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CONTENTS: Call Congress; Budget -Krauthammer, Kristol, Capretta, Rubio; Feith & Cropsey; Phil Klein; Hanson; No G-warming; Teachers cheat; GeoWill; Romney slides; Babbin – Gate’s legacy; Sapovsky – ATF vs Justice, Owens- ATF, Seper – ATF; Klein – $ for rebels; Leven – Bro’s lobby; Boxer rewrote History; Mex trucks to roll; Hasan due for  trial; Garcia dies – “viva Mexico”

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7/8/1776: The Liberty Bell rang for the first time as Col. John Nixon gave the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

7/8/1932: The Dow was at its lowest, 41.22. Bennett & Cribb (2008)

“The Navy’s shrinking fleet – now about 286 ships – will soon be smaller than at any time since World War One.” Jed Babbin,

“I did the math. If you collect that tax for the next 5,000 years — that is not a typo — it would equal the new debt Obama racked up last year alone. To put it another way, if we had levied this tax at the time of John the Baptist and collected it every year since — first in shekels, then in dollars — we would have 500 years to go before we could offset half of the debt added by Obama last year alone.” Charles Krauthammer

Action Item: GOP & Budget

BO talks about progress. He talks about another meeting with our representatives on Sunday. The word “compromise” appears. This could be jive from a corner hustler. It could be an effort to discourage our efforts to save this republic from Dr. Feelgoode. And his shill, Tax Cheat Geitner pushes August 2nd. Don’t believe it!

Let your phones sing as if they were one!

AfP Action Items

Tell Congress NO debt limit increase!
Despite our nation’s staggering $14.4 trillion debt, many in Washington including President Obama want to raise our nation’s debt limit without making permanent reforms in our fiscal policies. Join Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and many more and demand Washington Cut, Cap, and Balance the federal budget! It’s time to get serious about cutting spending … our children’s future depends on it. Take action today.

Tell Congress to Vote NO on Natural Gas Subsidies!
Republicans rightly rejected President Obama’s pet project to subsidize electric vehicles, but now Democrats and Republicans are dangerously close to subsidizing natural gas vehicles. Urge your legislators to reject the special tax treatment for natural gas vehicles in the NAT GAS Act, H.R. 1380! Click here to sign the petition now.  Eric Telford,

Charles Krauthammer, WaPo: The Elmendorf Rule

“Here we go again. An approaching crisis. A looming deadline. Nervous markets. And then, from the miasma of gridlock, rises our president, calling upon those unruly congressional children to quit squabbling, stop kicking the can down the road and get serious about debt…”

Daily Caller: Kristol Predicts Collapse

“‘It sounds as if it’s heading towards a deal,’ Kristol said. ‘It’s not a deal that I’m going to like I suspect, and think I it’s going to be a bad deal for conservatives and Republicans but I think they’re intimidated,’ Kristol said. ‘The president has been running around talking about corporate jets and the rich, and how the sky is going to fall unless Republicans cave. And I think they’re getting ready to cave in a pretty big way on Sunday.’”

James Capretta, NRO: Budget Danger Ahead

Recommended by Rush…

“How Republicans could get snookered again…

“In the current fight, it’s quite clear what President Obama and his allies are trying to accomplish. First, they want a package upon which the president can campaign in 2012. Something on the order of a “$3 trillion deficit-cutting program” (no matter how phony) — or even $2 trillion — would help the president downplay the big-spending, liberal image that most independent voters now have of him.

“Second, the president wants to raise taxes without getting blamed for it. Hence the disingenuous cat-and-mouse games aimed at luring Republicans into accepting tax hikes behind closed doors so that the president never actually has to take ownership of them before they become law. Quite a trick if he can get away with it.

“Third, and most important, Democrats want a deal that doesn’t give an inch on what really matters to their voting base — which is the entitlement status quo…”

Marco Rubio, Real Clear Politics: Our Need for New Taxpayers

“…you add all of these things up — the jet airplanes, the oil companies, all of the other things they talk about — you put them all together in one big batch, and you know what it does? It basically deals with nine days and 23 hours worth of deficit spending.”

Douglas Feith & Seth Cropsey, Commentary: “The Obama Doctrine Defined”

“…Since his campaign in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama has declared that he wants to transform America’s role in world affairs. And now, in the third year of his term, we can see how he is bringing about that transformation. The United States under Barack Obama is less assertive, less dominant, less power-minded, less focused on the American people’s particular interests, and less concerned about preserving U.S. freedom of action. It is true that he did not simply pull the plug on the war in Iraq, as he promised he would do, and that he increased the commitment of troops in Afghanistan. But those compromises reflect the president’s pragmatic judgment about the art of the possible, not his conviction about what kind of country America should ultimately become…”

“…The Obama doctrine emerges from the conviction that in the new post-Cold War, post-9/11, post–George W. Bush world, the United States cannot and should not exercise the kind of boldness and independence characteristic of its foreign policy in the decades after World War II. That view runs roughly as follows: traditional ideas of American leadership serving American interests abroad are not a proper guide for future conduct. They have spawned crimes and blunders—in Iran in the early 1950s, then in Vietnam, and recently in Iraq, for example. To prevent further calamities, the United States should drop its obsession with its own national interests and concentrate on working for the world’s general good on an equal footing with other countries, recognizing that it is multinational bodies that grant legitimacy on the world stage….”

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner: Spending Cuts

“As negotiations on raising the debt limit approach the home stretch, the media are already setting the stage to blame any failure to reach a deal on Republican intransigence.

New York Times columnist David Brooks led the way this week with a column that blasted Republicans for rejecting an alleged deal that included a mix of tax increases and spending cuts.

“‘If the debt ceiling talks fail, independents voters will see that Democrats were willing to compromise but Republicans were not,’ Brooks predicted.

“In reality, we have no way of knowing what was actually being offered because both parties in the closed-door sessions have provided conflicting accounts. Setting that aside, Brooks’ central premise remains: Democrats are ready to accept less government spending, so Republicans should give way on taxes.

“But this premise is deeply flawed…”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: Illiberal Immigration

“The old liberal ideal of a racially blind, melting-pot society is dead.

“Recently, in symbolic fashion, spectators of Mexican ancestry in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl did not merely cheer on the Mexican national soccer team in a game against the U.S. national team – such nostalgia would be natural and understandable for recent immigrants – but went much further and also jeered American players and, indeed, references to the United States.

“Which was the home team?

“Was America to be appreciated for accepting poor aliens, or resented for not granting them amnesty? Is the idea of the United States to be conveniently booed or opportunistically thanked – depending on whether you are watching a soccer match or, for example, entering a Los Angeles emergency room with a life-threatening injury?

“This otherwise insignificant but Orwellian incident reminds us that illegal immigration in the 21st century is becoming an illiberal enterprise.

Consider the prevailing myth of Mexico as America’s ‘partner.’”

James Delingpole, The Telegraph: No Global Warming Since 1998

“The headline of this post really shouldn’t be controversial. It chimes perfectly with what Kevin “null hypothesis” Trenberth wrote in that notorious 2009 Climategate email to Michael Mann:

‘The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.’

And it’s what Phil Jones admitted in a BBC interview when he said that there had been no “statistically significant” warming since 1995.

Why then am I mentioning it now? W-e-l-l, because just as ze war is to the Germans, Chappaquiddick is to the Kennedy family and that Portland masseuse incident to Al Gore, so the recent lack of warming is to the, er, Warmists. They hate it.

CS Monitor: Teachers Cheat

“Atlanta…Award-winning gains by Atlanta students were based on widespread cheating by 178 named teachers and principals, said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday. His office released a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that names 178 teachers and principals – 82 of whom confessed – in what’s likely the biggest cheating scandal in US history.

“This appears to be the largest of dozens of major cheating scandals, unearthed across the country.  (emph added, jb)The allegations point an ongoing problem for US education, which has developed an ever-increasing dependence on standardized tests.

“The report on the Atlanta Public Schools, released Tuesday, indicates a ‘widespread’ conspiracy by teachers, principals and administrators to fix answers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), punish whistle-blowers, and hide improprieties…”

George Will, Boston Herald: “Alibi Obama” Ready for Takedown

“…WASHINGTON — The Republicans’ 2012 presidential nominee will run against Alibi Ike. Lardner, a Chicago sportswriter, created that character (“His right name was Frank X. Farrell, and I guess the X stood for ‘Excuse me.’ ”) who resembles Chicagoan Barack Obama. After blaming his predecessor for this and that, and after firing all the arrows in liberalism’s quiver — the stimulus, cash for clunkers, etc. — Obama seems poised to blame the recovery’s anemia on Republican resistance to simultaneously raising the debt ceiling and taxes.

“So the Republican nominee’s campaign theme can already be written…”

Alexis Levinson, Daily Caller: Romney Slides in New Hampshire

“A new Public Policy Polling poll shows Mitt Romney still leading in the New Hampshire Republican primary, but finds that he has slipped since the firm last polled the state, while Michele Bachmann is on the rise.

“The poll found that 25 percent of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters would vote for Romney in the primary, down from the 37 percent who said they would vote for him in early April of this year.

“The ballot in April was somewhat different. It did not include Rick Perry, but did ask respondents about Haley Barbour.

“But as PPP points out, Romney’s favorability in the state has also dropped slightly, falling from 68 percent favorable, 19 percent unfavorable in April to 60 percent favorable, 29 percent unfavorable in the most recent poll…”

Jed Babbin, American Spectator: Bob Gates’s Legacy

Thanks, Michael Savage,

“In five years as defense secretary, Dr. Robert Gates transformed the American military and put it on a course that will limit its ability to defend us for decades to come.

Gates’ term as defense secretary began under President Bush and ended after more than two years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Of Gates’ “accomplishments,” three stand out, each of them a significant part of Obama’s agenda.

“First is the sociological experimentation that he and Obama have imposed on the military. Second is the path of weakness and withdrawal from the global war against Islamic terrorism. Third is the diminution of our armed services’ ability to develop and use conventional forces, investing only in forces intended to fight “unconventional” wars.

Hans von Sapovsky, Pajamas: ATF Blows Whistle on Justice

“In a blockbuster development in the Operation Fast & Furious gun-running scandal, Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson secretly testified before House and Senate investigators on July 4 with his own personal lawyer present, former United States Attorney Richard Cullen, without the knowledge of the ATF or the Department of Justice…

“…Contrary to the Justice Department’s denials, according to Melson, ATF agents specifically witnessed transfers of weapons from straw purchasers to third parties without taking any further action. Melson claimed that it was not until the public disclosure of the operation that he personally reviewed the “hundreds of documents” related to the case. He said he became “sick to his stomach” when he learned the full story. Even more shocking is that some of the “gun trafficking ‘higher-ups’ that the ATF sought to identify were already known to other agencies and may even have been paid as informants” by agencies such as the FBI and the DEA.

“Melson provided detailed information and documents to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General at the Justice Department. But that information was not given to Congress by then-Acting Deputy Attorney General James Cole. In fact, “Melson was not allowed to communicate to Congress” and “Justice Department officials directed [ATF’s senior leadership] not to respond and took full control of replying to briefing and document requests from Congress…’”

Also: Bob Owens, Pajamas: ‘Gunwalker’ known throughout Justice

“An email cited in Senator Charles Grassley’s testimony in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Operation Fast and Furious indicates that knowledge of the program was spread across the highest levels of the Justice Department. This lends even greater suspicion to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that he knew nothing about the program until well after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed…”

Jerry Seper, Washington Times: ATF chief – Higher-ups at Justice blocked response to Congress

Thanks Ted,

“The Justice Department blocked senior leaders at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from cooperating with Congress in its investigation of a controversial weapons program known as “Fast and Furious,” directing top ATF officials not to respond to questions and taking full control of replying to briefing and document requests, the agency’s top boss told congressional investigators this week.

“Acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson told investigators from the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that he was “sick to his stomach” when he learned about problems with the operation, and that after he and ATF’s senior leadership team moved to reassign every manager involved in the program, they were prohibited from telling Congress the reasons for the reassignments…”


Aaron Klein, WND: Dollars for Rebels

“…Earlier this week, The Hill reported Patton Boggs, the top-earning K Street firm, is lobbying for the rebels to be accepted in the international community as the “legitimate government of the sovereign nation of Libya,” according to documents filed this week with the Justice Department.

“The Hill reported Patton Boggs signed a contract with the so-called Interim Transitional National Council of Libya to provide “advice and assistance on U.S.-Libya bilateral relations,” the documents said.

“The agreement was reportedly signed with Ali Suleiman Aujali, the rebels’ representative to the United States. Aujali resigned as ambassador to Libya in the wake of the NATO campaign targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

“Patton Boggs’ foreign affairs adviser is Frank Wisner, a career diplomat who served as U.S. ambassador to Egypt, India, Zambia and the Philippines…”

Rachel Leven, The Hill: Libyan Rebels Hire #1 DC Lobbyist

Glenn Kessler, WaPo: Barbara Boxer Rewrites History

“I think we ought to go back to the people and the party that was the only party and the only people to balance the budget in 40 years. I hate to break it to my Republican friends, but that is the Democratic Party. We are the ones who did it. We did it when Bill Clinton came into office. We did it after hard work. We did it after painful cuts. We did it with smart investments.”

— Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), June 29, 2011

Each party in Washington seems to have their own narrative. Sen. Boxer’s comment above, from a long floor speech Wednesday lambasting Republicans for pushing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, is a case in point…”

Dalje: Mexican Trucks to Roll

“The agreements signed today are a win for roadway safety and they are a win for trade,” LaHood said. “By opening the door to long-haul trucking between the United States and Mexico, America’s third largest trading partner, we will create jobs and opportunity for our people and support economic development in both nations.”
“Trucks from Mexico must comply with U.S. motor vehicle safety standards and must have electronic monitoring systems to track hours-of-service compliance, U.S officials said. Also, the department will review the driving record of each driver, require drug testing samples to be analyzed in Department of Health and Human Services-certified laboratories and require an assessment of a driver’s ability to understand English and U.S. traffic signs.
“The agreements also ensure Mexico will provide reciprocal authority for U.S. carriers to engage in cross-border long-haul operations into Mexico, LaHood said…”


“..Fort Hood’s commanding general, Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, said Wednesday that Hasan would be tried in a military court and, if convicted, possibly be sentenced to death. The decision echoed the recommendations of two Army colonels who previously reviewed the case against the Army psychiatrist, who is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder…”

And Final

Mr. Garcia was executed, SCOTUS refused to interfere, and he died admitting his guilt and shouting “Viva Mexico.”

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