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CONTENTS: New authoritarianism; Gallup – Independents fade; USMC; Freind – Church erosion (2 parts); Lowman Henry – GOP dysfunctional family; Newt Leaked; Mitt gained “acceptability”; SCOTUS & Lutherans; DoJ defended BO; Mona Charen – Newt; Hanson –  BO’s postmodernism; Specter – Dump BO for Hillary; Myths about Mitt’s NH following; Dead voted in NH and SC; Erickson – Mitt’s Bain; Coulter – Mitt fires; Guzzardi – PA Lobbies, Rogers Howard; Farah – Nat’l Security Force; Navy preps for China power grabs; Munoz – immigrant advocate; NYT assaults Kochs; Free speech in  Europe; PBS bio of BillC; Federal court brings Sharia to Oklahoma

January 13, 1778: The Patriot army at Valley Forge constructed makeshift hospitals for the sick. 4000 died of disease, hunger, and cold; 8000, mad as H, lived to fight in the spring. (Bennett & Cribb, (2008)

“Gloves off on why the Church has been losing so many members…it no longer demands greatness.” Christopher Freind

GOP Debates

January 14, 2012          8pm ET on Fox News (taped broadcast)
Location: Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston, South Carolina
Sponsor: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC) and Fox News
Participants: Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Huntsman (Unofficial list)

January 16, 2012          9pm ET on Fox News
Location: Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Sponsor: Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party
Participants: TBD

January 19, 2012          Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Charleston, SC
Sponsor: CNN and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference
Participants: TBD

January 23, 2012          Air time TBD on NBC
Location:University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida
Sponsor: The St. Petersburg Times, NBC News, the National Journal and the Florida Council of 100
Participants: TBD

January 26, 2012          Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: CNN, CNN en Español, The Hispanic Leadership Network and The Republican Party of Florida
Participants: TBD

Siegel & Kotkin, City Journal: “The New Authoritarianism”

Thanks Jeff & Chris,

“…instead of appealing to the middle, the White House has pressed ahead with Keynesian spending and a progressive regulatory agenda.

Much of the administration’s approach has to do with a change in the nature of liberal politics. Today’s progressives cannot be viewed primarily as pragmatic Truman- or Clinton-style majoritarians. Rather, they resemble the medieval clerical class. Their goal is governmental control over everything from what sort of climate science is permissible to how we choose to live our lives. Many of today’s progressives can be as dogmatic in their beliefs as the most strident evangelical minister or mullah…”

And a political response:  Gallup – Conservatives & Libs Grow, Indeps Fade

PRINCETON, NJ — Political ideology in the U.S. held steady in 2011, with 40% of Americans continuing to describe their views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This marks the third straight year that conservatives have outnumbered moderates, after more than a decade in which moderates mainly tied or outnumbered conservatives…”

USMC: “P— on You”

It’s an old phrase in school yards and bars; wild critters use their golden liquid to mark territory. Our Marines have been told by BO that they won’t be needed in a couple of months. If our guys dumped their bladders, they delivered both messages – one to BO and another to the Taliban. In turn, Sock Puppet prejudged our guys, displayed feminine indignation, promised a grant program for Muslim women to study science, and proved her incompetence once more. The saving note: Mike Savage swore last night to defend them…


Christopher Freind, PhillyMag: Catholic Closings

Joe Stalin faced a recruiting dilemma and discovered that Russians would fight not for him but for Mother Russia. 43% of Americans believe God helps Tim Tebow…we forget too easily that values matter more than dollars…

“….The message from Headquarters was sent to field agents worldwide:
“This is your mission — if you choose to accept it: Take one of the most powerful
institutions in history and change it so radically — in all the wrong ways —
that in the span of fifty years, it will be a shell of its former self, relegated
to a backwater shaped only by the sad ghosts of the past.”
Was this a Mission Impossible communiqué sent at the height of the Cold War to implode the Soviet Union? Or…
…Tragically, that message could also apply perfectly to another mammoth entity
— the Roman Catholic Church.
There is one critical difference. The Soviets fell from outside forces, namely the
influence of the United States. But the Church is falling from within, and most
of its decline is entirely of its own making.
The above message could well have come from the Vatican, 1965. The “field agents?”
Cardinals, bishops and priests. The objective: implement Vatican II.
And implement it they did. The result? Disaster…
49 more schools just went on the chopping block. The biggest irony is that the closings
are not a solution, but the symptom of a much greater illness…”

Christopher Freind, DelcoTimes: Catholic Closings, Part 2

“Take Annunciation BVM in Irish Catholic Havertown. It is slated to close, allegedly because there aren’t enough students…But a drive through the town will instinctively tell you what any demographic statistician already knows: the Catholic population is more than healthy enough to see Annunciation at 80 percent capacity — or even more. And that is the norm…

“The proof? In 1911, there were 68,000 students in Archdiocesan schools, out of 525,000 Catholics (in a diocese, by the way, that was considerably larger in size than the one today). A century later, we are back at the same level of 68,000 (down from a peak of 250,000 in the 1960’s), yet the smaller-sized Archdiocese now has almost 1.5 million Catholics. Those numbers clearly show that, for most areas (inner city Philadelphia being an exception), the Catholic population is absolutely large enough to support most of the schools that closed.

“Enter school choice in Pennsylvania. Or lack thereof.

“…It was so restrictive that it would not have affected one middle class family, but the final version (which bombed) seemed to cater only to those Capricorns in the inner city who promised to wear plaid pants on Tuesdays.,,”

Lowman Henry, LincolnRadioJournal: The PA GOP’s Dysfunctional Family

Tom Corbett and followers spent six months patting themselves for holding the line on taxes and finishing a state budget on time. However there has been no change in “cost drivers” such as money for roads and bridges and union contracts have been unscathed by reductions. Further, projections call for lower revenues due to a bad national economy and PA’s traditional hostility to business.  Measures to stop our collecting dues for unions and a Right to Work act have not seen daylight. School choice was stalled as was reform of liquor store “management.  And our welfare system is still “out of control.”

Mr. Henry observed that every seat in the lower chamber and half of those in the upper are up for reelection and election years generally allow few significant changes. Thus, Republican control has not led to conservative policies, largely due to a small, pivotal GOP group in the senate. The GOP is a “dysfunctional family” because the senate is under union sway. Holding on to 2011’s meager accomplishments may be all that is possible.

Lowman Henry 1/6/2012: Lincoln Radio, Archives, Program #12-01

Brody Mullins, WSJ: Newt Leaked

Newt Gingrich and his consulting companies helped financial-services giant Credit Suisse Group gather exclusive Washington information and analysis, showing that the Republican presidential candidate benefited from a practice that has come under fire from lawmakers.

This “political intelligence” business—while legal—also risks muddying the campaign argument by the former House speaker that he has been a Washington outsider since he left Congress in 1999.

Frank Newport, Gallup: Romney Gained “Acceptability”

“PRINCETON, NJ — Mitt Romney is now the only candidate that a majority of conservative and moderate/liberal Republicans nationwide see as an “acceptable” GOP nominee for president. Conservative Republicans are more likely to say Romney would be an acceptable nominee than either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum…

“…Romney’s broad acceptability across ideological lines is decidedly not the case for his competitors. Conservative Republicans view Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry as more acceptable than do moderate/liberal Republicans. On the other hand, moderate/liberal Republicans on average view Paul and Huntsman as more acceptable than conservatives.

Romney Now Only Candidate That Majority of All GOP Says Is ‘Acceptable’”

Matt Frank, FirstThings: SCOTUS and Lutherans

“Yesterday’s unanimous Supreme Court decision in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, upholding a small Lutheran school’s right to control its employment of “commissioned ministers” on its teaching staff, is very good news indeed for religious freedom. Congratulations are due to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, to Professor Douglas Laycock of the University of Virginia (who teamed up with Becket in representing the school), and to writers of supportive amicus briefs.
“The first thing to note is “ Chief Justice Roberts and the other justices who wrote opinions were kinder to the Obama administration than it deserved…”

Alexander Bolton, The Hill: DoJ Defended BO

Thanks Ted,

“In a memo, Justice argued the pro forma sessions held every third day in the Senate do not constitute a functioning body that can render advice and consent on the president’s nominees. It said the president acted consistently under the law by making the appointments…”

Mona Charen, NRO: GOP Scripts

“…most of the time, when Gingrich speaks, his audience has a sense that they are watching a thoughtful person spontaneously expressing his views. When Rick Santorum speaks, the listener doesn’t wonder whether he’s checked the reply with his pollster. With Romney, the feeling is more like pressing the buttons on a jukebox. Ask about defense and the “military second to none” disc slides into the player. Ask about the economy and the “businessman” record slips into the slot. Such competence is not easily attained, but the effect over time can be numbing, rather than inspiring…”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: BO’s Postmodern Vision

“…In postmodern jurisprudence, “critical legal theory” postulates that law and politics are inseparable. Those with power call their self-serving rules “the law.” But “laws” are not sacrosanct. Instead, they are mere embedded reflections of wealthy, white, and male privilege — dressed up in some bogus timeless concept of “justice…”

“There has been for months a popular parlor game of tallying instances in which President Obama seems to have either ignored or simply bypassed federal law. But what started out as a way of exposing occasional hypocrisy is now getting a little scary.

“Most recently, President Obama made several recess appointments — a tactic that as a senator he once criticized — even though Congress was not in recess. In December, the president signed a $1 billion omnibus spending bill, but notified Congress that he might not abide by some of the very provisions he had just signed into law. During the Libya war, Obama felt that bombing Qaddafi’s forces did not really constitute military operations, and therefore he had no need to notify Congress under the War Powers Act…”

Dave Boyer, Washington Times: Arlen Specter – “Dump BO for Hillary”

“…Asked during an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board Tuesday whether Mrs. Clinton should replace Mr. Biden, Mr. Specter replied, “That’s the second-best alternative. A better alternative is to make Hillary the [presidential] nominee. As long as we’re talking about dumping, let’s go to the core problem…”

Guy Benson, TownHall: Myths about Mitt’s NH Votes

“(1) Claim: The low voter turnout in New Hampshire’s Republican primary prove that Romney is a weak frontrunner, and that Republican voters aren’t enthusiastic. Data: According to CNN, voters turned out in record numbers yesterday, setting a new GOP primary turnout record in the Granite State by eclipsing 2008’s tally by several thousand votes.

(2) Claim: New Hampshire’s open primary rules allowed moderate independents and Democrats to cross over and inflate Romney’s numbers. Data: The open primary actually hurt Romney. If it had been a closed (Republicans only) affair, he would have won nearly half of all votes, with Ron Paul a very distant second at 16 percent.

(3) Claim: Romney can’t attract conservatives. Data: Romney won large pluralities of self-identified “conservative” and “very conservative” voters. He also won 40 percent of New Hampshire voters who said they support the Tea Party movement, nearly double the total of his closest competitor.

(4) Claim: Romney might not significantly improve upon his 2008 popular vote total in New Hampshire. Data: With more than 95 percent of precincts reporting, he’d beaten his previous mark by nearly 20,000 votes — easily topping John McCain’s ~88,000 victory tally four years ago.

(5) Claim: Romney still hasn’t closed the deal on electability. Data: Among those voters who said choosing someone who can beat Barack Obama in the fall was their top criterion (a plurality view, at 35 percent), more than 6 in 10 picked Romney.
“None of this is to say that the nomination fight is over, or that Mitt Romney should or will be the Republican nominee. South Carolina will play a very big role in making those determinations. This information does, however, demonstrate that the former Massachusetts governor’s performance in New Hampshire cannot be as easily shrugged off as many of his detractors would have you believe…”

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller: O’Keefe – Ballots in NH Carried Names of the Dead

“Follow the money.” Irv Homer

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Video footage provided exclusively to The Daily Caller shows election workers in New Hampshire giving out ballots in the names of dead voters at multiple voting precincts during the state’s primary election on Tuesday.

The bombshell video is the work of conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his organization, Project Veritas.

Voters in the Granite State are not required to present identification to vote. O’Keefe’s investigators were able to obtain ballots under the names of dead voters at polling locations Tuesday by simply asking for them, he said.

“Live free or die,” an election worker told one of the investigators in the video. “This is New Hampshire. No ID needed.”

Video at

Video also at

Dead Voted in SC

“…DMV Director Kevin Shwedo told legislators about the issue Wednesday as the U.S. Justice Department questions a new state law requiring people to show photographic identification when they vote in person.

In response, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson asked SLED to review the evidence.

“Director Shwedo’s research has revealed evidence that over nine hundred deceased people appear to have ‘voted’ in recent elections in South Carolina,” said Wilson in a statement. “This is an alarming number, and clearly necessitates an investigation into potential criminal activity. I have asked SLED Chief Keel to review Director Shwedo’s research.”

Shwedo analyzed more than 230,000 records on people without state driver’s licenses or identification cards. He found state Election Commission data included 30,000 dead people. He said the records involving 900 dead people were turned over to SLED to investigate.

Shwedo said the records also included more than 91,000 people who now appear to live in other states…”

Erick Erickson, RedState: Mitt’s Bain

Thanks Ted,

“…The GOP has gone off the reservation. Capitalism should be defended. That does not mean everything Romney did at Bain Capital must be defended. And it sure as heck does not mean we should suddenly be okay with the President’s handling of General Motors.

“Meanwhile, Sarah Palin wants Romney to release his tax records and provide proof of his job creation numbers. God bless her. Just when this was starting to look like a coronation with 2.01% of delegates selected . . .”

Ann Coulter, Town Hall: Mitt on Firing

Thanks Ted,

“…Romney’s statement about being able to fire people was an arrow directed straight to the heart of Obamacare. (By the way, arrows to the heart are not covered by Obamacare.)

“Talking about insurance providers, he said:

“I want individuals to have their own insurance. That means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. It also means if you don’t like what they do, you can fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. You know, if someone doesn’t give me a good service that I need, I want to say I’m going to go get someone else to provide that service to me.”

“Obamacare, you will recall, will be administered by the same people who run the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will operate under the same self-paced, self-evaluated work rules that have made government offices the envy of efficiency specialists everywhere.

“And no one will be able to fire them — unless they’re caught doing something truly vile and criminal, such as stealing from patients in nursing homes.

Oops, I take that back: Government employees who rob the elderly also can’t be fired…”

Bob Guzzardi: “Do We Need a Lobbyist as President?”

Fake Conservative Washington Lobbyist Hires Fake Conservative Pennsylvania Hack as Penna. Campaign Chair.

Looking at Charlie Gerow’s proven record of expensive failures, I think we can, safely, conclude that Newt Gingrich cannot win the Presidency because he cannot win Pennsylvania. Every conservative knows, or will soon know, what a incompetent phony Charlie Gerow is.

Charlie Gerow Incompetent Hack Parts 1 to 5 The Liberty Blog

Only superficial and shallow JournoLists like Salena Zito, voice of the Republican Establishment Hacks of Pennsylvania, and John Micek, voice of Democratic Establishment Hacks, would think that Charlie Gerow is expert in anything but phony self-promotion.

1Gingrich Ventures Took In More Than $105 Million Over A Decade’s Time One political committee, one think tank, one consulting firm: it all adds up Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How Newt Gingrich Rebranded And Turned Into A Millionaire Business Insider: 20 December 2011 Here’s a breakdown of the empire that Newt built: Read more:

Bob Guzzardi: Rogers Howard Challenges Pileggi

Rogers Howard INDEPENDENT OF REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP, a Tea Party Republican, will challenge Dominic Pileggi. Rogers Howard is a very smart, very sophisticated and cosmopolitan resident of Unionville with an impressive educated intelligence, a PhD. in Chemistry, of both Mexican ancestry and son of a Daughter of the American Revolution, all American, Constitutional Conservative with the message and a nascent organization. The challenge is $$$.

Rogers Howard v. Dominic Pileggi I met Rogers Howard yesterday for two hours. He may the smartest candidate I have met – so smart that he can admit he doesn’t know something. This is a sign of person who is so confident of his intelligence that he can admit a mistake or that he doesn’t know. and he is a trained scientist (as well as being religious in a most sophisticated way), a PhD in Chemistry, 82d Airborne, graduate of St. Alban’s in DC(Al Gore’s alma mater), who lived above his Dad’s restaurant, a son of a Daughter of the American Revolution and of Mexican ancestry via Texas early 20th ( we will be fielding two outstanding candidates of Hispanic background although Rogers does not speak Spanish).

Dominic Pileggi and Sam Smith1 are Centers of Gravity; replace them with competent, committed people who think the purpose of public service is to serve the public and not enrich and empower themselves and we will have a better community.

Senator Dominic Pileggi, a Union Republican, wants to challenge Sen. Bob Casey 2012 November. Read Tea Party Lisa Esler’s expose of Sen. Pileggi’s less than Tea Party record. I would add that Sen. Pileggi has facilitated everyone of former Gov. Ed Rendell’s ever escalating budget spending and borrowing. Dominic Pileggi is “The Establishment’s Guy.”

February 2, 2011 – Senator Pileggi spoke to members of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council about legislative priorities in the 2011-12 session during a meeting at the Harrisburg Hilton.

A List of Union Republicans 2001 – 2002 AFL-CIO

How does Sen. Pileggi get a 100% rating from NFIB and a 75% rating from AFL-CIO

Pa. Sen. Dominic Pileggi wants a Marcellus Shale gas extraction tax with funds going to property tax freeze for seniors PennLive June 3, 2011

1 Jim Brown v. Sam Smith… I met Jim Brown for about two hours and was impressed.. Dr. Jim Brown is unpretentious, a real deal farmer with a Ph. D. in education, easy to talk to, open and accessible and with little if any guile, knowledgeable about the school issues and, it seems to me, a very fast learner. Jim reminds me of Tom Smith. Jim is smart and articulate and needs some direction on issues which Nate can help, and I have told him of Simon Campbell of with and on mechanics which Ryan can help with. I have a series of emails I am sending to Denny Bonavita at Courier Express who seem to be in the bag for the Smith Family Dynasty

PSEA is the largest public sector union in Pennsylvania and it gives more cash and volunteer contributions than any other group. 45% of taxpayer funded dues are spent representing the teachers wanting more money from the taxpayer , read here to find out where the rest is spent. Overview of where the $26,000,000 taxpayer money for education goes (hint the kids are learning any more although the bureaucracy grows…relentlessly)

PSEA 2010 REPUBLICAN Campaign Contributions Only

PSEA Campaign Contributions 2011 (Republicans Bolded)

PSEA Campaign Contributions 2010) (Republican Bolded)

Joseph Farah, WND: National Security Force

“Whatever happened to the ‘civilian national security force’ initiative? No one in the press has dared to ask that question.

“But two recent developments suggest Obama may have found an innovative way to achieve his objectives to militarize the homefront without cre”…ating a new national security force:

–          In December, both houses of Congress passed the defense reauthorization bill that killed the concept of habeas corpus – legislation that authorized the president to use the U.S. military to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial.

–          This week, over the objections of Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Guard’s top officer became the fifth member of that body that advises the president on “…national security matters.

“‘There is no compelling military need for this change,’ said Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, during his congressional testimony on the bill. Nevertheless, Congress knew better. Obama knew better. In fact, all six four-star generals testified in a Nov. 10 hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee that the idea of including the National Guard honcho as a member of the Joint Chiefs would create needless confusion and reduce the authority of the other military representatives.

“But it gets even worse.

“Even Obama’s own defense secretary, Leon Panetta, opposed the measure. He told reporters that membership on the Joint Chiefs should “be reserved for those who have direct command and direct budgets that deal with the military.”

“It seems to me, Obama has, with the approval of Republicans in Congress, achieved his major goal of militarizing domestic civilian life in the U.S…”

Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times: Navy Preps for Chinese Power Grabs

“…The remarks by Adm. Jonathan Greenert, chief of naval operations, represented a frank assessment of China’s potential power grabs as it continues a military buildup that includes more ships and anti-ship weapons….”

“…“Over the long term, China will have the greatest potential, I view, to affect the economic and the security dynamics throughout the region and perhaps the world,” he said. “Their economic strength has grown. They have great regional capability and capacity, and it’s growing.

“And under circumstances, that capability could limit access in the region.”

The admiral said the Navy has deployed 100 of its 285 ships, and half are in the Western Pacific.

“About half of those are forward deployed naval forces in and around Japan,” he said. “That’s the most advanced air wing we have, the most advanced cruisers and destroyers, ordnance, anti-submarine warfare. And we screen our sailors and our commanders very carefully. We put our best in the Western Pacific.”

Parnes & Wasson, The Hill: Carla Munoz – Immigration Reform Advocate

“President Obama has picked a strong advocate of immigration reform to head his Domestic Policy Council.’’

“Muñoz is an immigration expert who worked for the National Council of La Raza, the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, until she joined the administration in 2009. The group works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans and advocates legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Obama has frequently been criticized by pro-immigration reform advocates for not pressing harder for changes to the country’s immigration laws. Hispanic groups also have complained that the administration has stepped up deportations of illegal aliens.

All of this has led to questions about whether Obama will garner strong support from Hispanics in his 2012 reelection bid. It is crucial to Obama’s reelection that he win a large majority of the Hispanic vote, particularly in critical swing states such as Florida, New Mexico and Colorado.

Dan Riehl, BigJournalism: NYT Assaults Koch Brothers

“The New York Times recently endorsed having children boycott a Christmas performance of “The Nutcracker” merely because there was money from the Kochs involved in supporting it. Additionally, it would seem that art is no longer purely for art’s sake. According to the Times, it’s only worth can be to support the political views of Times’s editors and staff. Evidently, if Koch money is involved in its production, or showing, the art in question should be attacked by “Occupy” protesters, that according to the Times…”

Clifford May, NRO: “Muslims Attacked!”

“It’s funny, in an Orwellian way, that in Europe there are now militant groups with such cutesy names as Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland. Less funny, but perhaps more Orwellian, is this: Last month, the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) held an event in Amsterdam featuring two speakers who favor liberalizing Islam. More than 20 members of these pro-sharia groups pushed their way in shouting “Allahu akbar!” They demanded the event be stopped, called the speakers apostates, spat on them, threw eggs at them, and threatened to kill them. Proud of these actions and apparently not overly concerned with legal consequences, they even made a YouTube video of their ‘protest.’

“Now here’s the least funny and most Orwellian part: Very few Europeans — very few journalists, politicians, members of the self-proclaimed Human Rights community, or Muslim organizations claiming to be moderate — have expressed outrage over this boot-stomping suppression of free speech in a city, country, and continent that claim to value freedom and tolerance…”

Patrick Gavin, Politico: PBS Did Bill Clinton Bio

Thanks Ted,

“Although Bill Clinton’s reputation as a statesman has long since recovered in most quarters following personal scandals in the 1990s, a new, four-hour documentary portrays the arc of his career as one littered with sexual dalliances and foibles.

“That’s doubly surprising when you consider the source: not a conservative production company but PBS…”

BareNakedIslam: Federal Appeals Supports Sharia in Oklahoma

I’ve just decided to vote for Newt…

“In the November 2010 election, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly for referendum SQ 755 — described by its author, Rep. Rex Duncan, as “a preemptive strike against Sharia Law coming to Oklahoma.” The amendment stated that: “The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures. Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia law.

“The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, federal appeals court in Denver, Colorado has upheld a ruling blocking the implementation of an Oklahoma law banning the use of Sharia and international law in its court system. It concluded that the man who challenged the voter-approved law, Muneer Awad, made a strong showing that he could potentially prevail in his lawsuit against state Question 755…”

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