Dead Cats: NH/Tebow, 01/09/12, (6)4: James Brody

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CONTENTS: NH final poll, Sat/Sun debates; unemployment 11/4%; Savage – BO emerges; Klein – Americans Elect; Malkin – Cordray; BO snubs constitution; Klein – Occupy’s const. plans; Santorum – Trim Soc Security; Steyn – Left empathy; Hanson – Bye 2011; Hanson – Rip van Obama; 543,812 Union waivers; Payraise for feds?; 999 is back; DINNIMAN gets a primary; Lincoln Radio – PA GOP dysfunctional; Guzzardi lists bought PA Republicans; Glick – land for peace; Smyth – Gulf states arm against Iran; Rubin – media and ISR; BO supports Brotherhood; Ledeen – beating totalitarians; Buy a woman – UK & Minneapolis; Taliban ringtones; Tim pulled the trigger; WW2 photos

“We heard from the press and other Republicans in Iowa that Cain was a supposed womanizer, Romney a liar, Gingrich a blowhard and hypocrite, Perry clueless and tongue-tied, Paul a nut, Santorum a whiny complainer, Bachman a loser, and not much of anything about Huntsman. Who cares that the debt is hitting $16 trillion, the Iranians are enjoying our reset diplomacy, Iraq is heating up after our departure, and we are talking to the Taliban via the Muslim Brotherhood? Who mentions that our rendezvous with Obamacare is daily coming closer? Or that the Simpson-Bowles commission, the super-committee, and all talk of the debt is now but a distant, bad memory? Does it matter that Obama decided not to follow federal immigration law and will sue states that do? What are recess appointments when the Congress is not in recess? While Obama sleeps, all sorts of strange things do not.” Victor Davis Hanson,

“If tottering states can keep convincing successful nations that they are willing to suffer a lot to make their betters suffer a little, then they win a little political clout, some small influence — and a little more time to cause others misery.” Victor Davis Hanson,

January 16th, Myrtle Beach, SC, TBD.


NH Saturday DEBATE

Transcript at

Alexander Burns, Politico: Mitt Unscathed

“GOFFSTOWN, N.H. – The Republican presidential debate Saturday broke out into a volley of charges and counter-charges between the candidates, but left front-runner Mitt Romney almost entirely unscathed in the second-to-last forum before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

The debate was an object lesson in the challenges facing Romney’s conservative opponents: much as they need to tear down the former Massachusetts governor, they can’t help squabbling amongst themselves instead…”

From Drudge…

Ron Paul Slays Newt: 'When I was drafted, I was married and had two kids -- and I went'...
Paul to finish 2nd in NH?
Perry: Re-invade Iraq...
Santorum Eyes SC...
Gingrich: Mitt win would hurt Republicans...
Romney rolls out former Vatican envoys' endorsement...

From Breitbart…

1. ABC Debate Disaster: Stephanopolous Returns to Clintonista Roots…

2. …Leftist bogeymen dominate discussion

3. Romney Tells Stephanopoulos Contraception Question Is ‘Silly’

4. Newt Attacks Media, Left for Bigotry Against Christians

NH Sunday Morning Debate

Transcript at

Kasie Hunt (AP) Atlanta Journal Constitution: Newt/Mitt Tangle

“CONCORD, N.H. — A combative Newt Gingrich accused Mitt Romney of ‘pious baloney’ Sunday and charged him with hiding behind inaccurate attack ads aired by allies in the increasingly rancorous race for the Republican presidential nomination…”

Lerer & Davis, Bloomberg: Romney Rivals Battle…

“Republican presidential rivals criticized the frontrunner Mitt Romney, questioning his electability and his conservative credentials while saying he is the sort of professional politician he routinely criticizes.

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich turned their attention to challenging Romney, who polls show with a strong lead in the race just two days before the Jan. 10 New Hampshireprimary.

“‘Can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney,’ Gingrich told Romney this morning at a candidates’ debate sponsored in Concord by NBC News’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Facebook and the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Gingrich began the debate questioning whether Romney could get elected in a race against President Barack Obama, calling the former Massachusetts governor insufficiently conservative to draw clear distinctions with the current occupant of the Oval Office…”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: Real Unemployment – 11.4%

Thanks Ted,

“It won’t surprise anyone that as of December, the real implied unemployment rate was 11.4% (final chart) – basically where it has been ever since 2009 – and at 2.9% delta to reported, represents the widest divergence to reported data since the early 1980s. And because we know this will be the next question, extending this lunacy, America will officially have no unemployed, when the Labor Force Participation rate hits 58.5%, which should be just before the presidential election…”


Michael Savage, WND: BO Comes out of his Chrysalis

“‘We’re watching a dictatorship emerging now where he is literally coming out of his chrysalis and showing his true nature,’ Savage told his listeners last night.

Referring to Haiti’s family of dictators, Savage said that Obama is a ‘Junior Doc Duvalier’ but soon will become a ‘Papa Doc,’ with ‘one unconstitutional move at a time with virtually no opposition.’

“‘This is, of course, how power is grabbed, day after day,’ he said.

Savage has warned that if Obama wins re-election, America will become like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship.

“The most egregious event yesterday, Savage said, was Obama’s announcement at the Pentagon that he wants to slash the U.S. military budget…”

Aaron Klein: “Americans Elect”

This complicates our interpretation of Don Trump’s motives when he tells Hannity that a third-party candidate will take equally from Ds and Rs and win…

In the second hour of his show yesterday, Klein argued that (1) third party candidates split Republican votes and (2) a network – Americans Elect – that includes Obama and his leftist friends, plans just such a candidate, supported by way of the Internet and endorsed at a June convention.  Two million signatures are required and volunteers in major cities pull a “bait and switch” as they collect signatures.

The segment runs for 20 minutes in the second hour of his three-hour show.


Americans Elect home page:

Justin Eliot, Salon: “The slick shtick of Americans Elect”

“There’s an increasing amount of buzz around Americans Elect, a peculiar Internet-based effort to shake up presidential politics. But dig a bit beneath the surface and there’s reason to be deeply skeptical of the endeavor.

“The basic pitch of Americans Elect goes like this: We’ll go through the expensive and time-consuming process of getting ballot access in all 50 states. Then we’ll hold an online convention in June in which any registered voter can participate. Participants will nominate a presidential ticket including one Democrat and one Republican who will then enter the general election fray.

“Here’s what the group is not so upfront about: It’s fueled by millions of dollars of secret money, there is a group of wealthy, well-connected board members who have control over Americans Elect’s nominating process, and the group has myriad links to Wall Street…”

Alex Pareen, Salon: We can’t know who’s behind “Americans Elect,” because we might make fun of them

The dingbats behind “Americans Elect,” a shadowy centrist third-party effort to get an Internet petition onto actual presidential ballots, refuse to reveal who’s funding their efforts, because their donors are very worried that someone might call them dingbats.

“Random unknown billionaires will fix our politics by paying an unknown third-party candidate’s way onto our ballots, but we must never know who did this or why, because someone might “mischaracterize” them, with figurative Molotov cocktails. Yes, that makes perfect sense…”

“We do know that Peter Ackerman initially funded the group. Ackerman is a private investment firm executive who became extremely wealthy while working for “junk bond king” Michael Milken in the 1980s. He’s got a history of interest in “strategic nonviolent conflict” as a means of regime change, and founded an organization dedicated to promoting that cause internationally. He was, at one point, on the libertarian Cato Institute’s Board of Directors, but no longer appears to be. His basic thesis — that a successful civil resistance movement requires strong top-down leadership and meticulous planning — is interesting, and he argues it intelligently. If this group is an extension of his belief that radical political change is best achieved through elite-driven populist movements, then I think he’s doing it wrong…”

Michele Malkin, Townhall: Cordray – BO’s Super Czar

Thanks Ted,

“Here is the operating motto of the Obama White House: “So let it be written, so let it be done!” Like Yul Brynner’s Pharaoh Ramses character in Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments,” the demander in chief stands with arms akimbo issuing daily edicts to his constitution-subverting minions with an imperious wave of his hand. His entourage of insatiable usurpers never rests.

“Can’t delude legislators into adopting a $1.5 billion Kabuki summer-jobs makework boondoggle? Create an unfunded program through executive fiat.

“Can’t muster up a filibuster-proof majority for radical nominees? Czar-ify ’em.

“Can’t get Congress to approve vast wild lands designations? Grab them under cover of a holiday lame-duck session.

“Can’t get the illegal alien bailout DREAM Act passed on Capitol Hill? Executive-order it.

“So let it be written, so let it be done!”

“In keeping with the dark and defiant habits of this administration, the new head of the half-billion-dollar Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was sworn in behind closed doors on Wednesday night…”

Washington Examiner: BO Thumbs Nose at Constitution

Impeach him!

“This attempt to circumvent the legislative branch is a violation of Obama’s oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. Instead he is thumbing his nose at it and daring Congress, or anybody else, to stop him. It’s the same sort of fundamental disrespect for the rule of law that is routinely practiced by tinhorn dictators like Hugo Chavez.

“If Democrats care about preserving the Constitution, the danger of executive usurpation, and protecting the separation of powers among co-equal branches, they must stand up now and tell Obama to back off…”

Patriot Update: Can Republicans Impeach Obama Over Recess Appointment?

Thanks Ted,

“…Will Congress act? At first blush,one is tempted to say if they stepped aside for an illegal war,a miniature terrorist plot known as Operation Fast and Furious,the miscarriage of justice in the Black Panthers voter intimidation case,the harassment of Sheriff Joe Arpaio,and numerous other offenses,this ranks pretty far down the list.

“But that would overlook the one thing this scandal has that the others do not:this one offended senators’vanity…”

Also – Investors: “Impeachable Offense?”:

Joshua Altman, TheHill: “GOP congressman threatens lawsuit against Obama over recess appointments”

Impeach him, now!

“Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) threatened Thursday to file a lawsuit against President Obama over his controversial recess appointments to ‘hold him in compliance and accountable to the Constitution.’

“On Fox Business with Neil Cavuto, Johnson said that starting Friday he would begin talking with constitutional lawyers to investigate if Obama overstepped his authority in making four recess appointments when the Senate was meeting in pro forma sessions.
“Johnson resisted repeated attempts from Cavuto to specifically call for Obama’s impeachment, or call the appointments an impeachable offense, saying only that he would investigate legal action…”

Ross Kaminsky, AmSpectator: BO’s Tin Ear Is Back

“When even a New Republic writer suggeststhat Barack Obama’s Wednesday recess appointments to the Consumer Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board are probably unconstitutional, you know we’re in for a good fight… at least if Senate Republicans have the courage to take it on.

“The left-leaning Politico also notes that “… President Barack Obama’s decision to jam the Senate and install three labor nominees and a consumer watchdog without a confirmation vote raises unsettled legal questions that could have a long-lasting impact past his presidency.”

“The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin has a good summary of initial Republican response to Obama’s power-grab.

“My view: While Obama is pandering to the far left and union (if you’ll pardon my redundancy) parts of his base, his move is politically unwise…”


Nicholas Ballasy, Daily Caller: Pelosi Flips, Flops

In 2005, Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California said President George W. Bush’s decision to “circumvent the Senate” and appoint John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador during a congressional recess was a “mistake” that would “harm the United States’ reputation.” But Pelosi said on Thursday that she is “glad” President Barack Obama made “bold” recess appointments while the Senate was technically still in session.

Aaron Klein, KleinonLine (tape): Occupy’s Plans for our Constitution

Charles Babington, Breitbart: Santorum – “Trim Social Security Now”

“KEENE, N.H. (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum called Friday for immediate cuts to Social Security benefits, risking the wrath of older voters and countless others who balk at changes to the entitlement program.

“‘We can’t wait 10 years,’ even though ‘everybody wants to,’ Santorum told a crowd while campaigning in New Hampshire and looking to set himself apart from his Republican rivals four days before the New Hampshire primary.

“Most of his opponents have advocated phasing in a reduction and say immediate cuts would be too big a shock to current and soon-to-be retirees…”

Mark Steyn, NRO: Empathy from the Left

“…The Left’s much-vaunted powers of empathy routinely fail when confronted by those who do not agree with them politically. Rick Santorum’s conservatism is not particularly to my taste (alas, for us genuine right-wing crazies, it’s that kind of year), and I can well see why fair-minded people would have differences with him on a host of issues from spending to homosexuality. But you could have said the same thing four years ago about Sarah Palin — and instead the Left, especially the so-called feminist Left, found it easier to mock her gleefully for the soi-disant retard kid and her fecundity in general. The usual rap against the Right is that they’re hypocrites — they vote for the Defense of Marriage Act, and next thing you know they’re playing footsie across the stall divider with an undercover cop at the airport men’s room. But Rick Santorum lives his values, and that seems to bother the Left even more.

“Never mind the dead kid, he has six living kids. How crazy freaky weird is that?

“This crazy freaky weird: All those self-evidently ludicrous risible surplus members of the Santorum litter are going to be paying the Social Security and Medicare of all you normal well-adjusted Boomer yuppies who had one designer kid at 39. So, if it helps make it easier to ‘empathize,’ look on them as sacrificial virgins to hurl into the bottomless pit of Big Government debt…”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Goodbye 2011”

“…It proved as hard to break up the bankrupt European Union as it was to create it. For all the hundreds of stories predicting the imminent end of the union, insolvent Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain still hung in. Apparently if these debtors keep promising to end their spendthrift ways, quit calling the historically sensitive Germans bad names, and welch only on serial billion-euro loans — rather than default all at once on massive trillion-euro obligations — the Germans will keep doling out enough money for the EU to whimper on a bit longer.

“Meanwhile, the world’s failed states, such as Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan, just keep on failing. Getting the bomb and acting crazy are about all these pariah nations can do. Otherwise, who would care that the adolescent-looking Kim Jong Un just took over North Korea? How else can we explain giving away billions each year to anti-American Pakistan? Without monotonous threats of acquiring nuclear weapons and closing the Strait of Hormuz, would anyone pay attention to the nutty theocracy in Iran?…”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: The Obama Sequel

Rip van Obama”

“President Obama went into a deep slumber in December. When he woke up this January, he found himself back even in the polls, with neither a press conference nor another overhyped presidential televised address to be heard. Sleep, quiet, and solitude — all that appears wiser than campaigning, visibility, and speaking, both for Obama and Americans. In short, the president has really hit on something: an Obama going into a Rip Van Winkle somnolent state might just mean waking up again as president.

“If conservatives once alleged that Obama got elected as Being There’s  Chauncey Gardiner — the empty vessel that all put their hopes and dreams in — they might complain even louder that he now plans on getting reelected as him as well, as if 2009-2011 were now a dream and we are back to fall 2007 when a political unknown proclaimed himself a new Lincoln declaring his candidacy from Springfield.

Meanwhile, Fratricide

“While the Republicans were tearing each other up in Iowa, to the delight of the liberal media, Barack Obama said not much at all from Hawaii…”

Paul Connor, DailyCaller: More Votes for BO

“…Documents released in a classic Friday afternoon news dump show that labor unions representing 543,812 workers received waivers from President Barack Obama‘s signature legislation since June 17, 2011.

“By contrast, private employers with a total of 69,813 employees, many of whom work for small businesses, were granted waivers…”

Ed O’Keefe, WaPo: And More Votes: WH Suggests Pay Raise for Feds

“The White House will propose a 0.5 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees as part of its 2013 budget proposal, according to two senior administration officials familiar with the plans.

“The modest across-the-board pay jump would be the first increase for federal workers since before a two-year freeze began in late 2010. Raises for within-grade step increases and promotions have continued during the freeze.

“The proposal, which requires congressional approval, differs from Republican plans supported by lawmakers and presidential candidates that would freeze basic pay rates for one more year….”

Brian Montopoli, CBS: Cain Returns

“…‘I’m going to make an endorsement the Tuesday before the South Carolina primary, but let me warn you, it will be an unconventional endorsement,’ the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO said. ‘Underscore the word unconventional.’

“Cain said he believes all of the remaining candidates in the race are ‘conventional,’ adding that his priority is helping solve problems but ‘putting solutions on the table.’ Cain announced Wednesday he is launching ‘Cain’s Solutions Revolution’ to promote his tax plan, and will embark on a bus tour to promote the initiative…”

Keegan Gibson, PoliticsPA: Dinniman Gets a Primary

“Pa. Senator Andy Dinniman has drawn a primary challenge from one-term Pa. Rep. Tom Houghton, the former lawmaker confirmed to PoliticsPA.

“Citing Dinniman’s support for SB1, the vouchers/school choice bill Houghton accused the Senator of failing to support public education.

“He’s supposed a Democratic leader on education. Not only has he supported a voucher bill, but he’s taken a lead on it,” Houghton said. “He’s giving cover to right-wingers who are threatening to defund our public schools.”

“PoliticsPA was unable to reach Dinniman (D-Chester) for comment…”


Mr. Henry remarked that the PA legislature has accomplished nothing due to obstruction by Senate GOPers who have obligations to unions. The GOP is a “dysfunctional  family”

Program 12-01

(January 7, 2011 – January 13, 2011) — This week on Lincoln Radio Journal: David Taylor of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association hosts a Capitol Watch roundtable discussion on the impact of over-regulation of business with Kevin Shivers from the PA Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business and with Dale Kaplan of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners; And, Lowman Henry has a Town Hall Commentary on the upcoming state budget battle.

And an interesting site: Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations (

Bob Guzzardi, Buying Republicans

These are the fellas and gals who will take care of Voter ID…

Republicans for Monopoly GOP leaders bow to unions WSJ 31 Dec 2011 and defeat school choice in Pennsylvania.

Republican House Leadership led by Speaker Sam Smith defeated School Choice: Tax Credits and Vouchers

“One of the best stories of 2011 was how Republicans and Democrats united in more than a dozen states to increase school choice. Then there’s Pennsylvania, where a few Republicans joined the teachers unions to kill modest reforms that would have helped poor students in the state’s worst schools.”

“In my opinion, the reason for this is ‘Union Republicans,’ that is, Republicans who take campaign money from PSEA and other unions or are afraid that if they cross the union, he/she will have primary as does the independent Senator Andy Dinniman who was, and is, willing to risk his political career for the poorest kids in worst performing school districts by supporting SB 1.”

** PSEA 2010 REPUBLICAN Campaign Contributions Only **

Senator Dominic Pileggi Senate Majority Leader what does that tell you?


Sam Smith Republican Speaker of the House

Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai.

Bill Adolph Chair of House Appropriations Delco elected in 1989

Matt Baker northeast Penna

Karen Boback – she is major recipient of PSEA money and a former school teacher.

Mike Vereb Montgomery County – He is in House leadership.

Chris Ross – from southern Chester County, very, very liberal

Marguerite Quinn, Bucks County, part of BucksCo Establishment as you know

Nick Micozzie, Uber Hack Delaware County, entrenched and entwined with establishment. Has been in office since 1979.

Rick Geist, Transportation Committee Chair Blair County has been in office since 1979

Bernie O’Neill from Bucks, like Marguerite Quinn

Gene DiGirolamo of Bucks County integral to unions and O’Neill/Quinn BucksCo RINO Republican

Glenn Grell Cumberland County

Jim Marshall defeated Mike Veon

John Taylor Philadelphia, need I say more?

Denny O’Brien another Philadelphia phony R

Ron Miller this is a shock. He is supposed to introduce Right to Work Republican York County

Senator Jake Corman, chair of Senate Appropriations Committee and interested in running for US Senate against Bob Casey.

Senator John Rafferty, Chester DelCo closely allied with Sen. Pileggi

Senator Pat Browne, Lehigh County

Senator Stewart Greenleaf, Montgomery County, a very nice man, very well intentioned man AND very, very liberal man

Senator Ted Erickson, DelCo and very close ally of Senator Pileggi

Note: Democrat Margo Davidson is a Democrat from DelCo who took PSEA money AND is supporting Sen. Williams and SB 1

John Perzel, Brett Feese and Republican Leadership who sold us out. Sam Smith was cluelessly complicit in the theft of $20,000,000 of taxpayer money.

Who they are: the Union Republicans in “Leadership” —- “INDEPENDENT OF LEADERSHIP” IS KEY CRITERION FOR DETERMINING WHO WILL AND WILL NOT SELL US OUT. If a candidate is dependent on money from House Republican Campaign Committee or Unions, especially the convicted criminal John Perzel’s cluelessly complicit sidekick, Jefferson County’s Sam Smith (which owes The Abused and Forgotten Taxpayer $20,000,000 according to former Penna Attorney General Tom Corbett at Page 1 paragraph 3 of the indictment and see also Part 2 Candidate Connect – “The grand jury found that Candidate Connect became one of the fundamental campaign tools for the HRCC. The HRCC worked in 40 districts, while assisting many others through the assistance of Candidate Connect. … The grand jury found that from 2001 through 2006, and to a lesser extent after 2006, District Operations was a subsidiary of the House Republican Campaign Committee, which was under the direction of Perzel and Feese. “

The cluelessly complicit Sam Smith says he knew nothing of the illegal funding of Candidate Connect or the District Operations.

(Review the grand jury report: LINKS Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)

Caroline Glick, “Land for Peace” – a Hoax

“The rise of the forces of jihadist Islam in Egypt places the US and other Western powers in an uncomfortable position. The US is the guarantor of Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. That treaty is based on the proposition of land for peace. Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in 1982 and in exchange it received a peace treaty with Egypt. Now that the Islamists are poised to take power, the treaty is effectively null and void.

“The question naturally arises: Will the US act in accordance with its role as guarantor of the peace and demand that the new Egyptian government give Sinai back to Israel? Because if the Obama administration or whatever administration is in power when Egypt abrogates the treaty does not issue such a demand, and stand behind it, and if the EU does not support the demand, the entire concept of land-for-peace will be exposed as a hoax…”

Phillip Smyth, PJM: Gulf States Arm against Iran

“Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf monarchies are buying huge amounts of advanced arms from the United States and Europe. The weaponry is clearly aimed to counter the growing threat they see coming from Iran.

“The United States alone has around $100 billion in potential sales in the pipeline right now. The biggest is a Saudi deal, initiated in 2010 and approved by Congress, totaling around $60 billion. The package includes jets, helicopters, hundreds of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, training, and logistical services. Israel, initially worried about the sale, agreed — after U.S. assurances — to support it in September.

“In the updated version, the Saudis will receive 84 brand new F-15SAs and have 70 F-15s upgraded. The SA model is based on the F-15SE and incorporates stealth technology, the ability to carry a heavy payload, and a long-range capability.

“European countries have also received orders. In 2008 the Saudis purchased 72 multi-role Eurofighter Typhoons. Both Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) have approached France to buy 24 and 60 (respectively) advanced Dassault Rafale multirole fighters…”

Barry Rubin, PJM: “Western Media: Islamists Moderate, Israel Bad

“…It doesn’t mean a springtime for ‘Islam’ as a ‘religion of peace,’ but a springtime for political Islamism as being in power — imposing a very anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-American, and radically intolerant interpretation of Islam on their countries.

“In his official weekly message published on the official Brotherhood website, Muhammad al-Badi — official leader of what is officially the biggest political party and parliamentary vote-getter in Egypt — said that the Brotherhood will now begin the ‘long-term plan for the reform of all aspects of people’s lives.’

“(Note: Why didn’t Barack and Michelle think of that phrase first?)…”

Also: Barry Rubin, PJM: Obama Supports Muslim Brotherhood

“Not only is the Obama administration, as I’ve written for the last year, favoring radical Islamist forces — despite the fact that these are anti-Western, pro-terrorism, building dictatorships, and openly antisemitic and anti-Christian — but now even the establishment media is admitting it.

“A friend of mine said, “Oh, they are probably saying that the Brotherhood is sounding radical publicly but privately reassuring U.S. officials that they are moderate.”

“‘No,’ I replied. ‘That’s the old way of doing things when it was important to be, or at least to pretend to be, somewhat balanced. Now they say that the Brotherhood sounds moderate both publicly — ignoring all evidence to the contrary — and privately. Those who disagree are merely Republicans trying to defeat Obama in the election, and so should be ignored. The mass media today in such matters is worse than our worst nightmares of a decade ago.’

“And so for the first time in U.S. history an American government, to the applause of the vast majority of the mass media, is backing an anti-American authoritarian movement…”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: “You can’t reform a totalitarian…”

“Back when I was even younger, and living in Rome, the main topic of conversation was of course Communism. Italy had the largest Communist Party outside the Soviet Union, and it was forever on the cusp of becoming the biggest party in Italy, thus forming the government, thus taking over. (Marginal comment for those who aren’t up on 20th century Italian political history: it never happened.)

“Although the deep thinkers at the European and American universities were eager for the West to lose its “inordinate fear of Communism” (a phrase conceived by then-National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and pronounced by Jimmy Carter in an unfortunate speech at Notre Dame early in his first and last term), most of the Italians I knew were very much concerned (they would have to endure it, while the American intellectuals could stay safely in the States and comment on it), and while many intellectuals dreamed of a reformed “Communism with a human face,” everyone in Italy knew that the model for a Communist Italy was the USSR itself…”

Buy a Woman

Rob Taylor, PJM: America’s Modern Slave Trade

“…We use the term ‘human traffickers’ now, which sounds much more modern and urbane — as if the victims are willing cargo on some underground railroad. But the reality is that America’s modern day slave trade is as barbaric and brutal as slavery was before emancipation…”

BareNakedIslam: The Other White Meat – Brit Girls

Seven videos and five articles  about the UK and four about gang activity in Minnesota and other parts of the US… “Over 10,000 young girls are being groomed for sex by men of Pakistani origin in the United Kingdom. The media cover it up, the police are afraid to prosecute over it and politicians lie about it. For well over a decade the Government, the media, and top police officials hid a sickening trend happening in the UK. Girls as young as 11 are still being groomed and then sexually abused by these gangs.”

Bare Naked Islam … still up after Jan 6th!

Craig MacKenzie, DailyMail: “Play the Taliban ringtones or you die!”

“Afghans face death if they do not have mobile phones playing defiant Taliban ringtones and messages, it emerged today.

“They are being forced to show their loyalty to the insurgents at clandestine checkpoints by producing the chants romantising (sic) the war with the West.

“Taliban ringtones include the titles ‘Teenager’, ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Suicide Bomber’. Lyrics for Doomsday include, ‘Its Judgment Day for the Satan of the West … the evening is blazing, blazing … ‘

“For Suicide Bomber, the song includes the words: ‘You went up into flames… You burned like a moth, young hero, martyrdom seeker… You are the Muslims’ atomic bomb.’

“The prevalence of checkpoints just an hour from the capital of Kabul, has forced many Afghans to cleanse their mobiles of all apparent Western songs and influence.

“The (sic) have reported how offenders have been forced to eat SIM cards and have had phones broken on their heads…”


“DENVER (CBS/AP) – One of the most storied NFL playoff teams ran into a rejuvenated Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

“Sorry, Pittsburgh Steelers.

“The magic is back.

“Tebow connected with Demaryius Thomas on an electrifying 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime and the Broncos defeated the stunned Steelers 29-23 in the AFC wild-card game on Sunday. Wild doesn’t begin to describe it. The play took 11 seconds and was the quickest ending to an overtime in NFL history.”

Photos: Battle of the Bulge 1944-45

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