Dead Cats: Agenda 21, 08/17/11, (5)20: James Brody

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CONTENTS: TEA on BO; BO’s dog ate; Let Perry hate begin; Tags to Perry; Tags to Hillary; McCotter – the great deflation; Taiwan – BO bowed; Sowell on Nutter; Ryan for Pres?; Justice hires left (2 articles); York &  Bachmann; Ruby red tape; Hillary promised $100B; Cheating teachers

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I’ll promise you this, I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.” Rick Perry

“I cannot respect a President who has never faced a bullet.” Ft. Gordon soldier and a veteran of three wars.

August 17, 1943: British and American troops finish conquering Sicily. (Bennett & Cribb, 2008)

Volunteer! Constitution Day, September 17th



SEPTEMBER 17, 2011

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Perry 29, Romney 18, Bachmann 13, Paul 9

TEA on BO’s Tie

“…Ryan Rhodes, a group leader in the Hawkeye State, stood up and shouted a question during a town hall, asking the president how he can call for more civility when “your vice president is calling people like me, a Tea Party member, a ‘terrorist.'”

Obama, who had not called on the man, said the town hall wouldn’t work “if you just stand up when I asked everybody to raise their hand. … I didn’t see you. I wasn’t avoiding you. … Please.”

After calling another person, Obama circled back to address Rhodes’ question: “First of all, in fairness to this gentleman who raised a question, I absolutely agree that everybody needs to try to tone down the rhetoric…”

Investors: Obama’s Dog Ate the Recovery

“Blame Game: In his inaugural address 2 1/2 years ago, President Obama called for a “new era of responsibility.” Yet lately, his main goal in life seems to be escaping any responsibility for the lousy economy.

“It’s getting so you have to keep a list of everyone and everything Obama wants to blame for the anemic economic recovery.

“So far, it includes…”

Rich Lowry, NRO: “Let the Perry Hatred Begin”

“Texas governor Rick Perry is about to stride purposefully through every cultural tripwire in the country.

“He may not become as despised as Sarah Palin, but that’s because he’ll never be a pro-life woman — the accelerant for the conflagration of Palin-hatred. The disdain for Perry won’t burn as hot, but it’ll burn just as true. He’ll become a byword for Red State simplemindedness in the New York Times and an object of derision for self-appointed cultural sophisticates everywhere…”

Tags to Perry?

His religion, Confederate plates (nope!), and cowboy boots. Also, Agenda 21 (via libertarian publications and presumed  allies of Ron Paul), Immigrants, Al Gore, China, Bilderberg, and probably more. I recall, for example, my listening to the trucker show on Cincinnati’s WLW (700AM). There were many stories about a huge Chinese port under construction in northern Mexico, an eight-lane highway from that port, across Texas and Oklahoma and into Kansas where a super terminal would be the distribution center for all of North America…none of this under American ownership. Heck…they can deliver entire Wal-Mart stores…

Hillary’s Tags?

A perpetual Progressive, Kosovo sniper fire, the UN and gun ownership, Agenda 21, climate control; Arab Spring (esp. Egypt and Libya), Bashar Asad (Syria’s despot), Hama (her personal assistant and a tie to the Muslim Brotherhood), and flashes of despondency when under pressure. Oh yes. She stayed with our national adulterer…

Pres. Candidate – Thaddeus McCotter, NRO: “The Great Deflation”

“Our prosperity stands on the precipice. Concerned Americans demand an explanation of how this happened and leadership that will walk us back from the cliff. But in the White House and along the campaign trail, the purported leaders fail to recognize or refuse to acknowledge the clear and present threat to our economy: the Great Deflation.

The failure to differentiate between an economic recession and this Great Deflation will cause an economically doomed generation.

“But this need not happen. ..”

Big Peace: Taiwan Arms – BO Bowed to China

“ ‘We are disappointed in the United States.’ That’s a sentiment we seem to hear all too often from our allies these days. A Taiwan Ministry of National Defense official uttered those words to Defense News with word that the Obama Administration will deny his country new F-16 fighters. As Defense News puts it, the Obama Administration’s decision came as a result of “bowing to Chinese pressure.” Instead of the 66 F-16C/Ds that were requested, the Pentagon is instead going to provide “upgrades” of the current Taiwanese system.

“And the Obama Administration’s decision also most a loss of American jobs. A financial analysis firm, the Perryman Group, had estimated that the Taiwan purchase would have created more than 16,000 jobs and $768 million in federal tax revenue.

“China currently holds around 8 percent of U.S. debt…”

Thomas Sowell, RealClearPolitics: What Nutter Said

“Someone at long last has had the courage to tell the plain, honest truth about race.

After mobs of young blacks rampaged through Philadelphia committing violence — as similar mobs have rampaged through Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee and other places — Philadelphia’s black mayor, Michael A. Nutter, ordered a police crackdown and lashed out at the whole lifestyle of those who did such things.

“‘Pull up your pants and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt,’ he said. ‘If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ’cause you look like you’re crazy,’ the mayor said. He added: ‘You have damaged your own race.’

“While this might seem like it is just plain common sense, what Mayor Nutter said undermines a whole vision of the world that has brought fame, fortune and power to race hustlers in politics, the media and academia…”


Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard: Ryan for President?

“Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is strongly considering a run for president. Ryan, who has been quietly meeting with political strategists to discuss a bid over the past three months, is on vacation in Colorado discussing a prospective run with his family. Ryan’s concerns about the effects of a presidential campaign – and perhaps a presidency – on his family have been his primary focus as he thinks through his political future.

“He’s coming around,”

Hans Spakovsky, Pajamas: Justice Hires Left

All 23 new hires to the Justice Department’s Special Litigation office have far-left resumes — which were only released following a PJM lawsuit. (This is the fourth in a series of articles about the Justice Department’s hiring practices since President Obama took office. Read parts one, two, and three.)

J. Christian Adams, Pajamas: Justice Hires Left (5th in series)

Byron York, Washington Examiner: My Question to Bachmann

“…Bachmann’s answer in Ames Thursday night was by far the most human moment of her appearance in the debate — a far cry from her tough exchanges with former Minnesota Gov. (and now former candidate) Tim Pawlenty. At their best, debates tell us new things about candidates and allow us to learn more about aspects of their personalities we haven’t seen before. Is there any doubt that moment in Ames on Thursday night did just that for Michele Bachmann?”

WSJ: Ruby Red Tape

“Last month the 682-mile Ruby started feeding liquefied natural gas from the Rocky

Mountains to the growing West Coast markets. Stretching underground from Opal,

Wyoming to gas interconnections near Malin, Oregon, the pipeline is one of those

“infrastructure” projects that everyone in Washington claims to favor. Naturally, the

regulatory state ensured that the $3.65 billion project came in 23% over budget and

four months off schedule…”

Laura Rambo Lee, Big Government: Scam! $100B from Hillary to Stop Global Warming

Although the United States has never ratified the Kyoto Protocol, at the 2009 Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP 15), U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged that developed countries would mobilize $100 billion by 2020 from both public and private sources for climate mitigation and adaptation in the developing world. The list of countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol may be viewed here.

The global mission for Sustainable Development has found a home and is being pursued in many if not all of the Administration’s Cabinet Departments, particularly within the United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

During his administration, President Obama has signed several executive orders that are creating massive bureaucracies to further our observance, in lieu of ratification, of the treaty. Executive Order 13547: Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts and Great Lakes was covered under a previous article. This Executive Order can be tied directly to Agenda 21:

The Notebook: Cheating Teachers

“An internal School District review of suspicious 2009 standardized test score results at 28 city schools has yielded no firm evidence of cheating, officials announced Monday.

“Thirteen of the schools had results that warrant more intensive investigation, officials determined. But they declined to identify the schools and said the District is awaiting more data, including any irregularities from subsequent testing years, and requesting further assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) before undertaking a more complete probe.

“‘We are asking to partner with the state to get more comprehensive data for 2009, 2010, and 2011 so we can understand where we need to investigate, and we also ask the Pennsylvania Department of Education to assist us in that investigation,’ said Fran Newburg, the District’s deputy chief of accountability and educational technology.

“In July, PDE directed 40 districts across the state to investigate a total of 89 schools that were flagged multiple times for statistical irregularities in a recently surfaced July 2009 report. The report used statistical analysis to look for suspicious erasure patterns, improbable jumps in schools’ scores, and unlikely jumps in student performance levels, among other things.

“In Philadelphia, 28 District schools and 10 seven charters were deemed worthy of further inquiry…”

“Similar forensic analyses of 2010 and 2011 results on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) exams are expected sometime in September.” (Originally promised for August 15th. Emph added, jb)

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