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LEADS: COOKE – Memos vs Exec Orders; LEAHY – VT dumps OCare; POOR – Common Core conservatives; POOR – Steyn on Sony; TIMBERG – Transparency & your cell; WND – Bag Boehner; ERICKSON – Christmas; ABRAMOV & WINNING _ Ruble steadies; LARSON – Attkisson’s FBI file.

CUBA: O’GRADY – Who wins?; McCARTHY – Isolation worked; REUTERS – Rubio blocks; DRUDGE 12/18-9/14.

ISR: BERGMAN – Thousands of time bombs.


PA: KNEPPER – Beat Kitty; FITZGERALD & PANARITIS – Bob Brady bites Kitty.

END NOTES: BLADE – IRS may shut down; RUMPF – TrueTheVote appeals.


“That the Washington Post and other news outlets feel compelled, each year, to point out that Jesus is a myth is telling in and of itself. They lack the bravery to do it about Islam’s top prophet because Christians will turn the other cheek whereas muslims would kill them.” Erick Erickson

Check Spencer, Robert (2007) The Truth About Muhammed. Washington DC: Regnery.

Chanukah – 12/16-24/14

“Over 2100 years ago, the Land of Israel was dominated by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks), who sought to Hellenize the people of Israel. Against all odds, a small band of faithful Jews defeated one of the mightiest armies on earth, drove the Greeks from the land, reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and rededicated it to the service of G-d. “Hoping to light the Temple’s menorah, they found only a single cruse of olive oil that had escaped contamination by the Greeks; miraculously, this one-day supply burned for eight days, until new oil could be prepared under conditions of ritual purity. “To commemorate and publicize these miracles, the sages instituted the festival of Chanukah. At the heart of the festival is the nightly menorah lighting: a single flame on the first night, two on the second evening, and so on till the eighth night of Chanukah, when all eight lights are kindled. . .”

News Site:

Endorsed by Mark Levin, how your legislators follow through on their promises . . .


LEADS . . .

Charles C.W. Cooke, NRO: “How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unilateralism”

“. . . If vetos and executive orders are a sign of weakness, we might conclude, then, that Obama is a powerful man indeed. And yet there is a tiny problem with this argument — one, I’d venture, that should change our calculation entirely: It simply isn’t true. As USA Today’s White House correspondent Gregory Korte recorded yesterday afternoon, one can really only regard Obama as a paragon of executive restraint if one indulges in a clever semantic game. Obama, Korte confirms,

‘ . . .has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history — using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.

‘When these two forms of directives are taken together, Obama is on track to take more high-level executive actions than any president since Harry Truman battled the “Do Nothing Congress” almost seven decades ago, according to a USA TODAY review of presidential documents. . .’

“‘Like executive orders,’ Korte explains, ‘presidential memoranda don’t require action by Congress.’ Nevertheless, ‘they have the same force of law as executive orders and often have consequences just as far-reaching.” How far reaching? Well, Korte proposes, ‘some of the most significant actions of the Obama presidency have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.’ . . .”

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart: “First Casualty of GruberGate: Vermont Governor Abandons Single-Payer Health Care Plan”

“Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin is abandoning his efforts to implement the nation’s first single-payer health care system in 2015. The surprise announcement was a stunning setback for supporters of ‘the next step’ envisioned in President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act.

“Shumlin announced at a press conference  Wednesday that “it’s not the right time” for single-payer.

“The last-minute reversal by Shumlin is the first major political consequence of the ‘GruberGate’ scandal surrounding recently publicized comments by Jonathan Gruber, the controversial MIT economics professor often called the ‘architect’ of Obamacare.

“In July 2014, the state of Vermont signed a $280,000 contract with Gruber to conduct some of the financial modeling for Green Mountain Care, the state’s proposed single-payer health care system authorized by the Vermont Legislature in 2011, conditional upon the presentation by the governor of a viable financial plan.

“But investigative reporting by Breitbart News, Vermont Digger, and the Vermont Press Bureau unveiled details about Gruber’s modeling activities and interaction with the Shumlin administration that cast doubt on the integrity of the process. . .”

Susan Poor, Big Journalism: “Time: Common Core the ‘One Issue’ to ‘Complicate Jeb Bush’s Campaign’”

“Jeb Bush’s recent announcement that he will ‘explore’ a presidential run in 2016 has led Time to pronounce the ‘one issue that will complicate his campaign’ is Common Core.

“Common Core now represents a kind of shorthand among Republicans,” writes Haley Sweetland Edwards. ‘If you’re a real conservative, you’re against it; if you’re a faker, you’re for it.’

“The problem for Bush, as Time sees it, is that he loves Common Core, and the Republican base hates it.

“As Breitbart News observed in June, while Bush attended an Ohio fundraiser, Ohioans Against Common Core activists were on hand to #StopJebNow, pointing out that the Republican National Committee had passed resolutions rejecting the Common Core standards initiative. . .”

Jeffrey Poor, Breitbart: “Steyn: Sony Having Less Guts than a Danish Cartoon Artist ‘Depressing’”

“On Thursday’s Hugh Hewitt radio show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn, author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” said the actions by Sony Corporation not to face down apparent threats from North Koreans was a bad sign for the so-called power of American pop culture in its current state.

“‘I think it’s actually a pretty serious story,’ Steyn said. ‘We’re told all the time that American pop culture is the most influential force on the planet and that basically everyone around the world wants to be an American teenager. And this stuff is more influential than armies or that kind of thing. The fact is, American pop culture went up against some nickel-and-dime dictator on the other side of the planet and he won and they caved in nothing-flat.’

“Steyn went on to compare Sony to Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who faced retaliation for to drawing the prophet Muhammad for his paper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, which he was said was a “depressing” comparison.

“‘If reward people for violence, you’re going to get a lot more of it,’ he added. ‘That’s the lesson of our time – for novels, for movies, for plays, for art exhibitions, for cartoons – at some point, somebody has to stand up to them.’. . .”

Craig Timberg, WaPo: “German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls”

“German researchers have discovered security flaws that could let hackers, spies and criminals listen to private phone calls and intercept text messages on a potentially massive scale – even when cellular networks are using the most advanced encryption now available.

“The flaws, to be reported at a hacker conference in Hamburg this month, are the latest evidence of widespread insecurity on SS7, the global network that allows the world’s cellular carriers to route calls, texts and other services to each other. Experts say it’s increasingly clear that SS7, first designed in the 1980s, is riddled with serious vulnerabilities that undermine the privacy of the world’s billions of cellular customers.

“The flaws discovered by the German researchers are actually functions built into SS7 for other purposes – such as keeping calls connected as users speed down highways, switching from cell tower to cell tower – that hackers can repurpose for surveillance because of the lax security on the network. . .”

WND: “Quarter-million letters: Boehner faces Judgment Day”

“Livid Americans demand eviction of House speaker

“It took only about 48 hours after the launch of a “Don’t be Yellow: Dump Boehner Now Campaign” to allow constituents to encourage their members of Congress to reject Ohio Rep. John Boehner as speaker for more than 250,000 letters to be ordered on their way. It appears this campaign will generate millions of letters by the time Boehner reconvenes the House,” said WND CEO Joseph Farah, who started the effort.

“Will that have an impact on his fate? It will unless Republican House members have a political tin ear and can’t tell which way the wind is blowing.”

“On Twitter, the hashtags #BoehnerMustGo and #DumpBoehner were surging, and other commentators, while not adopting the specific letter writing campaign launched, agreed with the goal.

At the American Thinker blog, editorialist Layne Hansen wrote, “It is time to stop thinking of John Boehner and the rest of the Republican congressional leadership as being cowardly and recognize them for what they are: part of The Ruling Class that believes it has the right to tell the rest of us how to live.

“The current GOP leadership has got to go . . .”

Erick Erickson, Red State: “Communists Win the Day. Frank Marshall Davis Would Be Proud Of Obama”

“Few could have predicted that communist regimes would win the day on December 17, 2014. Communism was so twentieth century. But Barack Obama, promising to fundamentally transform America, has done so. His mentor, communist activist Frank Marshall Davis, would be proud of him.

“To reiterate my conclusion on Barack Obama’s world view and policy objectives: to make the world safer, the United States must be less safe. To make the world more stable, the United States must be less stable. To make the world more prosperous, the United States must be less prosperous.

“Assisting Barack Obama in this are the Washington technocrats, bureaucrats, and numerous party apparatchiks of both parties who have decided America is in decline and the decline should be managed instead of overcome.

“So as the ruble craters and Venezuela crumbles, both having subsidized the communist regime in Cuba, Barack Obama will step in to prop up the regime. It is worth noting that, despite all the claims that the Cuban embargo was not successful, its requirements that Cuba purchase American products in cash instead of on credit has kept the Cuban regime from accumulating wealth to the degree of other communist despots. Read the liberal Washington Post Editorial Board on this.

“Now, Barack Obama will ensure the Castro brothers and their heirs accumulate great wealth and all the Cubans have to do is promise to give greater internet access to their citizens. That’s it. . .”

Vladimir Abramov and Alexander Winning, Reuters: “Russian ruble firms sharply as government pressures exporters”

“. . . The ruble was around 9 percent firmer against the dollar in volatile trading, with the market also boosted by central bank plans to ease concerns over approaching external debt repayments by Russian firms and stabilize the ruble.

“Traders also saw targeted sales of foreign currency by exporters, in part because of upcoming monthly tax payments.

“At 1030 ET, the ruble was up 9 percent at 61.50 rubles per dollar on the Moscow Exchange and was around 10 percent stronger versus the euro at 76.55.

“The ruble has come under heavy selling pressure this week, falling around 20 percent against the dollar at one stage on Tuesday, sparking fears of financial meltdown, despite the central bank hiking its key interest rate by 650 basis points.

“The situation poses a major challenge for President Vladimir Putin whose popularity, based partly on providing stability and prosperity, is at risk from a ruble decline that is damaging Russia’s credibility among investors. . .”


Lars Larson: Sharyl Attkisson Struggles to Obtain Her FBI File.

“Acclaimed investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson joined the show Thursday to share her struggle to obtain her file from the FBI.

“It’s not just my file; it’s anything that the FBI has regarding email traffic and other materials involving me. The FBI has an open case about me and my computer intrusions listing me as the victim and yet never contacted me- the supposed victim- to discuss investigating the case so I’d love to see what’s in there as well.”

“Attkisson’s computer was reportedly hacked into while she was employed at CBS News. Her book, Stonewalled, was released in November and reveals how she was “electronically surveilled while digging deep into the Obama Administration.”

“Since that discovery, Attkisson says she has battled with the FBI to obtain details of their investigation.”

CUBA . . .

Mary O’Grady, WSJ: “Opinion Journal: Cuba Deal: Who Wins?”

“This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

. . . “Americas Columnist Mary Anastasia O’Grady is here Mary … who got the better deal Cuba or the United States … well in this case I would say that Cuba gets it because what the president is doing errands and he is … handing over political legitimacy to the dictatorship … and got you know we have always had a policy toward Cuba that we’re happy to do business with them and help them … but they have to give out basic human rights to their people have begun and … now he’s changing that policy which is to say that we are going to give them legitimacy and hope that later on they give rights to their people now.

It’s good news for Alan Gross the USA a key contractor is coming home however … is a real vacation they Cuba … has made friendly overtures to Isis has … made friends with our friends Inspur and our enemies … what you know what I think that what a lot of the split like that scene is just the release of political prisoners now they are sending … acts is I think there’s fifty three Cubans who will be released or political prisoners … but you know … first of all if there are exiled from the country that is on exactly Liberty … and second we um you know and what’s to stop them from rounding up another fifty three next week which is what they do all the time and by the way let’s not forget that there are a number of foreign businessmen in channeling Cuba … for I’d be there accused of corruption I as soon as this are doing well in their businesses than the accuse of corruption and they lose all the assets they acquired so it’s a dangerous place to do business this will not be the last hostage Cuba takes. There’s bipartisan outrage on Capitol Hill. Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey … on the left center marker Rubio on the right … Menendez said this action quote vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban government you agree … well I think it’s quite obvious that in this hostage taking of Alan grows … by the Cuban government I lay down the line said you know we we add eight give us these things or we’re not going to let him down so it is assertive indication when … you give in to the hostage taker on … the Menendez obviously has a big the Cuban American constituency … aam but I think it goes broader than just you know people who … have some kind of in relation to the island I mean there’s a basic human right problems here … and it’s not limited to two Q a on the you know it what we’re seeing here is that if you want to change US policy … taken hostage in our Cuba is basically running the police force in Venezuela were imposing more sanctions on them … yet were lifting all these restrictions on Cuba where’s the consistency Mary … one on one of the things that’s very unfortunate is that as the oil price plummets … I’d be the day how that Cuba has been getting from Venice well it is going to diminish … and as Cuba gets weaker … financially and economically … that’s when it starts to make changes we saw that a ninety four when things were really bad … they started to liberalize a little bit so this would have been an opportunity … I’ve to see them start to do things out of necessity and a fall of a sudden there’s a big flag of us dollars into the country by the way it will go to the people it will go to the receiver were propping up the regime the men of people get these worthless Cuban pesos that’s what they get paid and so we’re not really helping the key Cuban people . . .”

Andrew McCarthy, PJM: “What Part of Keeping Cuba Isolated Has Not ‘Worked’?

“ . . .I’m trying to figure out what exactly the supposed flaw has been in the policy of isolating a brutal regime diplomatically and imposing a trade embargo on it – one that is a lot more like a screen than a wall – in order to pressure it to reform.

“American presidents have vast foreign policy powers and plenary control over which regimes the United States recognizes and conducts diplomatic relations with. The Cuban embargo, by contrast, was established by statute and can only be repealed by Congress. Thus, it has many times been repeated over the last 24 hours that, in reestablishing diplomatic relations, President Obama has gone as far as he can on his own – the rest being up to lawmakers.


Several laws control the embargo. Among the most recent is the 1992 Cuban Democracy Act (codified in Chapter 69 of Title 22, U.S. Code). Section 6005 of the law outlines sanctions imposed against Cuba – the qualified blockade, prohibition on some financial transactions, and limitation on remittances.

But then there is Section 6007, the waiver provision. This tells us that, while it is true that it would require an act of Congress to repeal the restrictions on Cuba, no legislation is necessary to ignore the restrictions. The act empowers the president to do that on his own. All he needs to do is represent to Congress that the Cuban government

(1) has held free and fair elections conducted under internationally recognized observers;

(2) has permitted opposition parties ample time to organize and campaign for such elections, and has permitted full access to the media to all candidates in the elections;

(3) is showing respect for the basic civil liberties and human rights of the citizens of Cuba;

(4) is moving toward establishing a free market economic system; and

(5) has committed itself to constitutional change that would ensure regular free and fair elections that meet the requirements of paragraph (2).

Similarly, Section 6006 enables the president to provide humanitarian aid (food, medicine, and medical supplies) to Cuba … provided he represents to Congress that the Cuban government

(1) has made a public commitment to hold free and fair elections for a new government within 6 months and is proceeding to implement that decision;

(2) has made a public commitment to respect, and is respecting, internationally recognized human rights and basic democratic freedoms; and

(3) is not providing weapons or funds to any group, in any other country, that seeks the violent overthrow of the government of that country.

In other words, it has been American policy for decades – the policy Obama says does not “work” – that the United States may and should provide significant aid as long as Cuba, in return, stops terrorizing its citizens, respects basic human and civil rights, respects democratic freedoms, refrains from arming terrorists and insurrectionists, liberalizes its economy, establishes a free press, and lays the groundwork for free and fair elections. . .”

Reuters: “U.S. senator pledges to block efforts to normalize Cuba relations”

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senator Marco Rubio said on Wednesday he would “make every effort” to block moves by President Barack Obama toward normalizing relations with the Cuban government.

“‘The president’s decision to reward the Castro regime and begin the path toward the normalization of relations with Cuba is inexplicable,’ Rubio said in a statement.

“The Florida Republican senator, who is Cuban-American, said he would use his role as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Western Hemisphere subcommittee in the new Congress to try to block the plan.”

Drudge Report (12/18-19/14)

FROM OBAMA WITH LOVE… USA to release three Cuban spies… ‘Normalize’ relationship with Castro… KERRY: Policy Has ‘Isolated the United States’ Instead of Cuba for Fifty-Five Years… Jimmy Carter ‘Proud’… Obama Doesn’t Rule Out Visit… Shockwaves through Miami exile community… Protest In Little Havana… ‘Traitor, traitor’… Move opens new front in political wars at home… Travel Industry Eyeing Cuba Tourism… RUBIO: ‘Terrible setback for the oppressed’… US intel raised concerns… Pope Heavily Involved… Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City…

Hillary Clinton Secretly Pushed Cuba Deal for Years… US trade, tourism expected to grow, but embargo will limit some activities… American Business Scouts Beachheads… Where is Fidel? White House open to Castro visit…

ISR . . .

Ronen Bergman, Ynet: “Thousands of ticking Jihadi time bombs”

“. . . the UN Security Council’s primary anti-terror body, the Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED). And following the said meeting, the Security Council tasked the CTED with promoting a global solution to the phenomenon of the foreign terrorist fighters. The Directorate was asked to identify the major problems that encourage the phenomenon and the countries that are particularly susceptible to it, to examine which solutions work and which don’t, and to assist countries that are struggling to deal with the phenomenon themselves.

“If there is anything that is currently troubling the CTED more than Islamic State of today, it’s the day after Islamic State.

“While the murderous organization’s beheading videos continue to shock the world each time anew, Dr. David Scharia, the head of CTED’s legal group, presents the figures that could form the next major strategic threat: According to the latest UN estimates, around 20,000 of the Islamic States activists are volunteers who have joined the organization from all around the world, and their numbers are increasing.

“Islamic State, Scharia says, includes volunteers from approximately 90 countries, including from Europe and North America, and also several dozen from Israel. One day, when Islamic State falls apart or ceases to be attractive, thousands of Mujahideen – all seeped in Jihadist ideology, with comprehensive guerrilla warfare training and extensive combat experience – will neatly pack away their black flags and return home, to mother. . .”,7340,L-4603420,00.html


Stop Obama Amnesty

Stop President Obama Now . . .

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Charges Filed Against Lawmakers”

“Pennsylvanians learned earlier this year that four lawmakers from Philadelphia were caught on tape accepting cash and money orders in a sting operation conducted by the Attorney General’s office. The matter came to light thanks to reporting by the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Four state lawmakers took money, the sources said. State Rep. Ronald G. Waters accepted multiple payments totaling $7,650; State Rep. Vanessa Brown took $4,000; State Rep. Michelle Brownlee received $3,500; and State Rep. Louise Bishop took $1,500, said people with knowledge of the investigation.”

“Despite compelling evidence, Attorney General Kane did not file charges against the Representatives in question. At the time, she insisted that the investigation was a dead end and tainted by racism, but the story didn’t end there.

“After some legal wrangling, the Philadelphia District Attorney, Seth Williams, reopened the case. On Tuesday, charges were filed against Representatives Brown and Waters. The Representatives were charged with conspiracy, bribery and conflict of interest. DA Williams found Kane’s accusations of racism baseless.

“On the bright side, two apparently corrupt politicians are now facing charges and two more are still under investigation. The case against Rep. Waters is so compelling he is reportedly in talks to enter a plea deal already.

“On the downside, the top law enforcement officer in the state dropped the ball on what appears to be a pretty open and shut case. Kane’s lack of interest in this case and unfounded accusations of racism by the investigators does not inspire confidence in her ability or interest in cleaning up state government, despite her campaign pledges to the contrary.”

Thomas Fitzgerald & Maria Panaritis, “Brady says Kane was ‘asleep at the switch’” “U.S. Rep. Robert Brady, the chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, on Wednesday called state Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane “asleep at the switch” and said he had no faith in his fellow Democrat as the state’s top law enforcement officer.

“The harsh assessment came a day after criminal charges were announced against two state lawmakers from Philadelphia in a bribery probe Kane had declined to prosecute.

“Brady’s comments were a clear sign of the political damage Kane has sustained within her own party from her handling of the corruption probe. The first Democrat and first woman to be elected attorney general, Kane had been touted as a future governor or U.S. senator, but many Democrats are now wondering if she should be reelected in 2016.

“Brady’s own support sounded less than ironclad.

“U.S. Rep. Robert Brady, the chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, on Wednesday called state Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane ‘asleep at the switch’ and said he had no faith in his fellow Democrat as the state’s top law enforcement officer.

“The harsh assessment came a day after criminal charges were announced against two state lawmakers from Philadelphia in a bribery probe Kane had declined to prosecute.

“Brady’s comments were a clear sign of the political damage Kane has sustained within her own party from her handling of the corruption probe. The first Democrat and first woman to be elected attorney general, Kane had been touted as a future governor or U.S. senator, but many Democrats are now wondering if she should be reelected in 2016.

“Brady’s own support sounded less than ironclad. . .”

Also – Joel Mathis, PhillyMag: “Brady: Kane “Asleep at the Switch” in AG’s Office.

Congressman Bob Brady, Philadelphia’s top Democrat, has harshly criticized Attorney General’s Kathleen Kane’s handling of the “abandoned sting” case — raising more doubts about her continued political viability.

The Inquirer reports that Brady said he has “no faith” in Kane as the state’s top law enforcement officer, though it did not provide a quote of him saying so. But his quoted comments were still plenty clear.

“People make mistakes,” he said. “There’s plenty of time to see how she handles herself, but this is certainly a misstep. It looks like she was asleep at the switch.”

“Brady’s comments came a day after District Attorney Seth Williams (like Brady and Kane, a Democrat) filed charges against two Philadelphia Democrats who allegedly took money from a confidential informant during the investigation. Williams took the case after Kane’s decision not to prosecute became public — in an Inquirer investigative story — and she double-dog-dared Williams to prosecute in her stead.

“‘She challenged him,’ Brady told the Inky, ‘and he took the challenge.’

“Kane’s office had no comment.”


Rachel Bade, Politico: “IRS warns of possible shutdown”

“The IRS is considering its own temporary shutdown due to recent budget cuts enacted by Congress, its chief said Thursday.

“IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said furloughs — forced unpaid days off for employees as part of an IRS closure — is one idea reluctantly being tossed about to save money, though they are hoping they will not have to go there. . .”

Sarah Rumpf, Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE: True The Vote Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Against IRS”

“AUSTIN, Texas — True the Vote, a Houston, Texas-based non-profit organization focused on “voters’ rights and election integrity,” has appealed a U.S. District Court’s order dismissing their lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Breitbart Texas has learned. The lawsuit had alleged that the IRS had improperly delayed granting True the Vote’s application for 501(c)(3) status and targeted them as a conservative organization, but the opinion, issued by Judge Reggie B. Walton in October, found that the IRS had taken sufficient “remedial steps to address the alleged behavior.” In an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas, True the Vote representatives shared why they believe their appeal is valid and represents an important issue for conservative grassroots organizations to follow.

“‘The IRS targeting scandal is not over and neither is our effort to seek justice in the federal courts,’ said True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht in a statement provided to Breitbart Texas. ‘Since the dismissal, ‘lost’ emails specific to our case have been found and assertions that the agency changed its ways have yet to prove true by any verifiable manner. Until the Court fully addresses the IRS’ wrongdoing, the risk of future political abuses without consequences will only compound.’

“In 2010, True the Vote filed an application for 501(c)(3) status, which is the section of the IRS code conferring tax-exempt status on qualifying non-profit organizations. As Breitbart Texas reported, years went by without the application being approved, while Engelbrecht and King Street Patriots, another tea party group with which Engelbrecht was affiliated, found themselves facing invasive demands for records and information from not only the IRS, but also the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“After news broke in May 2013 that the IRS admitted they were targeting the 501(c)(3) applications from conservative organizations for “special scrutiny,” True the Vote filed suit against the IRS, and that September, finally granted True the Vote’s application. . .”

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