industries, which promptly released a statement saying that it is “unfortunate that the president demonizes Koch and other job creators for political gain rather than create an environment that will promote job growth and help businesses and the people they employ flourish.”


Matthew Continetti, Weekly Standard: Worst White House Aide, Valerie Jarrett’s Bad Advice

Willie Stark & Sadie Burke? Check the body language at

“If for nothing else, Jodi Kantor’s The Obamas will be remembered for an anecdote from 2010. After he spent hours disputing an allegation in the French media that Michelle Obama thought life in the White House was “hell,” press secretary Robert Gibbs encountered senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. She told him the first lady was unhappy with his work. Gibbs exploded in a rage, informing Jarrett that she didn’t ‘know what the f— you’re talking about’ and that if Mrs. Obama was displeased, well, ‘f— her too.’ Subsequent relations between the senior adviser and press secretary were strained. Gibbs told Kantor he stopped taking Jarrett seriously ‘as an adviser to the president of the United States…’”

James Vicini, Reuters: SCOTUS Threw Out Texas Voter Maps

“(Reuters) – The Supreme Court handed Texas Republicans a partial victory in a partisan fight over election redistricting that has erupted after a huge increase in the state’s Hispanic population.

“Throwing out a set of election maps that favored Democrats and minorities, the justices on Friday sent the case back to a lower court, forcing further review of a matter with a limited timetable for resolution as 2012 elections are fast approaching.

“In its first ruling on political boundary-drawing based on the 2010 U.S. Census, the high court unanimously rejected interim election maps that had been drawn up by federal judges in San Antonio…”

Dennis Owens, ABC: Catholics Push for Vouchers

Thanks Lou,

“HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – School vouchers seem to be a dead issue at the Capitol, but supporters promise to continue pushing lawmakers.

“The archbishop of Philadelphia is pushing his flock. He recently linked nearly 50 Philly school closings to the fact that Catholics haven’t complained vigorously enough to their elected officials for vouchers, and he pointed a finger at Harrisburg.

“Archbishop Charles Chaput was inundated with complaints after school closings in Philadelphia. Chaput unleashed a few complaints of his own in his weekly column.

‘Some Catholics, too many, seem to find it easier to criticize their own leaders than to face the fact that they’re discriminated against every day of the year. They pay once for public schools; then they pay again for the Catholic schools,’ he wrote…”

CanadaFreePress: Fox Hired Soros Activist, Sally Kohn

Thanks Paula,

“Sally Kohn, a former senior strategist at the Soros-funded Center for Community Change, has been hired as a Fox News Contributor. Soros is the controversial hedge fund billionaire, convicted of insider trading in France, who finances the “progressive” movement in the U.S.

“It is significant that Kohn is now a regular paid commentator on Fox News, while Glenn Beck, the one-time archenemy of George Soros, was ousted from the channel last year and now hosts an Internet TV show…”

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine: Former U.S. Elections Officer Now Working Private Voting-System Firm.

“A U.S. elections officer who served in voting districts that partnered with a controversial online voting firm recently retired from his government position to work for the firm in question, the foreign-headquartered company SCYTL.

KleinOnline reported yesterday that SCYTL has faced questions about the security of its electronic voting technologies, which are now set to be deployed in 900 U.S. jurisdictions.

The firm already provides balloting for overseas U.S. military and civilian voting in nine states along with elections technologies in several districts.

Concerns have also been raised about SCYTL’s ties to the Spanish government and to international venture capital firms. Also, SCYTL overseas Internet balloting in foreign countries worldwide.

In October, it was announced that Paul Stenbjorn, the executive director of the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics, resigned from his position to take a job at SCYTL as director of U.S. operations…”

Jerome Corsi, WND: DoJ Faced Arpaio and Blinked

“In its developing battle with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over alleged violations of the civil rights of Hispanics, the Justice Department appears to have blinked, backing away from an earlier threat to take the Arizona lawman to federal court immediately.

“Now, the DOJ suddenly wants to talk.

“Still, the Civil Rights Division under the direction of Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez has made it clear that the DOJ has no intent of proving its charges, as Arpaio has demanded.

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: AZ Investigates Holder

“Arizona’s state legislature will open its own investigation into the Obama administration’s disgraced gun-running program, known as “Fast and Furious,” the speaker of the state House said Friday.

“Speaker Andy Tobin created the committee, and charged it with looking at whether the program broke any state laws — raising the possibility of state penalties against those responsible for the operation.

“It’s a turnaround from the rest of the immigration issue, where the federal government has sued to block the state’s own set of laws.

“A law requiring businesses to check new workers’ legal status was upheld by the Supreme Court last year, and the court has agreed to hear the case of Arizona’s crackdown law that makes being an illegal immigrant a state crime and gives state and local police the power to enforce that law…”

Caroline Glick, JPost: “Mainstreaming AntiSemitism”

People still learn that morality is the key element…

“Anti-Semitism may not yet be a litmus test for social acceptability in the US, but it has certainly become acceptable.
“Proof of this dismal state of affairs came this week with the publication of a supportive profile of University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer in The Atlantic Monthly written by the magazine’s in-house foreign policy guru Robert Kaplan.
“Mearsheimer is the author, together with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government’s Prof.
“Stephen Walt, of the infamous 2007 book, The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. Since the book’s publication, Mearsheimer has become one of the most high-profile anti-Semites in America.
“Kaplan’s article was a clear bid to rehabilitate Mearsheimer in order to advance his pre-Israel Lobby theory of realism in international affairs.
“Mearsheimer’s realist theory argues that the international arena exists in a state of perpetual anarchy. As a consequence, the factor motivating states’ actions in international affairs is their national interests. Morality, he claims, has no place in international affairs…

Charles Murray, WaPo: Belmont, MA vs. Fishtown (Philly)

Two Americam communities divide on measures of marriage, single parenthood, industriousness,  crime, religiosity/secularism.

“Taken separately, the differences in lifestyle that now separate Belmont from Fishtown are not sinister, but those quirks of the upper-middle class that I mentioned—the yogurt and muesli and the rest—are part of a mosaic of distinctive practices that have developed in Belmont. These have to do with the food Belmonters eat, their drinking habits, the ages at which they marry and have children, the books they read (and their number), the television shows and movies they watch (and the hours spent on them), the humor they enjoy, the way they take care of their bodies, the way they decorate their homes, their leisure activities, their work environments and their child-raising practices. Together, they have engendered cultural separation.

“It gets worse. A subset of Belmont consists of those who have risen to the top of American society. They run the country…”

“…I think that the reforms of the 1960s jump-started the deterioration. Changes in social policy during the 1960s made it economically more feasible to have a child without having a husband if you were a woman or to get along without a job if you were a man; safer to commit crimes without suffering consequences; and easier to let the government deal with problems in your community that you and your neighbors formerly had to take care of.

“But, for practical purposes, understanding why the new lower class got started isn’t especially important. Once the deterioration was under way, a self-reinforcing loop took hold as traditionally powerful social norms broke down…”

“…The “something” that I have in mind has to be defined in terms of individual American families acting in their own interests and the interests of their children. Doing that in Fishtown requires support from outside. There remains a core of civic virtue and involvement in working-class America that could make headway against its problems if the people who are trying to do the right things get the reinforcement they need—not in the form of government assistance, but in validation of the values and standards they continue to uphold. The best thing that the new upper class can do to provide that reinforcement is to drop its condescending “nonjudgmentalism.” Married, educated people who work hard and conscientiously raise their kids shouldn’t hesitate to voice their disapproval of those who defy these norms. When it comes to marriage and the work ethic, the new upper class must start preaching what it practices… (emph added, jb)”

“Murray is the W.H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. His new book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010 (Crown Forum) will be published on Jan. 31” .

Mark Steyn, NRO: Concordia vs. Titanic as the West Sinks

“…The Costa Concordia isn’t merely a metaphor for EU collapse but — here it comes down the slipway — the fragility of civilization. Like every ship, the Concordia had its emergency procedures — the lifeboat drills that all crew and passengers are obliged to go through before sailing. As with the security theater at airports, the rituals give the illusion of security — and then, as the ship tips and the lights fail and the icy black water rushes in, we discover we’re on our own: from dancing and dining, showgirls and saunas, to the inky depths in a matter of moments.

“Today the wealthiest nations in human history build cruise ships rather than battleships, vast floating palaces dedicated to the good life — to the proposition that, in the plump and complacent West, life itself is a cruise, sailing (as the Concordia’s name suggests) on a placid lake of peace and harmony. Since the economic downturn of 2008, the Titanic metaphor — of a Western world steaming for the iceberg but unable to correct course — has become a little overworked, the easiest cliché for any politician attempting to project urgency. But let’s assume they’re correct, and we’re heading full steam for the big ’berg. When we hit, what’s the likelihood? That our response will be as ordered and civilized as those on the Titanic? Or that we will descend into the hell of the Concordia?”

Matthew Boyle, Daily Caller: 101 “Holder Outers”

“BALTIMORE, Md. — California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller he thinks Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over Operation Fast and Furious during a Friday interview at the House Republican retreat at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel.

“Rohrabacher joins 62 of his House colleagues, two U.S. senators, two sitting governors and every major Republican presidential candidate in demanding that Holder be removed from office.

“Eighty-nine congressmen have signed onto a House resolution of “no confidence” in Holder. Between the two lists, which don’t perfectly overlap, 101 members of the House have ‘no confidence’ in Holder, believe he should resign, or both…”

John Bolton, KleinonLine: Iran’s Bomb

“A report that Iran is about a year away from having the capability to build a nuclear bomb may be too optimistic, contended John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

“I worry the publicly available information is giving only a very small picture and that Iran is actually even much further along,” Bolton said today in a radio interview.

Bolton was on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. The former ambassador was asked about a statement from a former head of U.N. nuclear inspections claiming Iran is now just a year or so away from having enough enriched uranium to assemble a nuclear bomb.

Olli Heinonen wrote in an article published earlier this week that Iran made this advancement after switching production of its higher-grade enriched uranium to a new, underground site.

Reacting to the one-year timeline, Bolton stated, “I think it can be even less than that.”

Andy McCarthy, NRO: Newt and Sharia

“Newt Gingrich’s ardent admiration for Franklin Delano Roosevelt owes more to the latter’s unflinching wartime leadership than his welfare-state policy prescriptions. This week, though, the former Speaker is also undoubtedly in accord with FDR’s aphorism, “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” To his great credit, Newt has made an enemy of CAIR.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, that is. The nation’s best known cheerleader for radical Islam — or, as Fox News compliantly puts it, “the largest Muslim civil liberties group in the United States” — has issued a blistering press release that labels Gingrich “one of the nation’s worst promoters of anti-Muslim bigotry.” The occasion for this outburst is the imminent Republican primary in South Carolina…”

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