Dead Cats: United?, 06/15/11, (4)67 James Brody

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CONTENTS: D’Souza interview; NH debates; Asness on economy; Freind – Gov Tom Blutarsky; Libya deadline; Paul Ryan pamphlet; DeMint – Gas Madness call; Scott Walker won; Bad NEAPs; Lead Paint rules; DoJ armed cartels; Soros in Algeria; Ledeen; Sarah’s mail; Guzzardi – $ for Penn; Weiner chickified?; It happened young; Ethanol survives; Your teacher said?;

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June 15, 1775: Congress placed George Washington in command of the Continental Army. Bennett & Cribb, 2008

“The personal attacks against me during the primary finally became so heavy that the state Republican chairman, Gaylord Parkinson, postulated what he called the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since.”

Ronald Reagan,

Wednesday June 15th Dinesh D’Souza, author, The Roots of Obama’s Rage

“The real Obama is a man shaped by experiences far different from those of most Americans; he is a much stranger, more determined, and exponentially more dangerous man than you’d ever imagined. He is not motivated by the civil rights struggles of African Americans in the 1960s — those battles leave him wholly untouched. He is not motivated by the socialist or Marxist propaganda that hypnotized a whole generation of wooly-minded academics and condescending liberals — those concepts also leave him cold.” Dinesh D’Souza

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See also review of Roots, “Dreams from His Mother,” at

Unity in the GOP?: New Hampshire Debate

The encouraging image was that of partnership between the debaters, a unity that will give sleepless nights to BO…Will he kiss the jet goodbye?

Peter Rolf, PajamasMedia: Obama is the problem…

“From the beginning, answering a challenge from the debate moderator, CNN’s John King, they all agreed that they had entered the contest because they were concerned about the effects of what former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in his opening comment called “The Obama Depression.”

“There were no fireworks, despite King’s repeated effort to light them.

The candidates all agreed on most of the big issues, choosing instead to direct their fire at the man they hope to beat in November 2012, Barack Hussein Obama… (emph added, jb)

“Nonetheless there were no knockout blows. All the candidates seemed to agree, as Romney put it late in the debate, that each of the candidates on the stage would be a better president going forward than Obama has been over the last three years.

“Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who announced during the debate that she had pulled the papers needed to allow her to run for president, took on Obama straight on his signature issue.

“I want to make a promise to everyone watching tonight,” Bachmann said, “I will not rest until I repeal ObamaCare,” citing a Congressional Budget Office analysis that said the reform of the nation’s healthcare financing system would kill 800 thousand U.S. jobs…”

Rich Lowry, NRO: Mitt’s Night

“Romney was on his game — smooth, relaxed, and unflappable. He did well in the debates in 2008, but benefited tonight from his increased stature in the context of the rest of field. In 2008, he was up against John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, strong personalities with real gravity, and Mike Huckabee, a fellow first-time candidate who is a natural performer. He was also helped by the unwillingness of anyone to take him on, most notably Tim Pawlenty on the “Obamneycare” charge. If Pawlenty wasn’t willing to back up that line in person, he shouldn’t have said it on TV Sunday. In general, Pawlenty was fine, but faded into the background and sometimes seemed much too canned. He had to be chagrined watching how well Michelle Bachmann did — the average viewer just tuning in wouldn’t have any idea she’s not considered a “top tier” candidate. At this rate, Pawlenty’s going to have a big problem in Iowa, which is another reason why Team Romney had to be pleased with the night. Herman Cain, meanwhile, was unbelievably vague (tonight, it was hard to believe Pawlenty lost the first debate to him). Newt Gingrich didn’t stand out, especially given how much he’s banking on his performance in the debates. Maybe he needs longer-form answers? A friend also got the impression he was kind of ticked all night; for whatever reason, he was sort of off-putting. Rick Santorum was solid, but has a version of the Pawlenty problem — how is he going to break through? Ron Paul was Ron Paul.”

Mark Steyn, NRO: “Bachmann did well on a night of silly choices”…

“The trouble is it’s all “This or That”. As Newt pointed out, most of the questions posit ridiculous choices: Are you in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants or are you in favor of deporting 20 million people? Are you in favor of seizing private property in New Hampshire for a Hydro Québec power line or are you in favor of continued oil dependency on psychotic dictators? The remainder fall into cutesie-pie stuff that John King lacks the personality to pull off, and the last embodied in its perfect post-modern stupidity the awfulness of these “debates”: “What have you learned during the past two hours?”

“Hmm. What I learned is that John King makes Tim Pawlenty look like Lady Gaga. Other than that, I also got the distimct impression that this season’s debates seem unlikely to be effective forums even for acknowledging the profound and existential crises facing the nation, never mind addressing them.

“But I agree with Rich that Michele Bachmann was very strong…”

Economics – Clifford S. Asness, WSJ: “Uncertainty is not the problem”

Thanks Rush Limbaugh,

“…Consider two uncertain situations. In the first, our business is waiting to find out the location decision for a customer’s new industrial plant, so we know where to build our new supply facility. Until this is resolved, we will not invest in building nor will we hire staff. In the second situation, we know we are in for some pain, someone is going to make our business less productive and profitable, but we do not yet know how much. Planning is marginally more difficult, but the main reason we will not grow in the second situation is that investment is less attractive regardless of the precise resolution of uncertainty.

“In the first case, uncertainty is the obstacle. Once it is resolved, we invest. In the second case, uncertainty is a small part of the problem. The large part is simply that bad things are happening. The day we are told “well, it’s exactly a 30% hit to productivity and profits,” all uncertainty is resolved—yet we will still not invest or hire.

“The Obama administration’s economic policies have defenders. For instance, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman will tell you the stimulus helped, and we didn’t have enough. I disagree. I will tell you the stimulus was wasteful and politicized, and the American people, not being idiots, know they will have to pay for it eventually. (emph added, jb) People adjust their plans to account for the additional debt heaped on them, meaning lower investment and consumption…”

Honesty is a winning strategy only in extended relationships. Otherwise, the dollars go to the one who cheats and leaves town. This has been the finding of researchers for the last fifty years and today is the likely barrier to economic recovery…we know (damn) good and well  that this government will cheat us at every opportunity and we refuse to form partnerships it. And business will save its cash on hand until BO is gone.

Poundstone, W. (1992) Prisoner’s Dilemma: John von Neumann, Game Theory, and the Puzzle of the Bomb. NY: Anchor.

Christopher Freind, PhillyMag: Gov Tom Blutarsky

“Dean Wormer of Animal House “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

“..In the spirit of the legendary Dean, it’s now time to rate Governor Corbett and the Pennsylvania House and Senate…
“…So let’s get this straight. The Governor chose not to cut the budget of the agency his wife chairs (PA Council on the Arts)— forcing the House GOP to do it. And now, because the First Lady doesn’t like that, she chastises the Republicans who are actually exercising the fiscal restraint championed by the Governor (but seemingly only during the campaign), making the House R’s out to be the bad guys….
“…This momentum-killing message is echoing across Pennsylvania: the Governor only wants shared sacrifice so long as his family, friends and pet projects are exempt….
“…Tom Corbett has become the Bluto Blutarsky of Pennsylvania. Thus far, he receives a 0.0 GPA….”

Washington Times: Libya – Boehner Gives Deadline

“…Stepping up a simmering constitutional conflict, House Speaker John A. Boehner warned President Obama on Tuesday that unless he gets authorization from Congress for his military deployment in Libya, he will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution.
“In a letter sent Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Boehner, the top Republican in the constitutional chain of succession, said Mr. Obama must provide a clear justification by Friday for committing troops to Libya…”

Health Care…Sue’s “Paul Ryan” Pamphlet

Download at

June 28th, Gas – Demint/Levin/AfP

“Instead of tapping our own supplies — leading to cheaper gas and creating jobs — Obama allows Americans to be held hostage to OPEC and hostile dictators. This is madness.

That’s why Senator Jim DeMint and AFP invite you to join us on a national, critical strategy call to unveil our free market plan to energy independence.

Sign up right now and you’ll receive an email with the exact time and secret call-in information for this critical call on June 28th to relieve your pain at the pump.

Scott Walker Decision: We Won!

“Madison – Acting with unusual speed, the state Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the reinstatement of Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial plan to end most collective bargaining for tens of thousands of public workers.

“The court found that a committee of lawmakers was not subject to the state’s open meetings law, and so did not violate that law when it hastily approved the collective bargaining measure in March and made it possible for the Senate to take it up. In doing so, the Supreme Court overruled a Dane County judge who had halted the legislation, ending one challenge to the law even as new challenges are likely to emerge…

WSJ: Education: Obviously, we need to pay them more…

“..The results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that U.S. schoolchildren have made little progress since 2006 in their understanding of key historical themes, including the basic principles of democracy and America’s role in the world.

“Only 20% of U.S. fourth-graders and 17% of eighth-graders who took the 2010 history exam were ‘proficient’ or ‘advanced,’ unchanged since the test was last administered in 2006. Proficient means students have a solid understanding of the material.

“The news was even more dire in high school, where 12% of 12th-graders were proficient, unchanged since 2006…”

The Australian: Dirty Green Cars

Thanks Mark Levin,

“The study was commissioned by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which is jointly funded by the British government and the car industry. It found that a mid-size electric car would produce 23.1 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, compared with 24 tonnes for a similar petrol car. Emissions from manufacturing electric cars are at least 50 per cent higher because batteries are made from materials such as lithium, copper and refined silicon, which require much energy to be processed.

“Many electric cars are expected to need a replacement battery after a few years. Once the emissions from producing the second battery are added in, the total CO2 from producing an electric car rises to 12.6 tonnes, compared with 5.6 tonnes for a petrol car. Disposal also produces double the emissions because of the energy consumed in recovering and recycling metals in the battery. The study also took into account carbon emitted to generate the grid electricity consumed…”

Bob Formisano, EPA, Lead Paint, and a New Rule

Thanks Mark Levin who pointed out cases of “union spies” ratting on independent contractors and using EPA rules to chase them out of business.

“…the RRP Rule is a classic example of expensive government over-regulation and diminishing returns.

I explain all about this regulation that your home painting contractor may have to comply with in the tutorial: The new EPA Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule.

Although the RRP Rule went into effect April 22, 2010, the EPA is now flexing it’s enforcement muscle. The price for non-compliance and not respecting the EPA’s Authority? Try fines up to $37,500.00 per day per violation…

Bob Owens, PajamasMedia: DoJ Armed Mexican Cartels

“…The damning evidence that the U.S. Department of Justice agency is a major supplier of cartel weapons will go in front of a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee this week, in what could be a damning indictment of the ATF’s senior leadership and Eric Holder’s leadership of the Department of Justice.

“Attorney General Holder has apparently ordered the DOJ to fight Congressional oversight, with the DOJ and ATF ignoring seven letters and a subpoena from the committee. Neither Holder nor ATF Director Ken Melson will answer questions — which may lead to them being held in contempt of Congress…”

Aaron Klein, WND: Soros & Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria

“Soros’ ICG (International Crisis Group) has petitioned for the Algerian government to cease “excessive” military activities against al-Qaida-linked groups and to allow organizations seeking to create an Islamic state to participate in the Algerian government.

“The organization also is tied strongly to the Egyptian opposition movement whose protests led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

“Soros’ own Open Society Institute has funded opposition groups across the Middle East and North Africa, including organizations involved in the current chaos.

“Following protests that led to the resignations of Mubarak and Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali – both key U.S. allies – Algeria similarly has been engulfed in anti-regime riots.

“Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has ruled the country with a tough hand. And he has been an ally of the U.S. in fighting al-Qaida.

“Islamist parties serve as Bouteflika’s main opposition.

“The International Crisis Group, which includes Soros among its eight executive committee members, long has petitioned for the reformation of the Algerian government and for the inclusion of Islamist political parties, two groups that seek to turn Algeria into an Islamic state…”

Michael Ledeen, PajamasMedia: “Go” or “Poker” in Foreign Policy

“…The biggest problem with the chess and Go metaphors is that they are both board games, and board games have very little to do with life, or even with that slice of life (war) they are said to embody. Whatever the rules of the game, the players see everything. All the pieces (as in chess) or the stones (as in Go) are right there in front of you, and there’s no room for many of life’s and war’s most important elements: confusion stemming from lack of full vision of the battlefield (“fog of war”), deception, the need for, and simultaneous danger of, communication with allies and troops, and many other problems that are all too real to political and military leaders, but irrelevant to the players of board games.

“Card games are much closer to the real world, because you don’t see everything….”

“..I do love Go, it’s a terrific game. I doubt that it has much to do with Chinese grand strategy. The greatest Chinese strategist of modern times–Deng Xiaoping–was a famous bridge addict, and the original “gang of four” was composed of himself and three other bridge players who had their own train car reserved for their games…”

Also: WSJ, China Plays “Go”

“A 2,000-year-old board game holds the key to understanding how the Chinese really think—and U.S. officials had better learn to play if they want to win the real competition.

“That’s the pitch that David Lai, a professor at the Army War College, has been making in recent months to senior military officials in the U.S. and overseas….

Sarah’s Missing E-Mail”

“Almost a month’s worth of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s emails are missing from the documents given to news outlets last week, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

“The records do not include emails between Dec. 8, 2006 and Dec. 29, right after she first took office as governor. If the record is accurate, that means Palin did not receive or send any emails about state business during a time when she was making the first big decisions for her new administration.

“Linda Perez, the administrative director for current Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, could not explain the gap in emails…

Bob Guzzardi: $ for Penn

Exactly why is tax exempt UPENN subsidized by Pennsylvania’s middle class taxpayer? Establishment Republican Rob Gleason and uberLiberal Obama Democrat Any “ she’s so smart and you’re so dumb” Gutmann – getting rich from bad government at taxpayer expense – are the answer.

Annually, Pennsylvania’s General Assembly, dutifully, robotically, votes millions1 of middle class taxpayer dollars to billion dollar tax exempt UPENN. Why? It makes not economic sense to give millions to UPENN, the second largest employer in Pennsylvania with a budget of $6.07 BILLION and an endowment of $5.6 BILLION and whose uberLiberal Obama Democratic Elitist President Amy “I’m So Smart and You’re So Dumb” Gutmann is paid $1,367,000 annually. NO SENSE ECONOMICALLY to subsidize millionaires with tax dollars. Pennsylvania, obviously, has other priorities.

Perhaps, like the millions that Republican Senate Appropriations Chair Sen. Jake Corman enables for Penn State or the millions that Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai enables for UPITT, there is political return on the investment. Although business as usual that is siphoning money from middle class taxpayer, there is a reason. But UPENN? There are few, if any, Republicans and even fewer Conservatives on the UPENN faculty and the students are reliably Left or Liberal and in any event, there is, likely, a miniscule number of Republicans or Conservatives. So what political return is there? NONE -NO POLITICAL REASON.

But there has to be a reason and that is Liberal Establishment Republican Rob Gleason’s narrow, selfish, self-promoting, opportunistic self-interest and self-aggrandizement. From Pennsylvania GOP State Committee bio: “A 1961 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Rob remains very active in the University. In 1998, he was appointed a Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania.”

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller: Rush – Weiner Chickified by Liberal Women

“…‘We cannot blame what happened to Weiner on testosterone. We’re looking at a guy here who is kitty-whipped. If you want to get down to brass tacks on this, we’re looking at somebody who has been hanging around these kind of women and he’s doing anything he can to break out. He’s doing anything he can to break out. He’s doing everything he can to step out and get away from their control. This is Anthony Weiner being a guy. He’s not allowed to be a guy hanging out with a bunch of liberal women. ‘“


UK Mail: New Images Show Congressman Cross Dressing and “Oiled Up”

“The National Enquirer pictures show Weiner protectively posing in a pair of pantihose and a bra as he smiles cheekily at the camera.

“In another photo an oiled Weiner poses in y-fronted swimming trunks in front of a Christmas tree.

“The pictures, taken by a college friend in 1982 when he was 18, demonstrate Weiner’s reputation at the State University of Plattsburgh as a flamboyant figure…”

Andrew Stiles, NRO: Ethanol to Stay

“The Senate voted down an amendment today that would have done away with $6 billion in tax subsidies for ethanol producers. The measure, introduced by Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.), was defeated 40–59, falling short of the 60-vote threshold required invoke cloture.

“Coburn’s amendment was strongly supported by conservative groups like Club for Growth, Koch Industries, as well as the Wall Street Journal editorial board, but the Oklahoma Republican faced intense opposition from Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). Norquist, who is seen as a highly influential figure among GOP lawmakers, lobbied against the amendment on the grounds that it violated the ATR “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” While he favors the elimination of ethanol subsidies, Norquist argued that Coburn’s measure amounted to a tax increase because it did not include any offsetting tax cuts…”

Your Teacher Said What?! Joe & Blake Kernen

A defense against public school liberalism. Reviewed by Hugh Hewitt…

“High school students (and yes, almost every adult reader) will greatly benefit from Joe Kernen’s motivation for the book: to open his daughter’s eyes and mind to the truths of how economies work. By book’s end all readers will be far better grounded in the basics than when they began.

They will also have laughed a lot and had their eyes widen quite a bit. And the teachers of the student readers would not be happy. At all. For among the economic truths the students would have learned is this set of undeniables:

“Unions are a problem for a free-market economy. Industrial unions are a bigger problem than craft unions. Public-sector unions are a bigger problem than industrial unions. And the biggest problem within the public sector is its single largest component—and the one that matters most to the Kernen family: teachers.”

This chapter on organized labor is worth the price of the whole book but will probably keep it out of the schools where it is most needed. That’s a shame because a country hurtling down the road that Greece has traveled needs a full stop, a complete reorientation of priorities and a recommitment to the creation of wealth so that all people benefit. We especially need our teachers to understand what the problems are and why they are a large part of the problem.

This briskly-written, always self-aware book keeps returning to basic truths and hammering them home in a way that, well, a 10-year old can understand but which the adult reader can savor.

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