Dead Cats: NASA, RIP, 07/11/11, (5)04 James Brody

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CONTENTS: Atlantis farewell; Budget & Trust; Reimer – No to Cut, Cap & Balance; Incandescents can be saved; Taylor – PA Capitol Watch; Lowman Henry – the national race; Montana race snowed out; Holder ran guns; Debt – Boehner  hiked; Sarah – sugar daddy empty; Local govts bleed jobs; Bachmann – const. conservative; Steyn –Atlanta tchrs child abuse; Hanson – madness 2004-2010; Ethanol boondoggle; Stimulus for gunrunner; York – Scott Walker trophy; Kasich victories; Right to work; Baker – White House rural council; St. Nicholas blocked; Aaron Klein – ISL infiltration; Klein – ISR airport a target

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7/11/1804: Aaron Burr fatally wounds Alexander Hamilton in a duel at Weehauken, NJ. Bennett & Cribb, 2008

Fox: Atlantis’s Last Ride

According to Mike Savage, Obama not only killed NASA but also 10,000 jobs and gave the Russians and Chinese an under-the-table access to our technology…

Space shuttle Atlantis displayed its power and majesty one final time, rocketing into space from Kennedy Space Center at 11:26 a.m. ET Friday morning despite threatening weather — marking the final launch after 30 years for NASA’s storied fleet of shuttles.

Seven million pounds of thrust from the shuttle’s rocket booster carried the vehicle into orbit one last time, at speeds of up to 19,000 miles per hour, for an expected meeting with the International Space Station on Sunday.

Budget and Trust

Boehner and BO arm wrestle, Geitner, Reid, and Pelosi shill, default is a phantom, and the left screams “compromise, it’s the only fair thing.”

Continuous partnerships grow compromise and trust; you are most apt to be robbed on the first and last transaction. Such is the finding from research and from our experience with guys who want to sell us brushes or aluminum siding and those who peddle cars. Phone banks and web pages are the rodents in our cash drawer but they keep company with the President of the United States.

The conservative talkers preach: “Cut tax rates and jobs will grow.” That is true if we trust our partner. My prediction: Obama, Geitner, Pelosi, and Reid could probably drop rates to zero and the rest of us, remembering the last three years, would keep our money in our pocket and hire no one.

The economy will recover when we can trust our government….


Diana Reimer: No to Cut, Cap, and Balance

Big Lie 1 “The current financial crisis was inherited.

Bush created all of these problems. We are trying to solve them but it’s much worse than we thought and it will take years for our solutions to have an impact.Click to read more….

Big Lie 2 “There’s no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling.”

There’s no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling. If we don’t raise it America will not be able to pay back its creditors and the rest of the world will never trust us with money again. It will be a disaster!!!Click to read more….

Big Lie 3 “We can haggle for some really great deals now that we have them over a barrel.

Members of the republican “leadership” will tell you this lie.”Raising the debt ceiling is inevitable; and the democrats want it so badly they’re willing to give us some really great deals in order to get it. We can take advantage of it and get some cool stuff in exchange for our votes. It’ll be great!
Click to read more….

Big Lie 4 “You just don’t understand all of the complicated details. Let us handle it. We’re smart.

The intricate financial details of running the entire United States Government are so complicated that the average American just isn’t capable of understanding how it works. It involves thousands upon thousands of byzantine and interwoven variables that are so delicately balanced they can be easily disrupted by one false move, setting off a cataclysmic chain reaction of economic disasters that will cripple the world’s monetary system. Handcuffing congress by not allowing us to raise the debt ceiling just shows how simplistic, unsophisticated, ill informed, and child-like you Tea Party Patriots are. Those of us in congress are far better equipped to make these kinds of decisions. So just go back to your daily lives and let us run the country.
Click to read more…

Detroit News: Incandescents Can Be Saved, CALL TODAY!

Thanks Paula,

On Monday, Energy Committee Chairman Upton will bring to the House floor legislation repealing the onerous, job-killing, consumer choice-stomping energy efficiency standard (made law in a 2007 bill he co-sponsored) that effectively bans the traditional light bulbs used in most homes beginning on January 1 of next year.

“The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, would repeal sections of a 2007 energy law that require traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more energy efficient beginning in 2012,” writes The Hill. “Upton’s support for the bill represents a change of tune. . . . He supported the 2007 light bulb efficiency law, much to the chagrin of his fellow Republicans.”

“It was never my goal for Washington to decide what type of light bulbs Americans should use,” Upton admits now.–House-votes-Monday-on-bulb-ban-repeal

David Taylor, PA Capitol Watch: A New Era

Tradition has been to raise expenditures (gifts for campaign supporters) and then money to cover them. Not so, this year.

$27,150,000,000 … a bit less than before but more than it needs to be.

There is no new natural gas tax, there are to be caps on property taxes (school budgets are to be linked to inflation), Unemployment Compensation (UC) is to come down and we still owe big sums that we borrowed from Washington (current practice allows drug addicts to collect UC. It also allows you to move to France with your spouse and still collect PA’s UC). Pensions, however, are still a mess. Our kids are still trapped in dangerous schools and earning bottom scores in  reading, writing and math. Some of these schools are the most expensive in the Commonwealth. “Fair Share” …. Further reform is needed for legal awards…current practice is to find “deep pockets” and rope them into claims for damages. “Venue shopping” is a sucker play – cases are heard in locations favorable to big settlements.  Philadelphia … schools, deep pockets, and cartoon characters and dead voters come to real life in every election.

Taylor put lights on Tom Corbett, Jeffrey Piccola (Education), Mike Turzai, and Ron Marsico

Lowman Henry … The National Race

Democrats choose obscure candidates who fit the spirit of the time. Republicans choose candidates – Bob Dole or John McCain – who have lost before. Mitt Romney is the current example. And he’s raised a lot of money. “Not Mitt”s include Bachmann, Cain, Christie (who said no), and Perry (who says probably and can also raise a lot of money.) Crucial election comes in 2012 … we have several long wars and a laggard economy.

Audio at or

GreatFallsTribune: Montana Ultra-Marathon Snowed Out

“MISSOULA — The race director of a 100-mile ultra-marathon foot race through the Flathead National Forest has cancelled the event due to lingering snow on the route that he says would make the course too dangerous for runners and likely prevent anyone from finishing within the required 36-hour limit.

“Brad Lamson said that portions of the course for the Swan Crest 100 have deep snow that is concealing signs that mark trail intersections.

“He said he’s convinced the snow won’t melt in time for the event scheduled for July 29.

He said postponing the race would pose problems with shortening daylight hours and increased grizzly bear activity…”

AWR Hawkins, Big Government: Holder on Gunrunner, 2009

“…the problem with Holder’s feigned ignorance is that he gave a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation “Gunrunner” and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

“Holder told the audience:

‘Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. (Italics mine)”

“Just think about it: Holder was as proud as he could be over Operation “Gunrunner” until the fiasco fell apart and over a thousand guns flooded into Mexico unaccounted for. (It seems we find them now when they’re recovered from crime scenes, along with the body of the victims killed by those using the weapons.)”

Michael Carl, WND: Stimulus $ for Project Gunrunner

Thanks Ted,

“Just a day after U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., called for Attorney General Eric Holder’s removal, alleging a White House connection to the “Project Gunrunner” that allowed weapons to be delivered to Mexican drug lords, confirmation has come that the program originated at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

“The link is the $10 million in taxpayer dollars designated to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for Project Gunrunner in Obama’s 2009 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, otherwise known as the Stimulus Bill.

James Pethokoukis, Reuters: Debt Ceiling – Boehner Hiked

Thanks Lou,

“So in the end, it was bit of a Ronald Reagan moment for John Boehner on Saturday. Just as the U.S. president walked away from a bad arms control agreement with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavik, Iceland in 1986, the House speaker passed on President Barack Obama’s mega-debt reduction deal in Washington.

“In both case, the asking price was just too high. For Reagan, it was lethal limitations on his Strategic Defense Initiative. For Boehner, it was a trillion-dollar tax distraction from America’s true fiscal threat: spending run amok: ‘Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes.’

“A GOP congressional source was a bit less diplomatic, telling me Saturday afternoon via email:

Their fierce insistence on higher taxes is beyond bizarre. After months of demanding ‘clean’ increase to avert economic calamity (default), WH threatens economic calamity (default) unless they get economic calamity (trillions in tax hikes). No wonder these guys are governing over an economic calamity (9.2% & growth malaise), w/ an economic calamity on the horizon (debt explosion as mapped out in president’s budget). The bipartisan consensus on tax reform (broader base & lower rates) was championed by President’s fiscal commission, and yet now is being rebuked by the President. Lowering top rates that would help make America more competitive was too large a leap for a true class warrior.

“Indeed, as negotiations wore on, Obama got tougher on taxes (pushed hard by the hard left), and the deal he was cooking up almost certainly wouldn’t have been revenue neutral as he tweaked rates and reduced tax deductions. Not even close. Nor did it help that Obama reportedly balked at a spending-cut trigger if certainly tax reforms were not completed.

“Or maybe Boehner also realized he was becoming a role player in an Obama-directed drama whose dramatic focus was securing a second-term for Obama…”

Sarah: Sugar Daddy Ran Out of Sugar

“Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration. Yesterday’s terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt. Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world…”

Reuters: State & Local Gov’ts Bleed Jobs

“…Local governments shed 18,000 jobs and state governments cut 7,000 in June. The level of local government employment — 14.143 million employees — is the lowest since June 2006. State government employment is the lowest since August 2006…”

Michele, Daily Caller: Constitutional Conservative

“Let me start by pointing out that the conservative movement, as Ronald Reagan believed, is a three-legged stool. One leg consists of peace-through-strength conservatives, another of fiscal and economic conservatives, and the third of social conservatives — the values voters.

“Constitutional conservatism includes all three of those legs. My candidacy is based on the unity of the conservative movement — because each leg of the stool is vital…”

Mark Steyn, NRO: Atlanta Teachers in Child Abuse Business

“In the week of the News of the World revelations, it was reported that the Atlanta Public Schools system has spent the last decade systemically cheating on its tests. Not the students, but the superintendent, and the union, and 38 principals, and at least 178 teachers — whoops, pardon me, “educators” — and some 44 of the 56 school districts. Teachers held “changing parties” at their homes at which they sat around with extra supplies of erasers correcting their students’ test answers in order to improve overall scores and qualify for “No Child Left Behind” federal funding that could be sluiced into maintaining their lavish remuneration. Let’s face it, it’s easier than teaching, right?

“The APS Human Resources honcho Millicent Few illegally had an early report into test-tampering destroyed. So APS not only got the federal gravy but was also held up to the nation at large as a heartwarming, inspirational example of how large urban school districts can reform themselves and improve educational opportunities for their children. And its fake test scores got its leader, Beverly Hall, garlanded with the National Superintendent of the Year Award, the Administrator of the Year Award, the Distinguished Public Service Award, the Keystone Award for Leadership in Education, the Concerned Black Clergy Education Award, the American Association of School Administrators Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award, and a zillion other phony-baloney baubles with which the American edu-fraud cartel scratches its own back.

“In reality, Beverly Hall’s Atlanta Public Schools system was in the child-abuse business..”

Victor Davis Hanson, Pajamas: “The Great Madness of 2004-10

“For about seven years the nation lost its collective mind — and was only partially coming-to in November 2010…”


“I’ll end with an anecdote about these years of madness. Out of the blue, an irate reader called me at my office this past Tuesday, feigning that he wished to talk about a strategic problem, but using the occasion to rant. After 20 seconds, I interrupted him and said the following:

“Wait, wait, I have changed and now see how wrong I was in opposing your Obama. You see, he proved to us why Guantanamo was needed. That third war in Libya was necessary and I hope he goes into Yemen and the Sudan. Finally we got rid of the War Powers Act and the dreadful public campaign financing of presidential elections. Who else could have gotten gas up to $4 a gallon where it should be? Next he’ll get rid of those awful coal plants as we evolve to an 8-hour power day, saving us from global warming. Then look how well the economy recovered from Bush’s. We finally have a president who accepted the sophisticated European model so we can enjoy life as it should be lived, as in Athens or Rome. The new $5 trillion in borrowing will make those fat cats pay higher taxes and that will mean more jobs for everyone. Airbus is better than Boeing anyway so why build planes in union-hating South Carolina? We can all buy Chryslers and GM now to support the workers and shun those awful Volvos and Mercedeses. And without any more oil or gas leasing we will soon have to use solar and wind. Most people don’t need power anyway but waste it watching Oprah or grinding designer coffee beans.

“I went on with:

“Let us just hope Obama gets reelected. We could get food stamp usage from 50 up to 80 million where it belongs, expand home defaults and allow people just to ‘live’ in ‘their’ homes without foreclosures from the ‘greedy’ banks. We all need time anyway to ‘be creative’ and ‘leave your work.’ Thirty million more could be given the chance to emigrate from Mexico without worry over a Gestapo-like border patrol. We could have ten Rose Bowl crowds booing an awful U.S. per week.

“I thought he was still on the line, so I ended with, ‘And I didn’t even mention Obamacare with its 400,000 new jobs and lower health care costs for all of us! Who could be against Obama after that?’

“But he had hung up and thought I was crazy.”

James Sensenbrenner, NRO: EPA Ethanol Boondoggle

“Congress may have finally recognized the absurdity of subsidizing the ethanol industry, but, unfortunately for America, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has its own agenda.

“In January, the EPA issued a waiver that allowed E15 (gasoline with a 15 percent ethanol blend) to be sold for vehicles with model years 2001 and later. This decision was made at the behest of the ethanol industry, but it will come at the expense of American drivers.

“While the EPA deemed E15 environmentally safe for models produced after 2001, this higher blend of gas could seriously damage cars. Don’t take my word for it, just ask those who built them…”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: Scott Walker’s Trophies

York picked up rumors about the Kaukonna district and made some phone calls.

More teachers, smaller classes for Kaukonna’s 4200 students. A $400,000 deficit became a $1.2 million surplus as teachers began to pay 5.8 % of their pension plans (up from zero) and 12.6% (up from 10%) of their health coverage. The board also changed some work rules…37.5 hours per week became 40 and teachers are to work six of seven periods per day instead of five. Result – more 1:1 instruction slots.

And a teacher still earns $80,000 per year plus benefits of another $35,000. The biggest plum: major cuts in benefit costs when the health care program was taken away from the union.

Nice going, Scott Walker!

Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) came in for similar praise.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, Hugh, this is very exciting. You know, when I took office, we were $8 billion in the hole. People said there was no way we could get this thing done without taxes. Well, not only did we preserve an income tax cut, but we killed the death tax, and at the same time, we’ve created a targeted program, a tax credit program, for people to invest in small business. We have, I think, the most aggressive agenda of reform for K-12, doubled vouchers in the state all the way up to $60,000, taking the lid off of charter schools. We have for profits, not-for-profit charter schools, we have teacher evaluation. We reformed higher education by eliminating what’s called multiple prime, and we go to a single prime contractor, which should save the universities, according to the president of Ohio State, billions. We fixed Medicaid to, we slowed the growth of Medicaid, and have a program where we let mom and dad actually stay at home if they’re able to instead of being put into a nursing home. We privatized our development agency so we can be faster on our feet, and moved the liquor program that has existed in the state since the 1930s, and put it into our job creation program. We have sentencing reforms so that we’re not locking 12,000 people up a year who are going to be released in less than a year, and put them into prison next to murderers and rapists and think we’re doing a good job. So we’ll have more community correction, and be able to make sure that the ones who are violent are secured, but the ones that want a second chance who are non-violent get that second chance. We’ve also, Hugh, created a voucher program to train workers, 20 million in the first year, 30 million in the second, because the federal program is too confused and too mixed up. So we’ve got that as well. We’ve listed some of the provisions on prevailing wage, the first time that that level has been raised since 1994, and before that, 1934. And I just heard the other day from CNBC that the state of Ohio has jumped over 11 other states in terms of business-friendly since January….

Right to Work

Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia remarked to Hewitt that of the five states with lowest unemployment, four of them are Right to Work states. Virginia how has an unemployment rate of 6%; California has 12%.

Katie Baker, TEA Party Nation: White House Rural Council, Executive Order 13575

“The Council shall:

(a) make recommendations to the President, through the Director of the Domestic Policy Council and the Director of the National Economic Council, on streamlining and leveraging Federal investments in rural areas, where appropriate, to increase the impact of Federal dollars and create economic opportunities to improve the quality of life in rural America;

(b) coordinate and increase the effectiveness of Federal engagement with rural stakeholders, including agricultural organizations, small businesses, education and training institutions, health-care providers, telecommunications services providers, research and land grant institutions, law enforcement, State, local, and tribal governments, and nongovernmental organizations regarding the needs of rural America;

(c) coordinate Federal efforts directed toward the growth and development of geographic regions that encompass both urban and rural areas; and

(d) identify and facilitate rural economic opportunities associated with energy development, outdoor recreation, and other conservation related activities.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero

The NY Port Authority reneged on agreement to rebuild the 100 year old church on Liberty Street.

“On July 23, 2008, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reached a deal with the leaders of the church for the Port Authority to acquire the 1,200-square-foot (110 m2) lot that the church had occupied for $20 million. $10 million is coming from the Port Authority and $10 million is coming from JPMorgan Chase & Co.[7][8]

“The Port Authority and the church announced a deal in July 2008 under which the Port Authority would grant land and up to $20 million to help rebuild it in a new location – in addition, the authority was willing to pay up to $40 million to construct a bomb-proof platform underneath. In March 2009, the Port Authority stated it quit talking with the church and canceled building St. Nicholas altogether. The Port Authority claimed that the church was asking for too much, and that they might delay the whole World Trade Center project. The Archdioceses says that they just wanted the church back, and a third of the building would be a memorial for 9-11, and a place where people of all faiths could pray and remember those who died in the attacks.

“In July 2010, George Demos, a former SEC attorney and Republican Congressional candidate, first brought the failure to rebuild St. Nicholas Church into the national debate. Demos claims Executive Director of the Port Authority, Chris Ward, has not made the rebuilding of St. Nicholas a top priority.[9] On August 16, 2010, Demos launched a petition on his website calling on the Port Authority to rebuild the church.[10] On August 23, 2010, former New York Governor George Pataki joined George Demos at a press conference to call on the Port Authority to reopen talk with officials from the Church.[11]

“During the vespers service that was held on December 5, 2010, Archbishop Demetrios said the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese would do anything to rebuild the church. On February 14, 2011, The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America filed a law suit against the Port Authority for not rebuilding the church. The case is currently in court at this time.”

Aaron Klein, WND: “We’ve been infiltrated…”

“Obama adviser speaks alongside defender of WTC bombers
“President Obama’s faith adviser, Eboo Patel, spoke this past weekend at the main event of a three-day convention held by the Muslim Students Association, or MSA, a controversial group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Patel appeared on a panel alongside Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the notorious founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Wahhaj has also defended the convicted WTC bomb plotters and has urged the Islamic takeover of America.

“The MSA event was part of a larger weekend convention in which several U.S. Islamic groups held a series of speaking engagements. The convention was arranged by the Islamic Society of North America, itself an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas.

“Patel was featured on a panel at what was billed as the “main session” of both the MSA and ISNA conventions. The session was titled “I took the Road Less Traveled by, and that has made all the Difference.”

Aaron Klein, WND: ISR’s Airport a Target

“Activists plan for hundreds to board flights to Israel next week for the sole purpose of causing chaos in the airport upon arrival.

“‘The goal is very clear, we are all fed up with being obliged to lie when we arrive in Allenby [bridge] or Ben Gurion [Airport] when visiting our Palestinian friends,’ Mireille Rumeau, an organizer with the International Solidarity Movement in Paris told Al Jazeera.

“The campaign is apparently timed to coincide with demonstrations and actions planned within the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“The activists hope to use the action to draw international media attention to their cause. They claim there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The U.N. itself has denied any such crisis. Israel allows truckloads of food, supplied and medicine to enter the Gaza Strip daily. It also infuses the Hamas-controlled territory with currency every month…”

Lisa Graham Keegan: Education Breakthrough Network

The emerging world of school choice. Headquartered in Arizona and interviewed by Seth Liebsohn this morning on Bennett’s show. Marvelous resource for home schoolers, charters, private, and public…measurement and tools…

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